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Note from Beth: I love when I discovered folks who are community organizers and successfully transfer what they know about community organizing offline to the online world. As a community organizer, Twitter makes a lot of sense. Twitter does exactly that.

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Global Neighbourhoods: Twitter Village? Should Brogan be Mayor? Nominate your choice.


Last week Laura Fitton, aka Pistachio posted a well-received blog about the Twitter Village. It explains how a virtual community, managed by no one, designed to serve no brand or commercial interest self organizes. In reality, the Twitter Village is fast becoming a megalopolis. Tags: twitter community onlinecommunity It's more than a cute thought.

Stimulating self-directed learning

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For others this is about face-to-face networks focussing on learning together from practice, like a community of practice. I like to quote Barab: "you can not design communities of practice, but you can design for communities of practice". You can nurture learning communities.

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Twitter: Who tweets in your organisation?

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Two companies with very different results use Twinterns – interns who Twitter. She has increased Pizza Hut’s Twitter followers from 3,000 to more than 13,000 and successfully executed a sales promotion over the Fourth of July weekend.

re-tweeting altruism: also altruistic?

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Twitter changed last night. Laura "Pistachio" Fitton also demonstrated the prosocial behavior unleashed in the Twitter community through what the Huffington Post referred to as frictionless online giving for charity: water ( #wellwishes ). If you briefly scan through the minutia discussed in the past 24 hours, some of it now appears particularly minutia-like, with the exception of one particularly profound meme: #daniela.

Online Social Networking Using Twitter

Online Social Networking

In List Building Using Twitter , I discussed the importance of list building and the ease of building a list using Twitter. In this article I focus on building your Twitter community — people who relate to your niche and who share some of your interests — people with whom you can network and who also extend your list in a more targeted way than previously outlined. Is Twitter Past Its Prime? Twitter will not last forever.

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I love Twitter and I've spent an unhealthy amount of time hanging out there in the last year. It's a great site: friendly, open, sharing - sometimes even a little too sharing, but is it a community? This question was designed to test the long term commitment of my Twitter community.

Community 2.0: Supply chain management gets new social network

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skip to main | skip to sidebar Wednesday, February 11, 2009 Supply chain management gets new social network Inovis Social Network is a new online community specifically for those in supply chain management. Join Community 2.0 Join our Community 2.0 LinkedIn Group Community 2.0

A community of community managers on Twitter? " Marketing Nirvana

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Home About Subscribe jump to navigation A community of community managers on Twitter? April 8, 2008 Posted by Mario Sundar in Community Marketing. Purely Social (53%) For community - 31% For Family & Fun - 22% 2. Jenny Paine : Community Manager - Live World (?)

The Art of Building Virtual Communities (Techlearning blog)

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The Question has Changed » The Art of Building Virtual Communities. Youd think developing a virtual learning community (VLC) or online community of practice (CoP) would be easier. However, with the rise of virtual learning community platforms like Ning and Elgg it is becoming evident that many CoPs are dead on arrival and many others die of neglect early on, in their toddler stage. It is developed around the roles and interactions members of a community have as.

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