Absent presence in online interaction

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Source of image and more about Callum Innes whose work Exposed Painting Green Lake is currently on show at the Manchester Art Gallery Absent Presence Exhibition. I am intrigued by the idea of ‘absent presence’, the idea that we may be able to enhance our presence by being absent.

The Paradoxes of Presence

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O ne year after beginning a personal Presence practice, what is most apparent to me are the paradoxes of striving to realize it: It’s usually a solitary pursuit, yet its purpose is to realize that we are all connected, all One.

Some thoughts about ‘Presence’ in Writing and Language

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We have arranged these factors into four clusters, one of which is Presence and Writing. This past week I have been thinking a lot about what we mean by ‘Presence’. A consideration of presence is also central to the work of Garrison Anderson and Archer. Presence / Writing.

The Opposite of Presence

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People just write that stuff about presence, like all those wishful thinking self-help books, because people want to believe it, not because it’s really true.

The Presence Game

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Miro asked the question: “How will my Presence practice turn out in the next short while?” At the end of that evening, Miro had introduced the idea of The Presence Game, and they had brainstormed a bit about it.

Presence Is Too Important To Leave To UC Vendors

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After all, we associate presence as a foundational capability within unified communications. Indeed, several blog posts have recently highlighted the importance of presence as a core component of a UC platform while noting interoperability challenges across UC systems. presence???

Collaborative Thinking: Social Presence: Time To Push The Reset Button

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» January 09, 2008 Social Presence: Time To Push The Reset Button Just a collection of rough notes, thinking and musing on the next generation of "presence" that Ive been wanting to assemble for a while: Presence has been historically been associated with a variety of communication technologies – IM, phone, mobile, etc. It is often associated with the consumer space where ICQ and AIM emerged as very popular tools that brought presence into the mainstream.

Reflections from 2011 – Redefining Your Social Web Presence


Another blog entry, that, like I said, will help shape up, once more, my overall Social Web Presence.

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Turning Instant Messaging and Presence Upside-Down & Inside-Out

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I've also used the term "social presence" when discussing twitter-like tools and their intersection with unified communications: More Thoughts On Social Presence. Presence Is Too Important To Leave To UC Vendors. Social Presence: Time To Push The Reset Button. Presence is also dominated by IBM and Microsoft. So should Avaya and Cisco "give up" any notion of disrupting the IM/presence trend within the enterprise?

Collaborative Thinking: More On Presence And The Social Feed

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Main | Opening Up The Social Graph: An Identity Perspective » January 10, 2008 More On Presence And The Social Feed Timely article that builds on some recent "thinking out loud" thoughts on the direction of presence I posted yesterday. UC strategists should be thinking in terms of where presence intersects with social feeds. Collaborative Thinking Perceptions on collaboration and social software by Mike Gotta « Should NewsGator Worry About Microsoft?

What Does Presence Look Like?

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One of the obstacles, I’ve discovered, is that I’m not entirely sure what presence ‘looks’ or ‘feels’ like. I think the reason it seems so impossible is because it is — I think there may be in fact two different states of presence.

Transition Montpelier presence at Bristol Art Fringe

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Transition Montpelier is a new-ish Transition initiative in my neighbourhood. I am involved and excited.

Website vs. Web Presence

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Once upon a time, a business would put up a website with its contact information, and that was the beginning and end of its web presence. Savvy marketers today are very aware that a multidimensional approach is essential if one hopes to build a strong and responsive web presence.

just to be in the presence of others who understand

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More importantly, they fill a hole that Jessica articulated beautifully with this comment “just to be in the presence of others who understand.&#

Presencing Portals

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MySpace's blogs and Facebook's status sections create a kind of presence portal. Historically, portals have been all about aggregating content & applications into one easy-to-digest package, more or less personalised to the preferences of the user. Typically this has been about access to data or content rather than access to others. What has impressed me about Facebook and MySpace (to an extent) is a different version of portal that they offer.

Social Presence and Team Satisfaction

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In my readings I came across an interesting article about the perceptions of social presence, or the feeling of being with others in an online environment, and perceived learning and satisfaction in an online course. In this study, researchers measured student perceptions of social presence and perceived learning and satisfaction with an online course and found significant correlations.

Getting Out Of My Head: My “Presence” Practice

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Freedom from ego comes from awakening to your true nature as “conscious spirit”, a kind of ineffable (can’t be explained in language) presence; the meditative still state is our natural state of being. Despite this, they have depth, presence … they look real.

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Presence vs Intimacy

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So I had coffee with Alex on Friday and our conversation came round to Twitter & ambient presence. Whilst many others have used the "ambient presence" term before, I had in fact misremembered something else - Leisa Reichelt's post on ambient intimacy. Pausing to reflect, these presencing technologies may or may not lead to greater intimacy between people. Presence is performative whether we like or not. ambient presence ambient intimacy

5 ways to enhance your social presence in online courses

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Research* has shown that tutor presence – the sense of the tutor being there – is a key motivator for online students. Both give a sense of immediacy and social presence. How do you maintain a sense of ‘presence’ in your online courses? Image by mrtopp.

Space has presence

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That is to say, the presence of an object and the presence of the space interacting to strengthen each other. The idea that space has presence is not new. The idea of the presence of a space was therefore revolutionary. My twitter friend Durga pointed me to this article from Euan The Potter.on the Japanese aesthetic concept of “Wabi sabi&#.

Your Presence after the Presents

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What will your presence be, after the presents are opened? After seeing this cartoon by Ed Hall , I started to think about personal networks. What will your personal network activity be like this holiday season? Here or There?

Possible Paths to Peace and Presence

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To me, Presence is what happens when I’m keenly aware of all four aspects of my identity — intellectual, emotional, sensual and instinctual — and when they are in balance, integrated, whole, under control.

Findability — Search and Social — and Your Web Presence

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Your web presence is at least as much governed by the findability of your content as it is by its quantity and quality. Focus as much on search and social as you do on content, and your web presence will grow.

Stepping Out of the Shallows: Moving from Push to Pull in Our Web Presence

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I know I may be extreme but it is my way for maintaining control over my social presence and my knowledge consumption so that I can accomplish the thought work I need to do like write this blog post. I recently read two blog post commentaries on Nick Carr's The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains.    One by Andy McAfee, T une Out, Turn Off: A Mantra Needed for Our Times? ,

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Being there together via presence and activity traces


Now to what I believe is at the core of it: tools to support sharing, observing and interacting around presence and activity traces. seeing those updates from others is often similar to observing them in a physical space (Lilia is here/awake/recovering from a flu/thinking about presence and activity traces), reinforcing the feeling of being connected and finding where ideas coming from different people overlap.

the presence paradox - lite communication tools

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Lite communications tools such as Twitter & Instant Messaging & SMS txting offer the promise of ambient intimacy or the less confronting option of ambient presence. ambient presence ambient intimacy phatic twitter sms instant messagingLittle slivers of meaning 'n' grooming flick(er)ing between people. Leisa Reichelt's ambient intimacy post positions these lite tools as mostly "phatic".

Publicly living in the implied presence of others

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I will reserve POVs on the $104B valuation for other platforms , but want to praise the conceptual winner today: the validation of the social psychological being.

What it Takes to Build a Web Presence

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I also point out in Website vs. Web Presence , that SEO , social media , relationships and reputation each contribute to the building of a presence on the web. Tags: Blogging Networking and Marketing Strategy Search Engines Social Media and Social Networking Sites Web Marketing building relationships relationships SEO social capital Social Media Sites web presence

10 Keys to Building a Social Media and Web Presence

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Building My Social Media and Web Presence. Here is a list of my 10 top strategies for building my social media and web presence: Partnership - Building relationships though blogging, online social networking and social bookmarking sites.

Thoughts On Salesforce & DimDim

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Below, I’ve outlined some of the those issues organizations should consider when this type of situation arises in the market: Instant Messaging (IM) & Presence. An IM function within an application platform creates numerous overlap situations with existing IM and presence infrastructure (e.g., Decision-makers can allow for exceptions from IT standards (if they exist) when there is unique business value offered by an embedded IM/presence capability.

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Twitter, being cool and a great video

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I’ve been focusing on it as a tool for collaboration , learning and social presence. Tags: presence Twitter technology stewardship If you haven’t already heard about Twitter, the microblogging tool, it is never too late.

Facebook Developers | Integrating Facebook Chat Everywhere

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Tags: Presence social_media Unified Communications

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Cisco Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Jabber

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This is a bold move by Cisco (given it's commitment to SIP) to expand industry thinking around presence as well as expanding its thinking around real-time applications given the type of development capabilities made possible with XMPP. So suddenly, I see both Avaya and Cisco as the new thought-leaders when it comes to presence (especially in regards to " social presence "). Microsoft and IBM are locked into yesterday's view of presence and where it needs to go.

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Microblogging In The Enterprise

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But, as my earlier post on social presence outlined ??? beyond SIP/SIMPLE) to support concepts related to social presence as well as concepts related to microblogging? It was inevitable that Twitter-like services would emerge targeting a business audience. While the term ???microblogging??? microblogging??? is frequently used to describe these platforms, they could also be considered as a derivative of group chat and instant messaging platforms as well.

Facebook IM Integration

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Bowling Alone: The State Of Enterprise Instant Messaging

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You see people's presence indicator change from green to yellow to red, or you see their status message change - and maybe if you're lucky someone will actually IM you, or you might IM them. That is a very good trend - people's IM experience will benefit from the richer type of telephony, conferencing, and presence integration found within UC platforms. Instant Messaging Presence Social Networking & Collaboration Unified Communications

Yes, Leadership Changes in a Web 2.0 World

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Leadership Collaboration technology Challenges building relationships challenges collaboration communication creative culture development email emotions hiring relationships social presence team building transformational leadership video conferencing virtual team virtual teams web 2.0

Please Help! Vote for Me By Friday 7/23

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Go to: Build your own presence. Tags: Announcements Networking and Marketing Strategy News Web Marketing Perkett PR web presence I entered the Perkett PR social media marketing contest. Please take five seconds to check out my entry and vote by clicking on VOTE.

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7 Key Issues to Consider Networking and Marketing Your Business on Facebook

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Facebook fan pages are more useful for marketing large businesses than small ones, since they won’t help to build your web presence unless, to some degree, you already have a web presence.

Why Should I Like Your Facebook Page?

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Then you can create the Facebook pages and web presence your heart desires. Tags: Facebook Networking and Marketing Strategy Social Media and Social Networking Sites Web Marketing Facebook pages Social Media web presence