Onboarding and Offboarding: The Hidden Processes

Michael Sampson - Currents

Processes to develop and operate efficiently. One of the behind-the-scenes or hidden processes involves setting up access for the new employee to the systems they require for doing their work.

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Collaboration in the Process of Re-Imagining

Michael Sampson - Currents

Thus when looking at how to re-imagine a work process or activity – or a relationship, business model, life, or even a room layout for that matter – we can see what we’ve been trained to see, but are blind to what we can’t.

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Three ‘new’ group processes

Viv Mcwaters

There’s probably no such this as a new process – variations on a theme maybe. At the last Creative Facilitation workshop I used it to gather information from the participants about meeting processes. Three ‘new’ group processes is a post from: vivmcwaters.com.au.

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Mapping Systemic Change Processes

Networking Action

Drawing from these experiences, he has developed a system dynamics map that describes generic systemic change processes … Blog Change Joe Hsueh is a GOLDEN Ecosystems Labs Steward along with me, who works on large system change issues by applying system dynamics modeling.

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Collaboration over Process

Evolving Web

Fast, unedited, perhaps a little more politically incorrect here and there. ) The agile manifesto said "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools". Now, however, I would replace this with "Collaboration over process." Our process evolved rapidly during that project.

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Aligning Collaboration with Business Processes

Portals and KM

He adds, “To realize benefits of collaborative business processes, though, (implementations professionals) must work to integrate these tools into business processes like product development and workflows.”.

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3 Ways to Supercharge Your Onboarding Process

Partnering Resources

3 Ways to Supercharge Your Onboarding Process. If your company is like most, your onboarding process is a big part of the problem. Instead, design a process that sends powerful messages about the company and employees’ roles in it. Here are three ways to supercharge your onboarding process. To read the rest of this post, which just went live on Inc.com, click here: 3 Ways to Supercharge Your Onboarding Process.

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Accelerating the Business Digitization Processes - McKinsey

Portals and KM

McKinsey recently issued a useful report - Accelerating the digitization of business processes. They go on to add that, “To meet these high customer expectations, companies must accelerate the digitization of their business processes.

How to stimulate creativity in online teams: A 100% online process to design a blended learning trajectory

Joitske Hulsebosch

Sibrenne and I have just completed a design process for a blended trajectory with WWF. The special thing about this project is that the whole design process took place online. It has produced a design that has been very well received, we have received many compliments about the process.

2018 151

Fair Process and Social Computing

Governance in a Networked World

I was reminded recently of a diagram published in one of my favourite HBR articles on organisational change management called "Fair Process"by Kim and Mauborgne back in 1997.

There is *always* process

Viv Mcwaters

There is *always* process. Whether we plan for it or not, when humans gather process emerges. So I’ve come up with a few ideas that I think might set the scene – to provide enough structure without constricting, and enough process without squashing spontaneity. (HT We all need time and space to process, in whatever way works for us, information, dilemmas, problems and ideas. Exhibit 1 : Hours of back-to-back speakers, some using PowerPoint, some not.

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Visualizing workflows and business processes


One presentation of particular interest to me was the one given by Wil van der Aalst on "Creating Better Information Systems with Process Mining" Process mining. allows one to analyze business processes using event logs.

Chrysler tweet: an issue of process

Community Guy

Rather, it is because the fact that an employee could accidently tweet anything to the client’s stream rather than their personal stream tells me two things: There was/is very little process in place at the agency that ensures such mistakes can’t happen.

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Double profits from revenue processes with Process Physics

The Bumble Bee

Why have I developed a new discipline called Process Physics ? Same answer - because that's where the money is (in a process). In this screencast I work through a major enterprise sales process on the screen and show how to: 1) Establish the upside potential.

Minimum viable process-practice-platform-product

Learning Alliances

Sean Murphy and I are continuing to explore the process whereby entrepreneurs and innovators figure out what the minimum viable P (process or practice or platform or product) could be. The idea is that the viable P enables further development and learning. Without a viable P (that’s fully social) we have blind spots that are insurmountable. So that first step is really important.

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OpenSpan Accelerates the Automation of User Processes

Portals and KM

  I have long been interested in providing support to knowledge intense business processes. Now OpenSpan is going beyond mashups to provide quick to create interconnections between applications to automate many aspects of business processes.

Newsgator Integrates Social Software into Core Work Process

Portals and KM

Now it is moving beyond SharePoint to reach other work processes. When asked how can NewsGator make social more useful, they were told to integrate it into work processes. The real benefits come when it impacts work processes.

Visualizing workflows and business processes


One presentation of particular interest to me was the one given by Wil van der Aalst on "Creating Better Information Systems with Process Mining" Process mining. allows one to analyze business processes using event logs. What really struck a chord were Wil's ideas on visualizing workflow processes as a means for better understanding them.    business processes events LAP methodology Pragmatic Web research visualization workflow modeling

Blog>> People Process Technology

Green Chameleon

Dave Snowden has been having a hoity toity about stupid categorisations over at Cognitive Edge, and he’s included the “People, Process, Technology&# triad (some people add Content) into the Domain of the Damned. we need some process and people support here!&#.

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Reinventing IT to Support Digitization of Business Processes - McKinsey

Portals and KM

Here is another McKinsey report that complements the one I discussed on Monday,   Accelerating the digitization of business processes.  They write that, “more connected consumers, automated processes, and sophisticated analytics place unprecedented demands on IT functions.

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Sub-Sahara Lessons on Multi-Stakeholder Processes

Networking Action

About 30 people from 10 countries met last week in Johannesburg for a couple of days to share lessons about “multi-stakeholder processes for systemic change” (MSP4Change), take stock of the state of capacity and think about how to significantly enhance … Net Dev

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Green Chameleon » People Process Technology

Green Chameleon

Technology people do need to be reminded (forcefully and painfully sometimes) that process and people (and content) matter. we need some process and people support here!&# process and technology.

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Process Aligned Knowledge Management and Other Trends

Portals and KM

Here is an article in KM World, The knowledge movement: trends and opportunities, that begins with tag line, “The true success of KM is when it disappears, meaning that KM processes are embedded in workflow.”  I have never seen a successful knowledge management effort that was not process aligned.    You collect knowledge in the process of doing work so the issue for KM shifts from collection to curation.

Clearwell Offers Comprehensive Process Aligned eDiscovery Solution

Portals and KM

I used to think that, except for utilities like email, most business information-based software such as knowledge management needed to be process aligned. I have softened that position somewhat but for certain tasks, process-aligned remains the key to effectiveness.

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Finding Process Ideas From Our Networks

Nancy White

This linked set of tweets tells the story about why we don’t have to k now all the different processes we can use in groups, in our work. This is also a nice Twitter Story which I can point to when we are talking about Networks at CSIR in Pretoria next week!).

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Chris Corrigan on Complexity Principles and Participatory Process Design

Full Circle Associates

Chris Corrigan posted a great blog a while back about complexity and participatory design process. See Cilliers’ seven characteristics of complex systems and the implications … Continue reading Chris Corrigan on Complexity Principles and Participatory Process Design. Ah, Kismet! I had slipped the quote into a draft post and rediscovered it today. I want to build on his brain dump! He is building on Sonja Blignault blogging on Paul Cilliers’ work on complexity.

2018 43

Group Process Design Principles in Times of Turbulance

Full Circle Associates

My group process practices in the last 18 months reveal a pattern where groups are getting more traction into creating insights on their work, and slightly increased traction on acting on those insights. Ready for a thinking ramble? Payoff isn’t until the end. Fair warning!

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Process versus content in the learning experience

Jenny Connected

The tensions between process and content were very interesting to observe in the BEtreat workshop that I recently attended California. Just listing these activities shows a heavy emphasis on process.

2011 139

Strategy Tree- in process [Flickr]

Nancy White

Choconancy1 posted a photo: Tags: unu ngf graphicfacilitation

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Organising Knowledge » Taxonomy Development Process

Green Chameleon

www.straitsknowledge.com blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Taxonomy Development Process Here’ a nice handout from Boeing Company librarians Kathryn Breininger and Mary Whittaker on their taxonomy development process. It’s nicely staged and explained (and is quite similar to the process in my book, which is reassuring).

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Context for Group Process for Reconciliation (and other hard things)

Full Circle Associates

In our … Continue reading Context for Group Process for Reconciliation (and other hard things). I snipped the quotes below from Chris Corrigan back in December (Some things that work in real reconciliation dialogue – Chris Corrigan ), meaning to write more about it.

2018 52

An experiment with sharing processes

Viv Mcwaters

I’m often asked for notes about the processes that I use, so I’m experimenting with using slideshows to describe processes. Fac Processes - Pass the Zap! My first attempt is with one of my favourite activities called Pass the Zap! This might be a step before making some animated videos. I’d really be interested in your feedback. Thanks. View more Microsoft Word documents from Viv Mcwaters.

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Expertise Location: Don't Forget Process & Cultural Factors

Collaborative Thinking

capture, discovery, brokering, connection, privacy) can be compelling when it comes to improving process performance as well as employee productivity. The post below on expertise location is an update from an earlier Collaborative Thinking post " Expertise Location: Not Just A Tooling Issue " published on January 28, 2010.

Chrysler tweet: an issue of process

Community Guy

Rather, it is because the fact that an employee could accidently tweet anything to the client’s stream rather than their personal stream tells me two things: There was/is very little process in place at the agency that ensures such mistakes can’t happen.

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Using Machine Learning to Help Process Email – Microsoft Adds Clutter to Declutter the Inbox

Michael Sampson - Currents

– each user needs to activate Clutter processing in the Outlook Web App. It’s a great idea, and is sorely needed to help with processing email.

2014 161

What triggers us to adopt new facilitation and engagement processes?

Full Circle Associates

Sometimes I need a little kick in the keister, so this tweet got me rolling from @TrustedSharing “Any ideas on events that get … Continue reading What triggers us to adopt new facilitation and engagement processes? (Note: currently the images on this post have gone missing. I’m working on it!) I have developed an enormous backlog of things to write about my learnings from my Liberating Structures practice.

2017 59

Re-Imagining the Grants Management Process via the Digital Transformation Office

Michael Sampson - Currents

A common platform gives a single way of doing things, drives consistency and best practice, and should simplify the search / discover process for grant seekers.

2015 142

How complexity principles can inform participatory process design

Chris Corrigan

Yesterday I was teaching an Art of Hosting here in Calgary, where we were looking at Cynefin and then followed with a discussion about how the nature of complex systems compels us to make important design choices when we are facilitating participatory processes to do work in organizations.

2018 46

Uncover the hidden physics of your business processes

The Bumble Bee

Sometimes the most obvious business process improvements are totally overlooked and the 'no-brainer' process improvements we confidently implement only make things worse. This is what the hidden physics of business processes reveals.

2010 136

Building Enterprise 2.0 into the Product Development Process

Portals and KM

erentiated Product Development Processes by Roy C. With the rise in Social Computing among consumers and enterprises alike, development teams are further seeking to transform how they collaborate both internally and externally in key processes like ideation, requirements management, detailed development, and aftermarket support.”. As enterprise 2.0 matures, its uses are getting more focused. I have been hearing more about it use in product development.

2010 152

Enterprise 2.0 Conference: Call For Papers Community, Voting Process

Collaborative Thinking

If you find them valuable, I hope you take the time to participate in the community process and vote for these proposals. The session will connect the process, cultural, and tooling aspects of profiles, social graphs, etc. For the upcoming Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston this year, I have submitted three sessions that I hope the community finds helpful and relevant. Cisco coordinates submissions so you may find these under the name of “ SGumpert ” rather than my name.

Can web2.0 improve decision-making processes?

Joitske Hulsebosch

I understand the Dutch embassy, but think they are flawed in their decision-making process. So I started wondering whether in this flawed decision-making process, web2.0 This is my first cross-post from my Dutch blog.

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Lessons Learned - a Collaborative Process with "Collaboration Success" Indicators

Michael Sampson - Currents

A Lessons Learned process is, or is ideally, a collaborative process - in an environment of shared practice, with trust among the members of the group, explore the "lessons" the group can take from its past practice, so as to apply those learns both to its own future practice, and the future practices of the organization. As with collaboration, there are many technologies that can be used - most commonly a "lessons learned database" - but if that's all the process is, it will fail.