Inappropriate action planning makes me sad

Chris Corrigan

Last year in Slovenia, a group of Art of Hosting practitioners gatherd for a week at a well loved 17th century manor to be together. I suppose you could call it a “conference” but we all called it a “Learning Village.” ” And it was a learning village. The agenda we set was for a five day Open Space gathering.

Resting on the edge of Europe

Chris Corrigan

Our trip will end at a learning village event in Slovenia hosted by the Art of Hosting worldwide community. I think it’s fair to say that the expression “I’m writing from a rooftop terrace in the old part of Istanbul” has a certain romantic appeal to it.

A story of commitment, humility and being present

Chris Corrigan

Sitting in the circle on the last day of our learning village here in Castle Statenberg in Slovenia. Slovenia is a magical little country. If you were to travel the coast from Italy to Croatia, you would pass through Slovenia only for a few minutes. Slovenia was the real host for this gathering, and more precisely, the sharply rolling hills and valleys of Terra Parzival, the land of Parcival, the knight who undertook the quest for the Holy Grail.

2012 48

The Art of Harvesting

Chris Corrigan

At the Stantenberg learning Village in Slovenia. in the Art of Hosting world we put a lot of emphasis on the Art of Harvesting. Locally, Amanda Fenton has been paying attention to this practice a lot and is harvesting tons about hosting and harvesting on her blog, which is worth a regular read. We’re in an interesting time in our inquiry around harvesting.

Making good work with good mates

Chris Corrigan

And this morning we are leaving Turkey for Slovenia where we will join some of my closes mates in the world to sip beer and share stories and make music and exchange our learnings. This is Elias.

2012 51