Anecdote: Distributed teams and the bane of time zones

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Kennedy and the French Revolution | Main | The difficulty in being the expert interpreting a story » 19/06/07 | Distributed teams and the bane of time zones By Shawn. I do agree, however, how important it is to consider time zone issues. Im three weeks into a new virtual team and Im surprised by the lack of awareness of team member time zones.

#fslt12 Final Week – Microteaching

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See time zones below). Wed 20 June – Check your time zone. Frid 22 June – Check your time zone. This week the focus is teaching and the evaluation of teaching. This #fslt12 course is based on a course which runs face-to-face at Oxford Brookes University. The First Steps course is an element of the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development’s ( OCSLD ) HEA accredited Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (PCTHE).

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Profiling Employee Expertise – the Behavioural Aspects

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Having good technology on offer to support the profiling of employee expertise is a helpful capability in collaboration tools. Add to the mix the right balance of human behaviours, and you have a situation ripe for benefit.

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Decrease Interruptions, Increase Productivity

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Train your customers, associates, employees, vendors and others to communicate with you no more frequently than some agreed upon number of times per day or week with the expectation of a delayed response. Set up an exit time at the start of a phone call / meeting. When collaborating with others is a vital part of getting your / their / “our” work done, especially across time zones, improving the productivity of the whole may require the allowance of more interruptions.

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#fslt Week 4 with Dave White

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Date and time: Wed 13 June 3.00 – 5.00 Check your time zone. Dave tweeted some time ago that he was preparing for this session. I have heard Dave speak a few time before and blogged about him , so I know I can look forward to this session.

Review of Four Days in Poland

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My time in Poland has come to an end. I started bringing my running gear on these long trips to help me adjust to the time zone faster and not be awake so much during the early hours of the morning. I did have a particular soup at the Hilton a couple of times though, which was apparently a “Polish” dish. A few comments after leaving: 1. It was a privilege to visit Poland, and I was very grateful for the opportunity.

Where Did February Disappear?

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a day getting back to New Zealand, and then a couple of days getting back to the New Zealand time zone. Friday next week is the last day of February. Where have those weeks gone? Here’s what I have been up to: - a couple of days consulting with a client in Virginia, focused on governance and adoption for its SharePoint 2013-based collaboration platform. The client is about to enter a pilot phase for new ways of working using two different types of sites in SharePoint.

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Who You Calling Virtual? Leading a Virtual Team

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They’re only called virtual teams because members are distributed across organization boundaries, time zones, and countries. It’s time for a talk with them, and their managers, about how to free them up to participate in your work.

Tips for Facilitating a Week in Change11 MOOC

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I was aiming for experience and reflection and, besides, no time to prepare. meaning days and times -- remember this is global so consider time zones].One Some may find this onerous work (and time consuming.)

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G-Shock Watch with Phone Integration #gshock #iphone

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How many times have you complained that you missed a call because you didn’t feel the phone’s feeble vibrating in your pocket? You know how cellphones set themselves automatically as you travel from time zone to time zone, courtesy of the cellular network?

#FSLT12 Week 3 with Etienne and Bev Wenger-Trayner

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Check your time zone. We have had what feels like a bit of a pause over the weekend – many UK participants were maybe taking a break for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. Its not often we get two Bank Holidays in a row, Monday and Tuesday.

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2nd Networked Learning Hotseat – Nov 20-25

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Check out your time zone here: [link]. The Ist Hotseat was well worth attending – so I’m looking forward to this one. Value of Nets, Sets and Groups. This year’s second Hot Seat discussion in the area of networked learning runs from November 20-25. Terry Anderson & Jon Dron will facilitate a discussion on Nets, sets and groups. They start the week on Sunday 20th with an elluminate synchronous session at 1:00pm MDT.

"The Technology is the Least Relevant Aspect in the Mix" - Nancy and Michael talk User Adoption

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Most virtual meetings are still agonizing to sit through, people still clog up inboxes with attachments instead of posting documents on shared portals, and many continue to struggle when it comes to collaboration across time zones. Nancy Settle-Murphy contacted me late last year with an invitation to co-write an edition of her monthly newsletter. Once I was back from annual leave, we met by Skype and talked for an hour, then worked together on the draft document.

Why Use Collaboration Tools?

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People have to interact regularly with the people they work alongside, only the “alongside” is separated by time zones, countries, and even continents. Following on from the Why Collaborate? infographic , I've just posted on a different question - Why use collaboration tools? : ".

The Forest and the Trees: Managing in Business Ecosystems

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Today, it’s time for us to spend a little less time looking at the animal tracks in our organizations and a little more time looking at the forest as a whole. It’s time for us to pay attention to our business ecosystems.

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Leaving Norway; London for the Weekend

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I arrived in Norway early evening on Saturday (after flying in from New Zealand), tried to get into the Norway time zone on Sunday, and then presented three workshops from Monday to Wednesday at Rosenholm. I brought my running gear to Europe for the first time. I have been in Norway over the past five days, and am now awaiting a plane out of here (it’s still some hours away, however).

"Where" Are You Most Productive?

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Craig at Time Management Ninja asks where are you your most productive ? Often we talk about being, “In the zone.”. I want to know where your zone is located. We often talk about time-shifting, or “Doing a task at the time when it reduces the amount of time required to complete it.”. I'm most productive in my office (the where), but only when - it's quiet (via earplugs or music) and I'm working on a specific task for a set duration of time.

Technology Review Tackles Collaboration Tools

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build the 24-hour knowledge factory - use multiple time zones to your advantage. MIT's Technology Review publication kicked off its new topic for the month: Collaboration Tools. The series is set up with this paragraph: " Powerful software and widespread Internet connectivity are making it easier than ever for people to work together no matter where they happen to be. Throughout March we will look at the latest tools for collaboration within and between organizations.

Smartphones for Collaboration - Good or Bad?

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Whoever is running the group must accommodate smartphone users by providing more support and time consuming explanations after the fact. Accommodating less-than-ideal access to a file under development can add an inefficient layer of “overhead” to group interaction in terms of added time, cost, delay, and potential for mistakes and confusion. Dennis asks if smartphones are bad for collaboration , and gives a number of reasons why they can be: " 1.

A Webinar on Facilitating with Technology With 36 Co-Presenters

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Clearly I’m not the only one with this issue: “I have not been building in enough reflection time in my webinars. Over the past few years I have enjoyed being part of the MAFN Webinars. MAFN is the Mid Atlantic Facilitator’s Network.

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Learning While Building eLearning: Part 3 – Facilitating Online

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This was your first time facilitating an online learning course. Then our partner failed to send us the list of participants in time and we had to postpone the launch. Next time we will do it better. I could have done a better job dedicating a bit more time overall.

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The Future of the WorkPlace – Social Business


At this point in time, I am sure you may be wondering about whether we would need to wait for another 10 years, or thereabouts, to see those changes, finally, taking place, as Gartner mentioned in their article referenced above, right?

2nd Networked Learning Hotseat – Nov 20-25

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Check out your time zone here: [link]. The Ist Hotseat was well worth attending – so I’m looking forward to this one. Value of Nets, Sets and Groups. This year’s second Hot Seat discussion in the area of networked learning runs from November 20-25. Terry Anderson & Jon Dron will facilitate a discussion on Nets, sets and groups. They start the week on Sunday 20th with an elluminate synchronous session at 1:00pm MDT.

Slowing Down to Pay ATTENTION – the #365 Photo Practice

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About the same time I noticed that my friend and “inspiring being” Eugene Eric Kim posted Ten Days Into my 365 Photos Project. I always underestimate how much time and attention people give to Facebook. Ah, the international time line.

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Minter Ellison - "One Firm" Strategy Powered by Cisco

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As a key adviser to leading multinationals and Fortune 500 companies and government organisations, success for Minter Ellison depends on the firm's ability to tap into the wealth of experience and expertise of its lawyers around the world and across multiple time-zones to deliver results. Law firm Minter Ellison (with 290 partners and 1,000 legal staff in Asia Pacific and the UK) has chosen a range of Cisco collaboration gear to support its "one firm" strategy. "A

What motivates humans to collaborate? – 100% Open

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Not just the same old industry chat" :-) RT @louisemarston : Best q at #100openunion from @davesnelling : how do you fix meetings for 3 people in 3 time zones? -->. 100% Open. Open innovation. Nothing more, nothing less. About us. Board. Blog --> Contact. Skip to content. Our Offer.

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Some final thoughts about #Fedwikihappening

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This covered all the time zones, with Ward even doing one at 4.00 Although I always received a prompt answer when I asked a question, there’s a limit to how much you feel you can bother someone and take up their time. The Fedwiki Happening finishes today.

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Overcoming the Potential Chaos in WAN SharePoint Deployments

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At the same time, virtually every business and government organization has become distributed, stressing its ability to collaborate across different geographies, time zones, and even cultures. This is the first of a six part series I created, Robust SharePoint Performance in the Emerging Distributed Enterprise: Turning the Potential for Chaos into the Means for Success, sponsored by Certeon.

Academic BEtreat (#betreat12) pre-conference call

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Juggling time zones is going to going to be a challenge for the synchronous meetings – since participants are from the US, Europe and Japan. I have started blogging about this and hope to continue if time allows – but it might be a bit hectic!

It's good to be green

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Further to my post earlier today , Tweeters are changing their locations to Tehran, changing their time zone to GMT +3:30, and coloring their avatars green. I got this tip via: "@ ronanvance This from @ johnperrybarlow @ warrenellis change settings to GMT +03:30 & home city Tehran to confuse the Iranian censors" Thanks, guys. Here's the link to all the tweets on #Iranelection.   Tags: 90% people, 10% technology Virtual Teams Web/Tech

Trend Questions: More Synchronous Online Interaction?

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I have to say, for one who has a lot of meetings at 6am in the morning, I’m NOT a fan of video at that time of day!). Even across diverse time zones, there is more synchronous. Flickr Creative Commons image from James Cridland. I love working asynchronously in text.

Guesting with Connectivism & Connective Knowledge

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We have two Elluminate discussions (both sessions can be accessed via this link): 11 am CST (see time zone conversions) and 7 pm CST (see time zone conversions). Today I am a guest conversationalist (??)

19 Tips for Effective Online Conferences


This is especially true with information like testing the virtual meeting software, getting into sessions, protocols during sessions, time zones, etc. Session timing and design is difficult online. You definitely need interaction and time for Q&A. For us, defining the times for sessions is difficult. There’s no way to choose time slots where it’s not an ungodly hour in some part of the world.

When the Leader is the Only One Remote From the Team

Leading Virtually

These might be the rest of the team or other factors, such as the time zone difference, if one exists. On my LinkedIn profile , I received a suggestion in response to one of my recent posts that I cover a particular configuration of virtual teams.


Viv Mcwaters

I’ve written before about the flow of work and the seasons, and how my energy waxes and wanes according to the time of the year. This, and the different time zones inhabited by my friends and colleagues, makes for some interesting connectedness – or not! So I am very much looking forward to the next few weeks.

Get Collaborators to 'Touch and Feel' Unstructured Data - The BrainYard

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Creating the possibility of working together effectively on a whiteboard, while scattered across time zones, is the long-running vision of Rafi Holtzman and his team at Luidia.

Social XYZ: Got my answer in 30 minutes. with IBM Connections.

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I took advantage of people in other time zones. Social XYZ Observations and musings about the Social Business revolution. Friday, April 29, 2011 Got my answer in 30 minutes. with IBM Connections. How often does this happen to you? You have a question on how to do something.

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Working Remotely: Three Keys to Effectiveness

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Most of us, if not all of us, are involved to some degree in projects that include team members from other time zones, countries, organizations, and cultures. On The Smarter Office blog this week, I wrote about three keys to being effective with virtual teams: " What do you call a team of people who always meet face-to-face around a meeting table and whiteboard? Adjectives such as minority, rarity, and old-school spring to my mind.

Review of Huddle - Part 2. Signing Up and Trying Huddle

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When Huddle opens for the first time, it goes to your dashboard. There were two first-time-user tips visible on the screen - what I call the Easy First Steps strategy for user adoption. It is not possible to click on a day in the calendar, and add a meeting time.

HR Magazine - Exclusive: Google research heralds arrival of the human systems director

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And he can choose his own working hours, ideal given that his role within an international team of staff based in different time zones is best suited to early morning and late night video conferences. CloudDocs allows them to work in real-time, getting the work done in a fraction of the time it used to take in 2010. Times have changed since he started at the media agency in 1990. Features. HR TV. Blogs. About. Contact. HR Most Influential. HR Excellence Awards.

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