Who is good at qualitative network analysis?

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It’s hit and miss, either they get it or not… Qualitative network analysis is one of these things. You need to know how to handle qualitative data, which is something you can be trained in. One group are the very qualitatively oriented, people who tell you two stories and are acutely aware of all the differences between them. I’m struggling with this. And learning while I struggle.

A simple guide to Qualitative Easing


As a service to readers, this blog now offers an easy guide to the little-known alternative micro-social policy of qualitative easing. Qualitative easing is the government's strategy of floating-off prosocial behaviour by reducing the rate of interest that services actually take in people, thereby 'artificially' increasing the amount of mutual support in the market. But what makes qualitative easing so clever is the way it leaves prosocial behaviour to look after itself.

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#SOCRMx Week 7: Objectivity and Subjectivity in Social Research

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The past two weeks in the Introduction to Social Research Methods MOOC (SOCRMx) have covered ‘How to Lie with Statistics’ (Week 6 Quantitative data analysis) and ‘Interpretation and Trustworthiness in Qualitative Data Analysis’ (Week 7).

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Net-Map training, 16th-17th August, Washington DC

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You want to understand the politics of a reform, manage the people side of your business, evaluate complex projects or do engaging qualitative, quantitative and visual network research?

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Crafting Research

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Crafting Qualitative Research: Morgan and S Smircich 30 Years On. Interviews: Learning the Craft of Qualitative Research. This seminar that I attended last week on crafting research was very interesting.

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From intuition to knowing for sure: a case of applying learning analytics at course level

Joitske Hulsebosch

This qualitative data is generally speaking easy to generate from a learning platform. Good' a qualitative concept and difficult to measure. Blogpost is written in collaboration with Francois Walgering from MOOCfactory and Sibrenne Wagenaar from Ennuonline.

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Brands & The Collaborative Economy Research Project: Call for Participation

Online Community Strategy

Today I’m kicking off a qualitative research project exploring the level of understanding, interest in, and urgency surrounding the Collaborative Economy for Brands.

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Blog>> User Adoption and Valuating Performance

Green Chameleon

qualitative satisfaction : beside the quantitative valuation, also measure how happy the people are with the new solution; regularly read the pulse with simple mood questionnaires; we are using the ‘net promoter score’ where we ask if the people would recommend our services.

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Net-Map Level 1 Certification Course (Washington, DC)

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Level 2: Net-Map Qualitative and Visual Data Collection and Analysis. We offer Net-Map certification courses on 4 levels: Level 1: Net-Map Facilitation. Level 3: Net-Map Quantitative Data Collection and Analysis. Level 4: Net-Map Mastery – Train the Trainer. Join us for a 2 day, Level 1 Net-Map class on the 4.-5. of August in Washington DC! You will learn how to use this pen-and-paper method in meetings, individual interviews and to structure your own thinking process.

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Engestrom, Wenger and Emergent Learning

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The object of activity is qualitatively transformed so as to open up a horizon of wider possibilities and new actions.’.

Engestrom, Wenger and Emergent Learning

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The object of activity is qualitatively transformed so as to open up a horizon of wider possibilities and new actions.’.

MOOCs – Which Way Now?

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The initial survey generated over 30,000 words of qualitative data from a survey completed by 47 participants.

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Agricultural Extension in Ethiopia through a Gender and Governance Lens

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This paper uses Net-Map for qualitative data collection on the use of agricultural extension in Ethiopia, especially understanding the role of women (authors: Tewodaj Mogues, Marc J.

Value Creation in Communities of Practice

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As communities move through the cycles they have to touch on more qualitative data, but stories are about causality, not about whether data is quantitative or qualitative and stories are needed from all levels of the framework.

Teaching English with Technology – does it work? Part 1

e-Moderation Station

The aim of this 6-week qualitative study was to investigate the effect of an online audience on the students’ writing process. Photo by Nico Cavallotto. Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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Public Shared Services Design: the service cost and quality balancing act

The Bumble Bee

The issue, of course, is that as soon as the quality of service enters the discussion the whole debate moves from the quantitative (numbers) to the qualitative (opinions) and unless you are very careful may actually stall the whole design process.

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What toddler tantrums tell you about work conflicts – Or: The risks and benefits of being a pattern thinker

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I realized that it’s not so much about whether you are more of a left brain or right brain person, whether you think in numbers or stories (quantitative vs. qualitative), but it’s about being able to see patterns. Or, to move this from the (made up) quantitative to the more qualitative description of the same question: How can you become a skeptical optimist instead of becoming a cynic?

Guerrilla Research into Rhizomatic Learning

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With one or two exceptions, the research I have been involved in has never been funded and has been qualitative or mixed methods research. (Source of image: [link].

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Diversity is hard

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Understanding Communication Patterns in MOOCs: Combining Data Mining and qualitative methods. Source of image.

#SOCRMx Week 4: ‘half-way’ tasks and reflections

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Particularly useful is reference to this open textbook : Principles of Sociological Inquiry – Qualitative and Quantitative Methods with specific reference to Chapters 14.1 (Click on the image to go to source.). This post should have been made at the end of last week.

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Networks, gender and race in job-searchers in rural America (Missouri)

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We collected ross-sectional quantitative and qualitative information about job-seeking networks through in-depth interviews with 9 local residents. How do the networks of black and white, male and female job-seekers differ?

Research on the Positive Side of the New Web

Portals and KM

In two phases of research, they surveyed 1200 US parents with children aged 3–12 in the household and qualitatively explored key topics with 112 tech-savvy community members and their kids. Here is a video of the qualitative portion of the research , including footage from Flip cameras given to participants (children ages 3-12 years old) tasked with recording in-home technology-related behavior. Actually the new Web, or Web 2.0, has been around for a while now.

Blog>> Experiences on KM Incentives and KPIs

Green Chameleon

3) user satisfaction is captured in a yearly survey and measures the qualitative aspects of knowledge sharing activities; i.e. we are asking if the user would promote the tools to others and why they would (or would not) do that In order to achieve these targets we have to incentivise the people in our organisation; we are taking two approaches: a) top-down engagement by setting KPIs for the management; b) bottom-up encouragement with promotion activities.

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SOCRMx Week 2 Surveys

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I have found all this fascinating but the truth of the matter is that I prefer collecting qualitative data to quantitative data. I have divided this post into two parts. The first part reports on information from the course site.

2017 11

The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing

Alchemy of Change

Restaurants have been around for hundreds of years, but today they play a qualitatively different role in the way humans consume calories in developed economies. I just finished reading Lisa Gansky’s The Mesh and there’s much to like about the book.

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#SOCRMx: Week 4 – Discourse Analysis

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Discourse analysis is a method for collecting qualitative data through the analysis of talk and text. (Click on image for source).

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Ethical behaviours online

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These indicators have been identified from both quantitative and qualitative data suggesting that ‘bad behaviour’ cannot be simply a matter of individual perception.

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The evidence is here: Visual portfolio mapping delivers better decisions

Governance in a Networked World

This article also included qualitative evidence of the positive business outcomes the visualisation led to.

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#Share2011 - @sarahhaase De-Mystifying ROI Calculation for #SharePoint (Sarah Haase, Best Buy)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Sarah has a great grid to show possible ROI measures - splitting between quantitative and qualitative. -. In the penultimate session of Share 2011, Sarah Haase is presenting her second session of the conference - about ROI for SharePoint.

Preview of the Brands & Collaborative Economy Research Project

Online Community Strategy

In March I embarked on a series of qualitative research projects to help organizations prepare for the disruption and opportunity emerging from the Collaborative Economy, and understand what resources they need to be successful.

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The Cisco Digital Journey

Ant's Eyeview Blog

metrics your CEO cares about”) coupled with the qualitative (e.g. “it We love to see brands get out there and talk about how they’re tackling the transformation to engaged enterprise. Today, we’re thrilled to share this video , posted by Cisco, in which Jeanette Gibson , Sr. Director, Global Social and Digital Media, shares her vision based on Ant’s Eye View’s Social Engagement Journey.

Basic design for extraordinary conversations

Chris Corrigan

There are manyfactors to consider here, and some of them include: communicating results to those that weren’t there, especially the qualitative and non-visible results. A basic diagram for hosting questions that create extraordinary conversations.

Language versus Writing and User Generated Content on the Web - Part Three

Portals and KM

They suggested that there was a qualitative difference in knowledge gained directly from the senses as compared with that gained through more abstract systems such as text and mathematics. This is third part in a series prompted by interesting post, Language is not writing , from the Economist. I started to look at the evolution of communication media yesterday. In my last post I brought us up to the printing press.

Making Sense of the Rhizome Metaphor for Teaching and Learning

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Following the MOOC we created a Survey Monkey survey related to a botanical drawing of a rhizome in which we wanted to elicit qualitative rather than quantitative data.

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Listening for stories, storytelling's analytic stepsister

Social Abacus

Become intimate with the data, qualitatively. Rhythm is another area where a taxonomy of stages and incidents can support your thorough qualitative scrutiny of the data. Loud speaker, credit: flickr.com/ramansharma It's hard to tell a good story.

Net-Map facilitation pointers: Links

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Rather note this information in one sentence in your qualitative notes, and limit the links on the map to those which can tell you something distinctive about the structure of connections, which you wouldn’t know without mapping it.

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Talking about counting things

Chris Corrigan

In any endeavour both qualitative and quantitative measurements are important. Sometimes people see that I’m a dialogue practitioner and the assume that I am not a fan of quantitative measurement. I think this has to do with the fact that the dialogue practitioner community has been a kind of antithesis to the “measure and manage” world of empirical scientific management.

Want to Know What Community Members (a.k.a. Customers) Need? Just Ask.

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A few issues with online surveys are that the quality of the results depends on the quality of the questions, and in particular, thinking through appropriate choices for multiple choice questions, and also creating effect write in questions that will yield helpful qualitative feedback.

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Data is beautiful (but not many learning professionals believe this)

Joitske Hulsebosch

Qualitatively you might analyse the content of a course for instance with a wordcloud (eg. I read the book '' Big learning data ''. I do like playing with data and always liked mathematics. Learning data is a new topic - quite big and still evolving.

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New Year links

Viv Mcwaters

Web tools for qualitative data analysis from Michael Wesch at Kansas State University. Lake Superior University Banished Words List 2009 . 2008 The Year in Review from the folk at JibJab. Wise words indeed from Doug. Les Posen on 2009 being the year when presenting well comes of age. I hope he’s right! A short video that explains Net-Map , a networking and power mapping tool for communities developed by Eva Schiffer. ShareThis.