Place is a Tag: How Your Phone Should Work

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Get ready for the geo-tag - and a revolution in the way you use your phone to search the places around you! Diigo geo-tag geoloqi Google Google Maps GPS iPhone local meridian search semantic Wikipedia Windows PhoneContextual Computing Local Android crowd-source

Phone 93

Windows Phone (2011)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Microsoft released initial details of forthcoming changes with the next release of Windows Phone , due later in 2011. My current stance is that it's game-over for Microsoft with Windows Phone.

2011 19

Phone alone 2

Endless Knots

Same phone. Phone ends up in water. In this most recent case--and in a ridiculous fit of faux efficiency--I was using the phone as a wedge between the cover of my computer and its keyboard. He turned the phone up to inspect the connection, and said, "Well, look at that.

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Pick Up the Phone - Richard Branson

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The quality of business communications has become poorer in recent years as people avoid phone calls and face-to-face meetings, I can only assume, in some misguided quest for efficiency," Branson says. Problems are more difficult to solve by text or email, and “there is nothing efficient about allowing a small problem to escalate,” says Branson, when it could have been easily addressed with a phone call. ".

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Android - 1st, Windows Phone - 2nd, iPhone - 3rd (IDC, for 2015)

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IDC gives its forecast about the state of mobile device rankings in 2015 , with Windows Phone projected to rise from the dead: " Last year, Android took second place in 2010. Up until the launch of Windows Phone 7 last year, Microsoft has steadily lost market share. The new alliance, however, will result in Windows Phone taking second place by 2015. I still believe that it's a collaboration between (mobile device) losers and it's game over for Windows Phones.

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Traditional Mobile Workplace vs. Phone and iPad

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Carsten from SAP Hybris compares his work style and everyday device carry with a traditional mobile workplace.


Will Most People will Make Purchases via Phones by 2020?

Portals and KM

The answer is yes according to some recent studies reported by Doug Gross on CNN, Experts: Most people will make purchases via phones by 2020.  Doug added that, “in a December report from comScore , 38% of smart phone owners had used their phones to make a purchase of some kind.”. There are obvious security questions but the article that smart phone technology is no less secure than the current credit card technology.

G-Shock Watch with Phone Integration #gshock #iphone

Michael Sampson - Currents

Casio announced (but hasn't yet released) a new watch that integrates with a phone via Bluetooth : " Your watch can vibrate when you get a call, text or e-mail and show the person’s name, even if your phone is in your purse or briefcase. The G-Shock can help you find a phone lost in your sofa by making it chirp loudly. It can also beep at you if you leave the phone behind in, say, a restaurant.

Complementary Roles of Tablets, Smart Phones, and Television

Portals and KM

A recent article by Clayton Morris, Study Reveals Changing Role of iPads, Tablet PCs found that 70 percent of tablet owners and 68 percent of smart phone owners use their devices while watching television. It also reported that 61 percent of eReader owners use their device in bed, while 57 percent of tablet owners and 51 percent of smart phone owners do the same. Tablet owners spend more time on their tablets while watching TV than owners of eReaders and smart phones.

Where Do You Put Your Phone at Work?

Michael Sampson - Currents

Of course the interesting thing with the picture is there is no computer, iPad, phone, scanner, printer, or any other device in view. Thirty years on from Charles writing his book, the question is, where should you put your phone?

Mountain Lion More Phone-Like: Simplicity, Security, Syncing

Michael Sampson - Currents

Pete outlines three advantages of desktop computers becoming more phone like , with the first being simplicity. He notes the downside too: " The main reason Apple wants to make Macs work like the iPhone and iPad is simple. Or rather, simplicity. Despite decades of innovation and the invention of the graphical user interface, computers remain too confusing and complex for the majority of people.

Matzoh Balls by phone

Endless Knots

I remember standing by the kitchen table, talking on the phone with my mother, reaching for a scrap of paper, and taking down the recipe. It must have been the first year I was making Passover dinner.

How many times a day do you reach for your phone? #thiswackyworld

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Photo from Zazzle -- it's actually a phone case. 90% people, 10% technology Cell phones Internet/web Technology Before I go any further, guess.

Will Mobile Devices Usher in a Renaissance in Local News?

Alchemy of Change

The catalyst for this series was the announcement in May that Google News was rolling out “ news near you&# for your phone. When you click “Nearby&# on your stream of updates on your phone in Google+, you just see posts from people near you.

Take that, Gladwell: Vinegar, onions, social networks, and soccer nuts a revolution do make

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90% people, 10% technology Cell phones Egypt Facebook Social networking TwitterFor anyone who still doubts ( Malcolm Gladwell ) the role of informal communication, aka social media, in bringing about monumental change before the whole world's very eyes in Egypt, see today's lead story (headlined in print version) of NY Times, " A Tunisian-Egyptian Link That Shook Arab History."

Microsoft: Our Phone is Faster Than Yours

Michael Sampson - Currents

Microsoft is trying to win the hearts and minds of people who are on non-Microsoft mobile devices. In the above, they demonstrate speed benefits. It's a fun video. Enterprise Mobility

Shopping Surge with Mobile Phone Users

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A study by Retrevo found that 59% of people said they found the shopping information they were looking for, when using a mobile phone while only 8% of people said they did not intend to shop from their mobile phone. There is a big generation factor to no surprise as 50% of shoppers under the age of 35 indicated they have done used their mobile phone for shopping and the number drop off in older groups. However, there is still a strong resistance to ads on mobile phones.

phone spam

Engineers without Fears

It's the phone carriers who are driving me up the wall. I was told by their customer service people that they cannot stop premium SMS being sent to my phone. phone spam customer dissatisfactionI have recently been the victim of Premium SMS Spam. It works this way, you enter a survey or competition (such as one run by these parasites ) and in the fine print it mentions they'll start sending you premium SMSes that cost you $2 a pop.

What’s the ROI of the phone?

Community Guy

My genius business partner, Sean O’Driscoll talks about social, ROI, and other genius points. This one is well worth the watch.

China Pilots Major Web TV Phone Convergence

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China launched a major pilot project in 12 cities nationwide this July to help converge the telecommunications, Internet and broadcast networks. Cities chosen for the pilot project include Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Wuhan. It was reported in the People’s Daily that the project aims to make the three sectors compatible within China to allow users to make telephone calls, surf the Net and watch television through wireless gateway or one cable.

Don't Answer Your Phone! - on The Smarter Office

Michael Sampson - Currents

Over on The Smarter Office blog , I talk about not answering your phone when you're already in a meeting: " Perhaps I’ve had it too good, but the most annoying words to hear when getting someone on the phone are “I can’t talk. Something about how they answer the phone—their tone, the slight hesitancy, the distracted quality in their voice—give it away before they even speak the dreaded words. And then the phone rings. ". Read more: Don't Answer Your Phone!

cell phone ring tone

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My cell phone number while in the US is +1-202-560-4885. cell phoneFeel free to ring or txt if ya wanna.

Is Rupert Murdoch really responsible for phone hacking?

Governance in a Networked World

given this global trend, isn't Murdoch's claim to not being responsible for phone hacking therefore defensible? This is the question I put to Larry Prusak the knowledge management Guru and best selling author, while he was presenting to us on "Organisational Judgement" (his next book) at a dinner at Sydney University on Monday night. Larry was suggesting that knowledge is not enough when it comes to making good decisions and demonstrating good judgement.

Culture and technology: grandma on the phone

Joitske Hulsebosch

But on the phone, it was impossible for her to speak dialect and she would resort to 'correct' Dutch. The phone never became so comfortable that she could be at ease and speak dialect.

Technology: a multi-tasking mobile phone

Joitske Hulsebosch

The multi-task mobile phone (forwarded by Annemiek van Schie

Swarms 101: Introduction to swarming by computer and phone

The Bumble Bee

Swarmteams enables groups to be more responsive and agile by fully integrating their mobile phones and the web with bioteam working techniques.

TV Moving Closer to Mobile Phones and the Web

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I recently asked, Will Phones, TV, Music Player, and Computers Really Converge ? Information Week ran an article, Comcast Pushing TV To Phones , that addresses part of this question. This would also be open to cell phones via a mobile browser, or potentially as applications on devices like iPhone or BlackBerry smartphones. So here is more evidence of TV moving to both computers and mobile phones.

Turning a digital adoption report into a game of phones, tablets, TVs – and maybe computers

Social Reporter

Just look at the newspaper inserts detailing 500 must-have apps for phones and tablets, under those headings. Summary: the impact of reports and campaigns urging digital adoption may be limited because people’s needs and interests are different. A game about online activities could provide insights into how to personalise. Your ideas welcome. Last year I worked with colleagues on a report for Nominet Trust about how digital technology can help us lead a better life as we get older.

Will the OLW Brookline driver in the red SUV.

Endless Knots

please get off the blasted phone? Cell phonesYou almost caused a horrible accident. What happened: I was running a few minutes late for a doctor's appointment. Actually, I wasn't sure whether I was late or not because I couldn't remember.

The Truth Machine: The Lie Detector in Your Next Pair of Glasses

Alchemy of Change

Eulerian Video Magnification is a new video processing technology that could soon turn your phone - or even your glasses - into a lie detector. Humanity & Soulfulness augmented reality Google Glass lie detector truth video

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Culture: on changing mobile phone cultures

Joitske Hulsebosch

I sympathised with her because I seem to do the same thing according to my husband; talking too loud in a phone). But after some time, the phones of the two men also started ringing and they engaged in a -longish- conversation as well :). In Ghana, in 2003, important people used to leave their mobiles on and answer the phone during the meeting (whispering though). Yesterday in the train, a girl was talking loudly to a friend using her mobile.

Smart Phones: What Comes Next

How to Save the World

BLOG Smart Phones: What Comes Next. Karen's phone asks her to confirm both her availability and her order, which will be waiting at her reserved table when she arrives.

Technology: using mobile phone sms-services to blog

Joitske Hulsebosch

I tried blogging from Ghana (Accra in the picture) using my Ghanaian Areeba sms service from my mobile phone. New is also the GPRS service with which you can have internet connectivity via your mobile phone.

Uploading to Youtube - it's a snap (ha!)

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Cell phones TechnologyHere's the situation. I have an iPhone. Its software is updated, current. I took a video with my iPhone. I have a youtube account for uploads. I've done this before. But when I attempted (multiple times) to upload a very.

"Computers, eReaders, and cell phones don’t grow on trees"

Endless Knots

How green is your eReader/Kindle/iPad (not that anyone has one yet)? Common sense suggests that digital-anything is greener than the analog device it's replacing. " Which is Greener: Paper or Digital? The Answer May Surprise You " gives a bit of pause, right up there with the finding that Google searches are, yup, not without environmental impact.

How to make short videos with your mobile phone

Joitske Hulsebosch

received a question some time ago about: Do you know of teaching materials about making short videos with your mobile phone? Blogging questions and answers.I

When Online Video Consumption Moves to Exabytes in 8 Years: Will Phones, TV, Music Player, and Computers Really Converge?

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Next, in 2008, the launch of the 3G iPhone brought the high-speed internet to the mobile phone and my iPhone. Now they predict that by 2017 with the promise of 4G, the mobile phone could deliver things like live streaming HDTV. It will really no longer be called a phone and the convergence of computers, TV, and telecom will be close to complete. Good thing I got my iPhone. According to ReadWriteWeb in 8 Years, Online Video Consumption Will be Measured in Exabytes.

Green Chameleon » The Mobile Phone is a Knowledge Retention Tool

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about The Mobile Phone is a Knowledge Retention Tool In KM, one of the reasons we say why we need to capture and share knowledge is that it could walk out the door. A simple phone call to the individual’s mobile phone is all it takes.

The 1-minute guide to the mobile classroom

e-Moderation Station

Let students talk about their mobile phones, and what they use them for. Many of us develop serious emotional attachments to our phones, and love showing or telling others about them. See this lesson plan introducing the topic of mobile phones from Jo Budden.

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Changing with technology: the example of collaborating with slack

Joitske Hulsebosch

In the Dutch cartoon Fokke and Sukke are making bookcovers for their ipads on the Steve Jobs school Yesterday Patricia called and because she is in my phone contacts I took the phone with a "Hi Patricia, this is Joitske, how are you?"

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