Why Do I Share My Knowledge?


and Social Business thought leaders and blogger extraordinaire, Oscar Berg , put together a rather inspiring article that I thought would be worth while reflecting on, specially, since it is at the heart of not just social software, but also collaboration and knowledge management in general.

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Your online social workspace | Your collaboration software | FMYI

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Manage projects, track contacts, and share resources. Manage projects, track contacts, and share resources. FMYI [for my innovation] is a private collaboration site where you store and share information securely and sustainably with your team. Shared calendar & resources.

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The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing

Alchemy of Change

There are a few places where it gets a bit repetitive, but she does share lots of interesting anecdotes and she’s telling an interesting and very important story here – the story of better sharing through technology. Some things are better owned and some are better shared.

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Addressing Social Networking Gripes with Shared Value


And we probably won’t be able to address it and fix it properly during the course of 2012 either, as my good friend, Bill Johnston , annotated a couple of days back on a brilliant tweet he shared over at his stream: .

Barriers to Knowledge Sharing: The Biggest One Isn't Systems

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In a research paper he co-authored, Zweig argues that workplaces focus on developing software and therefore do a less-than-stellar job of identifying the barriers to knowledge sharing. "It the company has done a poor job of promoting inter-office sharing. "

Building Social Business: Connecting, Sharing and Collaborating

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Pages Home About Gautam Indian HR Blogs Indian Social Media Strategists Linkbar Articles Media Mentions Thoughts Quora Facebook Twitter HR Community Welcome Follow @GautamGhosh May 19, 2011 Connecting, Sharing and Collaborating Tweet What causes people to connect with each other?

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Public Shared Services Design: the service cost and quality balancing act

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Each council delivers the same basic services to their citizens and the brief was to identify potential shared savings which would not compromise service quality. I believe it achieves the best compromise possible between sharing around cost of service versus quality of service.

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FileTrek for File Sharing and Tracking

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FileTrek announced the release of its new file sharing and tracking service , to support collaboration between people while honoring security and compliance needs: " FileTrek announced today the only combined cloud-based file sharing and tracking solution on the market. FileTrek is designed to allow secure file sharing, project collaboration, and the ability for managers to track content and data with enhanced compliance-friendly audit reporting. Collaboration Software

Central Desktop - Web Based Team Collaboration and Productivity Software

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Join a Web Meeting | Customer Login Home | Quick Tour | Pricing | Sign Up | Customers / Buzz | FAQs | Blog | Register for a Webinar Social Technology Platform for Business Collaboration Software for Teams, Departments & Enterprises Voted Business Weeks "Best of the Web" for Collaboration. Enterprise Solutions Reliable, Secure Scalable Platform Key Benefits Manage People, Time, Tasks Connect Global Teams Find & Share Files 2x Faster Fast.

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Why Is Knowledge Sharing Important? A Matter of Survival


That man has got plenty of golden nuggets to share around the topics of Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration, Communities, Learning and Enterprise 2.0 Have you checked out one of his most recent blog posts on Why is Knowledge Sharing Important?

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The future of online sharing is mobile, appified and people-centred

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There’s a lot of links to earlier posts on this site about knowledge sharing and the Social App Store idea. Earlier today I went to an excellent seminar on the Business of Collaboration , about online systems and support for knowledge sharing and collaboration. I wanted to find whether experience in the private and public sector could be useful in development of People Powered Change as a knowledge-sharing space.

In The Next Version - The Rise of Purposeful Collaboration: From Simply Sharing to Getting Work Done

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The Rise of Purposeful Collaboration: From Simply Sharing to Getting Work Done. The Rise of Purposeful Collaboration From Simply Sharing to Getting Work Done Collaboration tools enable people to discover and interact with, the content, colleagues and communities, that can help them get their jobs done. The first era of enterprise social was about collaborating more effectively by working more transparently and increasing participating via “social software”.

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Four Ways to Improve Our Online Emotional Intelligence

Alchemy of Change

Our software needs to keep our emotional intelligence intact. We can’t expect software, by itself, to give us emotional intelligence. With that said, however, there are some concrete things that software can do to maintain our online emotional intelligence.

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Are You Tapping “Third-Order” Engagement?

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Gallup has tracked this too and found that “customers who are fully engaged represent an average 23% premium in share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth than the average customer. Amazon’s Associate program affects the way the company runs its consumer website and the way it invests its overall software development resources.

IBM Verse – It’s Here

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I have some reactions to IBM Verse that I would like to share in this blog post. There were a few other testers who posted comments on their early experiences, and a couple who shared their experiences with me privately. Collaboration Analytics Collaboration Software IBM Connections

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Can Using Facebook Within Your Organization Add Value?

Leading Virtually

I often hear from business leaders that while they see some value in using Facebook for business-to-customer interaction, they see little value in using it internally.

Roadblocks to the Uptake of Collaboration Tools

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The most important features to support collaboration, according to the research respondents, were sharing of documents (74 percent), workflows for comments and approvals (49 percent), and content access from mobile devices (37 percent). Document and content sharing is highly likely to involve external collaborators beyond the firewall, yet traditional onsite systems are deliberately set up to be secured against access to those outside of the business. Collaboration Software

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Evernote Business at Get IT Comms

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Evernote has been available as a personal tool for many years, and in recent times has added sharing capabilities to its personal offering. Collaboration Software

Using Machine Learning to Help Process Email – Microsoft Adds Clutter to Declutter the Inbox

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The information Clutter learns from each user’s actions are only applied to that user’s experience and are not shared with anyone else. Darrell Webster tried it out and shares his experiences. Collaboration Software Latest Updates Microsoft Office 365

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Social Software Market Keeps Growing

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billion in 2016, according to IDC's "Worldwide Enterprise Social Software 2012-2016 Forecast." These include: concerns about return-on-investment, security, regulatory compliance and intellectual property protection, as well as the involvement needed from IT departments to deploy and integrate the software. For social software to really work and provide value, the integration with enterprise apps is critical. million, followed by Jive Software ($65.3

Free questionnaire and software to analyse team's beliefs versus HPTs

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I expect we will all share the credit or blame for the results we produce - I don't expect the team leaders to take all the glory or pain. you can, of course, share it with them afterwards if you wish. Shared Glory.

Organizational Entropy and Information Abuse

Evolving Web

We return to Dee’s Quote. “ When organizations lose shared purpose and principles – their sense of community – they are already in process of decay…”. We naturally protect ourselves when under pressure – but we also naturally cooperate when goals are clear and shared.

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Microsoft Office 362

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When multiple organizations are sharing a common platform, the fact an outage has happened is amplified. Collaboration Software Microsoft Office 365 In May I was in Norway presenting a round of workshops, and a couple of the people there jokingly called Microsoft Office 365 by a different name — “Office 362.” ” By the looks of the outages of the past week, they were getting close to the truth.

Working Smarter … (IBM Lotus Software)


Remember that short video clip I shared not long ago under the title " Smarter Collaboration Your Way (Video from IBM) " that reminded us all of how social software, and its enterprise adoption, is all about making us work smarter, but not necessarily harder?

Office 365 Video

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Office 365 Video provides organizations with a secure, company-wide destination for posting, sharing and discovering video content. Collaboration Software Latest Updates Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft SharePoint

Green Chameleon » Social Software Guides

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www.straitsknowledge.com blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Social Software Guides Max Kiesler has published an extremely useful list of 40 downloadable open source social software applications (thanks Maish ).

Workplace IT Nightmares: Stuff

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Maybe you work in IT and find it’s usually the workers who are to blame instead of the machines… Whatever your funny stories or frustrations, share your workplace IT nightmares by clicking the big green button. If it’s about collaboration tools specifically, perhaps you could share your story below in the comments). Collaboration Software

Year-End Thoughts On Enterprise 2.0 Social Software (Part 2)

Collaborative Thinking

& Social Software , I wanted to provide a background context on some of the areas where Enterprise 2.0 does not address all patterns of communication, information sharing, and collaboration. Social Software lacks definition. is about when it comes to use of social software.

Screenhero—Multi-Person Collaborative Screen Sharing

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Screenhero is a newly released tool for collaborative screen sharing between two (and more later) people. Each person can move around the shared screen independently of the other people, and make changes and edits as required. Collaboration Software Document Co-Authoring

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Moxie Software and Microsoft Partner to Enhance Customer Service Capabilities

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I recently spoke with Tara Sporer, VP of Marketing at Moxie software and Nikhil Govindaraj, VP of Products, to discuss the significance of these moves. Lync provides integrated voice, IM, screen sharing chat, and more.

Green Chameleon » Filenaming Conventions and Knowledge Sharing

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www.straitsknowledge.com blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Filenaming Conventions and Knowledge Sharing Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the high flown theory and rhetoric of knowledge sharing, we forget the mundane, almost mechanical ways in which we can enhance it.

Good Suggestions for “Fixing the Q&A” Session

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Some hire a professional moderator or use software tools to crowdsource the questions. When you debrief on the small-group discussion, insisting on the question format makes it awkward for the people who just want to share something. Share a final story after the Q&A.

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Partner Add-ins for Outlook #office365 #outlook

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– Boomerang – for managing when emails are sent, setting reminders, and sharing calendar availability within an email. Collaboration SoftwareMicrosoft announced the release of several add-ins and the signing of new partners for Outlook and Outlook.com , in line with its strategy of making Outlook a more productive and effective place to work and play.

OrchestratorMail - Bringing Structure and Clarity to Email Communication

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making a request," "making an offer or proposal," "sharing information," are activities that are done regularly though email. Being Effective Collaboration Collaboration SoftwareA lot of business is conducted via email.

Yammer Updates - Ticker, Pages, and Files

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Yammer rolled out three new capabilities to support enhanced sharing and collaboration. for creating a centralized location for sharing files and documents across people and teams. Collaboration Software Document Co-AuthoringNew Features Overview from Yammer on Vimeo.

3 Benefits of KM, 3 Types of Community and Online Facilitation, Social Network Software, X-teams - Weekly Knowledge Management blog by Stan Garfield

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Knowledge management allows us to share lessons learned, not only about successes, but also about failures. Centralized facilitation De-centralized facilitation Distributed facilitation KM Link of the Week Trampoline Systems Enterprise software that harnesses social behavior Enterprise software is changing. Trampoline has gone right back to the underlying social behavior and created software that harnesses human instincts instead of disabling them.

Technologies of Cooperation

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Sharing economies, social production and collaborative consumption. Sharing economies, social production and collaborative consumption. IBM) are open sourcing their software. This is the topic for Week 5 of Howard Rheingold’s course – Towards a Literacy of Cooperation.

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Technologies of Cooperation

Jenny Connected

Sharing economies, social production and collaborative consumption. Sharing economies, social production and collaborative consumption. IBM) are open sourcing their software. This is the topic for Week 5 of Howard Rheingold’s course – Towards a Literacy of Cooperation.

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What Do You Want to Argue About? How Technology Can Influence Culture

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With a shared collaborative workspace, where the latest version is posted, with email or instant messaging or Twitter-like alerts whenever the number changes - it's more likely people will put more of their argumentative effort into implications and consequences.

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