Why conversation is the best way to share knowledge

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Often the simplest methods can yield the best results in complex situations – particularly if they help release people’s enthusiasm for sharing experience socially. Where, historically, do people shared ideas and stories? Gurteen Knowledge website.

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Scaffolding for sharing knowledge

Chris Collison

It’s a great (and humourous) way to help create understanding, enhance conversations and prevent people talking past each other. I like to think of them as scaffolding for knowledge sharing.

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Ford Foundation, Open Access and Really Sharing Knowledge

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Knowledge sharing can be enabled or blocked based on organizational policies and infrastructure. Some people still worry that setting their knowledge free will hurt them. collaboration community indicators knowledge sharing learning open

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Secret Objectives v Shared Knowledge. Open Performance Management anyone?

Chris Collison

I’ve seen so many examples where people rely on serendipity to discover a colleague or a project with an aligned objective. It’s like we are asking people to complete a jigsaw with all of the pieces upside-down. ” Naturally you’ll need to conceal the ones which are commercially, personally or legally sensitive – but I would suggest that the majority of individual objectives could be shared, but remain barricaded into performance management silos.

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Why Do I Share My Knowledge?


and Social Business thought leaders and blogger extraordinaire, Oscar Berg , put together a rather inspiring article that I thought would be worth while reflecting on, specially, since it is at the heart of not just social software, but also collaboration and knowledge management in general.

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Downton Abbey, what you know, and what you’re known for.

Chris Collison

Throughout our organisations, there are hundreds and thousands of people who have real stories to tell from their past knowledge, experiences and roles – yet they are only known for their current job title. As knowledge professionals, this should be one of our priorities.

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Ask Me Anything: Knowledge Sharing Through Peer Interviews

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What is it about someone asking us questions that surfaces great, sharable knowledge? We have started interviewing ourselves on the KM team, and have offered to interview any grantee to help tease out and share their insights with other grantees and stakeholders.

Green Chameleon » Do Knowledge Managers Really Want to Share Knowledge?—Sharing as a Mating Game

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www.straitsknowledge.com blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Do Knowledge Managers Really Want to Share Knowledge?—Sharing One of the questions asks what KM professional associations should do to support knowledge managers.

Creating Global Knowledge Sharing Networks at ConocoPhillips

Portals and KM

Forrester notes that in five years, almost half of US workers — about 63 million people — will work virtually. This will change everything in workplace IT support from designing workplace information strategies for collaboration, to delivering content experiences to people across channels, to engaging the next-generation workforce to serve customers better. Seven years later, the ConocoPhillips' knowledge-sharing program is ranked as best-in-class across industries.”.

What’s wrong with Lessons Learned? Part 3.

Chris Collison

In the last few posts we’ve been exploring what’s wrong with the way we position “lessons learned” In part one , we looked at the passive problem of people’s tendency to focus on the lessons rather than the activity of learning.

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Why Is Knowledge Sharing Important? A Matter of Survival


That man has got plenty of golden nuggets to share around the topics of Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration, Communities, Learning and Enterprise 2.0 Have you checked out one of his most recent blog posts on Why is Knowledge Sharing Important?

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10 options for implementing a KM strategy

Chris Collison

We’ve all seen these initiatives in action – and in some organisations they can be the only way to get people’s attention. These people are key in helping to translate the messages from the top and set them in the right context locally.

Sharing and buying, what’s our currency?

Bas Rues

Discussions about new currencies in this age of sharing are not new. The latter is rather difficult for many people. Sharing is all good they would say, but about personal stuff rather than professional. Protecting the knowledge is not needed when you want it to be shared.

Sharing knowledge with and between counterparts

I collaborate, e-collaborate, we collaborate

KIC stands for knowledge infrastructure with and between counterparts. The features of the online portal The most important features of the website include: room for online communities, document sharing and locating partner organisations. (At People can search for these indicators.

Looking back – KM highlights from 2014 (part 2)

Chris Collison

Sharing Knowledge in the Offshore Wind community. Where are the safe places to begin knowledge-sharing? Here it is being played by fellow participants in the Knowledge Driven Performance consortium.

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Carl Jackson on Supporting Online Communities in International Development

Nancy White

Carl Jackson of Westhill Knowledge Group (formerly at IDS – Institute of Development Studies ), colleague at KM4Dev , friend and all around smart and funny guy took 20 minutes to share some of his experiences supporting and participating in online communities in international development.

SRI and Knowledge Sharing

Nancy White

Can we view knowledge sharing not as a proscribed set of practices, but instead a set of principles? While there are a range of tools and methods that we call “knowledge sharing,&# they are just tools. What is the soil for knowledge sharing?

ClearStep: A Great Place to Share Knowledge About The New Online Enterprise - ReadWriteWeb

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More often, they need to share valuable metrics, anecdotes and insights that can help them advance the use of new collaborative tools inside their companies.

MIT Sloan Management Review | Failure to Collaborate and Share Knowledge --> Team Failure

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Support home Products Use Cases Buy Customers Company News Blog Contact Us MIT Sloan Management Review | Failure to Collaborate and Share Knowledge --> Team Failure Blog547 : January 21, 2008 ; Posted by Jordan Frank Collaboration and knowledge sharing dont sound mission critical untilyou consider this: Teams that fail to do both, fail to perform. Collaboration and knowledge sharing problems are solved easilywith the right mix of human and technology factors.

What’s your favourite flavour of KM?

Chris Collison

I think it’s one of knowledge management’s unsung heroes. The data is sorted to show the foods who share the most chemical compounds with others towards the top. Well, I see parallels with assumptions we make when we bring people together to share knowledge.

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Green Chameleon » What is Knowledge Sharing?

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www.straitsknowledge.com blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about What is Knowledge Sharing? One of our participants was Awie Foong who’s studying knowledge sharing motivation for his PhD (by the way, he’s looking for companies to participate in his knowledge sharing culture study next month - you’ll get a customised report if you participate as a company). KNOWLEDGE SHARING IS GOOD.

SRI and Knowledge Sharing | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Can we view knowledge sharing not as a proscribed set of practices, but instead a set of principles? While there are a range of tools and methods that we call “knowledge sharing,&# they are just tools. What is the soil for knowledge sharing?

Helping councils learn to share with social media

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Last week I spent half a day in a workshop on local government knowledge management. We concluded that what councils need in order to share so-called “best practice&# is not more consultancy, reports and databases, but video clips, conversations, and encouragement to tell bad stories as well a good. This focus on conversations is not new in the knowledge management field … what is different is see. Many people do great research, write great documents etc. -

Building a knowledge sharing network about Ageing Better from the ground up

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In my last few posts I’ve promoted the idea of more digital innovation in the Big Lottery Fund’s £82 million Ageing Better programme, and ways to share knowledge and experience both among the 15 local partners and more widely. It is, of course, very welcome that Big Lottery Fund, consultants and others tweet from events … but it isn’t a substitute for well-curated resources and more organised ways to share knowledge.

Gurteen K-cafe report: Generosity, 04/02/09

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February’s Bristol Gurteen Knowledge cafe was a heart warming eye in the storm of some very exciting UK winter weather. And Jesus’ social network, but that’s another story… After a whistle stop tour ranging from big brands to personal sharing, religion to altruism, giving to taking, he left us with six things to think about: Start with people. We are what we share. Create experiences that mirror people’s aspirations.

Moses Abukari writes: Sharing Net-Map among Development Practitioners

Net-Map Toolbox

In June 2008, IFAD organized a one-day knowledge event where I shared Net-Map based on an IFAD case study I did together with Eva and Jennifer Hauck in Ghana. We also used Net-Map to facilitate multistakeholders learning and sharing knowledge at an IFAD Knowledge Profiling in Ghana. My immediate response was that Net-Map training does not take much time or required advanced knowledge but that will need another planning or mission.

Knowledge Networks

Net-Map Toolbox

I found this brief text about the meaning of different network structures for knowledge sharing and he does a good job of explaining how you can quantify the quality of a connection by looking at it’s multiplexity (do these two people just share knowledge or do they have more than one different link). He concludes: “In sum, dense, core/periphery networks are very efficient at spreading knowledge. Other people's work Quote Social Networks

Green Chameleon » The Mobile Phone is a Knowledge Retention Tool

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www.straitsknowledge.com blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about The Mobile Phone is a Knowledge Retention Tool In KM, one of the reasons we say why we need to capture and share knowledge is that it could walk out the door. It seems though that even when that knowledge has walked out the door, the connection may not. So, is the argument of knowledge walking out the door still valid?

What art can teach us about knowledge work

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It is stimulating me to reflect on some things I’ve been trying to articulate about knowledge sharing and the transformation knowledge into new ideas, application, etc. collaboration creativity knowledge sharing learning

Deep conversation needed on BIG’s Ageing Better community platform. How about asking people in for a coffee?

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RT @davidwilcox : @kenclemens @shirleyayres @watfordgap Quoted in “Sharing #AgeingBetter innovation” [link] <a conv to watch. Will the knowledge sharing platform be closed, for programme leaders only? The issues are particularly important – as I’ve argued in more detail in this paper – because the knowledge-sharing and innovation challenges faced by the Ageing Better programme typify those of competitive, centralised, big-spend approaches.

Can Using Facebook Within Your Organization Add Value?

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Research tells us that social interaction is very useful for facilitating knowledge transfer and innovation in organizations. knowledge, service, products) by individuals within those business units. Users can also post photos, create lists to share their thoughts, and organize events.

KM4Dev and Bev and Etienne Wenger-Trayner – April 6-7 2017

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Care about how we build and share knowledge in any context? Like hanging out with fun and interesting people? Come with your real world stories, challenges and insights, prepared to share, think, and make sense of our work. Care about communities of practice?

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Green Chameleon » A Simple Knowledge Sharing Ritual

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www.straitsknowledge.com blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about A Simple Knowledge Sharing Ritual It was wonderful when someone I knew said to another recently “That’s knowledge management, making knowledge explicit. Each day, one staff member got to share in about 5-10 minutes a topic of interest just before roll-call which happens at the start of a new shift. I liked this simple, easy and light knowledge-sharing ritual.

KM Six Pack #6 - Networks: Power of sharing, learning, discovering together | Smart People magazine

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RSS Entries | RSS Comments | Admin Digital generations bring knowledge to life Available in 3 formats: HTML | PDF | Flip reader (forthcoming) Home About SP SP Magazine SP Network Contact SP Subscribe/Login! FREE media events FREE articles Web Events Webinars SP Blogs Jerry's Blog Boris' Blog Sitemap/Tags print article&comments 01 (7) 2009 / html , FREE articles , K-Factor — November 25, 2009 KM Six Pack #6 Networks: Power of sharing, learning, discovering together.

Collaborating Across Borders: Five Keys to Creating Powerful Partnerships

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The problem was that he had inherited a group of people who didn’t understand why the change had happened. In this highly matrixed, driven, global environment, there are too few people and too much work for us to section ourselves off from others. People have a lot to do.

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Four Rules of Leadership for Tough Times

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This created a unique challenge: The 250-plus remaining employees had to service existing business while transferring knowledge to the acquiring company. The company needed to persuade long-term employees to share their knowledge. People are smart.

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My OutStart Blog Posts – October 2011

Portals and KM

I am one of several people contributing to our  OutStart Knowledge Solutions Blog  (see:  My New Role within OutStart’s Social Media Efforts ). Jane Hart on Sharing Knowledge at Work. As I mentioned on this blog I am now helping  OutStart  with their social media efforts as part of the OutStart team.

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Where’s the Collaboration?

Michael Sampson - Currents

During a phone call in late January, Fred (not his real name) asked: I’m working in Office 365 and SharePoint and sharing a lot of knowledge and content. But it’s all knowledge management. It would make sense that in the early days of that role, a lot of his direct work will involve sharing knowledge and content on what’s possible, what’s feasible, what’s useful.

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We are a diverse community of practitioners that has gathered to share knowledge and build a practice around our passion for and belief in the potential of communities of practice as a vehicle for positive organizational and world change. CPsquare is like a town square, a place where people gather to connect and learn together.

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Welcome to the Era of Radical Openness


events, where more and more knowledge workers (AND citizens) are demanding a whole lot more openness and transparency in terms of how organisations across sectors and industries actually function around their day to day business operations.

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