True Story

How to Save the World

Tell me the true story, about the time when that man. And that money you saved you stole from him… Tell me the true story, of how you yelled at your Mom and Dad. And now you’re running scared, and you’re mad. — True Story, by the Small Glories. True story.

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Love Story

How to Save the World

H umans are obsessed with stories. Most of our communications are stories. Most of our entertainments (film, music, theatre, reading) are stories. Our cultures are mostly about the shared stories we have come to believe. And a story of our idyllic future together, forever.

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How to Save the World

There are two large cutouts, facing each other, each bearing the identical likeness of a person known as Dave. One is labelled “Dave the Creature”. In Natural Reality there are no creatures, just oneness, no thing separate at all, just what is apparently happening, living “full on” — “creaturing”.

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Complexity unraveled: complex change agents’ stories

Networking Action

What is in common amongst a Danish prison, the London Business School, and the world’s largest refugee camp for internally displace people? In complexity unravlled: the power of collaboration in successful change leadership they are presented as a rich array … Net Dev

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ALTC14 – Two keynotes: the power of stories

Jenny Connected

Both talks were powerful and I wonder if that was because they both took a ‘story-telling’ approach. She then shared many stories with us of the ways in which she and her students are working to come to grips with the process of openness in education.

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Blog>> Knowledge, Story, Insight

Green Chameleon

Back in September 2011 we organised a workshop in Singapore on the relationship between Insight and Storytelling , with luminaries Gary Klein and Shawn Callahan.

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Recovering from NotPetya – the DLA Piper Story

Michael Sampson - Currents

DLA Piper , a global law firm with a presence in more than 40 countries, was hit with the NotPetya ransomware attack in June 2017. It caused significant damage to its global IT infrastructure (hat tip, ITNews): – every data centre and Windows-based server was impacted.

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Seeing Through Stories

How to Save the World

T his essay, like all essays, is a story. But it’s my story anyway, at least for now. Here it is, in all its apparent truthlessness: Every story is an invention. Every story is a lie. They seem to fit with our other stories.

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The right tool for the job: my first story

Making CommunitySense

To show proof of concept, I share my first story I wrote on this site, just because it was so cool to do: This is my first attempt at writing at least 750 words daily. I am fascinated by online tools. Tools in the proper sense, of technologies fitting the job.

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The Trouble With Stories

How to Save the World

W e hold stories dear to our heart. Some even believe “ stories are all we are “ I love stories. I’ve learned that telling stories is the best way to hold an audience and help them remember your message. Make us believe by telling us a story.

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Writing a New Story

How to Save the World

It takes a lot of courage to tell a story that isn’t the story of your culture. In his celebrated 2003 Massey Lectures, First Nations writer Thomas King told us “The truth about stories is that’s all we are”. That story is ours to write.

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The Business Value of Stories

Portals and KM

Sitting on a Greek island, I am reminded of how historically, stories have played a key role in transferring knowledge; the epic poems and ancient parables are evidence of this ageless capability. Before text was invented, stories were the main form of knowledge recording and sharing, as the conditions for the preservation of ideas were mnemonic (Havelock, 1976). Stories are still easier to remember than prose and any good speaker uses them to this advantage.

Telling a great story well

Net-Map Toolbox

Today I stumbled over this photo story about a participatory video project in African villages which really inspired me. I love the story but even more concrete and easy to apply in my own work is the idea of using pictures in a comic strip kind of way to draw people into a story.

A real-life Groupon business story

Community Guy

We’d heard some horror stories and some positive ones and spent time doing some research, weighing our options and went for it anyway. In other words, we avoided the horror story of sub-par service for the Groupon clients.

A real-life Groupon business story

Community Guy

We’d heard some horror stories and some positive ones and spent time doing some research, weighing our options and went for it anyway. In other words, we avoided the horror story of sub-par service for the Groupon clients.

Social Business Is People to People Business – The Iberia Story


Here is why … Here is another story as to why the future of work is social. . We got off at Barcelona airport and this is where the story begins and where it’s changed completely my view of the airline itself. I am sure you may all be thinking this success story is an easy one.

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A humbling story

Community Guy

I have been “out there&# on the Web for years now. Search my name and you can piece together a pretty solid picture of who I am, where I’ve been, and what I’ve done going back years.

Understanding the power of deep story

Chris Corrigan

” After our conversation I stumbled over this podcast on the “deep story” of what is motivating Trump supporters , and probably both Brexit supporters and other Europeans struggling with how the world is changing and how they perceive their privileges coming apart.

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Unemployed Journalists: Crowdsource That Story!

Endless Knots

This story slipped past me when it first came out but came to my attention via Nova Spivack. It had to happen. With few jobs available and fewer projected for the future, what's a good journalist to do? Grow your own.

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Green Chameleon » Eliciting Stories by Telling Stories

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Eliciting Stories by Telling Stories A nice tip from Shawn at Anecdote about how to elicit stories when the “tell us a story about…&# question doesn’t work: “When I see my teenage daughter after school I would often ask how her day went, whether anything interesting happened at school, and the standard response is often monosyllabic: yep, nup.

Social Business Is People to People Business – The Movistar Story


That social business with a success story on providing excellent customer service and support is Movistar.

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Danny and Matisse – Great 60s Story

Portals and KM

The imagine on the left is one of the many illustrations from the story. Some of the events in this story happened. Danny & Matisse is a love story… Since this is the world of story, I have taken some liberties with names and places.

Blog>> Putting Stories to Work: Shawn Callahan’s New Book on Business Storytelling

Green Chameleon

Putting Stories to Work is written with the simplicity and clarity of a deeply experienced practitioner, grounded in an expansive knowledge of the background research. Whenever I have a conversation with Shawn Callahan I come away feeling stimulated and enriched.

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The Christmas Story - on Facebook

Michael Sampson - Currents

IgniterMedia put together the above video, telling the story using Facebook. It's Christmas time - and a special time of remembering the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Very cool (hat tip, Jason, for the link). I pray you will know the reason for the season this year! Miscellaneous

Stories, Flash Mobs and Community Matters

Nancy White

Yesterday I did small scale graphic recording for the opening plenary, large scale graphic recording for for the session on “ The Power of Stories &# (Image above) facilitated by my dear friend and conspirator, Barbara Ganley.

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Grimly Letting Go of the Old Story

How to Save the World

We want to know the new story before we can honestly accept that the old one, the one we still cling to and believe in so utterly, so passionately, and now so desperately, has always been a lie. cartoon by David Sipress from the New Yorker.

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Every Picture Sells a Story

How to Save the World

That’s the real story our modern photos tell. I look at these faces and recall what my parents believed, and my grandparents, and, from my research and my grandparents’ stories, what their parents and grandparents before them believed.

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Defining Knowledge Management and Enterprise 2.0 – Sharing Your Story


From the first accidental wiener roast on a prehistoric savannah, we’ve understood things by telling stories. It’s through stories that we understand how the world works " Getting closer to the real thing, don’t you think? So, what’s your story?

Red Shirt Guy – a great story

Community Guy

the epic story of Red Shirt Guy, the kid who stood up at Blizzcon and pointed out that Blizzard loremasters had left a secondary NPC (Non Playable Character) out of the expansion, and then, when video of his nervous demeanor went viral, responded calmly, reasonably, and in the same shirt to all the haters. But this story, as Geekosystem rightly points out, went viral. Two things happen with this story: The team at Blizzard shows that they’re paying attention.

Web Site Story

Endless Knots

Perfect. Thanks to Georges Grinstein who put me on to this, for all of us online fanatics. Just wait until you get to the line about Evite. or eHarmony. just sit back and e(n)joy! Humor Web/Tech

Two inspiring stories by digital natives with a cause

Joitske Hulsebosch

But we need the stories. There were two very inspiring stories. Ushahidi is a well-known success and well-known example, nice to hear the story behind it. The speed with which news, information or stories get amplified depends on the resonance and relevance of the issues.

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Collective story harvesting

Chris Corrigan

In the Art of Hosting community over the past two years a group of practitioners have developed a tool called the Collective Story Harvest. I’ve used it several times and it’s a powerful and useful way to rapidly learn from the stories in the room. I’ve had many opportunities to catch stories along the journey and this time, I’m here to report in on what’s been happening with the method of Collective Story Harvesting. Art of Hosting Stories

MS to the rescue? A startling athlete's story

Endless Knots

Today comes the NY Times story by Lindsay Crouse with news of Kayla Montgomery, 18, who "was found to have multiple sclerosis three years ago. There are few articles about the benefits of MS.

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Blog>> Brains Respond to Stories as if They Are Real

Green Chameleon

Fascinating piece from the February 17 issue of the New Scientist on a whole raft of brain research suggesting that the human brain processes the information from stories in very similar ways to the way it processes information from perceived reality. What’s more, the brain responds in the same way whether the story is in the form of words on a page or a realistic action video.

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The Qualities of a Great Story

How to Save the World

L est my readers conclude, as a result of yesterday’s article, that I’m down on stories, let me say again: I love stories, and find them useful for learning and imagining, and also very entertaining. So what do I think are the qualities of a great story?

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Even Steve Jobs uses stories!

Michelle Laurie

Conversations are filled with stories and many great leaders use these stories to influence change. . He used three distinct stories that had great lessons to get his message across. These stories were personal , told with I and very real. I often try and create conversation in my work as I truly believe that is how knowledge is shared. Steve Jobs gave a speech at a Stanford University convocation and it’s posted on YouTube.

A suitable role for social reporters – tellers of naïve stories

Social Reporter

The big thing in marketing, politics, knowledge management – and of course social networking – is conversations and stories rather than boring old documents and data. Well, of course we need those too – but the way to communicate is to tell a story.

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How to Tell a Story by Scott Simon


More than anything else, because I think we would learn plenty more from those stories shared, on whatever the topic, than just plain definitions. Well, yes, we all know how to tell stories, but Scott actually shares plenty of really powerful tips on how to do a better job at telling stories.

Blog>> A Storytelling Conference Fuelled by Stories

Green Chameleon

We have some wonderful speakers from near and far, including Victoria Ward as keynote, noted authors Terrence Gargiulo and David Drake, and presenters who have worked with stories within their organisations to effect change: the Asian Development Bank, the Ritz Carlton, the Singapore Armed Forces, to name but a few. Only Victoria’s keynote will be in a traditional presentation format, and even that is going to be full of stories.

Monday Video: FireKites “Autumn Story”

Nancy White

Thanks to a link from my friends at Common Craft comes this creative, beautiful and haunting musical video, Firekites - AUTUMN STORY - chalk animation from Lucinda Schreiber. Firekites - AUTUMN STORY - chalk animation from Lucinda Schreiber on Vimeo. P.S. Congrats to Lee and Sachi at Commoncraft for their story in Seattle Magazine.

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Social Media - A New POV for Story Telling

Green Chameleon

I think that one of the barriers of conventional Story telling TV is the imposing amount of gear that has to be used to “Get the Quality&#. We are starting to debate how we can reduce the barriers to story and hence to engagement. This brings out the emotional power of the story.

Goodbye Dave: Letting Go of the Story of Me

How to Save the World

What I’m doing is looking critically at the Story of Me, and acknowledging that it is just that — a story, a creative fiction, an invention. I’m doing so because I realize that over the decades I’ve become pretty attached to, and pretty invested in, this story.

2016 74

Formalizing stories about community leadership

Learning Alliances

Swapping stories is obviously a core practice in this kind of work, but that can be too sloppy and too informal. Charlotte Linde’s discussion about places and occasions for remembering and telling stories suggests to me that “experiments&# are a great umbrella to get the right stories out. Jerome Bruner, Making Stories; Law, Literature, Life (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2002) [link].