The Deep Science of Cooperation: Martin Nowak

Alchemy of Change

If you are interested in cooperative studies or just want to build a more collaborative culture in your place of work, watch the below 20 minute talk by Martin Nowak.

The science of teaching

Jenny Connected

Science applies a known procedure to an unknown answer, whereas in our teaching we very often mark/measure students’ understanding by marking their answers rather than their procedures. Khan Academy and the Effectiveness of Science Videos.

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21st Century Organizations: Applying Network Science

21st Century Organization

How to apply understandings from social network science in organizations has pre-occupied me since hearing Patti Anklam explain “energy“ in networks (at Andy Snider ‘s Advanced Thinkers Summit 2003).

Brain science meets social media

Joitske Hulsebosch

They interviewed various scientists and are translating new insights from brain science into practical consequences for organising effective learning situations. We hope to combine insights from brain science with the way you can use social media in learning processes.

New publication: The “Kids’ Knowledge Base”: Connecting Junior Science to Society

Making CommunitySense

de Moor (2014), The “Kids’ Knowledge Base”: Connecting Junior Science to Society. The Hague University of Applied Sciences , pp.108-111. Introducing children to science at an early age is an important part of this mission. Filed under: education , knowledge bases , science , social innovation , socio-technical systems. education knowledge bases science social innovation socio-technical systems Just published: A.

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Cancer Commons - another open-science initiative

Endless Knots

Toward this end, we are developing Cancer Commons, a family of web-based open-science communities in which physicians, patients, and scientists collaborate on models of cancer subtypes to more accurately predict individual responses to therapy. Health Science

Weaving the Web: Launch of the Tilburg University Science Junction

Making CommunitySense

Today, Tilburg University’s Science Junction was launched: The Children’s University aims to work together with regional schools to develop curriculums and teaching materials for more gifted primary school students from groups 7 and 8 (age 10 to 12).

Engaged, Big Science for Global Action Networks

Networking Action

Harnessing science for the scale and type of issues of Global Action Networks (GANs) requires an “engaged big science” (EBS) approach. I’ve discovered that while working with GOLDEN — the most ambitious and comprehensive initiative ever to develop the knowledge … Blog Net Dev

LinkedIn Maps: art or science?

Making CommunitySense

LinkedIn is a great resource for exploring professional profiles. However, when your personal social network starts to grow into the hundreds of contacts, it becomes very hard to – quite literally – still see the bigger picture.

The future of computer science -- in one hour

Endless Knots

I had the chance to listen to one of the icons of computer science recently. John Hopcroft, IBM Professor of Engineering and Applied Mathematics in Computer Science at Cornell, gave a talk on future directions in theoretical computer science to. Research Science Technology

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The Science of Sales Performance Optimization

The Bumble Bee

Download "The Science of Sales Performance Optimization". I wrote an article on the use of simulation technology in the field of "Sales Performance Optimization" for The Effective Executive Magazine for the May 2011 edition.

Leadership, Innovation and Complexity Science

Networking Action

Leadership in multi-stakeholder networks must deal with complexity. This contrasts with complicated where there are many moving parts such as with getting a person on the moon, but the moving parts are for the most part controllable and predictable. With … Leadership complexity innovation

Connecting Physical and Social Science to Address Complexity

Networking Action

Allan Savory is associated with environmental land management; his most remarkable insight is to integrate a physical science observation… Change Net DevWhile working with Ashoka to scale transformational change, I recently met a most remarkable man with a most remarkable insight.

Bayer Material Science to Implement Lotus Connections

Michael Sampson - Currents

Bayer Material Science is implementing Lotus Connections. The intent is to provide tools to support people to collaborate better. Providing tools is one (small) part of the overall roadmap to success - it would be great to learn more about the BMS "Personalized WorkPlace Program" too - although in the context of collaborative working, I'm unsure as to the validity of the word personalized in the program title.

Popular Science Shuts Off Comments on Their Website: Some Unsolicited Community Thoughts

Managing Communities

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March for Science NL: Sharing the”signs of the times”

Making CommunitySense

Yesterday was a momentous day in the history of science. Never before did so many scientists and science supporters take to the streets in such huge numbers across the globe. Quoting the March for NL Statement : For far too long, scientists and supporters of science have remained silent in the face of policies which ignore scientific evidence, and endanger human life and the future of our world. Uncategorized research society science politics

How Community Software Can Use Forensic Science to Identify Bad Members

Managing Communities

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New Deloitte Collaboration Study laments meetings & distractions costs

The Bumble Bee

Collaboration Research & Science According to a new Deloitte Australia report, The Collaborative Economy, overlong meetings, distractions and failed projects are costing their economy $5.4 billion per annum.

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Jenny Connected

According to Diana Laurillard teaching should be seen as a design science… … which prompted George Roberts on Twitter to ask the question. Tagged: #oldsmooc , cloudworks , curriculum design , design science , footprints of emergence , instructionaldesign , learning design.

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Citizen science and public engagement perspectives

Taming the spaces

I attended in Oslo Science Park the seminar on citizen participation, expertise, and knowledge sharing in cultural heritage archives and natural history institutions. The seminar dealt with different aspects, which i found interesting to keep a record about. Bernard Schiele from University of Quebec emphasised the need to overcome the Deficit model in explaining the […]. museum research

The Art and Science of Resilience and Survival: 12 Rules Of Life

The Bumble Bee

In "Surviving Survival" Laurence Gonzales looks deeply into the mental processes that enable us to cope with the trauma that often sets in during and after a challenge to our survival.

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Jenny Connected

According to Diana Laurillard teaching should be seen as a design science… … which prompted George Roberts on Twitter to ask the question. Tagged: #oldsmooc , cloudworks , curriculum design , design science , footprints of emergence , instructionaldesign , learning design.

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Competences for Global Collaboration MOOC

Jenny Connected

This has been designed by my colleagues from the University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria. As Charles Darwin is thought to have said: Tagged: #cope14 , collaboration , MOOC , pedagogy , University of Applied Sciences.

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Bayer Material Science Adopts Lotus Connections - An Update on Value and Adoption

Michael Sampson - Currents

Last November, I pointed to the announcement that Bayer Material Science in Germany was implementing Lotus Connections. This was of particular interest to me since I frequently hear about how the "privacy laws" in Germany make the adoption of collaboration and social tools inside organizations difficult. Kurt, the CIO at BMS, kindly responded to my blog post and shared more. Earlier this week, in the German edition of CIO Magazine , there is a longer write up on how things are going.

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‘We’ – my Facebook page and me

Jenny Connected

Elise Andrew, whose Facebook page ‘I F**king Love Science ‘ is followed by over 1.7 Here she talks to CBS This Morning about this reaction and with Michio Kaku discusses sexism in the field of science.

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Organizational Entropy and Information Abuse

Evolving Web

Tags: Sociology Science Culture Management Community Indicators Life Focused Social Media social software 10 Social Media Principles Cooperation Politics Business Cooperation

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Science bloggers submit!

Endless Knots

My friend Elatia Harris, who writes for 3quarksdaily , is calling all science bloggers or friends of to nominate posts for this award: We at 3QD are running a contest for Best Science Post of the year -- $1000. If you know of a single science post that you'd like to nominate, feel free. More $1000 awards in arts & letter, politics and philosophy scheduled from June through spring 2010, then back to science next summer. Tags: Science Weblogs Writing

3 tips for science communications

Viv Mcwaters

It’s National Science Week here in Australia. I’m quite fond of science and scientists: I’m married to a scientist; I even studied science once; I dabbled in science communications; I failed to get a Churchill Fellowship to explore science communications; and I love just about anything to do with space exploration. I’m a big fan of science fiction and I’ve been known to read New Scientist at the hairdressers (I bring my own).

Improving science communications with improv

Viv Mcwaters

In another life I was a science communicator, working with scientists to help them tell the story of their work.

De Tilburgse Spoorzone als “Living Lab voor de Maatschappij van de Toekomst”

Making CommunitySense

Het Science Centre werkt samen met de Bibliotheek van de Toekomst en het Wetenschapsknooppunt Tilburg aan het ontwikkelen van digitale en fysieke leerlijnen om kinderen van de basisschoolleeftijd al te enthousiasmeren voor de wetenschap. Filed under: business , digital libraries , innovation , science , social innovation. business digital libraries innovation science social innovation

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"As networks become more efficient, they become more modular"

Endless Knots

Complexity Jeff Stamps Networks and Networking ScienceCarl Zimmer's National Geographic article, " The Parts of Life ," merits reading -- and rereading.

Exploring the Divided Brain – Where can we go for truth?

Jenny Connected

While science and reason have undeniable power to disclose many aspects of reality, they do not reveal everything. We cannot go to science for truth. Science cannot fulfil the role of purveyor of truth. We can’t ask science to do what it can’t do.

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Tales from a Test Tube: The Mixing of Art & Science

Endless Knots

22" x 30" 2008 Eliza Stamps Beyond Benign , "a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable science in order to create an environmentally, socially and economically prosperous world," is sponsoring the work for visual artists, opening this coming Thurs, Nov 5, 2009.

SNA.Art or Science?

Governance in a Networked World

Art appreciation isn't a strength of mine, yet I've been to many galleries around the world tagging behind my art teacher wife. On the weekend we visited the NSW Art Gallery for the Monet exhibition with some friends. In fact this year I've had impressionist overload as we were also at D'Orsay in Paris earlier this year, so I know now that Manet isn't just a typo on the Monet program.

PathXL: Leading Edge Digital Collaboration in Pathology

The Bumble Bee

Collaboration Research & ScienceThe boundaries of digital collaboration extend way beyond document sharing and communications.

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Dance your PhD

Endless Knots

Science, the esteemed journal of AAAS, the weekly (or is it a daily) which I, for one, don't normally associate with modern dance (or rap), sponsors an annual "Dance your PhD" contest and I'm rooting. Art Family Health Humor ScienceEnough of those dry defenses.

Bioteams and Quorum Sensing

The Bumble Bee

Very interesting article in The Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize , Bacteria and the power of teamwork, which reveals the amazing ability of bacteria to "quorum sense" - i.e. know when they have critical mass to achieve their objective. Collaboration Research & Science

Art, Brains and Awe

Full Circle Associates

creativity visual thinking beauty science Stephen Downes posted this link in his OLDaily today. Take a moment out of a busy day and look at the images that Greg Dunn has created from images of the human brain.

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Colliding Web Sciences - MIT Research Initiative

21st Century Organization

September's Scientific American detailed the philosophy and research focus of the academic program in their article Web Science: Studying the Internet to Protect Our Future.

Blog Cases from 2005: Christina Pikas on Library Science

Portals and KM

These cases have not appeared on this blog before  Christina Pikas is currenlty a science and engineering librarian in a special library, as well as a doctoral student in information studies. She created her first science and technology blog, On Christina's Radar , to highlight advancements in science and technology that she thought might eventually be of interest to her organization.