How to Write a Social Media Press Release #socialmedia

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Writing a social media press release for customers, vendors, clients, stakeholders to pick up and deliver the news into their Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus networks is a totally different beast. What are the Main Features of a Social Media Press Release?

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Thoughts on Managing Your Social Vendor Relationships

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Let’s face it – the vendors you rely on for social media & community platforms, services and advice have you outnumbered and surrounded. What I am saying is that the sides of the social vendor relationship game aren’t evenly matched.

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Social Media and The Purpose to Serve


Essentially, through the use of these digital tools they lead by example in demonstrating actively the huge potential and impact of the Social Web in each and everyone of us in our society.

May 2011: Social Media Course

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

I ran these a couple of times a year – the next one will be September I guess: Hands-on Computer based social media classes are being run again May in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. This course is not for absolute beginners – some familiarity with social media recommended.

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“About Your Blog…” Job interviews and Social Media

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Your social currency, your digital footprint and therefore your social reputation is available online. This article explores social media and job interviews. recruitment social media Glassdoor interview Jobs

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You Aren’t Really Monitoring Social Media (This Might Offend My Political Connects)

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Social media monitoring. There are so many people who say they do it and there are many vendors that say they offer it. La da da da… hey hey hey… goodbye. The secret? Many of them don’t. As I put my thoughts together, Jay-Z’s “D.O.A. Death of Auto-Tune)” was speaking to me. The fact is, [.]. How Should I Participate? Managing the Community Thinking

The Inc. 500 Continues to Embrace Social Media in Increasing Numbers

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Here is the latest in the very useful series of longitudinal studies on social media use by The Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth led by Nora Barnes.    This one covered Social Media Usage in the Inc. Since companies in these two areas under use social media compared to others, this shift has the effect on reducing growth numbers. 500, but 27% of those not using social media tools.

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Gevril Group Launches Ambitious Social Media and Web Marketing Initiative

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Mastering social media one bite at a time the past few years was an effective strategy for me, as the needs of my small number of clients were modest enough. A one-bite-at-a-time social media marketing approach for Gevril would be way too laid-back and totally unrealistic.

Introducting social media in organisations to improve the learning function is more difficult than you may think.

Joitske Hulsebosch

For some time now, I have an evaluation report of an organization that has experience with the introduction of social media (like wikis and blog) in the organization since 2009. The aim of the project was that increased use of social media within the organization would support the development of a global network: information would be better available in one central place (through wikis) and transparency about what is going on within the organisation would be enhanced. Online Community Revenue

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

million vendors live in more than 150 countries. revenue Monetization online community social media social networkHow to craft a billion dollar business.

Growth on the Silicon Valley Anthill: Welcome Christopher Carfi

Ant's Eyeview Blog

We view this as a testament to our belief that we must field the best talent to partner with our clients as they drive business impact with social engagement in the enterprise. AEV Blog Ant's Eye View ccarfi Chris Carfi Social Business social CRM Social Media

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Collaborative Thinking: Social Software Vendor Roundup

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Socialtext Traction Software TeamPage Twiki Open Source Social Bookmark Systems BEA Pathways Cogenz Connectbeam IBM Lotus Connections dogear component Scuttle Open source Feed Syndication Platforms Attensa KnowNow NewsGator Social Network & Community Sites Typically offer a mix of user profiles, blogs, wikis, social networking, etc. Our sales folks don't hear "we want a blog" or "we want a social network."

Protecting Yourself From Social Media

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and social media liability; offers enhanced coverage for data privacy, notification and credit monitoring expenses; introduces defined term for "rogue employee". We're seeing widespread adoption of social media technologies among businesses in virtually every industry. E-media and Internet Liability - which addresses online defamation, advertising, libel and slander-related exposures as well as emerging Web 2.0 Tags: social_media Sign of the times.

Social Media: Aggressive vs. Deceptive Use

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The first article (see below), while focused on advertising, does raise the thought of how social media can be included as a key component to marketing strategies. Enthusiasts often point out the need for authenticity and transparency when it comes to effective use of social media. Strategists exploring use of social media do indeed need to be aware of its risks and the dynamic (re: unsettled and undefined) regulatory environment under which they may be operating. .

CRM Meets Twitter: Will Vendors And Organizations Take The Time To Get It Right?

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Social CRM") in environments where they already participate (e.g., The promise of melding CRM programs with social environments faces the same hurdles that I witnessed years ago (becoming techno-centric oor too enterprise-centric). Tags: social_media

Social Media: Strategically Relevant In Down Times

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Deloitte LLP’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) practice has recently released the results of the 2009 Tribalization of Business Study, which evaluates the perceived potential of online communities* and identifies how enterprises believe they may better leverage them. Several data points indicate continued maturation of the enterprise's use of communities and social media. Tags: social_media

My First Year as a Consultant and what 2016 Holds for Online Communities (I hope)

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Having a number of prominent speaking engagements, including SxSWi, Social Business Forum 2015 (Milan), The Silicon Valley Boomer Business Summit and Crowdsourcing Week Europe (Brussels) . And, let’s face it: Social, Community, Customer Collaboration are all hard. Vendors.

Tracking Hurricane Gustav on Social Media | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

I saw a lot of tweets around how people are using social media to track Hurricane Gustav and prepare to react to needs generated around the storm. Full Circle Associates » Wayne Sutton: how people use social media on 31 Aug 2008 at 3:42 pm [.]

Tracking Hurricane Gustav on Social Media | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

I saw a lot of tweets around how people are using social media to track Hurricane Gustav and prepare to react to needs generated around the storm. Full Circle Associates » Wayne Sutton: how people use social media on 31 Aug 2008 at 3:42 pm [.]

Year-End Thoughts On Social Media, Social Networking Social Analytics

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& Social Software (Part 3). & Social Software (Part 2). & Social Software. While a lot of my research agenda and client interactions focused on collaboration and Enterprise 2.0 / social software during 2009, the most sizeable amount of time and energy for me this year was spent on social media, social networking, and social analytics (externally as well as internally). Social Media. Defining Social Media.

Bank Transfer Day

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Any bets as to when the banks start fighting back a la Fox News and Media? The Banking industry is dead in the same way as Media is dead. Of course we will still have Media: the need for one part of the community to find out News from another part of the community remains with us.

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Online Community Platform & Vendor Research

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The intention of the research project was to provide insight about customer attitudes towards online community platform and service vendors, particularly around satisfaction. Tags: Community 101 Community Management community drupal hivelive jive leverage lithium liveworld mzinga online platform satisafaction social media vendor webcrossing This is cross-posted from the Online Community Report blog.

FDA-Regulated Medical Products Using the Internet and Social Media Tools

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For additional information see the links to the FDA transcripts below: Promotion of FDA Regulated Medical Products Using the Internet and Social Medial Tools, Part 15 Public Hearing - November 12, 2009 Transcript. Promotion of FDA Regulated Medical Products Using the Internet and Social Medial Tools, Part 15 Public Hearing - November 13, 2009 Transcript. Public Hearing on Promotion of FDA-Regulated Medical Products Using the Internet and Social Media Tools.

10 common objections to social media

Joitske Hulsebosch

I found the excellent post by Marshall Kirkpatrick with the most common objections to social media and ideas how to respond. Traditional media and audiences are still bigger, we'll do new stuff when they do. These startups can't offer meaningful security, they may not even be around in a year - I'll wait until Google or our enterprise software vendor starts offering this kind of functionality.

Social Software Gaining Greater Traction with the Enterprise and Vendors Respond

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in his report, Enterprise Social Networking 2010 Market Overview. He goes on the writes that “ a very broad and rich landscape of technology vendors will differentiate to stay relevant in this crowded market. With enterprise social technologies, buyers must now assess vendors pursuing three distinct strategies: commoditization, horizontal and vertical solutions, and integration with adjacent technologies.”

Predicted Increase in Social Media Marketing in 2009

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As the economy stays down it is nice to see that social media marketing, including blogs, is predicted to increase in 2009 according to Online Media Daily – see Social Media Wins In Marketers' '09 Plans. Marketers are directing their 2009 budgets toward content, custom media and social media initiatives, according to a new study from online marketing resource and vendor-matching tool Junta42.

Consumers Increasing Their Use of Social Media To Discuss Brands

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They are using social media to do this. In contrast 12% of online adults who encountered issues said they shared those experiences via blogs or social networks, twice as many as in 2008. More than half (54%) of all online adults said social media content has influenced their online transactions, with 82% of respondents said social media has influenced their choice of vendor.

10 Reasons NOT to Ban Social Media In Organisations – The Meme


side ) blog post where I shared a couple of thoughts on the Top 10 Reasons to Ban Social Media in the Organisations that Jane Hart shared over at her blog coming from a YouTube video put together by Ron Desi with that same title. Social Media is a time waster.

Social Networking and Going Back to Basics


In “ Is Social Media Becoming a Vast Wasteland? Yet, very little seems to be happening in order to prevent the Social Web to become the new vast wasteland. The core aspect of social networking and the good old Web 2.0 Innovation Social Enterprise

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How To Develop a Business-Aligned Social Media & Social Networking Strategy

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Click Here to download the report “Introduction to Blogging & Social Networking Basics for Professionals.&# Social Media are collections of data and information that are developed collaboratively and/or shared interactively among individuals and groups.

The AIIM 2010 State of the ECM Industry Report Looks at Social Media

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In this post I will mostly look at their social media findings. They found regarding social media and Enterprise 2.0,   I was hoping for broader penetration but their audience seems to be at all stages of ECM use so these numbers may go beyond any biases that come   just looking at early adopters or vendors’ cherry picking of active users to see how the market as a whole is looking at enterprise 2.0.

Social Software Vendor Roundup

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Collaborative Thinking Perceptions on collaboration and social software by Mike Gotta See how were connected Connections February 2009 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Categories Attention Management blogging BurtonGroupCatalyst07 BurtonGroupCatalyst08 Business_IT_Alignment Collaboration Commentary Communication design digital+life e-Mail Enterprise 2.0

Online Community Platform & Services Satisfaction Research

Online Community Report

The intention of the study was to get a broad look at the emerging field of social media marketing, and specifically, to explore the variety of platforms that are being used within online communities and how effective they are and which features are most valued.

My Favorite Tweets for June 1 - 15 2011

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Social Democracy: White House Learns To Listen [link]. Collaboration: What’s Your Enterprise Social Networking Style? 25 Women Who Rock Social Media in 2011 [link]. RT @joemckendrick : RT @quicosala Next social computing frontier: highly social robots [link]. AIIM + vendors collaborate on new guidelines for deployment of Social Business [link]. CIOs share 7 tips for social media strategy [link] #socbiz #cio.

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Enterprise 2.0 User Profile from Forrester

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In their recent survey of 4,985 US information workers, they found that we’re still at a very stage in social software use in business. The employees currently using social business software are early adopters with high incomes and positive attitudes about technology. This is certainly a different story than the vendors present. It was one of my awakenings to the power of social media in the enterprise. Forrester has released a useful report, The Enterprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0 Finds Its Pay Day - McKinsey

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Penetration is also strong as nearly half of the companies that use social networking have at least 51 percent of their employees using it. This should be good news to all the vendors. This makes sense and supports social media marketing efforts. I imagine that this report will get great circulation by the vendors in the enterprise 2.0 Here is some good news for the end of the year. A new McKinsey report , The rise of the networked enterprise:  Web 2.0

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A Journey In Social Media: Clearspace Alternatives

John Tropea - Delicious Community

A Journey In Social Media A journal about my personal thoughts regarding evolving a comprehensive social media strategy at a large company. We spent another few weeks looking at vendors, and then we made our decision to go with Clearspace from Jive Software. Heres Why Our core belief is that social media is 95% about people, and 5% about technology. We wanted a platform that let people dive in and start being social as transparently as possible.

A Journey In Social Media: Going Live

John Tropea - Delicious Community

A Journey In Social Media A journal about my personal thoughts regarding evolving a comprehensive social media strategy at a large company. We spent all of last week getting our first social media platform up and running and suitable for human habitation. For me, creating a good social media environment means that the platform and the processes have to be absolutely transparent to our end users.

The problem with being 'half social'

Governance in a Networked World

"The world has embraced social media". At the recent social business forum in Milan the CRM track was again heavily followed, but this time, for the first time, I noticed several of the keynote speakers identify the 'half social' problem. That's the social bit.

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Federal CIO Council Seeks to Advance Trustworthy Social Media


In the absence of social media compliance and regulatory standards, social networking technologies face increased scrutiny in both the government and commercial sectors. While many government leaders and corporate executives recognize the ability for social media to enable organizations to ?tap global banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions) prohibit the use of social networking technologies due in large part to data protection concerns.