Upcoming Speaking Engagements in Raleigh and London

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photo credit: Brandon Eley Following my engagements earlier this year for CNN, Dell, South by Southwest Interactive and Virtual Community Summit, I have made a conscious effort not to pursue any speaking opportunities, so that I could be head down, getting some work done. Specifically, I released the “Monetizing Online Forums” book and launched two [.]. ManagingCommunities.com

Upcoming Speaking Engagements in Philadelphia, Raleigh and London (Virtual)

Managing Communities

I wanted to take a moment and share some of my upcoming speaking engagements. I love to meet people in person and the main way that I do that is through the conferences and events that I speak at. On November 5, I will be speaking at WordCamp Philly (November 5-6 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), a [.]. Managing Online Forums (Book) ManagingCommunities.com

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Upcoming Speaking in Engagements in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Kansas City and Raleigh

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After taking a speaking break for a few months, it is time to get back on the road. This fall, I am joining the Social Media Masters tour from Social Media Club. The conference series bills itself as “an advanced level conference for marketing and communications professionals.&# It’ll hit five cities and I’ll be speaking [.]. Managing Online Forums (Book) ManagingCommunities.com Press

Fan Communities Can and Should (If They Want) Make Money

Managing Communities

photo credit: dalvenjah I am one of the co-hosts on the SitePoint Podcast and we’re preparing to host a live show at WordCamp Raleigh, a WordPress-focused conference that will run from May 21-22. So, if you’re in the Raleigh, [.]. I will be speaking at the event, as well, leading a session titled “Comment Moderation 201.&# How Should I Participate? Managing the Community

My WordCamp Raleigh 2010 Recap

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In May, I spoke in Raleigh, North Carolina at WordCamp Raleigh and led a session titled “Building Community Around Your WordPress Blog.&# That talk became the basis of the three part series I did here on building community around your blog. The SitePoint Podcast, which I co-host, held it’s first ever live show at the conference. [.].

Upcoming Speaking Engagements in Atlanta, Greensboro (NC), Las Vegas and Raleigh

Managing Communities

I have been busy booking speaking engagements for the late summer, fall and early winter and as some of them are coming up, I thought that I would share all of them with you, in case you have any opportunity to attend. I hope to have even more to announce soon. Modern Media Man Summit (Atlanta, [.].

This Feedback Made My Day!

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As an author, I think it’s important for you to know that your book is changing the lives’ of people here in Raleigh, North Carolina. Here in Raleigh, unemployed individuals are better positioned to get and maintain a new job/career because of your work. I made contact with Eric (not the one who needs to buy a Mac) after he downloaded chapters 11 and 12 of Seamless Teamwork. We had a great conversation for about 35 minutes, and he sent me this email earlier today. "

Barbecue Tour Of the US South: Part Three

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      The Pit , our Raleigh pick, was given to us from some knowledgeable residents of the state, well know for its cue. Then we found out our friends in Raleigh had made a reservation there before we even mentioned it.

Trip report: A brief foray into the future

Endless Knots

  In this picture, London, Raleigh, North Carolina, and me, the invisible photographer in Massachusetts 2.   Several firsts at once for a keynote I gave last week for Cisco , topic, appropriately enough, "Virtual Leadership:" 1.

My Favorite Tweets for August 1 - 15 2010

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RT @ DearingGroup : Raleigh station is first with application for “connected TVs” // [link]   Aug 2nd. Here is another in a series of posts that provide access to my favorite tweets that contain links to useful information.    Some of these I did to link to things I found useful and others are RTs that I want to save for the same reason. Since Twitter archiving is an oxymoron, I am now going to post my favorite links for the month so they can be easily accessed later.

Formalizing stories about community leadership

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—- References: Esther Derby and Diana Larsen, Agile Retrospectives; making good teams great (Raleigh, NC: The Pragmatic Bookshelf, 2006) [link]. I’m working with several meta-communities: communities of practice made up of people who are themselves supporting communities. Of course CPsquare is very much my “main meta-community&# but I’m a bit surprised at how these meta-communities are turning up. (I

Giving up on Work e-mail - Status Report on Week 47 to 49 (On a Steady Pace)


This time on another plane from Raleigh / Durham (RDU) to Atlanta (ATL) and from there on to Orlando (MCO), as I am on my way to attend and participate at the IBM event Lotusphere 2009. Once again, I am on the move!

Links (and Top Tweets) of the Week: June 20, 2009

How to Save the World

of my 700 Twitter 'followers': Special tweetout to the surprising number in Brussels, Raleigh-Durham and Portland. BLOG Links (and Top Tweets) of the Week: June 20, 2009. Tweemap. My guess is that a map of my blog readers would look very similar. Surowiecki's Answer for Gasoline Conservation: Suro's New Yorker column this week suggests that even without the incompetence/greed of the banks, the recession would have happened anyway because of last year's gasoline price spike.