Improving Personal Capability to Embrace New Ideas

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Ask a question in Yammer, not in email. Search for expertise on Office 365, instead of asking someone nearby. We held a push-up competition several years ago at my house. Some of my sons could easily do 20 push-ups, but one in particular couldn’t do any (he was … 7?).

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My KM World Notes: The Role of Social Techniques in Search & How It Impacts Your Organization

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    It is titled:  The Role of Social Techniques in Search & How It Impacts Your Organization by   Charlene Li ,    P artner, Altimeter Group.  Search is certainly being affected by the increasingly social nature of online activities. Impacting the socialization of search are the factoring in of the social graph and social activities into search results.    She started her talk with search.

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"If what you are working on is not worth sharing, why are you working on it?"

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She is really a multi-talented person, she can talk without stopping, play ukelele and she can work outloud.We Jane illustrated this with the example of a person who got a lot of things done within her organization and documented his work before he retired. Yammer can be a great tool.

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Just thinking…

Chris Collison

We’re not going to do battle with the SharePoint search function, and we’re not going to read through a pile of case studies or lessons learned reports in order to separate the signal from the noise. It’s the domain of knowledge jams on Jive and Yammer, questions to our Twitter networks.

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Who Switched the Drawers?

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From hiding files on a personal drive to hosting them in SharePoint or OneDrive. From controlling the world through Outlook to collaborating with the world through Teams, Yammer and Skype. I have 21 drawers by my office desk.

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Social Media for Training Departments in Companies

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how we “discover&# educational information is by searching exactly for what we want when the timing and context is right. Yammer for adhoc training and Q&A. One person finding a social training object e.g. a video and passing it to others. I was invited to speak on social media in the Enterprise by Cadre eLearning to a group of corporate training people. Here are the slides for them. Training departments and social media.

(Intranet2011) "Evolving an Intranet Team as Intranet Evolves with SharePoint" - Hugh Coughlan, CBA

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team spaces for collaboration, Yammer for groups and communities, video publishing, and more. future challenges - one homepage for 43,000 people, personalization / localization / socialization, making search work better, and seamless integration of people and systems. -

7 Levels of Social Media Engagement

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

There are plans to set up an internal blog, wiki, collaborative knowledge management system, Yammer. Imagine a bank where the person wanting a loan puts up the request and the community analyses and responds with the interest rate and a couple of thousand members put up a dollar or two each.

4 ways to use Instagram in learning trajectories en training

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What happened was that a picture of one person led to the emergence of a series of photos on the same theme , we had the themes ''books'' and ''fear of heights''. If your photos on Instagram is private they are unfortunately not visible when others searching on the hashtag.

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Notes on CCS105 Bayer MaterialScience - Integrating IBM Connections and Microsoft Technologies

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in 2010, more focused approach - to introduce Connections with the new personalized work place (a new standard laptop image). -. There were also 2500 people on Yammer, so CIOs decided to go for a common social collaboration environment. Fast Search - for Connections data as well. Bert Oberholz and Cindy Schlebusch from BMS are talking about BMS's implementation of Connections, and the integration with Microsoft technologies.

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Boston E20 Notes: The Post-2.0 Era: Social in the Context of My Work

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 The vendors see this as the potential to provide a consolidated activity stream across the enterprise (such as Microsoft’s interest in Yammer).   This gives the person much more control over what is happening. The resulting social graph becomes a rich data set that is available through search or other means. There is impact on other iT services including: email and IM, documents, portals, search, and business applications. 

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Social Architecture (a manifesto) | Management Innovation eXchange

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Search. Yammer is a good example of that. Rather, it is the extent to which this person is able to recruit a network of people from the hierarchy and put them in a social fabric that fosters a community for co-creation. Management Innovation eXchange.

In The Next Version - It’s Like Facebook For Work. Wait It Is Facebook For Work

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To explain this shift to potential buyers, early vendors such as Socialtext (where I was Director of Marketing), Yammer, SocialCast, Jive Software and others would use the analogy “It’s like a Facebook for the Enterprise". In The Next Version.

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How Twitter changed to include everyone

Endless Knots

    isaacgarcia So how is recvng RTs about a topic/person that I didn't choose to Follow not spam? terminology #yammer #presently #laconica. Point ="How to use Twitter for Business"=direct sales conversations, immediate customer service, search world now.

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Communities and Collaboration " Communities of Practice: Conversations to Collaboration

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Research Wiki Video Search Communities Google Facilitation Policy fun Standards Software Event Presentations Information Management Blogs Uncategorized Social Computing Reports Central Government Social Networking Tools Delicious Links Social Media Knowledge Management Public Sector Web2.0 Will rely on big build-up :-) 1 hr ago @ ShaneMcC @ liz_azyan Yammer being used at IDeA ok. Whatever you call it, the person who holds it all together and helps others collaborate.

FUMSI - Finding Expertise Inside the Organisation

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Explore the FreePint Family: FreePint FUMSI VIP ResourceShelf DocuTicker Jinfo subscribe | contact us | site map | cart search: Subscribe to FUMSI FUMSI is for individuals, teams and organisations. Here is a suggested checklist for your search.

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Communication, communities and collaboration

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This is factor is due to a perception of social equality in the groups’ structure: no one person receives more information than anyone else; and no one person is seen to be more important as a result. Recommind’s MindServer Search™ 6.0

Being social at work: which communications model to adopt for the enterprise? | The AppGap

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nirvana there are some important considerations that need to be given time before we jump for, say, Yammer over Twitter , that go beyond the fear of our internal information being communicated outside the organisation. What do you think will be the next step in search? Personalized.

Socialising in the workplace

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Yammer time Yammer is another social media tool taking the BBC by storm. Yammer is more for business connections internally, whereby only people with a BBC email address can access the BBC forums and discussion threads,” says Edwards.”It’s Tom also champions the rise of Yammer.

Building Social Business: The Seven Types of Social Roles in Employee Communities

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A Learner is a person on the community who is interested - but often finds it over-whelming to navigate the conversatoins or to jump into conversations. The Connector is a person on the community who is a curator of information either through bookmarking or off-line knowledge gathering. The Teacher is the fulcrum of the community - the person who creates content and engages with the users/curators and commentators to create better content. Search This Blog Loading.

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Three Big Benefits of Social Software | Blogs |

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Again, from Kens post: By "improve communication," I mean just overcoming tactical obstacles, like making it easy to search team messaging and documentation. You can get a taste of it by reading a blog post written by Sebastian Schaefer, a consultant for Capgemini in Munich, Germany, who discusses Capgeminis use of the Yammer microblogging platform. Yammer is one of 15 free enterprise collaboraton tools included in a slideshow.)

What Enterprise Social Networks Do Well: Produce Higher Quality Ideas " I'm Not Actually a Geek

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It’s just regular grunt searching to find good studies like this. Search for: Pages Who is this guy?

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Is collaboration enough to connect-the-dots? « Product Four

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Each person has a limited number of puzzles that they are aware of, and some may be working on the same puzzle without realizing it. Some other person in my company (or not) is studying the effects of pseudonameotryxlate on diabetes. Third, you need a really, really good search tool.

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The AppGap " GroupSwim Moves Deeper into Enterprise Collaboration: News, views, and reviews of Work 2.0 tools, apps and practices

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A page is generated for the file that includes: • Document preview and search • Upload new versions • Start a related discussion(s) • Review auto-generated tags and add more • Identify top contributors to the file • Browse related content The screen shot below shows a sample file page.

CleverWorkarounds » The facets of collaboration Part 2–Enter the matrix!

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By definition, this involves more than 1 person. I don’t want them all sitting on say, Yammer or MSN to co-ordinate the delivery of baggage. By definition, this involves more than 1 person. Search. Search for: top. Skip to content. Skip to menu. Welcome. About.

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The AppGap " " illumio Transforms Its Interface to Better Match Functionality: News, views, and reviews of Work 2.0 tools, apps and practices

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When someone sends out a question or request for help, illumio picks the most relevant person to respond based on their current activity. The most relevant person is asked first. Recommind’s MindServer Search™ 6.0

The AppGap " " Dotster Provides On-line User Communities for Business: News, views, and reviews of Work 2.0 tools, apps and practices

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The sites can be open to search engine spiders for generating greater awareness or closed for additional security. What new thinking, strategies and tools can help teams work smarter, pre-empt personal burn out and help their companies weather the current climate?

The AppGap » It Takes A Long Time For Change To Happen Quickly …: News, views, and reviews of Work 2.0 tools, apps and practices

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Yammer, Twitter plus the corporate directory 1 Comment » Shiv Singh wrote @ February 23rd, 2008 at 10:16 am I found Jeff’s and Charlene’s article extremely interesting. Recommind’s MindServer Search™ 6.0

The Essence of Collaboration Is Selfishness - Gartner Blog Network

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Whether about getting more money, or having more fun at what we do, or satisfying our curiosity or our ego, social media is nothing else that one of the personal tools at our disposal to fulfill our purpose. Such choices — based upon a sense of personal agency or shared values inculcated by education or parenting (i.e. In a work environment, altruism is not a natural trait, and a collaboration endeavor must be connected to a personal purpose. Why Gartner. Analysts.

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infoarch: Crafting Collaboration with Stigmergy

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infoarch About my experiencesas an information architect Tuesday, October 14, 2008 Crafting Collaboration with Stigmergy Its been a while since I bumped into a PhD thesis on mass collaboration. The Wikinomics blog pointed to it.

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Tomoye: Bringing Web 2.0 to Communities of Practice

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The next tabs brings experts and members by themes, areas, titles, location and offers a link to the Facebook style personal profiles of individuals. Recommind’s MindServer Search™ 6.0

Steve Dale online " Identifying Community of Practice Needs

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Research Wiki Video Search Communities Google Facilitation Policy fun Standards Software Event Presentations Information Management Blogs Uncategorized Social Computing Reports Central Government Social Networking Tools Delicious Links Social Media Knowledge Management Public Sector Web2.0 Will rely on big build-up :-) 1 hr ago @ ShaneMcC @ liz_azyan Yammer being used at IDeA ok.

Do Companies Need Social Media Managers? " I'm Not Actually a Geek

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But I suspect there’s a big difference between a knowledge manager and a social media manager: The social media manager is a personality-driven role Getting people out of their shells to participate in social media will take more than a handbook and a set of best practices. The successful social media manager will be someone who can engage a wide variety of personality types. finns en hel del matnyttigt om vad en sådan person skall ha till uppgift samt varför de ev skall [.]

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infoarch: Collaborative Thinking: Communication (and Coordination?) in a Modern, Complex Organization

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