New Book on Presenting and PowerPoint

Michael Sampson - Currents

Nicholas has just released a new book, Love Presenting, Hate (badly used) PowerPoint : " I have long wanted to write a book on the skills of awesome presenting; it's now ready: Love Presenting, Hate (badly used) PowerPoint.

Microsoft Powerpoint: The Bumblebee's 3 most useful PPT add-ins

The Bumble Bee

Here I share my 3 most useful Powerpoint add-ins - Acoolsoft PPT to Video, iSpring and PPT2HTML. Like excel add-ins once you install them they become available within the powerpoint menus. iSpring converts your powerpoint presentations into flash videos which you can share on the web.

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Ecosystem Powerpoint Slides

Online Community Strategy

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Snap! by Lectora - Turn PowerPoint into an e-Learning Authoring Environment

Michael Sampson - Currents

by Lectora , an e-learning add-on for PowerPoint. The basic idea is that you can transform a PowerPoint slide deck into a Flash-based presentation or e-learning course, with narration, video, and tests. by Lectora empowers both novice and expert users to transform basic PowerPoint presentations into brilliant, interactive Flash masterpieces in minutes without the hefty cost. Want to share your PowerPoint presentation with your friend who works remote?

Zentation to combine videos with powerpoint presentations on the web

Joitske Hulsebosch

Via Er win Blom I discovered Zentation , you can upload a powerpoint presentation and link it to a google video presentation! Very useful. though some of the slides on slideshare are quite self-explanatory, it can be more powerful in combination with a video. (or or would be video with the slides be enough?).

Posters. Yes, posters. Surprisingly effective social media!

Chris Collison

Rather than using PowerPoint, went to the trouble (and expense) of producing large posters so that people could be walked-through their story. Yes, in many cases, the posters looked a lot like several PowerPoint slides arranged side-by-side.

Green Chameleon » Participatory Conferences: Getting in on the ACT

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Participatory Conferences: Getting in on the ACT After last year’s debates on “death by powerpoint&# conferences, participation and professional development in conferences are the theme of the month, it seems.

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Integrating Adobe with Office 365

Michael Sampson - Currents

– Convert PDFs into editable Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or RTF files from your mobile device or online while preserving fonts, formatting, and layouts.

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Mapping the KM Landscape

Chris Collison

Having bounced some early ideas around with Geoff , and spent far too many idle moments at airports fiddling with PowerPoint, I think its time to stop tweaking and start sharing.

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OneDrum Adds Real-Time Coauthoring for Word

Michael Sampson - Currents

OneDrum has offered real-time co-authoring in Excel and PowerPoint for a while - this week they released the initial alpha release of Microsoft Word co-authoring.

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Collaboration: Something Old, Something Bold, Something Cold (Michael Sampson)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Collaboration: Something Old, Something Bold, Something Cold View more PowerPoint from Michael Sampson. Here's my slides from my presentation at Intranets 2012 today.

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Power Point 20th Anniversary Cinderella

Joitske Hulsebosch

Via a blogpost on Northern Voices by miss604 A powerpoint presentation about Cinderella. Explains directly the difference between a story and a powerpoint bullet presentation. This presentation is too good not to reblog! Now that I have a look at it again, I do like the graph with displaying Cinderella's beauty and happiness over time. View Upload your own.

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5 steps to a social media marketing campaign

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

powerpoint? By the way, my powerpoint above is currently a presentation of the day at Slideshare hence the few hundred views since yesterday. If you hate powerpoint presentations you’ll probably love this video – it’s hilarious.

Microsoft Whiteboard

Michael Sampson - Currents

PowerPoint’s white background has traditionally been for words and sentences as well, albeit it in a different form and for a different purpose to Word’s whiteness and wordiness.

Is this Knowledge Management’s most effective tool?

Chris Collison

It’s not often you see people balancing coffee on the edge of laptops and communicating with each other through PowerPoint. Far more common is a straightforward conversation, complete with the eye contact which PowerPoint and flipcharts often rob us of… It’s transparent.

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Influence | Forum One: Internet Strategy, Social Media, User Experience and Web Site Development


Skip to Navigation Careers News Client login About Us Services Our Work Blogs Events Contact Us Home › Blogs › Influence Social Networking and #AIDS2010 Suzanne Rainey in Influence 15 Jul 2010 There’s a flurry of action this week as we await the start of the XVIII International AIDS Conference (#AIDS2010) in Vienna, Austria, next week. I wish I was able to attend, but am glad that many of my clients have the opportunity to go. The conference is held every two years, and is always.

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Excel for Mac Plus Excel MVPs

Michael Sampson - Currents

While PowerPoint got me my first visit to London to present at a conference in March 1994, it was Lotus 1-2-3 that enabled me to graduate debt free, and in retrospect, probably enabled me to get my first job after university. Excel Table Talk Episode 6.

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Ad:Tech Sydney - Twitter presentation

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Before the whole shmozzle starts, I thought I’d put the “social media assets&# up online (video to youtube, Powerpoint to slideshare and so on). The Powerpoint presentation. My rogueish sense of humour. Easier to retweet if you want. Twitter for Business and AdTech Sydney. View more presentations from Laurel Papworth. tags: atsyd adtech ). The video. I’ll edit this post later with stuff that comes up from the panel.

Missing the Power of a Point

21st Century Organization

It is ironic that a network visual "portraying the complexity of American military strategy" in Afghanistan, appearing on the front page of the NY Times on-line today is used to bemoan the use of PowerPoint. We have met the enemy, and he is PowerPoint.

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Office:Mac 2011 - Three Interesting Collaboration Capabilities

Michael Sampson - Currents

PowerPoint Broadcast. For people for whom this is the extend of their use, the new PowerPoint Broadcast feature is going to eliminate their need to have a web conferencing service subscription. The capability is built in to PowerPoint now.

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Where were we again? Re-starting that last meeting

Michael Sampson - Currents

Other updates include inking support in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, enhanced multi-touch, and support for third-party peripherals.

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In Praise of Collaborative Processes - Taking Turns, Working Together, Developing Shared Understanding

Michael Sampson - Currents

A PowerPoint presentation locks the presenter into a particular flow - the slides are laid out in linear fashion, and in most instances, the presenter wants to "get through the deck" before taking questions. With 90% of the meeting taken up with the PowerPoint show though, there is very little time or inclination left at the end for insightful interaction. While I can make PowerPoint sing, I deliberately chose to use an overhead projector and printed and blank slides.

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Microsoft StaffHub for Frontline Workers

Michael Sampson - Currents

Microsoft offers a plethora of Office 365 apps for mobile devices: Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote), Delve, SharePoint, OneDrive, and more. On the Silverside blog, I wrote about Microsoft StaffHub: Microsoft has made significant strides in recent years addressing the needs of workers who don’t work on a computer throughout the day. Some people don’t touch a computer at work at all, and yet they still require company news, communications, and access to company resources.

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IBM Images in 1975 – How Far Have We Come?

Green Chameleon

The ISO50 blog used the images to indicate the excellence in graphics prior to the getting locked into the limits of powerpoint. I think that pre-powerpoint images like these can be inspirations for us to think more creatively with our graphics. What were you doing in 1975?

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Exploring Co-Authoring in #Office365: What’s on Offer, and How to Use It

Michael Sampson - Currents

Let’s explore what’s on offer in Office 365 for co-authoring, covering Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, and then talk about the fit and applicability of those capabilities in your work or organisation. The next meetup for the Office 365 for Business group in Christchurch is now scheduled: Tuesday August 2, at 5.30pm. Exploring Co-Authoring in Office 365: What’s on Offer, and How to Use It.

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KM, Best Practice and Buzzword Bingo

Chris Collison

” (Feel free to click and download the PowerPoint version if you’d like to adapt it.).

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E-Learning 3.0 : Task 2

Jenny Connected

You may present your explanation in any format you wish – Word, audio, video, powerpoint etc., Two initial tasks have been created by Stephen Downes for the E-Learning 3.0 No doubt there will be more. We can choose which of these two tasks to complete.

2018 130

Social Media Monitoring Bookmarks and RSS

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Slideshare (manuals, powerpoint, etc) [link] OR [link]. When monitoring social media, don’t forget to monitor social media platforms (changes at Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc) as well as stuff specific to YOUR industry.

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Co-Authoring in Excel – the 2017 Update

Michael Sampson - Currents

When I was reviewing some site stats last week, I was surprised to note that one of the most popular posts on this site is from February 2010 called Co-Authoring in Excel 2010: Not Supported (Use the Excel Web App Instead).

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The Business Value of Serendipity: Improving Your Presentation Skills


but still wonderfully accurate on the state of not just “ Death by PowerPoint “, but overall presentation skills in general. and share it across as a good reminder for us all: Death by PowerPoint.

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Beat the Conference Blahs

Partnering Resources

I’ve seen ten PowerPoint templates and seven videos. After seeing a PowerPoint, we may be able to retell one or two of the best practices Company X used. It’s Day Two of the convention and my body aches from sitting in one place for so long.

2018 130


Viv Mcwaters

Or more specifically, focusing on creativity, for example, while sitting in ferried rows listening to an ‘expert’ speaker using poor powerpoint slides? Have you ever been to an event that is talking about being one thing while being something else ?

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Updates from Microsoft (OneNote on Mac and iOS, Office on iPad), and Surface Pro 3 Reviews

Michael Sampson - Currents

with a set of updates across Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (and OneNote as above) – see RedmondPie. Key updates include sending Word documents as PDF, access to third-party fonts, better touch support in Excel, and rich media integration inside PowerPoint. Microsoft has delivered a variety of good things during the past week, and has received a couple of good reviews of the Surface Pro 3.

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Open Business – From Document-Centric to People-Centric Collaboration


Such presentations can be sent around so that even other people can speak to the same ‘powerpoints’. Powerpoints’ become omnipresent and omnipotent. Lately, I have been thinking quite a bit around the topic of Social / Open Business Transformation.

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Graphic Facilitation Workshop September 23-24, 2013 – Registration Open!

Michelle Laurie

Step out of the PowerPoint rut! Warming up at Graphic Facilitation workshop. I am pleased to announce that there will be a Graphic Facilitation Workshop in Rossland, B.C., Canada September 23-24th, 2013!

2013 194

Graphic Facilitation Workshop is Just Around the Corner…

Michelle Laurie

Step out of the PowerPoint rut! The early bird deadline is past, but we are sending out the word at a couple of face to face workshops in the next few weeks and the time to commit is NOW! Nancy White and I have learned so many new things this year that we want to share. There is much to learn from the group as well as so far the folks who have signed up are fascinating and a few are far flung! We are expecting great, diverse interactions.

The games we play

Viv Mcwaters

Compare that to a powerpoint presentation on the same topic. Pablo Saurez explains why gameplay beats powerpoint : “There needs to be an obstacle. Powerpoint gives you nothing to guess about – the work has been done by the presenter.” It’s no secret that I’m a fan of games, play and movement. Recently I attended a MASHLM Humanitarian Summer School in Lugana, Switzerland.

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My favourite things…

Chris Collison

Ensure that there are sessions where participating organisations tell their story (as creatively as they like – you might chose to ban PowerPoint from some sessions). Next month marks my tenth year as an independent consultant.

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In the Mo

Michael Sampson - Currents

This background discussion is a long way of saying that I was pleased to read that Microsoft is bringing proactive policy violation warnings to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in Office 2016 : Over the last few years we’ve added DLP to Exchange, Outlook, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. Now we’re bringing these same classification and policy features to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

2015 117

Logitech Spotlight

Michael Sampson - Currents

And it’s compatible with most major presentation software, including PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, and Prezi. As a frequent presenter of workshops and other meetings involving slides, the Logitech Professional Presenter R700 has been my traveling companion on many, many trips.

2017 116

Productivity Tips on Presentations: Inform, Inspire and Motivate


that we use to conduct way before PowerPoint became the standard that killed the thrill of just having a conversation with your audience about a topic that you both, hopefully, are passionate about? Remember, we are all humans after all and we all live off conversations, not PowerPoint slides.

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Linking Files and Notes in Yammer with Office 365 (read SharePoint)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.), Microsoft is making progress in the long awaited alignment between Yammer and Office 365. We don’t yet have the ability to use a SharePoint document library in a Yammer Group, but you can create and save Office documents into the Yammer Files tool. The file types are consistent (e.g., but the place where the files are stored are different – for now.

2017 98

Key questions for planning a 5 day scientific symposium

Michelle Laurie

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