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‘The past is always tense, the future perfect’ (Zadie Smith). I’ve been thinking about the future a lot recently. Specifically about the future of education, and how it will be affected (or not) by technology.

Good Presentations Matter to Rock an Audience


Over the course of the last couple of years I have developed that habit of watching the recordings of the presentations that I give myself at public speaking events. Good presentations matter from Ned Potter.

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Evaluating open learning scenarios – keynote presentation

Jenny Connected

Here are the slides and notes for the keynote presentation that Roy Williams and I gave at the E Learning Conference, FH Joanneum, in Graz, Austria, on Wednesday 17 September 2014. Notes to accompany each slide: Keynote presentation notes: 1. We have listed the full references at the end of this presentation. To see how it works see the powerpoint presentation – Surfacing, Sharing and Valuing Tacit Knowledge 17-09-2014.

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Presenting at the 10th Networked Learning Conference, Lancaster

Jenny Connected

In a couple of weeks I will present a paper with Jutta Pauschenwein at the 10 th Networked Learning Conference in Lancaster, which is very convenient as it is less than half an hour from my home. I have also spent some time today, looking at the presentation that Jutta and I will be giving.

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Alternatives to Presentations and (boring) Panels

Full Circle Associates

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my clients working on meetings talking about alternatives to presentations and panel discussions (which are rarely discussions.) I can’t quite recall who started pointing towards the “ What If.”

7 Ways to Kill Your Presentation and How to Fix Them


The key thing though is whether we are all ready to absorb, change and adapt our presentation skills to make even better pitches to engage our audience(s), which, I guess, is what matters at the end of the day… But what happens when you inadvertently kill your own presentation without even knowing?

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The Business Value of Serendipity: Improving Your Presentation Skills


Yes, of course, I am talking about learning plenty more about killer presentation skills. but still wonderfully accurate on the state of not just “ Death by PowerPoint “, but overall presentation skills in general. View more presentations from www.kapterev.com.

Productivity Tips on Presentations: Inform, Inspire and Motivate


Yes, I know, another article on the topic of Productivity , although this time around with a slightly different flavour: how can we improve the way we deliver messages through presentations? Whatever happened to all of those meetings, events, presentations, seminars, workshops, etc.

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Social Factors in Collaboration – a presentation

Michael Sampson - Currents

Earlier this year I gave this presentation at a conference in Australia. The presentation explores social factors in collaboration, particularly how the way people behave impacts on adoption of new ways of working together.

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Further thoughts about our presentation: 10th Networked Learning Conference 2016

Jenny Connected

This week Jutta Pauschenwein and I presented a paper Visualising Structure and Agency in a MOOC using the Footprints of Emergence Framework at the 10th Networked Learning Conference in Lancaster, UK. Here are the slides for our presentation. On their own these slides do not make a lot of sense, so we have added notes, which you can see by going to the Slideshare and clicking on Notes. We were pleased that our session generated a few comments and questions.

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Prepping for a Think Tank Presentation

Michelle Laurie

I am presenting a paper I co-authored with folks from the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) on Performance Improvement and Assessment of Collaboration: Starting points for networks and communities of practice.

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Social Innovation Meetup: “Exploring Labs for Social Change” – presentation notes

Making CommunitySense

The presentations were brief and intense, relaying a flurry of interesting ideas and references. Like at the “Designing Social Cities of Tomorrow” workshop last year, I took presentation notes.

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“Designing Social Cities of Tomorrow” workshop – presentation notes

Making CommunitySense

On February 16, the results of this workshop were presented in a sold-out hall. For the first three cases, quite detailed “how to do it” plans were unfolded, the presentation of the fourth case focused on the theoretical underpinnings of a civic innovator network. A good summary by Laurent Hubeek of the presentations of case 1 & 2 can be found here , that of case 3 & 4 here. I took detailed notes during the case presentations.

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Noodling on my fOSSa presentation

Nancy White

October is a month on the road… and one stop is Lyon, France, where I’ll be presenting at the third edition of the fOSSa Conference taking place from October 26 to 28, 2011.

“Gotta Share” – an unforgettable conference presentation.

Chris Collison

Time I started work on the sequel – “KM – The Musical” perhaps? Funnies Knowledge Sharing Web 2.0

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Presenting to myself on collaboration and social innovation

Social Reporter

View more presentations from David Wilcox. I often don’t really know what I think until I write it down, and after making notes, drawing mindmaps, downloading a few iPad doodling apps, I hit on the idea of producing a presentation to myself. (I Framework for collaboration spaces. Here are some slides I developed over the Christmas holiday, not for any specific event, but just to clear my mind and provide a framework for thinking about social innovation and collaboration.

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New Book on Presenting and PowerPoint

Michael Sampson - Currents

Nicholas has just released a new book, Love Presenting, Hate (badly used) PowerPoint : " I have long wanted to write a book on the skills of awesome presenting; it's now ready: Love Presenting, Hate (badly used) PowerPoint.

What Does an Advanced Community Management Presentation Look Like?

Managing Communities

photo credit: proisraeli I am an active speaker on the topic of online community and how businesses and individuals can tap into the power of online community and grow and manage their own communities. I have logged 30 engagements thus far and have spoken at important digital conferences (like South by Southwest Interactive), to universities [.]. Thinking

Make or Break User Adoption Strategies – my talk at Collabosphere 2015

Michael Sampson - Currents

My trip was shorter than originally planned due to family circumstances, but I was still able to present the two sessions I had agreed to present. Adoption Michael's Conference Presentations User AdoptionIn late September I had the privilege of attending and speaking at the Collabosphere 2015 conference in Austin TX, hosted by Central Desktop.

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Presentation: Developing the Next Generation of IdeaStorm

Online Community Strategy

My presentation was on the evolution of Dell’s IdeaStorm open innovation community. These are my slides from the Intranet Reloaded Conference in Berlin on April 17th. Tagged: ideas , ideastorm , open innovation , social business , social media.

I Presented a Great Member of My Community with a Physical Award

Managing Communities

Please Update Your ManagingCommunities.com RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you. Interacting with Members Managing Staff

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Pedagogy First gets going again

Jenny Connected

Tagged: audio , Flickr , potcert , technology , video , video presentation. POTCert audio Flickr potcert technology video video presentationPedagogy First is a Programme for Online Teaching Certificate Class run by Lisa Lane and her colleagues at Miracosta College.

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Pedagogy First gets going again

Jenny Connected

Tagged: audio , Flickr , potcert , technology , video , video presentation. POTCert audio Flickr potcert technology video video presentationPedagogy First is a Programme for Online Teaching Certificate Class run by Lisa Lane and her colleagues at Miracosta College.

2013 46

Emergent Learning and Learning Ecologies in Web 2.0

Jenny Connected

We had our rehearsal for this presentation, which we are giving for Athabasca University on Wednesday of next week. The presentation will be in Adobe Connect, which I have used before, but it was still very useful to go through it all again. In terms of planning for this session our main concern has been around how to maintain an appropriate balance between interaction and presentation of content.

Social Factors in Collaboration

Michael Sampson - Currents

This presentation explores social factors in collaboration, particularly how the way people behave impacts on adoption of new ways of working together. The presentation has three main sections: Approaches to improving adoption (slides 4-18) … a brief review of adoption fundamentals, such as adoption happens in an organizational / IT context, it’s a process not an event, and there are cultural and behavioural aspects to adoption.

2015 39

FSLT12 PechaKucha Presentation

Jenny Connected

Submission of a research paper for the conference came too early for us – we had not run the MOOC – but we were invited to do a short PechaKucha presentation. If you have not heard of these presentations before, then this site answers 20 frequently asked questions. A presentation consists of up to nine images in a “PechaKucha” (PK) style format. Each presenter will have a 7 minute slot with images automatically moving on at the end of a fixed 45 second time.

Future Mobile Learning

Nancy White

Future Mobile Learning (29 August 2011) You may also be interested in a presentation on changing technology in education which I gave in August 1996 in which I also talked about mobile. Changing Technology from 1996 View more presentations from Judy Brown.

Cultivating Collaborative Behaviour

Michael Sampson - Currents

I gave the presentation above a couple of weeks back to a small group of wonderful people, and have finally had the time today to share it here. The presentation looks at the fundamental human practices of collaboration, and gives a series of strategies and approaches for individuals, teams and groups, managers, and executives to cultivate such behaviour in organizational life. Being Collaborative Michael's Conference Presentations

2015 39

Backchannels during presentations

Joitske Hulsebosch

The book has very good tips how to use a Twitter backchannel to make presentations more interactive. On the one hand I find it very interesting- how to use the audience thoughts and feelings during a presentation. I'm reading the backchannel.

Singapore Social Media Workshop for PR and Online Media: September 2011

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

On 13th of September, 2011 I am teaching a social media workshop in Singapore, AND presenting at a conference. PRESENTATION. Event public relations social media Social Media Business Course Facebook online community presentation Singapore social network workshopIf you want to know how to put out a social media press release, how to set up an online community monitoring station and how to measure social media, this workshop is for you!

2011 46

A World Without Email — Year 3, Weeks 24 to 28 (Email Is Where Knowledge Goes to Die – The Presentation)


Now, the great thing about MindMeister is that rather you can go to the Web site to see the mindmap itself, or, instead, you can just go through it in the embedded version attached below, which I think is a really cool way of delivering presentations. way of delivering a presentation.

Social Business Presentation

Governance in a Networked World

Here is a presentation I recently prepared for the KIN network 10th Anniversary conference in the UK.

SIKM community presentation

Digital Habitats

February 16, 2010. Theme: Rethinking Ourselves (KM People) as Technology Stewards. The agenda: What brought Etienne, John and Nancy to the conversation about technology stewardship. A little bit about our respective practices.

Re-Imagining Effective Work #intranets2015

Michael Sampson - Currents

I presented the opening keynote last week in Sydney at the Intranets 2015 conference. The presentation advocates the need for thinking beyond the immediate impacts of new technology on work practices, to the deeper and more long running impacts on organizational structure, culture, and even business model. Conference Notes Intranets Michael's Conference Presentations Re-Imagining Effective Work

2015 34

eRealities Online Presentation – Magic Moments

Nancy White

I was able to be really present. View more presentations from Nancy White. View more presentations from Nancy White. It is hard to say “no&# to friends. It is harder yet to predict what will happen when you say “yes.&# When you will stumble upon a magic moment.

Virtual Enterprise Networks Presentation

The Bumble Bee

Thanks to mollfrey for posting my presentation on VENs at Connecting Innovation in Brighton (UK) on myplick.com. I like the way the slides are automatically previewed in flash with the text transcript also shown. Nice one!

Book presentation 'En nu online'

Joitske Hulsebosch

Last week we had the book presentation of En nu online (unfortunately for some written in Dutch). A bit late, in February we had to cancel it because of the operation of Sibrenne 's son, but it felt good to celebrate the accomplishment.

Second NLC Presentation 2010

Jenny Connected

Here is the presentation for our second paper which we will present on Tuesday at the Networked Learning Conference in Aalborg. Blogs and Forums as Communication and Learning Tools in a MOOC. I think we are all set to go now. Tagged: blogs , CCK08 , CCK09 , conference , Connectivism , downes , forums , networked learning , NLC 2010 , online , Research , siemens.

In the future, now: presenting virtually

Endless Knots

I followed up by drafting my presentation, which the three of us then went over slide by slide using gotomeeting. Ultimately, they turned wifi off during my presentation and the signal was nearly perfect.

An Early Christmas Present

Michael Sampson - Currents

I received an early Christmas present yesterday because one of my clients wants the workshop based on the book this side of Christmas. I have been working on my new book, Doing Business with IBM Connections , since publishing the second edition of User Adoption Strategies. The new book takes a very pragmatic and grounded approach to how business people / end users can make use of IBM Connections in the day-to-day activities they do in their organizations.