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A Newtonian (actually two) in New York (Times, with apologies to Sting)

Endless Knots

The store (a chain now, so wildly successful that distribution demands one less retail outlet) is closing this location with a party benefiting Sweet Dreams, the owners' ice cream shop in Rwanda. Pickles and ice cream. Jon, previously profiled here , gets the mention for his interview in The New Brooklyn Cookbook.

Grace Happens

Portals and KM

Her explorations of the genocide in Rwanda and its impact on survivors provides one powerful theme. We had an extraordinary theater experience last night at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, MA. Let Me Down Easy is an Anna Deavere Smith "play in evolution" that begs the audience to inquiry about the nature of grace.

Practical example: community of practice on e-government

Joitske Hulsebosch

They have a question and answers section on communities of practice. Ghana starts at 1:32 minutes :)).

What does a facilitator of an online learning trajectory do?

Joitske Hulsebosch

I've prepared a handout for an online facilitator in Rwanda and thought I could share part of it in a blogpost. I'm helping different people to facilitate online trajectories. It's always funny to see that people who are experienced facilitators face-to-face are so scared for an online process. Source: [link]. So any ideas are welcome!

The Faces of International Development


It is a known fact that over half of international aid never makes it to the actual people in need (only 20 percent of aid ever reached Rwanda during its recent genocide). The Society for International Development has done it again! How can the end goals be achieved? Do these same sites appear the same to those in Ghana? Empowerment is key.

Competitive advantage from better interactions

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

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How to Save the World

How to Save the World

Dave Pollards environmental philosophy, creative works, business papers and essays. In search of a better way to live and make a living, and a better understanding of how the world really works. Our man-made world poses suchstrange perils for wild creatures! A couple of minutes after I tookthis shot, he jumped up and scampered away. It is not here.

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

Yet we see it everywhere, becoming bloodier all the time.Machetes used to kill neighbours in Rwanda, torture, rape, burning ofvillages, massive theft by gangs and enslavement of children in Darfur-- we find these things unfathomable and unbearable, contrary to ournotion of humanity. April 29, 2008 What Are You Afraid Of? What are thosefears?