October, 2018

Visiting Rome with a Wheelchair User

Jenny Connected

Rome, like Venice , is a city known to be notoriously difficult for people in wheelchairs to visit. I am writing this post as the partner of a wheelchair user, to share some of our experiences of this beautiful and fascinating city.

2018 184

Painting of Reflections in City Park New Orleans

Portals and KM

Here is a 16" x 20" plein air oil painting completed in City Park, New Orleans. Painting  Painting with oils is so much different, for me at least, than acrylics. I am still have a ways to go on the learning curve but I am having fun.

2018 141

Medtainment: Creating Voice in Social Media – Medical and Health

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

When I am working with Doctors and Hospitals, they want their content to be written in an authoritative medical voice – fact based, evidence based, boring. This doctor has “voice” in spades.

2018 135

Blog>> Knowledge Manager Lifespans Getting Longer?

Green Chameleon

In 2008 I ran a global survey on knowledge manager professional development and experience. It found that only 29% of knowledge managers had been in their role for more than 4 years, and only 25% were confident of moving on to another KM role. The average “lifespan” among respondents was something like 2.5 years. Nick Milton recently surveyed his KM contacts on LinkedIn and found that knowledge managers average lifespan seems to last about 6 years – which shows progress!

2018 100

Evidence of a friendship


A friend from Moscow, who was coming to our house to celebrate my birthday with me was refused a visum. Because, between the other things, they couldn’t see clearly why she was coming. Which made me thinking of what can actually can serve as an evidence of a friendship. She is a singer.

2018 116

Welcoming you to another Art of Hosting

Chris Corrigan

Its that time of year when we are getting ready to invite people back to Bowen Island for our annual Art of Hosting. Since 2004, folks have travelled from all over the world to come to this gathering.

2018 64

Understanding ‘Betweenness’ – seeing beyond the parts

Jenny Connected

In a previous post , I began to explore and share my understanding of what Iain McGilchrist has written about and means by ‘betweenness’ as a way of being in the world.

2018 176

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How to Save the World

artwork from a collection of Nick Smith, possibly by John Wareham. “Hey, haven’t seen you in ages. How are you?”

‘Betweenness’ : a way of being in the world

Jenny Connected

At the beginning of this year my colleague Mariana Funes and I published a paper in which we argued for ‘both/and’ thinking, as opposed to ‘either/or’. We did this in the context of open, online education environments, which we suggested can be both inclusive and exclusive.

2018 151

Looking for a task management tool


I am looking for a task management tool to organise work across people and contexts. So far we are with Trello, but I’m not happy with it. What do I need? a pool of tasks, some of which are shared with the others and belong to projects. being able to assign a task to multiple contexts (projects/views/boards/tags). an overview on those tasks that I can easily tweak. personalised views and organisation of the tasks (including shared) for the other team members. RTM+iGoogle combo.

2018 89

Learning highlights: September 2018


September is a busy month: as school holidays are over there is a time to celebrate the beginning of new learning year with Not Back To School Parties and to sort out the routines of regular sports, clubs and other activities. This year we did more than usual since the kids are older and I wanted to talk more with the parents who have more experience of homeschooling beyond primary school age. So, here is a list of things that kept us busy. <photo

2018 89

Making flexible structures (2)


This is something I always liked, growing in a small apartment with lots of usable corners and self-made furniture, some of which survived for almost forty years of ebb and flow of uses. Switching away from digital with the kids gave me much more opportunities to play with making fluid physical spaces myself.

2018 89

True Story

How to Save the World

Cartoon from poorlydrawnlines. Tell me the true story, about the time when that man. Took you in to lend a hand, and how you took him for a spin. And that money you saved you stole from him… Tell me the true story, of how you yelled at your Mom and Dad. Left home with all you had.

2018 51

Struggling to pick up the trash in the face of weaponized evaluation

Chris Corrigan

Most of my work lies with the organizations of what Henry Mintzberg calls “The plural sector.” ” These are the organizations tasked with picking up the work that governments and corporations refuse to do.

2018 48