"The Successful Virtual Office in 30 Minutes"

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Comes now Melanie Pinola’s contribution to Lamont’s series with “ The Successful Virtual Office.” A technology writer with a lot of data to offer, Pinola begins with many footnoted facts, including the Forrester stat claiming that 40% of US workers will work in virtual offices by next year.

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March was my month of exploring virtual reality for learning and development.

Joitske Hulsebosch

We are the proud owners of 10 Virtual Reality (VR) cardboard glasses. When my daughter started working at the supermarket, she got an introduction course via virtual reality. In the end I decided to learn more about virtual reality because I can advise organizations about it.

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Who You Calling Virtual? Leading a Virtual Team

Partnering Resources

It’s not about the virtual, it’s about the team. Let’s get one thing out of the way: there’s no such thing as a virtual team. They’re only called virtual teams because members are distributed across organization boundaries, time zones, and countries.

Virtual Learning Company Questionnaire

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Collaboration Research Telecommuting Virtual TeamsWriting books has its downsides -- sore neck, publisher disagreements, pressure to always start another one -- but then something like this happens and it's worth writing a few more. This morning I received a really nice email from Archana.

Virtual Enterprise Networks Presentation

The Bumble Bee

Connecting Innovation - Virtual Networked Enterprises - Ken Thompson on myplick.com. The Networked Enterprise: Competing for the future through Virtual Enterprise Networks. Tags: Virtual Collaboration Networks

Review of Business Goes Virtual

Portals and KM

I recently received a review copy of Business Goes Virtual: Realizing the Value of Collaboration, Social and Virtual Strategies by John P. The book examines four virtual business strategies that are showing promise. I am reading a virtual version of their book now.

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Do People in Virtual Teams Need Face Time?

Michael Sampson - Currents

”), one of the questions from a delegate in the discussion was about virtual teams, and whether face-to-face (in-person) time was necessary. Yesterday I presented a condensed version of the driving effective use workshop , albeit without a specific Office 365 focus.

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Six easy pieces for "Virtual Team Success"

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Virtual Team Success from Darleen Derosa and Richard Lepsinger is good stuff, based on research, and written by people who've been thinking about this topic for a while. Here you will find numerous research-based “devices” for clearing the hurdles that virtual teams present.

Virtual lunch, very noisy

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This is from a longer post, " Seven habits for successful video meetings," on Virtual Teams Blog , run by Al Jury who did his Ph.D. in virtual team leadership. Food at virtual meetings: 6. Tags: 90% people, 10% technology Virtual Teams Critical issue here. Be careful ordering food during the meeting: In meetings where food is ordered it can be very disruptive to meetings.

"Developing Real Skills for Virtual Teams"

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A lot of virtual team research crosses my screen, most of which is earnest and much of which is the equivalent of a Sunday-night eat-up of what's in the refrigerator. Collaboration Telecommuting Virtual TeamsAnd then something like this comes through, "Developing Real Skills.

Another list for virtual teams

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Good post on virtual team communication here. Tags: 90% people, 10% technology Virtual Teams

"Building Effective Virtual Workforces"

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Authors cite four areas that can ameliorate the challenges that virtual working introduces: Training. Tags: Collaboration Virtual Teams Good piece by Bill Hillis and Jan Gugliotti in Human Resource Executive Online. Grooming collaborative leadership. Bridging cultural gaps. Creating new measures and incentives. Well done, Bill and Jan, and thanks for the shout out.

Leading Virtual Teams - Harvard Business Pocket Mentor

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We served as mentors for Leading Virtual Teams , which meant writing the intro and reading carefully for content, adding bits of material here and there. Readable in an hour or so and excellent for stimulating conversation in a virtual team.

World of Warcraft: Terrorists and Virtual Worlds

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Homeland Security linking to new “security&# reports that rely on Australian virtual world ‘terrorism’ reports from 2 years ago. So I thought I would stop virtual fishing (Sundays are fishing days in World of Warcraft) and show you just how ludicrous this statement was.

Leading Virtual Teams Continues To Be Challenging

Leading Virtually

Talk to those who coach leaders and they will tell you that leading virtual teams continues to be challenging. I had started this blog to share what research is telling us about leading virtual teams. even if we are not part of a pure virtual team.

In the future, now: presenting virtually

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Instead of traveling to London (Windsor, to be precise), I was asked to stay put and speak from home -- an apt invitation, given the topic: virtual working. This was the most global preparation I've ever done and I say this having done quite a number of these virtual presentations.

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Adapting agile development to virtual teams

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This one's for the developers out there: " The Paradox of Agile PM and Virtual Team s " by Dr. David F. So, point of this post: see Rico's article, which takes many of the key practices of agile development and interprets them for virtual teams.

Developing Real Skills for Virtual Teams

The Bumble Bee

The Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina recently published a useful white paper on the topical area of developing skills for virtual teams. What I found most interesting was the section on Virtual Team Challenges. Virtual TeamsIt is available online and in PDF.

Monetizing: Virtual Goods venture capital 2009

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

CNET came up with these figures for funding last month: Virtual goods funding tops $69 million in first quarter. Virtual Goods Don’t Just Belong to Second Life. Virtual Goods could be created and sold in market place by members, or purchased as host-offered products.

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Revenue: Social media games and virtual goods 2010

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Virtual goods in the USA will reach $1.6 I have a patent in social network economies particularly in user generated virtual goods – which we don’t see a lot of yet. So I tend to keep an eye on how virtual goods are coming along. billion revenue in 2010.

Virtual Teams and Communities Training Manual

The Bumble Bee

As a festive treat I am making available, totally free to Bioteams readers, my Virtual Teams and Communities Training Manual (155 pages) which I have used on a number of occasions as a comprehensive full-day workshop on this very important topic. Evolution of an effective virtual team.

Working in virtual teams

Joitske Hulsebosch

tools to support the work of international virtual teams for a thematic issue about globalization. Towards the end of our article, we try to illustrate the possible advantages of the ways of working of virtual teams (only in the best teams that is!) By the way, we know that virtual teams are real teams. Virtual team is a funny name, as it sounds like a science fiction team. Tags: virtual teams online interaction

Economist webcast on virtual teams

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Remember the Economist Intelligence Unit's study where 1 in 3 virtual teams said they were poorly managed? If you're agitated about virtual teams, this webcast will calm you right down. Tags: Collaboration Virtual Teams

Simple distinction in virtual teams

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Tags: Telecommuting Virtual Teams

Web-based Virtual Enterprise Network Simulation

The Bumble Bee

A few years back I developed a simulation to expose key dilemmas in the incubation stage of Virtual Enterprise Networks. The Networked Enterprise: Competing for the future through Virtual Enterprise Networks. Tags: Virtual Collaboration Networks

"Another day in a virtual team"

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Since you are an expert on virtual teams, I would love for you to see a video I created about a practical virtual team in action. And those involved do seem to understand the basics of virtual teaming. Collaboration Virtual Teams Web 2.0Let's face it.

Virtual Teams spreading but not tipping yet - new research

The Bumble Bee

The latest report (September 2011) on Virtual Teams, Virtual Work Environments in the Post-Recession Era , from Brandman University , includes very interesting results of a survey commissioned from Forrester in 2010 on Virtual Teams. Virtual Teams

The limits of virtual experience

Jenny Connected

Is this one instance where the virtual simply cannot effectively replace the face-to-face? Would a virtual ‘limited cost’ Church take it’s place? To what extent can the virtual replace the face-to-face? Today I have been to a funeral – both a very sad occasion but also a wonderful celebration of a life well lived and surrounded by much love from a wide and extensive family and community.

Virtual high school reunion?

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class doing your virtual. My friend Bill writes, asking a question I'm also interested in as I can't make it to my important high school reunion this year. Anyone know? Hi Jessica, Have you ever heard of a H.S. meeting kind of stuff in lieu of going to the expense of flying or. driving from all over the place just to get to a disappointing town with few accommodations -- like Tenafly, NJ.?

Which organizations have the best virtual/flexible/agile work policies?

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Also known as virtual/distributed/agile/collaborative work approaches, these guidelines can cover everything from carpooling to work-from-home to.

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Always say yes to grad students: an interview about virtual teams

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Every so often in the past gazillion years, a graduate student comes along, one who's working on a master's or doctorate around virtual/remote/distributed/global organizations. " This interview was for her final dissertation, "The Challenges of Virtual Project Management," enabling her to graduate from Tampere, following her spending time as an exchange student at Portsmouth University in the UK. 90% people, 10% technology Collaboration Virtual Teams

Iceland causes virtual teams to finally erupt

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How many more volcanoes will it take before virtual teams gain some respect? Tags: 90% people, 10% technology Collaboration Virtual Teams Weather From Reuters/Ingolfur Juliusson, plasmastic Quite a good post (" Eruptions ") from Hugh Tonks at workshifting.com. Clever walk around his team looking at what the shutdown in air travel has meant to them.

Leaderless? No, leader-full in the virtual workplace

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Terrence Seamon, whom I had the chance to work with a few years back when American Management Association was putting together a new course on leading virtual teams (I was subject matter expert for the course and Terry held the. Leadership Networks and Networking Telecommuting Virtual Teams

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List #358 of virtual team success factors

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This one , from Carl Eidson at Wilson Learning, rests on research published in Sloan Management Review this year that reinforces our findings in our 2004 Harvard Business Review article : virtual teams can outperform their face-to-face counterparts.if What's to argue with, whether face-to-face or virtual? Performance standards can't be a throwaway line for virtual teams. Finally the issue of coaching virtual teams is showing up in nearly everything coming out.

Virtual Tools for Participation

Networking Action

“Public participation…is (a) realm in which other countries are advancing beyond the United States, turning us from a leader to a follower in democratic innovation.” Thus begins an information-ladden short response to the White House’s request for “thoughts” about… Communications ncdd

Virtual Team Intelligence - webcast now posted

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Thanks, Tom Heck, president and founder of the International Association of Team Facilitators , for inviting me to participate in your virtual team series and for posting this interview , with the vaunted title, " 90% People, 10% Technology - Virtual Team Intelligence." Tags: 90% people, 10% technology Collaboration Telecommuting Virtual Teams

6 countries, 24 hours and a virtual team stat

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Tags: Travel Virtual Teams Weather

Inc. goes virtual - for a second

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magazine carried out an experiment in February: it sent everyone home to experience working virtually. Senior Writer Max Chafkin's very good article about it, " The Case, and the Plan, for the Virtual Company." " I've complained before about how thin most of the material about virtual working really is with the endless lists of "ten ways to" and "three things that you should do." Those following the field know that Inc.

Thank you, VIRTUAL TEAMS readers

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Sixteen years ago, we went to lunch with our then-editor Jim Childs at John Wiley & Sons (Jim's now a publisher at Time Inc). It was time for our next book; we threw out the idea for a book about

Citizen journalists animate a virtual high street for independent living support and conversation

Social Reporter

Access Dorset’s Virtual Centre for Independent Living via kwout. With that in mind, ADTV research suggest that they can offer business sponsors some potentially good returns if they position themselves in one of the zones in the virtual high street.

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