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Socialtext 360 highlights both, though its practical emphasis is on similarity. Socialtext licenses the 360 technology from IntroNetworks, whose focus previously was to quickly bring people together at major conferences and events. ".

Socialtext 5.0 - with Collaboration Auto-Discovery Capabilities

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Earlier this week, Socialtext released Socialtext 5.0 , the next edition of its enterprise collaboration platform. Well done to the Socialtext team.

Socialtext Goes More Mobile

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Socialtext released new mobile device capabilities today , with device-optimized usage from a BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android smartphone. Socialtext released "Miki", for mobile device access to a wiki workspace some three ago; this is an update and substantial revision to its capabilities. Socialtext Mobile Capabilities. When connecting to a Socialtext workspace from the web browser on one of these devices, you can: - read and send signals, through Socialtext Signals.

Socialtext Continues to Focus on Workplace Integration

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I have admired the capabilities within Socialtext for some time. A couple of years ago they added Socialtext Signals, one of the first enterprise micro-blogging tools. A wrote about them a year ago on this blog (see Socialtext Adds Micro-messaging and Goes Mobile ). Eugene said that when Socialtext Signals and its microblogging capability, was introduced in 2008 the focus was on integration from the start. Socialtext wanted to enable more than water cooler chat.

Social Messaging Socialtext Signals: Before We Get Too Excited.

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I think it would be very helpful if the Socialtext folks could explicitly answer how Signals supports enterprise requirements for security, access controls, archive/logging (for audit, compliance, and records management), directory integration, and policy management overall (individuals, groups/roles). Socialtext Releases Signals Micro-blogging Application for the Enterprise. Palo Alto, CA - March 3, 2009 - Socialtext , the leading provider of Enterprise 2.0 SocialText.

How to Know When You Need to Upgrade Your Intranet - Top 10 from Socialtext

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Alan at Socialtext presents the top 10 reasons you know you need to upgrade your intranet : 10. If the technology is to blame, make sure you see what Socialtext has to offer. The most common question about it is “What Intranet?”. Today employees just look for the cafeteria lunch menu. The CEO was given upgrade suggestions from their 5th grader. The employee directory still lists job titles from 6 years ago. You want to level the playing field between the introverts and extroverts.

Enterprise 2.0 culture | Socialtext Enterprise Wiki

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Many businesses (and many of the customers that Socialtext works with) struggle with this issue, namely whether the right culture is a prerequisite of Web 2.0 julie on Whats New in Socialtext 3.1 : Hello,How do I embed an outlook calendar into my. Sales Buy Try Enterprise 2.0

Socialtext People is in-the-Flow!

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Socialtext announced two major product announcements today: Socialtext People and Socialtext Dashboard. Enter Socialtext People. Socialtext People isn't just an inside-the-firewall social networking tool. It's a networking tool that integrates with Socialtext wikis where people are doing their in-the-flow work: posting messages, drafting meeting agendas, taking notes, documenting processes, spec'ing products, and so on.

SocialText Putting A Little Social Into.Enterprise Wikis

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SocialText sells Wikis to companies, for the most part, although they also offer an open source version of their product. The new products, Socialtext Dashboard and Socialtext People, are being demo’d now and will become available to all customers within 60 days, Mayfield says. SocialText Dashboard, pictured above, is a Netvibes-like customizable home page. So you can, for example, pull Gmail directly into your SocialText Dashboard.

An Early (and Smart) Step Towards “Mainstreaming� Enterpise 2.0

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At the end of September (seem so long ago now) Ross Mayfield’s Socialtext announced the go-to-market of SocialText 3.0 ( Connected Collaboration With Context ), involving the integration of Facebook and Twitter functionalities into the wiki-based Socialtext collaborative platform. In the case of Socialtext 3.0, SocialText Brings Enterprise Facebook and Twitter to Wikis. Socialtext is making big news all over the Web this morning.

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Can Using Facebook Within Your Organization Add Value?

Leading Virtually

I often hear from business leaders that while they see some value in using Facebook for business-to-customer interaction, they see little value in using it internally.

Collaborative Thinking: Lotusphere 2008: Social Computing Chess Match

Collaborative Thinking

Previously, Microsoft had integrated with Socialtext as well.

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Can Using Facebook Within Your Organization Add Value?

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Lotus Connection , Socialtext ) are available. I often hear from business leaders that while they see some value in using Facebook for business-to-customer interactions, they see little value in using it internally.

News Updates (July 28, 2009)

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Socialtext Appliance. Socialtext released an appliance edition of Signals, its micro-blogging product. Socialtext Microblogging Appliance provides security and control in a cost-contained package. Users can access Socialtext from a browser, and they can also use the free Socialtext Desktop application. It gives IT the option of deploying secure microblogging and social networking company-wide, right away.

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Microsoft SharePoint - Recent News (July 5, 2010)

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Alan (from Socialtext) has a video on Socialtext and SharePoint integration. Enables Socialtext Signals (microblogging) to be added to SharePoint. SharePoint events can be shown in the Socialtext Activity Stream. Alan demonstrates Socialtext within SharePoint 2010. Layer2 offers Auto Tagger for SharePoint 2010. - For the automatic reasoning of tags to be assigned to list items and documents. -

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My App Gap Posts for October 2011

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Socialtext Continues its Focus on Workplace Integration. The AppGap posts began toward the end of January 2008.    Here, I am primarily doing product commentaries with a few other things thrown in. Below are the ones for October. There will be more in November.   IBM Rational Drives Software Development Collaboration and Innovation. Convofy Enables Comprehensive Collaboration Through Enterprise Social Networking. Leslie Owens on Enterprise Search.

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Connected Collaboration by Alan Lepofsky


It was shared in Slideshare by my good friend Alan Lepofsky , former IBM colleague, now with Director of Marketing at Socialtext , a couple of months ago, and it is one of those presentations whose incredibly accurate value is going to remain valid for a long while.

Enterprise Social Messaging: Vendor Replies

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Socialtext (Vendor Supplied info). Socialtext provides an appliance that can be deployed behind the firewall for a high level of network protection. Socialtext Signals & Socialtext Desktop transmissions are encrypted via https when the server uses https. Socialtext Signals and Socialtext Desktop require username/password login to send and view signals. Socialtext Signals and Socialtext Desktop already leverage Socialtext's directory integration.

‘Communities’ and ‘Networks’: A Conceptual and Linguistic 2.0 Mess | Sonnez en cas d'absence


Socialtext’s claim is ‘Social Networking with Enterprise 2.0

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News Updates (March 5, 2009)

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Socialtext Signals. Socialtext released Signals, a new information sharing tool. Socialtext Signals™, the Twitter-style social messaging interface for the Socialtext platform. Socialtext Signals provides customers simple and efficient information sharing capabilities, and further expands the company’s enterprise social networking and collaboration platform.

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The Evolving Web and Focused Social Media

Evolving Web

We used the SocialText platform for this group. SocialText’s new social elements (SocialText People and SocialText Signals), combined with the relational power of the wiki let the group get in and rapidly create focused products.

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Request for Interviews: User Adoption Strategies

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Are you doing cool stuff with how to encourage people to adopt new collaboration tools -- SharePoint, Lotus Connections and Quickr, Socialtext, Jive SBS, Yammer, and other such tools? I'm doing some work around user adoption strategies for collaboration tools. extending the work in SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration , learning more for Collaboration Roadmap , and various other things ;-). I'm looking for people to interview about their work with User Adoption Strategies.

Complexity and Social Networks

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Ross Mayfield begins a blog on using wikis for team building with a quote from Socialtext CEO Eugene Lee : Every time there is a new team member, it's a new team. This is a great mantra for understanding the dynamics of social networks. It's easy to forget how the simple addition of one or two relationships can alter all the dynamics of a community or a network*. The structure changes slightly, but the collective changes in purpose, style, and value.

My App Gap Posts for October 2009

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Socialtext Adds Micro-messaging and Goes Mobile. Here are my App Gap posts for October. In addition to the Fast Forward blog (see side bar for links), I am writing in another Corante blog, the App Gap, sponsored by QuickBase, The posts began toward the end of January 2008.   In this case, I am primarily doing product commentaries with a few other things thrown in. Below are the ones for October. There will be more in November.

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News Updates (April 21, 2009)

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Socialtext Webinar. Socialtext is hosting a Webinar on April 23 re Twitter-like tools in the enterprise. " We'll explore general use cases of social messaging technology, as well as how businesses are using Socialtext’s microsharing technology, Socialtext Signals. Adobe ConnectNow. Adobe offers ConnectNow, a free web conferencing service for meetings with up to 3 participants. "

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News Updates (June 25, 2009)

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Socialtext Free 50. Socialtext released Free 50, a new for-free licensing option for firms and groups with up to 50 people. Socialtext Free 50 also offers the ability to seamlessly upgrade to Socialtext Hosted and secure Onsite Appliance deployment options for the Socialtext Platform.

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How Long Before We Start Taking More Seriously Both Privacy and Security in Enterprise 2.0?


I think it’s time to ensure and prove we are doing something about it, pretty much like SocialText, demonstrating, quite clearly, how we can eventually make it happen.

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Messaging News (November 2009): Archiving and eDiscovery for Collaboration Systems

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Life is a bit more complex when it comes to collaboration systems though, and for our purposes, that means systems like SharePoint, Lotus Quickr, Lotus Connections, Oracle Beehive, Central Desktop, Socialtext, and many, many more.

Groups and Networks

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My network, for example,includes my colleagues at Socialtext, my former McKinsey colleagues, myneighbors in Philadelphia, the other parents at my childrens day care,and so on. julie on Whats New in Socialtext 3.1 : Hello,How do I embed an outlook calendar into my.

Enterprise 2.0 Boston June 2010 Highlights: Making Technology Work in Organizations

21st Century Organization

As evidenced by SocialText's "Connect" announcement this year "social" functionality has turned to harnessing activity streams and integrating flows of information from multiple sources into platforms where the individual is front and center.

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Intranets 2015: It’s Almost Show Time

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I remember Ross Mayfield, then CEO at Socialtext, commenting at one of the conferences where I was the conference chair that he only ever wrote his presentation on the morning of the event. I have but 10 hours left in the office before boarding a couple of planes (not simultaneously, mind you) and heading to Sydney for the Intranets 2015 conference hosted by Step Two Designs.

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Business Value: Is there something missing from the business analysts' toolkit?

Governance in a Networked World

Also in terms of building core competencies, IT only plays a peripheral role in the form of e-learning, though the emerging social learning movement, facilitated by social networking software like facebook and twitter and internal software like yammer and socialtext promises much more. This is the title of the talk I gave last week at the Business Analyst World conference in Sydney.

Online Community Unconference East - 2009

Online Community Strategy

We had an amazing group in 2008, including: AOL, MTV, Consumers Union (consumer reports), Cyworld, Business Week, Socialtext, IBM, Mzinga, Spinvox,,, Harvard Business, MediaBistro, KickApps, HP, TV Guide and

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News Updates (February 27, 2009)

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Jive vs IBM vs Socialtext. Jon puts Jive Clearspace, Lotus Connections and Socialtext through their paces. " The three leaders in this space are Jive Clearspace, Lotus Connections and Socialtext. Having used all three, I thought I’d take a look at what they offer, how you might decide which was right for you, and how to get started. This is not intended to be a thorough review of all the features.

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Death of Email: Not a Minute Too Soon

Web Social Architecture

You can post to a Typepad blog through email, edit a SocialText wiki through email, update a Basecamp discussion thread through email, and so on. Email is dead! OK, maybe not yet, but the latest news certainly suggests the end is inevitable: Social networking has now passed email in global use. Here are the highlights (from Nielsen via Mashable): New stats from Nielsen Online show that by the end of 2008, social networking had overtaken email in terms of worldwide reach.

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News Updates (October 20, 2009)

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Socialtext removed the beta tag from SocialCalc, its distributed spreadsheet service. Many of our customers have already been having great success using SocialCalc in conjunction with our Socialtext Workspaces (wikis) and Socialtext Signals (microblogging).

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Social Software Market Keeps Growing

Portals and KM

million), and Socialtext ($34.5 A number of large and small companies are making big bets on social business through acquisitions like Microsft’s purchase of Yammer and IBM’s extensive acquisition strategy (see IBM's Mike Rhodin on the Convergence of Social Business, Analytics and Commerce ). Many firms are also investing in product enhancements and product integrations.

Wikis compared


In the current study, seven wikis are reviewed: EditMe, MediaWiki, seedwiki, Socialtext,, and WikkiTikkiTavi/ InterWiki. The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning July 2005 offers Wiki Products: A comparison. The educational potential of each is discussed. For educational purposes the evaluation team favoured Seedwiki, and and also liked Editme and (I I think the review was carried out in 2003. I couldn't now find Seedwiki is free.

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Tom Vander Wall Nails My Sharepoint Experience | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

criticizing SharePoint last week for it’s silo-creating, I have to ding Microsoft Live Meeting for it’s top down control [.] # Joitske Hulsebosch on 05 Apr 2009 at 12:38 pm Do you have any experiences with sharepoint with the plug-ins like socialtext?

Clay Shirky on Institutions vs. Collaboration – Business 2.0


They will need custom built social platforms, or products such as Confluence, Jive, Socialtext and Lotus Connections. "

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