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We should not forget that one of the biggest elements from social networking is the nifty introduction of rich media in the shape of podcasts or vodcasts, amongst several others. And it is in the latter case, i.e. the vodcasts, when video could be huge!

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Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016


And since there is a lovely hack everyone can use to download either the video or just the audio of the clip for offline watching it makes for the perfect companion when being disconnected for a while and having to catch up with a particular presentation, video, podcast / vodcast, etc.

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Enterprise Social Networking Tips by Luis Suarez


That is, self-promoting your own content in your own blog that you may find scattered around all over the place (other blog posts, podcasts, vodcasts, webinars, seminars, online workshops, mainstream articles and so on and so forth).

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How Do I Make Sense of Social Networking Tools


Mostly through Google Hangouts on Air for the #noemail vodcasting series I’m currently co-hosting with the wonderful and rather smart Claire Burge ).

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2016 – The Year I Went Mobile Only with My iPad Pro


I spend a good chunk of the day watching or listening to rich media, whether it’s podcasts, vodcasts, presentations, speeches, talks, interviews, news items, TV & films, etc.

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Good Game: ABC TV Show and online communities

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

If they get enough emails they may put it in thier upcoming vodcast. ABC TV show sacks their host – excuse me, founding host – Jeremy Ray. In the old days, after a week of phone calls and letters to the station that would be the end of it. But now?

Technology: gaming communities

Joitske Hulsebosch

How can organisations leverage the energy displayed by individual bloggers or vodcasters? I had a very rich conversation in Utrecht with Marinka Copier who works at the University there as a game-researcher. She has a keen interest in communities of practice too.

Being Human – What Are You Afraid Of?


With social tools like blogs, wikis, social bookmarks, tagging, podcasting, vodcasting, etc. Last week Friday, my good friend, the always enlightening Euan Semple , posted one of those very thought provoking blog posts that one cannot ignore, just like that.

CoP Series #10: Stewarding Technology for Community | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Tool = File sharing, Content management system, Podcast and vodcast tools, Photo sharing tools Learning Activity 6) Finding other learners with something in common.

CoP Series #10: Stewarding Technology for Community

Nancy White

Tool = File sharing, Content management system, Podcast and vodcast tools, Photo sharing tools. This is the 10th and last in a series of blog posts I wrote for Darren Sidnick about communities of practice in an elearning context late last year. I am finally getting the rest of the series up.