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Learner support in MOOCs. An alternative perspective

Jenny Connected

One of the panel discussions at the MOOC Research conference held in Arlington, Texas at the beginning of this month was on Supporting Learners in MOOCs. Stephen has summarized the panel discussion as: In this discussion a panel of MOOC experts explored questions surrounding supporting learning online. Some widely varying perspectives, ranging from preparing students to work without a curriculum to student support software in an xMOOC.

Getting More Than Just Support From Support Forums and Communities

Managing Communities

photo credit: tompagenet Séoghán Mac Mathúna asked: How would you recommend growing and actively engaging a community that is largely only present to seek support? Support forums and communities exist to give support. There is no getting around that and you can never forget it because if you fail at that, you fail at everything. [.]. Community Cultivation

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Training in structures that support humanity

Chris Corrigan

in this video, Organizational practices applied by Tim Merry he talks about an organization that adopts basic practices to restore humanity to its structures.

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distributed cognition and supporting learning@work

Taming the spaces

There are two main ways in which, distributed cognition may be framed – epistemic distributed cognition and collective distributed cognition, which are mutually interrelated. I: Person-centred view Epistemic distributed cognition: distributed cognition is eminently epistemic from the persons point of view, because it deals with the very activity of knowing and understanding the world one […]. distributed cognition learning layers learning@work

Carl Jackson on Supporting Online Communities in International Development

Nancy White

Carl Jackson of Westhill Knowledge Group (formerly at IDS – Institute of Development Studies ), colleague at KM4Dev , friend and all around smart and funny guy took 20 minutes to share some of his experiences supporting and participating in online communities in international development.

RSA shows how social networks can support Changemakers

Social Reporter

The initiative has been supported by RSA Fellows (members), and this makes it easier to replicate the process in other areas and eventually build a network of networks through which Changemakers can find others with similar interests.

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How can social media support learning alliances/multistakeholder processses?

Joitske Hulsebosch

Some time ago I was asked to facilitate a session on this topic. I didn't have time to blog it, but since I received a nice report (by CDI in Wageningen) so I thought it would be a nice opportunity to blog it and share the prezi I used.

How is Mobile Supported on the Enterprise Level?

Portals and KM

Given these numbers, how are enterprise IT departments supporting their mobile users? Forrester’s TJ Keitt tackles this question with his report, Does Your IT Department Support The Needs Of The Mobile Workforce? Currently these groups get different levels of support.    The workers who have to pay for their smartphones themselves feel under supported and I can see why. The rise of mobile communications is one of the major game changes in technology. 

IBM Support for Collaboration on Mobile Devices: An Update

Michael Sampson - Currents

I had the opportunity today to present a slide showing our current and planned future device support for IBM collaboration and Lotus solutions on the relevant enterprise mobile platforms -- Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Nokia. ". activity stream support will be added.

An update on social reporting, including support from BIG

Social Reporter

The biggest and most thoughtful bottom-up support for the idea, and a big contribution to its practice, has come from the Transition Network , where Charlotte Du Cann and Ed Mitchell are editing and producing a social reporting project. The Transition social reporting project has been very well planned, and involved Charlotte in a trip around the country to meet, brief and support reporters, plus workshops and practice at the conference.

The 3 Principles That Make Truly Great Tech Support Forums

Managing Communities

photo credit: @boetter Support forums exist for seemingly every form of popular technology and even for most forms of less popular and mainstream technology. From web hosting to consumer electronics, from official communities to unofficial ones, support [.]. They can be dedicated to specific trades or areas of knowledge, to specific brands and products and more. Interacting with Users Managing the Community

Social App Store gains support in the North

Social Reporter

Earlier this week Big Society in the North launched with an open event in Sheffield, and as I expected it was a great opportunity to test some ideas developed mainly in London against harder local realities – including the Social App Store.

7 ways to support an emotional bond to a product

Community Guy

And more importantly, no support of the fact that there is no support for the emotional bond that I have with my gear. When you aren’t supporting an emotional bond to your product/service, you’re asking for customers to leave you for someone who will.

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Recommind Supports End-to-End eDiscovery

Portals and KM

Recommind provides predictive information management software through search-powered business applications. I last spoke with them in 2009 (see: Recommind’s MindServer Search™ 6.0 Addresses need for More Effective eDiscovery ).

Social networks and informal support: the big shift for policy


It’s obvious that informal support and social networks can be critical to the way society looks after its members. When people can use their social networks to get support without going through formal agencies, there are social and economic benefits.

Engaging and Supporting Community Champions

Portals and KM

This is not the right ground for a community, at least a community to support the organization. One symptom of the disconnection was the IT system that “supported” the underwriters.

Just-In-Time Facilitation Support

Viv Mcwaters

This is what Just-In-Time Facilitation Support is all about. Just-In-Time Facilitation Support is a post from: Related posts: Just-In-Time Facilitation Support You’ve been asked to facilitate a meeting – tomorrow, next.

SpringCM Enhances Its Mobile Capabilities and Offers Enhanced Support for

Portals and KM

There is some self-learning material to further support the self-service approach. There is also the ability to tag a document in Salsforce but this capability does not support a controlled vocabulary so people can put in any tag they want.

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Executive Support for New Ways of Collaborating

Michael Sampson - Currents

In my book Collaboration Roadmap , I write about the place of executive support in adoption of new collaboration technologies and approaches to work. But I also make it clear that the executive support strategy has pre-conditions: " There are pre-conditions to using the executive support strategy—make no mistake about that! Therefore be very clear that gaining executive support takes time.

Supporting Economic Recovery Through Software Innovation

Portals and KM

Software innovation goes way beyond the high tech industry as more products are increasingly computer driven. For example, I saw recently that the new Chevy Volt has four-fold increase in computer components over prior cars. Mike Gilpin at Forester looked into this issue and recently offered the report, How To Foster Software Innovation To Exploit The Economic Recovery. His contributors in the report included Mary Gerush, Roy C. Wildeman, Dave West, Tom Grant, and David D’Silva.

Understanding and supporting networks – May 5 online event

Nancy White

Understanding and supporting networks: learning from theory and practice. Title: Understanding and supporting networks: learning from theory and practice.

rPath Supports the New Dynamic and Cloud-based Vision for IT

Portals and KM

  rPath provides the infrastructure and environment to support these new change requirements. A major transformation is occurring with enterprise IT services. I recently spoke with Jake Sorofman, CMO at rPath , to get his perspective on these changes.

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How can blogs support communities of practice?

Joitske Hulsebosch

One of them was: how can blogs support communities of practice? (Cartoon via tangwailing blog ) I observed that Stan Garfield blogs about questions he receives or overhears about knowledge management. That made me think that I could blog some of the questions I get (+ the answers).

Informal support: I ask you


JRF has some fascinating work going on at the moment under the heading of ‘ Risk, trust and relationships in an ageing society ’, which includes a theme frequently covered on this blog, ‘everyday, informal support between neighbours, friends, and in communities.’.

Meg Wheatley’s 12 principles for supporting healthy community

Chris Corrigan

People support what they create. I’m a sucker for principles, because principles help us to design and do what is needed and help us to avoid bringing pre-packaged ideas and one-size-fits-all solutions to every problem. And of course, I’m a sucker for my friend Meg Wheatley.

Supporting Community Manager Appreciation Day #CMAD

Online Community Strategy

I originally chose to support #CMAD because I believe that most organizations are underinvesting in and not properly prioritizing the role online communities can play in their marketing, sales and support strategies. First established in J anuary of 2010 , Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD) is held on the 4th Monday of January to celebrate the role of Community Manager.

Winning the Right to Seek Executive Support - My Keynote from SHARE 2012 in Atlanta

Michael Sampson - Currents

When I was in Atlanta for the inaugural SHARE conference a couple of weeks ago, I presented a keynote entitled Winning the Right to Seek Executive Support.

The Biggest Reason That My Moderators Support My Decisions

Managing Communities

Please Update Your RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you. Managing Staff

Executive Support for New Ways of Working: The Nozbe Example

Michael Sampson - Currents

” In User Adoption Strategies I talk about the strategy of executive support, where executives model the behaviours they want to see embraced in new tools. In a recent Beyond the To-Do List podcast , Michael Sliwinski of Nozbe talks about modelling the behaviours he wants his team to put into practice in how they use Nozbe. Here’s the (slightly edited) extract that stood out to me (starting at 21m23s): “You don’t email me. I don’t accept emails from my team.

Blog>> Perceived Leadership Support via Transparency

Green Chameleon

One of the major threads we are following is gaining a sustainable leadership support and creating a culture that encourages sharing of knowledge. Is this a reasonable approach to gain a perceived leadership support The readers that have been following my posts realise that in our company we are thinking seriously about our Knowledge Management strategy.

Citizen journalists animate a virtual high street for independent living support and conversation

Social Reporter

Access Dorset TV (ADTV) is developing a virtual high street where a team of citizen journalists will help disabled people, older people and carers share opinions share opinions and experiences, provide each other with support, and also review products and services.

2013 11

Support for young dads


I often ask but seldom hear of intiatives to support young fathers. They constitute a very neglected group in terms of available support, so this is good to see: the. Family Strategic Partnership has an initiative on young dads , including this survey   on how much support they receive. Pass it on. Social exclusion

I support the protest….keep the Internet free and open

Michelle Laurie

New Special Issue on MOOCs published today (JOLT)

Jenny Connected

In a brief overview of ocTEL which Martin Hawksey gives in the video below, he mentions that one thing they would like to address in the next run of ocTEL is learner support. I’m also looking forward to hearing what Stephen Downes might have to say about learner support in MOOCs.

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Mock Thesis Proposal: Personal Support Networks During Periods Of Employee Transition, Part 1

Collaborative Thinking

Personal support networks are one type of SNS affordance employees can exploit when seeking information, mentoring, advice, problem-solving help, or opinions on the “folklore” of another group or business area. Output from this work will identify employee personal support practices, the influence media, management, and culture have on such practices, and benefits that accrue to employees and employers. Abstract.


Join Our Darwin Webinar: Supporting the Human Side of Content Monitoring

Portals and KM

Supporting the Human Side of Content Monitoring. Thierry Hubert and I are pleased to provide a webinar through Marketing 2.0, It will air on March 24 from 1 – 2PM EST. It is co-hosted with Human 1.0. The session is free and you can register through this marketing 2.0  Here is our session description: The transparency within social media offers a rich source to monitor the conversations within communities.

Argumentation support: who cares?


Argumentation support tools aim to create structured maps of arguments that aid sensemaking in a particular problem domain. A wide range of argumentation support tools exists, some of the more well-known ones including CMaps , Compendium , COHERE , and DebateGraph.

why community members support others

Taming the spaces

Based on the paper below, networked scaffolding can be provided by persons who are: - sharing the same community identity - the community concepts, ideas, activities and concerns - able to synthesize and translate supportive knowledge from one community across community borders to aid members of another community - are trusted because are wiser and have [.].

Local online network supports co-production: 'we don't expect to have to do this on a regular basis'


Hugh Flouch and I have been doing a routine for some time now talking about the way local online networks help residents to co-produce the quality of their local environment. Now here's a little gem of an example , from Harringay Online, the site which Hugh set up four years ago.

London as a #networkedcity gains support at first event. Now here’s the plan

Social Reporter

Fresh thinking is needed on the way that the whole system operates, from individual citizens working with others to improve neighbourhoods and support each other, to borough-level councils for voluntary service, and London-wide networks of interests and support. First published on We had a terrific meeting at Newspeak House earlier this week, which I trailed as the launch of the London Networked City exploration.