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Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016


Top 100 Tools for Education – for use in schools, colleges, universities, adult ed . I suppose better late than never, right? etc. . That powerful.

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Shell All of That Knowledge, Please!


And it is in the latter case, i.e. the vodcasts, when video could be huge! Can video make a difference in Knowledge Transfer? Yes, of course!

Enterprise Social Networking Tips by Luis Suarez


Somehow it just sounds a bit too meta. I guess it’s just me with that kind of reservation. Specially, when talking about video. To quote: .

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How Do I Make Sense of Social Networking Tools


Mostly through Google Hangouts on Air for the #noemail vodcasting series I’m currently co-hosting with the wonderful and rather smart Claire Burge ).

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2016 – The Year I Went Mobile Only with My iPad Pro


Because that’s what freelancers do, right? Well, I think I may have found my own: The iPad Pro. It still works. Perfectly. Indeed, I was and still am!

2016 21

Good Game: ABC TV Show and online communities

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

If they get enough emails they may put it in thier upcoming vodcast. But now? In today’s social media climate? nuh uh. The Facebook group.

Technology: gaming communities

Joitske Hulsebosch

How can organisations leverage the energy displayed by individual bloggers or vodcasters? But ofcourse the type of online experience matters.

Being Human – What Are You Afraid Of?


With social tools like blogs, wikis, social bookmarks, tagging, podcasting, vodcasting, etc. The sooner, the better. So what is it? Constantly.

CoP Series #10: Stewarding Technology for Community | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

I am finally getting the rest of the series up. One is in collaboration software. Community influences technology and technology influences community.

CoP Series #10: Stewarding Technology for Community

Nancy White

Tool = File sharing, Content management system, Podcast and vodcast tools, Photo sharing tools. I am finally getting the rest of the series up.