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Two things I’ve been neglecting lately – listening to podcasts and exercising. Lucky for me they’re not incompatible. So today, as I was becoming reacquainted with bikes, treadmills, pulleys and weights, I also turned to my trusty iPod, crammed full of music and podcasts. I had to turn it up really loud so as I could hear what I wanted to listen to over the LOUD MUSIC and day-time television programs.

Thread 100

The line that threads through our hearts

Chris Corrigan

It was a moment in which our threaded hearts were stitched together. “If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them.

Questions: a thread through current work

Nancy White

I love Palojono , the blog of Jono, a designer who is a great writer and visual thinker.Jono helped me reflect, to see the thread through my current work. Life has been a whirlwind of work.

Thread 130

My 17 Year Old Self Printed Out This Forum Thread

Managing Communities

Please Update Your RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you. Thinking

Law Enforcement Advice on How to Deal with Offline and Suicide Threads on Your Community

Managing Communities

Please Update Your RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you. Managing Staff Managing the Community

2015 58

Welcome to the Glamour of Community Management: I Just Spent 4 Hours Reading a Single Forum Thread

Managing Communities

photo credit: John Drake Flickr A few nights ago, as I was trying to get over some post-SXSW illness, I stayed up until about 2 AM reading a single forum thread. It was 22 or so pages in length, but there were many guideline violations and troublesome posts in it and I had to read [.]. Managing the Community

End Endless Email Threads With Backboard's Document Approval App

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

The process of getting something approved – like a press release or a design spec – can be time consuming and hard to follow, as the process degenerates to endless email threads and attachments. For $10 to $50 a month, I’ll just deal with the email threads.

“Locked.” is No Way to Close a Thread/Topic

Managing Communities

Locked topics have a purpose on most communities. I try to avoid them, except in specific circumstances, but they have a place and they are a tool in a moderator’s arsenal. What I want to discuss today isn’t the locking of topics in itself, but what one says when they lock a topic. When you lock [.].

Green Chameleon » Information Overjoy - Voila!

Green Chameleon

Just back yesterday from a 2-week vacation in France and catching up on the recent discussion thread on the actKM forum on infoluenza ( Luke Naismith ), info detox ( Matt Moore ), vacations and device-obsesssion ( Kaye Vivian ) and French women who don’t get fat (Luke again) makes me feel like I never left France afterall. blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Information Overjoy - Voila! Bonjour!

2006 100

Collaboration thread in CACM for April 2008 - Knowledge Jolt with Jack

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Collaboration thread in CACM for April 2008 There is an interesting pair of articles that focus on collaboration in the April 2008 Communications of the ACM. Knowledge Jolt with Jack This blog is about knowledge management, personal effectiveness, theory of constraints and other topics. Opinions expressed here are strictly those of the owner, Jack Vinson, and those of the commenters.

2008 28

Promoting discussion in FutureLearn MOOCs

Jenny Connected

Phil and his colleagues have looked at discussion threads in forums and found that they don’t include many members and that conversations often do not extend beyond a first reply. This tool displays the top 200 words from a forum thread as a word cloud.

2017 141

Comments - A Follow Up


discussion of moderating comment threads. online_facilitation blogging

Full Circle Associates " Musings on "community management" Part 2

Nancy White

Instead of spawning or archiving threads, we are tagging and remixing. Instead of spawning or archiving threads, we are tagging and remixing.

2008 130

Planning meetings? Can visuals help? Learn the basics at our 2018 Graphic Facilitation Workshop

Michelle Laurie

On one thread a variety of awesome tools were listed. I’m planning a meeting for May where a group of scientists will come together to plan their reporting on five years of study. In their case they have been monitoring glaciers and snow melt.

2018 130

Edusemiotics, the Divided Brain and Connectivism

Jenny Connected

At the end of August, I received a number of comments on my blog from Gary Goldberg, with many lines of thought and threads to follow. I have recently been exploring Iain McGilchrist’s ground-breaking work on the divided brain (see The Master and his Emissary.

2018 164

ZAAZ Needs a Social Media Strategist / Planner / Consultant (Freelance)

Web Social Architecture

Ask in the comment thread. We don’t have a formal job description written up yet, but here are the rough outlines: 5-7 years online strategic planning, product management, marketing, or the like. Seattle area. Agency experience. Formal (as opposed to ad hoc) experience implementing online community / web 2.0 / social media efforts on behalf of brands, ideation through execution. Familiarity with social media tools, listening platforms, internal operations / community management.

Boundaries and Limits of Networked and Connected Learning

Jenny Connected

Sonia then goes on to ask 3 questions, giving each a separate thread. The second Networked Learning Conference Hotseat starts on Sunday 8 th November and will run until the 14 th.

2015 151

SIKM community presentation

Digital Habitats

Peter West: With so many technologies in use, how do you 1) *merge* the threads of conversations/interactions and facilitate the broadest access to the *nuggets* that emerge and facilitate the greatest opportunities for impact? February 16, 2010.

2010 130

Wanted: Knowledge Assets – Dead or Alive?

Chris Collison

There have been a few threads on LinkedIn KM groups on the topic of “knowledge assets” recently. It’s one of those words which gets thrown around by KM people without any agreed definition. For many people, they are interchangeable with the term “information assets”, but sound sexier.

Insider Trading, meet Outsider Traders, #SocialMedia style #Tesla

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Today, there is a thread going beserk on the Tesla forums : Tracking Highest VINs. This thread is for tracking the actual highest VIN-number. Wall Street should be monitoring social media. So should companies around the world. Cos we are just too smart as a crowd.

2013 168

Another Online Graphic Jam

Nancy White

On the IFVP LinkedIn discussion group there has been a hearty thread on online graphic recording. Some of us decided we wanted to play, so I hosted an short, hour long jam today using Elluminate. We played, drew and talked both about technology and process/practice. Without spending any time reflecting and digesting, I thought it might be fun to simply share the link to the recording (ignore Fred Lakin and I rambling on at the end) and a few of the white board captures!

Notes on SW105 Colgate Palmolive and David Jones

Michael Sampson - Currents

Got the go ahead for a pilot with 1,000 employees - called the new environment built on IBM Connections as The Thread. -. Results - The Thread has become a valid communication channel within 3 months, people are referencing The Thread as a place to get / give information, and leaders are writing some of the most popular blogs. - at launch - updates screen savers to point to The Thread. Sent out information about how to access The Thread.

2013 98

SCoPE: Managing Multimembership in Social Networks: Oct 27-Nov 9, 2008

Nancy White

Week one: Oct 27-31 Collect stories (Voice Thread). During the first week, we will focus on collecting your stories and tips using the Voice Thread. Don’t worry, Voice Thread lets you start over if you don’t like your first take.).

2008 130

OldGlobeMOOC – What is ageing?

Jenny Connected

85 different discussion threads have been started. Some of these topics could be courses in their own right, such as the topic of death, – so it will be important, as in all MOOCs, to filter, select and focus on the threads of personal interest and use. Biological, social and psychological ageing is the focus for discussion in Week 1 of the University of Pennsylvania’s Coursera MOOC – Growing Old Around the Globe.

2013 130

Online Community Feature Overload and the Cost of Spreading Your Activity Too Thin

Managing Communities

photo credit: LOLren As people endeavor to add more features and sections to their forums and communities – more than “just” discussion threads – there is a great opportunity for additional value for all parties involved. But, in the thirst to be “more,” it can be easy to forget the cost that you may incur. [.]. Community Cultivation Developing Your Community

2012 48

#FSLT13 Hybrid Learning

Jenny Connected

She didn’t only present her own ideas and content but also managed to pull together threads from the previous two presentations, my own and Sylvia Currie’s to nicely sum up some of the key messages from the whole course.

2013 130

RIM BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing 2.0

Michael Sampson - Currents

New features: - turn an email thread into a conference call.

Agilewords for - for Structured Document Review and Approval

Michael Sampson - Currents discussion threads are useful for general discussion but limited when you need a detailed review of your document.

2011 116

The Persuasion 61

Endless Knots

There, a woman in a long garnet skirt and ruffled ivory blouse, her head filled with books, spoke: “I wish I had a thread long enough to string on it all these beads that take my fancy.” Then she swooped down, grabbed threads from my skeins and swooshed them across the sky. She slipped a thread of light around each of their wrists woven to all the other strands. “ The Persuasion, ” p. MJ, c’mon, I need you to get up.” He was already dressed. “We’ve We’ve got to get moving.”

2010 89

When Members Mislead the Public About the Management of Your Community

Managing Communities

For example, a member of one of my communities recently posted in public, on a thread within our community, suggesting that a member of staff had told them a post they made earlier in the [.]. photo credit: mikecogh Have you ever had a member who says that you did something that you actually didn’t do?

My Top Twelve New Orleans Jazz Fest 2013 Moments: Part One

Portals and KM

The common thread in these was high energy and an intense connection with the audience. This was my first New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival so I bought a WWOZ Brass Pass to attend every day. I was not disappointed as there were some amazing performances.

2013 130

PhD by Publication – Selection of Papers

Jenny Connected

But the analysis of my papers, using Matthias Melcher’s Think Tool, revealed my ‘golden thread’ (as Susan Smith calls it) to be ‘learners’ experiences in cMOOCs’, so that is what I focussed on.

2017 199

Household activities as part of homeschooling curriculum


It is also fun to add vinegar to sodium bicarbonate while cleaning sinks, discover that polyester thread and labels do not decompose when you compost an old t-shirt or climb under the floor to help with a job where kids’ small size gives them an advantage over their parents.

2016 193

Emerging questions on Emergent Learning

Jenny Connected

See also the Preparing for Webinar 2 discussion forum thread – which explains what documents need to be downloaded before the session.

A new mapping tool: useful for research purposes

Jenny Connected

As I say in the video, Matthias’ Think Tool has been extremely helpful in enabling me to see the connections between my papers and the common threads. I have never felt comfortable with mapping.

2016 130

game 2: forumed is forewarned

Engineers without Fears

An internet forum site with thousands of Australian users – – includes a number of threads that are openly critical of the work that your group does. One thread in particular contains accusations that you and your group have acted illegally. A major national newspaper has been lifting stories from this forum site on a regular basis and you fear that the contents of this thread could be next.

Game 36

When Your Members Criticize a Company or Person, Invite Them to Your Community

Managing Communities

photo credit: SmithGreg I recently had a member on one of my communities start a thread to review a book, which he criticized. Most of his review was fair, but there were some parts that I felt were a little harsh. Still, it was appropriate for our community. As an author, I do sympathize with [.]. Community Cultivation Interacting with Members

My Intent Wasn’t to Spam, it Was to Post Relevant Content

Managing Communities

When you come to my community and you post something that references your company, website or client in any way, even if it is related to the thread you are posting on in some way, it is not appropriate. photo credit: freddie boy Stop. Just apologize. And that’s on you. It’s your fault for assuming [.]. How Should I Participate

Moxie Offers Free Desktop Sync Capability for Moxie Spaces

Portals and KM

It transforms traditional email threads into social discussions in a collaboration platform.

#fslt Week 4 with Dave White

Jenny Connected

The curriculum thread this week focuses on ‘lecturing’. This week we welcome Dave White to the FSLT12 MOOC. Dave will be speaking to the title. The Impact on Teachers of Open Educational Resources and Open Academic Practice in the Digital University. Date and time: Wed 13 June 3.00 – 5.00

2012 151