Third best job in the world

Viv Mcwaters

My job – working with groups, helping them come alive, unearth their creativity and make discoveries – is the third best job in the world. The second best job in the world goes to – drum roll please – Alan Alda. And the best job in the world?

2016 198

World of Warcraft: Terrorists and Virtual Worlds

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Homeland Security linking to new “security&# reports that rely on Australian virtual world ‘terrorism’ reports from 2 years ago. So I thought I would stop virtual fishing (Sundays are fishing days in World of Warcraft) and show you just how ludicrous this statement was.

A world full of knowmads in 2020?

Joitske Hulsebosch

John Moravec was the first to coin the term knowmad in the book Knowmad society. In this Tedtalk John poses an interesting statement about the 'rise of the knowmad'. " In 2020 45% of the workforce will be knowmads ". Eh 2020? That's already in 3 years time! Hurry up?

2020 195

Hello World

Michael Sampson - Currents

It has been a while since I have written here, and the simple reason is that due to sickness in my family, I needed to take a few months away from work to care for my wife and children. I was able to complete a few short duration projects during those months, which greatly helped with cash flow, but have basically been away from the office since early September. I think we are getting there … we are not completely there yet, but definitely getting there.

2015 89

Happy 25th birthday, World Wide Web!

Making CommunitySense

” - “We look at governing the Internet in a multi-stakeholder, non-national way, but the world is still very nation-based and people are still very culture-based. community informatics topics World Wide Web Today, the Web’s been around for 25 years, hip hip hurray!

2014 130

Social Networking World Forum

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Under his guidance, imeem has become the world’s leading social music service with more than 26 million people visiting the site each month. Angela Courtin serves as SVP of Marketing, Entertainment and Content for MySpace, the world’s premiere social network.

Painting of Fantasy World

Portals and KM

Here is a 18" x 24" painting of a fantasy lanscape.  I   I was thinking of the art style of Beatles Yellow Submarine when I did this.

2014 130

Two Leadership Rules for the Networked World

Partnering Resources

He was still living in the old world, where one person could keep up with all the decisions concerning their department. Leadership Rules for our Networked World. Today, in our flattened, hyper-paced world , leadership is no longer about commanding staff and controlling work.

2014 177

Reflections from 2011 – A World Without Email – The Documentary


A World Without Email – The Progress Report. advocating for how essential and critical email continues to be within the corporate world and how we are going to have it for plenty more decades ! And keep living those worlds without email!! .

Email 182

The Mushroom at the End of the World

How to Save the World

A nna Lowenhaupt Tsing’s book The Mushroom at the End of the World is subtitled “On the possibility of life in capitalist ruins”. The hallmark of a culture and world in collapse is that precarity is ubiquitous.

2017 73

Mapping the World: the INGENAES Global Symposium and Learning Exchange

Making CommunitySense

It was a wonderful meeting of minds of people from all over the world working on and passionate about the intersection of Gender, Nutrition, and Agricultural Extension. It all started with mapping the local: the Tilburg Urban Farming community.

2017 130

Mapping the World: the INGENAES Global Symposium and Learning Exchange

Making CommunitySense

It was a wonderful meeting of minds of people from all over the world working on and passionate about the intersection of Gender, Nutrition, and Agricultural Extension. It all started with mapping the local: the Tilburg Urban Farming community.

2017 130

‘The New World’. Fact and Truth in 2017

Jenny Connected

am bearing the title ‘The New World’. This is a series of programmes examining the major forces that are changing the world around us. It tried to unpick what we mean by ‘post-truth’ and what it means to live in a ‘post-fact’ world. When did we enter this post-fact world?

2017 141

Sense-making in a World Cafe

Chris Corrigan

As a process we chose to engage in a two hour World Cafe as a form of brainstorming, the results of which were to be used by the planning committee to continue their planning work. Using world cafe we explored three questions over three rounds. I was back at St.

2015 72

Painting of a Douglas SBD Dauntless World War Two Museum

Portals and KM

This one is hanging at the World War Two Museum in New Orleans.  Here is a 16" x 20" acrylic painting of a Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bomber.

2017 130

Game Change: A Better World, WoW

21st Century Organization

In 2008, I reviewed economist and virtual world researcher Edward Castronova’s, Exodus to the Virtual World: How Online Fun is Changing Reality for Inside Knowledge Magazine. The most recognizable being World of Warcraft (WoW) and Second Life (SL).

Game 127

A World Without Email – Year 3, Weeks 29 to 51 (The Email Starvation Continues…)


And that’s essentially what I have been trying to prove for the last three years of living “ A World Without Email “; that you can be as productive as ever, if not more!, Long live “ A World Without Email “!

Email 197

Connected Learning in an Open World

Jenny Connected

Here is the link to a recording of his full talk, Beyond Free – Open Learning in a Networked World and this is the Abstract for the presentation: This was the first in a series of 3 talks that Stephen is giving in London this week.

2014 141

“Save the World” Reading List: 2013 Update

How to Save the World

I have deleted many of the works listed in my previous (2008) “Save the World Reading List” and added some explanation of the key learnings from each reading in this shorter list. I suddenly knew it was not my job (despite the name of my blog) to save the world.

2013 74

Can improv save the world? It can’t make it any worse!

Viv Mcwaters

The workshop will also include a Design Lab, where you can bring actual, real-world situations and issues to see how improvisation techniques might be helpful. There seems to be bad news around every corner.

2016 199

Evaluation SURFnet pilot Active Worlds

Making CommunitySense

One of its R&D topics is how to use virtual worlds in higher education. On October 1, an inspiring evaluation meeting was organized to discuss the results of a pilot using the Active Worlds virtual world environment. Several pilot projects that had been using Active Worlds for educational purposes in the past year presented their results. Posted in e-learning, events, SURFnet, virtual worlds. Tags: SURFnet events virtual worlds e-learning

World’s Largest Reading Lesson – New Orleans

Portals and KM

The New Orleans Public Library is starting a literacy campaign, Turn the Page, to make New Orleans the most literate city in the world by 2018. To bring attention to the effort, they organized the world’s largest reading lesson with about 500 kids at the main library.

2014 130

World Humanitarian Day

Viv Mcwaters

From time-to-time I work on the fringes of the humanitarian world, and I’m constantly in awe of the work these people do, and where they do it. Did you know? No, I didn’t either.

World 130

World Blogging Tour thanks to BlarneyCrone #WBT

Endless Knots

So apparently there's a movement of sorts, passing the blogging baton from poster to poster, under the rubric "World Blogging Tour." " The runner who's just come up on me is BlarneyCrone herself , Liz Barron, who's shown up here before. And here.

2014 127

The Micro and the Macro of the EdTech World

Jenny Connected

It seemed to me that they presented micro and macro issues being faced by the Edtech world at the moment. This year’s Association for Learning Technology Conference in Manchester, UK, focussed on Shaping the Future of Learning Together.

2015 141

KM World 2014: Some Useful Workshops

Portals and KM

KM World 2014 will be held in Washington DC at the Grand Hyatt from November 4 to 7. It is great event. I used go regularly and highly recommend it to anyone interested in helping workforces perform at their maximum levels. There are many useful workshops including the ones described below. The workshop “Flexible & Agile Workstyles & Processes for the 21st Century Organization” will be held from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m on Tuesday, November 4 th. Be sure to vote that day.

2014 116

A World With No One In Control

How to Save the World

This is perhaps one of the reasons we humans loathe complexity, and try to oversimplify everything so that we can presume and pretend to understand it and control our world. Hertzberg reminds us that back in the 1960s we blamed “the system” for what was wrong with the world.

2013 71

Think – About Making the World Work Better


So how about this one: THINK, about making the world work better. . Thus we better roll our sleeves and get down to make the world work better… It would be about time, don’t you think? It’s that time of the week, almost the weekend!,

2012 151

A World Without Email — Year 3, Weeks 19 to 23 (Breaking the Email Addiction)


IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Computing A-World-Without-Email

Email 169

Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work – A World Without Meetings?


Can you, too, live in a world without meetings? IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Computing A-World-Without-Email

2010 169

The Power of Networks in a Complex (Business) World


Apparently, it’s been documented and confirmed how 90% of our bodies are made of bacteria, just like pretty much any other creature in this world.

2013 182

My KM World 2012 Notes: Complete Listing

Portals and KM

I was pleased to be at the 2012 KM World. Knowledge managers are well positioned to lead their organizations into the social business world.   KM World 2012 Notes: Integrating Social Media Tools & Tech. KM World 2012 Notes: Facilitating Knowledge Into Action. KM World 2012 Notes: Learning & Knowledge Sharing. KM World 2012 Notes: Finding New Solutions to Wicked Problems. KM World 2012 Notes: Facilitating Knowledge Sharing.

2012 116

September World Assembly Montreal Panel

Networking Action

Join me and others from around the world at the 2012 Civicus World Assembly September 3-7. This is a global gathering for civil society, donors, governments and businesses to find common solutions to the challenges facing humanity. On Thursday … Events Net Dev

2012 130

Access to a world of practice

Learning Alliances

How communities of practice give us access to observing, orienting, deciding, and acting in a world of practice. And the world changes as communities evolve. Communities of practice give us access to a practitioner’s view of which way is up and what’s up in the world.

2011 151

The amazing world of Facebook

Community Guy

TechCrunch recently shared the snapshot for what happens in 20 minutes on Facebook. The numbers speak for themselves, so I’ll let them do the speaking: Tagged photos: 1.3 million. Event invites sent out: 1.5 million. Wall Posts: 1.6 million. Status updates: 1.8 million. Friend requests accepted: 1.97 million. Photos uploaded: 2.7 million. Comments: 10.2 million. Messages: 4.6 million. Remember, this is just a 20 minute slice of time. Every 20 minutes this repeats. Day after day.

RIM BlackBerry World

Michael Sampson - Currents

Research In Motion hosted BlackBerry World 2011 this past week, in Florida. As an avid BlackBerry user, while I didn't attend, I was interested in the following: 1. The new BlackBerry Bold smartphones , that combine a keyboard and a touch-sensitive display. I remain a firm believer in the power of a real keyboard on a smartphone, and I'm interested to see how this goes with the combination of the new display. A new video chat application for the PlayBook.

Changing the world without too much worthiness

Social Reporter

Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Movement, has just published a book on perhaps the most serious long-term global threats we face: climate change and the end of the age of cheap energy. There’s a powerful little promotional video too.

2013 130

A World Without Email – Year 3, Weeks 1 to 8 (On Email Sanity by Zen Habits)


Of course, I’m talking about living " A World Without Email ", the initiative I started about two years and two months ago, which I still keep going about, probably for a good while now, where I decided to give up on corporate email for good, Thinking Outside the Inbox.

Email 158

World Cafe Multilingual Report Out

Nancy White

Last month I was facilitating a World Cafe session for an international development organization in Rome (IFAD). For plenary sessions we had simultaneous translation, but for breakouts and World Cafe conversations, we had to rely on each other. World Cafe Multilingual Report Out.

2009 130

Painting of a North American P - 51 Mustang World War Two Museum

Portals and KM

This one is hanging at the World War Two Museum in New Orleans. Here is a 16" x 20" acrylic painting of a North American P - 51 Mustang. It is painted in the colors of the Tuskegee airmen. 

2017 130