Twitter Strategy Battle: Russia vs. China

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President Medvedev Visits Twitter Question: What do Russia and China’s Twitter strategies have in common? Russia and China have taken diametrically opposed approaches to Twitter (and social media more generally). Probably no government has embraced Twitter with more finesse than Russia (and that includes the US). Answer: Nothing. They provide a wonderful set of case studies to watch this year.

In the wind of change


That was the place where I grew up, it was our base when in Russia and a point that held my connections to Russia, emotional and physical. Lots of unfinished and half-started posts make it more difficult to start writing again. I feel as I should did something about the backlog first, but new things are coming up and waiting becomes less and less of an option. So, I’ll write. And at some point I finish whatever has been started and post it backdated, who cares. Anyway.

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Things to write on making


Two weeks in Russia with the kids, flu, Easter, laser cutter workshop and spring season in the garden, not to mention the kids, all need their share of attention. I’m longing to write, but the physical reality takes over. So, not to produce yet another unfinished draft I’ll make a quick list of things to be written: digital threshold, early adopters, process vs outcome – useful in so many other ways.

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Facilitating learning of our kids


Our family is bilingual and multicultural (members of the family come from Netherlands, Suriname and different ethnic groups of Russia), so those things come back in the learning as well.

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Power in Economic Networks

TNT - The Network Thinker

Russia has the natural gas, but the Ukraine is the gas transport gatekeeper on the steps of Europe. Below is a network map of the gas flow from Russia, and it's surrounding countries, to Europe. Russia is well aware of its dependence on Ukraine for the transport of gas to Europe.

Blog>> Transverse Lies and the Fusion of Tacit and Explicit Knowledge

Green Chameleon

Mikhail Bulgakov spent his first couple of years (1916-1917) after graduating as a doctor in the depths of rural Russia. He wrote a number of semi-autobiographical short stories about the experience. In one of them, he is called out in the middle of the night to deal with a difficult and dangerous pregnancy, a transverse lie, in which the baby is lying horizontally with its shoulder nearest to the birth canal.

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Roland Merullo: Importing common sense from Cuba

Endless Knots

China, Russia, Albania, Burma, the.

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From 2015 to 2016


Nature, archeology and family in Russia. Those three days were a lot of fun. Improv, playing on stage and on the floor, making fire, old and new songs, Rijksmuseum, skating, walking, laughing, cooking, sharing thoughts and food with friends, big and small. And knipertjes that came as an unexpected gift, just in time to celebrate the year about to end. And then inwards, family-oriented change of the year.

2016 89

Eyewitness report from downtown Reykjavík

Endless Knots

Meanwhile, one set of friends has had to postpone a work trip to Russia; another is grounded in SF and unable to get to the UK; yet another couple is mourning their lost vacation to France; one more, and daughter, are stranded in the Netherlands.and friends in the Caribbean are wondering when they'll be able to return to London.

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Digital media and learning competition

Joitske Hulsebosch

This year we are piloting international eligibility for our Innovation Award and will be accepting submissions from primary applicants in Canada, People's Republic of China, India, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands,Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States; collaborators can befrom anywhere in the world.…… I've been asked to spread the news about the digital media and learning competition. The focus is on Participatory Learning.

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Remembering Brian

Viv Mcwaters

His contribution to every single World Open Space on Open Space – USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, ‘Swenmark’, India, Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan.

PhD writing done, future workspaces and blogging


After a holiday in Russia (made more ’special’ by dealing with the chickenpox we brought along) I’m back to work, still recovering from writing and discovering what normal life is. An update due three weeks ago: finally I finished the dissertation writing!

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Thuisonderwijzers leren samen: learning with adults


This week is National Education Week in the Netherlands and its focus is on learning socially. Dutch homeschoolers are participating as well, with a blog hop Thuisonderwijzers leren samen. For me the social is at the core of learning, so it took a while to figure out what exactly to write about.

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Always say yes to grad students: an interview about virtual teams

Endless Knots

Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, she "moved to Finland three years ago to study towards my Bachelor Degree in International Business (BBA) at Tampere University of Applied Sciences."

A suitable role for social reporters – tellers of naïve stories

Social Reporter

The big thing in marketing, politics, knowledge management – and of course social networking – is conversations and stories rather than boring old documents and data. Well, of course we need those too – but the way to communicate is to tell a story. That’s good isn’t it?

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The week’s tweets

Chris Corrigan

Pacific Gray Whale, Highly Endangered, Making Good Time On Trek From Russia To Alaska [link] #. Heavy spring soaker flooding the forest with flow. #. Come On. Spurs! coys #. Calm after the storm. The sun shines a silvery light over a sea that is relaxed and flat. #. Well done Tottenham! Great first half against AC Milan in Italy. Keep it up! And great singing from you lot at the San Siro! coys #. Well that was a tidy piece if business dispatched. Well done you Spurs! coys #.

Mapping a community – easy and not-so-easy

Learning Alliances

Russia. I’m resonating with how Joitske Hulsebosch has organized “ Tools for social network analysis from beginners to advanced levels.”

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What supermarket shopping has in common with information overload?


There was abundance and lots of things to choose from… That planned economy is part of the history now and I’m pretty used to the variety of cheese in supermarkets, only in well-to-do countries, but also in Russia.

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Technology: Electronic conferencing and gender

Joitske Hulsebosch

The study looks at e-conferences in the field of water supply and sanitation in Kenya, Columbia, Russia, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, India and Ghana. There are gender differences in the use of internet. The potential and use of electronic conferencing: a study of women's involvement in a global context looks at steps that can be taken by e-conference organizers to promote greater participation by women in the south.

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Gladwell's Outliers: A Review

Portals and KM

The top three are John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. I picked up Malcolm Galdwell’s new book, Outliers: The Story of Success , when I recently needed an airplane read. It served the purpose well as an entertaining book that was also thought provoking. Gladwell defines Outlier as “a scientific term to describe things or phenomena that lie outside normal experience.”

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Life after Death - BPP Diner?

Green Chameleon

Global - many come from all over the world - we are all a bit stunned by the geography - Russia, France, Israel - so is Public Media really just American anymore? The show Bryant Park Project has been off the air for 2 show days and what is happening?

2008 130

On Dissociation and Free Will — Part One

How to Save the World

I’ve been told this is even more true in affluent families in Russia, Latin America and parts of Asia than in North America. This is the Part One of a very ambitious and challenging two-part article.

2017 64

Cisco Announces Second I-Prize Winner

Portals and KM

The other members include Niels Gossen, a computer science student at the University of Applied Sciences in Germany, and Sergey Bessonnitsyn, a systems engineer from Russia. I have been covering the Cisco I-Prize for several years and continue to be impressed with this initiative.

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It’s Not Peak Oil, It’s Peak Affordable Oil

How to Save the World

L ately there has been some suggestion that “Peak Oil is dead” — that because of the recent drop in demand and price for oil, we will never again see high oil prices and will never run out of oil.

2016 70

Cisco I-Prize Announces its Winner and a Successful Global Collaboration

Green Chameleon

The other members include Niels Gossen, a computer science student at the University of Applied Sciences in Germany, and Sergey Bessonnitsyn, a systems engineer from Russia. I wrote about the Cisco I-Prize a few months ago – see Mining the Web and the World for Innovation a while back. This week they announced their winner and I spoke to David Hsieh, Senior Director of Marketing for Cisco’s Emerging Technology Group about the wining team and the contest in general.

2008 100

Technology’s False Hope (and the Wisdom of Crows) (repost)

How to Save the World

Modern technology requires cheap energy, and, notwithstanding the recent power games between the US and Russia temporarily and artificially driving down oil prices, we are quickly running out of it.

2016 74

What the new global middle class can do

Chris Corrigan

Seen in this light, the rising incidence of protests and dissent in China, Russia, Thailand, and the Arab world is not surprising. Here is a case of getting seduced by the numbers and sucked into the wrong thinking. This article is looking for interesting ways to measure the growth of the global middle class. It does a generally poor job of it. The whole article is a bit of a dodge.

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Cisco Announces I-Prize Winner and Results of Their Global Collaboration

Portals and KM

The other members include Niels Gossen, a computer science student at the University of Applied Sciences in Germany, and Sergey Bessonnitsyn, a systems engineer from Russia. I wrote about the Cisco I-Prize a few months ago – see Mining the Web and the World for Innovation. Last week Cisco announced their winner and I spoke to David Hsieh, Senior Director of Marketing for Cisco’s Emerging Technology Group about the wining team and the contest in general.

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GridLock - Just another KM Blog " Compete on Knowledge with CoP's

John Tropea - Delicious Community

CrunchGear interviews Sir Richard Branson Tips for Website Success Offline Gmail for iPhone Social Search and the Air Force US and Russia collide in Space! GridLock - Just another KM / Tech Blog Knowledge Management, Web 2.0

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Why Your Innovation Contest Won’t Work - Tim Kastelle - Harvard Business Review

John Tropea - Delicious Community

HBR Russia. HBR Global Editions. Harvard Business Publishing: For Educators. |. For Corporate Buyers. |. Visit Harvard Business School. HBR Brazil. HBR China. HBR Germany. HBR Israel. HBR Italy. HBR Japan. HBR Poland. HBR South Asia. HBR Taiwan. HBR Turkey. Follow HBR: Twitter. FaceBook.

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Every Picture Sells a Story

How to Save the World

And at these early colour photos , taken in Russia between 1909-12. (And now for something completely different. This article is a bit of a flight of fancy, since looking at photos can encourage such strange imaginings.

2013 68

Links of the Quarter: March 2017

How to Save the World

And in states like Russia further along the path of collapse, in the remote outposts not protected by the power kleptocracy average life-spans have plunged back into the 50s as death begins to look like an attractive alternative to what the future holds.

2017 60

Links of the Quarter: May 28, 2015

How to Save the World

America’s Subversive War on Arab Peoples and Putin’s Russia: It’s all about money, oil and power, reveals Julian Assange. subdivision in Cathedral City CA, built (as you can see) in the desert; photo by Damon Winter in the NYT.

2015 74

How This Culture Makes Addicts of Us All (and Why That’s OK)

How to Save the World

This is some initial noodling on the subject of addiction, based on a conversation with, and some unpublished writing by, my friend Michael Nenonen, and some reading of the work of Vancouver academic and author Bruce Alexander. It may evolve into something more substantial.

2012 74

Questions on growth: a pre-evaluation

Making Sense With Facilitated Systems

What if the US and EU go green and China and Russia don't? You've helped me accumulate quite a list of questions about growth , and I thank you. Here they are once again: What if (aggregate) growth went to 0% forevermore? What would it mean to you, to your business, and to your personal life? Do you think there's reason to believe growth could stay at 0% or below for a very long time? Is that of necessity either good or bad, or does its value depend upon our reaction?

The Number One Fear of Enterprise Social? Mutiny! - Forbes

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Forbes Russia. Log in with your social account: Or, you can log in. or sign up. using Forbes. New Posts. +1 1 posts this hour. Most Popular. A Walk Down Silk Road. Lists. TVs Highest-Paid Actors. Video. Americas Richest Women. 12 Stocks to Buy From 3 Investing Giants.

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About Nancy White | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Petersburg, Russia. Home About Full Circle Contact Resources Wiki Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Nov 03 2007 About Nancy White Published by Nancy White Nancy J.

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Monitor: Better ways to collaborate | The Economist

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Enough to Go Around: The Case for Community Currency

How to Save the World

O ne of the paradoxes of industrial civilization is that in most communities we have, simultaneously: 1. many unmet needs: for affordable housing, healthy local food, meaningful livelihoods, real communities, and the need for ‘more time’, and.

2013 74

Will the Collapse of Civilization Begin With Global Corporatist Totalitarianism?

How to Save the World

Russia after collapse of USSR. STAGE. WHAT COLLAPSES. SIGNS OF COLLAPSE. E.G. OF CULTURE AT THIS STAGE. COPING/RESILIENCE MECHANISMS. Financial Collapse. banks, currencies, the value of savings & assets. bank failures/rescues, stock/housing market collapses. Iceland during 2008 crisis.

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