Social media and reflection: marriage or divorce?

Joitske Hulsebosch

Reflection is needed in order to learn from the past. Hence it seems like social media is having opposite effect in organisation - that social media hinder reflection and deeper conversation. And a flight from conversation can limit our capacity to reflect. "We

#SOCRMx End of Week 3 Reflections

Jenny Connected

However, on reflection I have decided that I probably won’t engage fully with the tasks. Nevertheless this process and reflection have been helpful – because I have realized, even more clearly than before, that in all my research I have worked backwards rather than forwards.

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Personal reflections on 2013

Michelle Laurie

As the New Year gets rolling, I took a few minutes to reflect on the last 12 months. Blogging for reflective practice is how I began blogging so here goes… A lot of changes took place in 2013, which have been transformational for me personally and professionally.

2013 28

FSLT13 Reflections on teaching

Jenny Connected

So thinking about the questions for the first task on reflective writing …. See Stephen Brookfield’s work on becoming a critically reflective teacher for further information about reflective writing using an autobiographical lens).

Reflections from 2011 – A World Without Email – The Documentary


That’s why I’m including this entry as part of the “Reflections from 2011″ series. How did things go eventually for yours truly as I keep reflecting on everything I have been involved, or exposed to or immersed in?

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Evaluating and reflecting on OldGlobeMOOC

Jenny Connected

To evaluate and reflect on the learning experience of myself and a colleague in the Old Globe MOOC, I have used the Footprints of Emergence framework developed by Roy Williams, Simone Gumtau and myself to explore the relationship between open and prescribed learning in open learning environments.

2013 40

Reflective Learning and the Glass Half Empty

Jenny Connected

To reflect on your overall experience to date as a teacher; what kinds of students have you taught, what have you discovered from the experience, and what have you most enjoyed in your teaching? Jenny Moon then describes the shifts that occur in deepening reflection.

2012 28

Reflective Learning and the Glass Half Empty

Jenny Connected

To reflect on your overall experience to date as a teacher; what kinds of students have you taught, what have you discovered from the experience, and what have you most enjoyed in your teaching? Jenny Moon then describes the shifts that occur in deepening reflection.

2012 28

Reflections from 2011 – Redefining Your Social Web Presence


After having put together last couple of blog posts about some of my reflections from the year we are about to end around The Social Web and Technology in general, I guess it’s now a good time to share with the world the third one from the series.

2011 90

Reflections from 2011 – Focused and Purposeful Social Networking


2011 85

RBS Embraces Facebook at Work: My Reflections and Questions, and the Challenge Ahead

Michael Sampson - Currents

Facebook announced Facebook at Work earlier this year, a business version of its service for use by organizations. In October the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) announced they were rolling it out wall-to-wall.

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Reflecting on a month in China

Jenny Connected

From October 8 th to November 2 nd , I was in China. For the first two weeks, I travelled as a tourist covering thousands of miles and taking five internal flights. The trip started in Beijing. Then we moved to Xian, from Xian to Guilin, Guilin to Yangshuo via the Li River, Yangshuo to Guilin to Chongqing, Chongqing to Yichang via the Yangtze River, Yichang to Shanghai, Shanghai to Suzhou to Beijing.

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Reflections from 2011 on The World of Social Media


While everyone else out there on the Internet Blogosphere gets busy blogging away their predictions for 2012 around the world of Social (And whatever other word you would want to insert right after !),

Reflecting on my TAFE Workshop Approach

Nancy White

Reflect, reflect, reflect. At this point I asked if people were interested in a short presentation on the communities of practice perspective and some reflections on how it might be useful in designing, doing and evaluating teaching and learning online. (By Phew!

My Reflections on the Mobile World Congress

Nancy White

In reflecting on the event there were some definite pluses: The keynotes and sessions were excellent although many rooms were over-filled and could not hold all those interested. Over my career I have become a technology "conference veteran" beginning with Comdex in the 80’s. This event grew to over 220,000 attendees and over 20,000 vendors. For several years I was privileged to be a judge for Best of Comdex, so became very familiar with the conference.

The Humanity of the Web: Reflections of a Social Computing Evangelist


The title of the article / book chapter is “ The Humanity of the Web: Reflections of a Social Computing Evangelist ” and you would be able to find it as well over here.

Reflecting on my 2015 #365Photo Project

Full Circle Associates

As the month of January quickly slips into the rear view mirror, I realize it is now or never to reflect on my 2015 #365photo project. Reflections The process itself was wonderful. The reflections shared with Eugene and Alan Levine were wonderful moments of learning.

Networked scholars: reflections on light and dark

Jenny Connected

I have also been increasingly aware this year and particularly over the past few weeks of ‘the dark’ side of working openly online, to the extent that I am now reflecting on how much I want to work openly online. This is the last week of George Veletsianos’ open course – Networked Scholars.

The More We DO, the Less Time We Have to REFLECT – Happy New Year 2013!


Specially, the superb links to a couple of other reflections from both Doc Searls and Dave Winer on the very same topic. The more we DO the less time we have to REFLECT #e20s. They missed my blogging, my reflection time.

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Reflections from 2011 – The Year of Mobile, Again


It’s even more interesting when some of those conversations have been going on around what we have done and learned in 2011 and right off it all turns into personal reflections for what’s happened throughout the year.

#SOCRMx Week 4: ‘half-way’ tasks and reflections

Jenny Connected

The first task for Week 4 was to consider one of the research methods we explored in Weeks 2 and 3 and answer the following questions in a reflective blog post. Make some notes about how the approach is described and used in each paper, linking to your reflections above.

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Dave Snowden’s reflections on a theory of change

Chris Corrigan

Dave is working on a theory of change, which I think is a good thing. In this latest post he has a nice summation of the way to move to action in complex situations (like cultures): So where we are looking at culture change (to take an example), we first map the narrative landscape to see what the current dispositional state is. That allows us to look at where we have the potential to change, and where change would be near impossible to achieve.

Rio+20: Large systems change experience reflection

Networking Action

What does Rio +20 have to do with global change? It presents itself all about “change” and “transformation”…but what’s the strategy with the event? Consider the way things are organized. The NGOs are in tents on the beautiful Flamengo Beach; … Net Dev

Fifteen minutes of…. Reflection.

Chris Collison

Let’s take a deeper look at this classic, simple process and see why it provides such a welcome quarter of an hour of reflection and learning for a team. It moves the team from reflection to action, and make a difference to the next time they attempt a similar task.

2011 17

Finding Time to Reflect while on Vacation


Never mind that wonderful opportunity as well to find plenty of time to pause and reflect wondering about things, in general, whether I have been enjoying work, my personal life, and so forth.

The leader casts a long shadow – further reflections on group work

Jenny Connected

Reflection on my West Highland Way walk and my recent experience of a cMOOC ( Rhizo14) , have made me reflect deeply on the formation and functioning of groups and the dynamics that emerge. (Source of image: [link] ).

Exploring the Divided Brain – Final Reflections

Jenny Connected

Final reflections. In this state it seems even more important to listen, observe and reflect. 22 nd August 2016 pm – a 4 day course with Iain McGilchrist. Day 4 (pm).

Reflections on the FH Joanneum (Graz) E Learning Conference, 2014

Jenny Connected

Below is my footprint, drawn using Mike’s software, which reflects my experience of the Graz conference. As mentioned above, this footprint reflects the fact that I was one of the keynote speakers. These are only some of my reflections on the very rich experience of the Graz conference.

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Questions and reflective practice

Michelle Laurie

The question well (name of the resource) is about taking a moment to pause and reflect on the work you are doing. In addition to pointing out the usefulness of reflective practice, it also presents questions that can be applied in a variety of circumstances beyond visual work.

Reflecting on #socialartists and #change11

Nancy White

Between being on the road so much and the distributed nature of the conversations, my head was spinning by Friday and it has taken until today to slow down, reflect and write. My week facilitating #change11 , a very massive MOOC, flew by too fast for me to blink. (

Reflecting on Reaching 500,000 Posts

Managing Communities

Please Update Your RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you. Thinking

2013 13

Reflections from 2011 – And Health It Is!


Around this time of the year, last year, I put together a blog entry over here under the suggestive heading of “ Three Wishes “, where I tried to reflect, once again, and like I have been doing for the last few years, on what I would want to accomplish in the New Year.

Reflections on Community Manager Appreciation Day

Online Community Strategy

Today was the third annual Community Manager’s Appreciation Day, or #CMAD. The intention of #CMAD is to raise awareness about the role of the Community Manager, and to recognize the hard working women and men who support this role for their organizations. Jeremiah Owyang originally proposed the idea for #CMAD, and has been very active in evangelizing and supporting it since launching 3 years ago.

Some ideas about a tool for community reflection

Learning Alliances

But the KM4Dev community has grown large so that sometimes the “thinking together” that was its hallmark 5 or 10 years ago is difficult with the existing set of tools; this is not a reflection on present membership, leadership or community culture.

Reflections on the Social Business Forum 2012 - Milan

Governance in a Networked World

As Open Knowledge generously makes many of the presentations available online , this post is about my personal reflections and highlights from the event. I reflect back to the Knowledge Management ‘wave’ and Baruch Lev , a Professor of Accounting at NYU. Well that’s it for another year, Forum No.5 for Open Knowledge and a far cry from the initial, much more intimate, affair in Varese in 2008. Back in 2008 Blogs, wikis, Facebook and Twitter were just a novelty.

Vodafone’s Future:Now Roadshow in Wellington – Some Reflections

Michael Sampson - Currents

Some reflections: 1. Over the past couple of days I was in Wellington to participate in Vodafone’s Future:Now Roadshow.

2014 19

School. On reflection.

Chris Collison

I was perturbed to hear him say that the school no longer uses the word “detention” because it has negative connotations ( Guantanamo has a lot to answer for… ), No, instead labelling staying late after school or missing break as “detention”, the children in this particular school are threatened with… wait for it… Reflection! Yes, the biggest threat that you can hold out to an eleven-year old is that of Reflection!

Using Office 365 and Office Web Apps for a Project – Reflections

Michael Sampson - Currents

Over the past couple of weeks I have been reviewing the findings from an internal SharePoint-based Proof of Concept run by one of my clients during 2013. These guys are really serious about getting it right, and have written up a substantial set of lessons learned. It is a privilege to be associated with such clients, and to have an opportunity to cast my eyes over their work and provide some feedback.

2013 23

Questions for deep reflection

Chris Corrigan

At the past two Art of Hosting trainings (Bowen Island in September, and Springfield, IL earlier this week) we used that practice to reflect and ground the experience of the Art of Hosting and to set up a way of diving into what comes next, as a way of leaving the deep space of learning together and re-entering the world. . The whole things takes 25 minutes minimum, if you give people a minute or so for reflection and writing.

Reflections of a home-based consultant living on the edge of the woods

Michelle Laurie

Blogging is important to me as it is a place to reflect and share thoughts with others. blogs Kootenay Life Uncategorized Blogging career connections networks Reflective practice“Be patient. Good things come to those who wait.”.