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Notes From Cisco WebEx Connect Session

Collaborative Thinking

Cisco Collaboration Architecture: higher level of services (presence, messaging), designed for other people to extend (mashups), designed for enterprise environment (policy management). Unified Communications + Web 2.0 + SaaS supported by a network services layer linked to API strategy (based on web services) and Cisco developer services program, etc. Leverage Cisco network expertise (Cisco Intelligent Network).

Implementing the Cisco Collaboration Framework

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Cisco on Cisco Implementing the. Cisco Collaboration. a Collaboration Framework Creating a Collaborative Enterprise Cisco on Cisco Implementing the. Cisco Collaboration. Creating a Collaborative Enterprise | © 2009 Cisco Systems, Inc. During the past 8 years, Cisco has been. We hope that the Cisco® Collaboration. At Cisco, we have identified collaboration - and social networking. Foreword Cisco on Cisco Implementing the.

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Boston E20 Notes: Building a Unified Communications and Collaboration Roadmap

Portals and KM

There is a shrinking of VOIP deployments.   Many traditional VOIP vendors are hardware centric and expensive so there are challengers.  Big vendors are Cisco, Microsoft, Google, and IBM.  There is a lot of competition between Cisco and Microsoft.

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In The Next Version - It’s Like Facebook For Work. Wait It Is Facebook For Work

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Fast forward to today, where Google has struggled to gain mainstream enterprise adoption of Google+ and vendors like Slack, Glip, Hall, Unify (formerly Siemens) and Cisco have started to blend collaboration and unified communication. In The Next Version.

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Could Flip Be An Ad-Hoc Business Device?

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Could Cisco squeeze the WebEx software and some of the IP telephony software on the Flip USB so you could participate in a conference and have a VoIP call to discuss the video? . Cisco Flips Over Pure Digital. Cisco Flips Over Pure Digital - Bits Blog -

News Updates (November 17, 2009)

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Recent announcements by Cisco (the TANDBERG acquisition attempt) and Logitech (the LifeSize acquisition), point to the mainstreaming of video conferencing. " Cisco has helped increase visibility for videoconferencing by heavily promoting its TelePresence technology, recently in a self-mocking product placement on NBC's 30 Rock. Cisco may be planning a $5000 or less TelePresence offering for individuals; to be announced in January. View the Cisco 30 Rock video.

Presence Is Too Important To Leave To UC Vendors

Collaborative Thinking

Presence, not VoIP is the Foundation of Unified Communications. Presence, not VoIP, should be thought of as the foundation for UC. Many people consider presence to be a companion technology that goes along with instant messaging, telephony/VoIP, conferencing and mobile technologies.

List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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Cisco’s EOS “Cisco Eos is a hosted software platform that gives you social-networking, content-distribution, and content-targeting features in an integrated administrative suite.

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Microsoft's Unified Communications Predictions

Collaborative Thinking

IBM might have been a little slow to react to the UC market trend than Microsoft but sometimes being slow means you have the time to put together a framework that is flexible - it's worth putting aside some past assumptions and at least conduct the due diligence to check out IBM based on your needs to leverage current investments in Cisco, Avaya, etc. You would think that Microsoft's Exchange footprint would make this a slam-dunk but so far, Cisco seems to be holding its own.


News Updates (October 15, 2009)

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Research sponsored by Cisco and Verizon found that firms who use advanced collaboration technologies for meetings get positive ROI. " Businesses and government agencies deploying increasingly more sophisticated collaboration tools -- such as VoIP soft phones, immersive video and fixed mobile convergence -- saw a corresponding improvement in business results relative to the amount invested. ROI on Advanced Collaboration Solutions.

Collaborative Thinking: Getting Started With Web Conferencing

Collaborative Thinking

Vendors in this category include: Adobe, Cisco (WebEx) Citrix, Genesys Conferencing, IBM (WebDialogs), InterCall (Raindance), and Microsoft. For instance, Adobe, Cisco, IBM, and Microsoft all deliver on-premises solutions for web conferencing in addition to a business area that behaves as a CSP. AT&T for instance is an example of a vendor that resells services from both Cisco (WebEx) and Microsoft but also sells its own solution based on its acquisition of Interwise.

News Updates (October 13, 2009)

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It provides forecasts of the number of users and of spend on TDM, VoIP and FMC services for business voice in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the UK and Europe as a whole to 2014 for organisations of 20–500 and 500+ employees. mvision thinks the planned Cisco-TANDBERG acquisition is a good thing for mass adoption of video. Google Docs Shared Folders. Google added a new shared folder option to Google Docs, its online document authoring and collaboration tool.

Forrester Wave Report: The Leaders in Community Platforms for Marketers (Part 4/4)

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They can serve a company of 10 as well as Cisco who has 10,000 or more licenses.

The new employee connection: Social networking behind the firewall - Computerworld

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List of Social Computing Strategists and Community Managers for Enterprise Corporations 2008

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Mgr, Social Media Marketing at Cisco Systems Todd Watson, Social Media and Search Marketing Manager, IBM Software Group Rawn Shaw, CoE Lead - Social Software Programs & Enablement at IBM Vanina Delobelle, Global Product Director, Monster Jeanette Gibson, Director of New Media, Cisco Systems Karen Snyder, New Media Program Manager, Verisign Marc Sirkin, Sr. Manager of Customer Success and Community Program, Cisco, the WebEx Technology group Rick Reich, Sr.