Tucson in Healing and Kindness

Hildy Gottlieb

With love and sadness to all who are mourning, not just here in Tucson, but everywhere… Arizona's Possibilities Words MatterIt’s been a hard few days. It doesn’t promise to get easier any time soon. The nation has mourned at our sides, and that is appreciated more than you can know.

Monday Morning Rock Out – Tucson edition

Hildy Gottlieb

It’s been 2 weeks since the shooting here in Tucson, and things are still pretty raw. If you’ve heard Tucson talked about on the news as a city of a million people that still acts like a small town, then you have a sense of why this hurts so much. Tucson!

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Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Hundreds claim they saw a large light, as well as heard one to two loud booms across Tucson Tuesday night. KGUN 9 has received tons of calls and over 600 comments on our Facebook page from people across Tucson and Arizona.

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Tucsonans for Civility

Endless Knots

From a friend of a friend who lives in Tucson in the winter.   Last Tuesday we came up with the idea of issuing "A CALL TO AMERICA FOR CIVILITY FROM THE COMMUNITY OF TUCSON." " Since then a small group of folks in Tucson have organized a web site [link] that calls on America for civility in our daily lives and in our political discourse. Take a look at what Tucsonans for Civility suggests.

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From San Diego to Los Angeles: Beautiful Humans CA Road Trip 2016

Hildy Gottlieb

That alone is awesome, given that 12 years ago, Lizzie left Tucson, lived in NY then finished school in DC before “making movies” led her to LA; and that Jess left Tucson at that same time for Flagstaff, then Kansas for her PhD before “working at the Jet Propulsion Lab” led her to LA.

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Creating the Future You REALLY Want

Hildy Gottlieb

In front of a packed house at the historic Fox theater in downtown Tucson, the talk I gave spoke to the ability each of us has to create the future of our communities, and of our own lives.

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Civil Discourse – Stuff I’m Thinking About

Hildy Gottlieb

Following the shooting here in Tucson, there has been an increased call for civility in public discourse. I tend to think out loud on Twitter and Facebook. I’ll ponder something and then folks will dive in.

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Community Organizations: Victims or Leaders?

Hildy Gottlieb

Last night I had the privilege of facilitating a community conversation on behalf of the Tucson Pima Arts Council. Tucson’s arts groups received none of that. Or you can claim Tucson’s Arts Community’s rightful place as the source of our city’s creativity and innovation.

On the Road: Northern Nevada

Hildy Gottlieb

Left Tucson and drove (yes, drove) to Northern Nevada. . Took a few days of hiking and sightseeing in beautiful southern Utah before landing back home in Tucson. This autumn’s travel season began with a trip that was barely a gleam in anyone’s eye at the end of June.

Making Real Friends: The Heart of Community Engagement

Hildy Gottlieb

The most fun part about writing the book was the decision to have all the examples and stories and photos come from our building the very first-ever Diaper Bank in our hometown of Tucson, Arizona, as well as the second diaper bank, in Phoenix.

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Monday Morning Rock Out – MLK Day Edition

Hildy Gottlieb

But this MLK Day is a particularly poignant one for those of us living in Tucson, Arizona. Every year on Martin Luther King Day, I listen to the I Have a Dream speech. In years past, I have made the speech my Rock Out on MLK Day.

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The Wishing Tree

Hildy Gottlieb

Last night we were part of an annual tradition for many here in Tucson - we walked through Winterhaven. Winterhaven is an entire square ½ mile neighborhood where virtually everyone decorates their homes for the holidays.

We all need somebody to lean on

Hildy Gottlieb

Dimitri quietly made the funeral arrangements, coordinating transport from Tucson to New York where she would join my dad. When I was 25, a month after I got married, my dad died suddenly of a heart attack at age 62.

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Hildy Gottlieb

Because last week, we taught a workshop here at home in Tucson. The penny thing is happening again. I’m not sure if it’s because of the webinar I’m preparing on “moving from frustration to abundance” – or if it’s just life. But the pennies are back.

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Beautiful Humans CA Road Trip 2016: Day 1

Hildy Gottlieb

We leave Tucson late, because packing takes a lot longer than even we had imagined. It’s May 2016, and Dimitri and I are back on the road.

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Planning to Change the World: 2009’s WOW List

Hildy Gottlieb

Engaged dialogue at home in Tucson! One of the nice things about building the Institute this year was that we got to spend more time in Tucson than we normally do (and 2010 will immediately have us back on the road!). Developed and facilitating monthly Boards & Governance Learning Community in Tucson. Participating in ongoing local discussions re: building an MSO in Tucson.

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Monday Morning Rock Out!

Hildy Gottlieb

She learned of me 20 years ago, when a friend driving through Tucson saw my name on a real estate sign. I believe this may be the first time, but this week’s Rock Out is a dedication.

Meandering Thoughts on Gratitude

Hildy Gottlieb

If it weren’t for my dad dying at age 61, my mom would not have moved to Tucson 20 years ago, and she wouldn’t have been such a big part of my life. Infinite gratitude for all things past. Infinite service to all things present. Infinite responsibility to all things future*.

Does Email Fundraising Really Raise Money?

Hildy Gottlieb

When Dimitri and I founded and ran Tucson’s Diaper Bank , our direct mail campaigns were highly successful, and so we weren’t worried about that aspect of the campaign. I thought it was going to be easy. Yes, I know, famous last words, but I really did.

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We Don’t Do That… Do We?

Hildy Gottlieb

We saw it when we built and ran the Diaper Bank in Tucson – school kids on the “poor” side of town raising more money in pennies than kids on the “rich” side of town raised in $10’s and $20’s.

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Monday Morning Rock Out!

Hildy Gottlieb

Years later in a whole new millennium, when Eric Idle came to Tucson in 2000 to perform, my own daughter was about the age I had been back when the Ministry of Silly Walks was still brand new.

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You Are a Person of Influence (Yes, You)

Hildy Gottlieb

I talk here every once in a while about the Diaper Banks Dimitri and I founded - the first-ever diaper bank here in Tucson , and its sister diaper bank in the Phoenix area. Sometimes life sneaks up on you.

2010 WOW List!

Hildy Gottlieb

US: Lake Havasu City, Phoenix, Tucson, Los Angeles, St. Last year we began a tradition I am eager to uphold – creating the WOW List, to publicly celebrate all we accomplished towards our goals throughout the year.

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Friends for Real

Hildy Gottlieb

After my dad died, my mom made the hardest decision of her life – to move 3,000 miles from the place she had called home for 65 years, to the desert in Tucson to be near my family. Something surprising happened to me this week.

Celebrating the Simple Things

Hildy Gottlieb

Heading south and east of Tucson is the Sonoita Highway, an official State Scenic Route. For me, birthdays are about quietly celebrating all I have to be grateful for - every moment of my past, and every moment yet to come.

Straight from the Consultant’s Mouth

Hildy Gottlieb

Gayle has been putting her learning into action from the moment she left Tucson last month. I’ve been sharing a lot about Pollyanna Principled Consulting and our Immersion Courses these days, mostly because I am as immersed in them as the students are!