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Upcoming Speaking Engagements in Philadelphia, Raleigh and London (Virtual)

Managing Communities

On November 5, I will be speaking at WordCamp Philly (November 5-6 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), a [.]. I wanted to take a moment and share some of my upcoming speaking engagements. I love to meet people in person and the main way that I do that is through the conferences and events that I speak at.

Growing Old Around the Globe

Jenny Connected

The MOOC is convened by Sarah Kagan and Anne Shoemaker from the University of Pennsylvania. Tagged: #OldGlobeMOOC , ageing , Coursera.

2014 23

How Data Drives Effective Decision Making

Portals and KM

Brynjolfsson and his colleagues, Lorin Hitt, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and Heekyung Kim, a graduate student at M.I.T., The New York Times ran a story, When There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Information , by Steve Lohr, that covered some of the value of using data to help with business decisions.

The Pedagogy of ModPo

Jenny Connected

(Click on the image to enlarge it). This year there are two significant changes. There’s an additional ModPo Plus section. ModPo and open education.

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OldGlobeMOOC – What is ageing?

Jenny Connected

Biological, social and psychological ageing is the focus for discussion in Week 1 of the University of Pennsylvania’s Coursera MOOC – Growing Old Around the Globe. 5944 people from all over the world have signed up for the MOOC and 1500+ people are actively participating. The MOOC has a truly international feel. I am not one of them.

If you can't join 'em, swim 'em

Endless Knots

And, ahem, they're in my beloved home state of Pennsylvania, or, as my father preferred to call it, Penciltucky. the women’s swim team held a “virtual swim meet” with Bryn Mawr College , in Pennsylvania, about 112 miles away. Virtual teams gone to the next level. We probably saved $900 on bus travel,” said William G. Audio?

Blog>> Alter Egos

Green Chameleon

The Pennsylvania technology trainer ? I seem to be shadowed by alter egos the last few days. If it’s a real one, which one is it?

Influence | Forum One: Internet Strategy, Social Media, User Experience and Web Site Development


Skip to Navigation Careers News Client login About Us Services Our Work Blogs Events Contact Us Home › Blogs › Influence Social Networking and #AIDS2010 Suzanne Rainey in Influence 15 Jul 2010 There’s a flurry of action this week as we await the start of the XVIII International AIDS Conference (#AIDS2010) in Vienna, Austria, next week.

Influence Blog: Forum One


Obama on traditional media and social media

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

He should stick to politics – how quickly they forget! Read more. what do you think?

New look for Newton's site

Endless Knots

Even as a child growing up in Pennsylvania, I envied the kids who lived in Newton, whose high school was among the top in the country. Perhaps you know the City of Newton, Mass., for its school system. Now we have a new (young) mayor, Setti Warren , among whose first acts is sprucing up the city's website.

On the 25th anniversary of my mother's death.

Endless Knots

She taught for many years at Daniel Boone High School, in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, where she eventually chaired the English department. My mom.

The Divine Right of Capital: A Little Rebellion

Alchemy of Change

As I mentioned in my original post , I just finished reading The Divine Right of Capital by Marjorie Kelly. Chapter 12: A Little Rebellion. Tweet.

Margaret Fuller's Persuasion 49

Endless Knots

Its interior was a honeycomb, five “rooms,” including the entrance way that opened into the large central area, big enough for a comfortable dozen for dinner and a kitchen with soapstone counters, a double porcelain sink, and an old Viking from his grandparents’ farm in Pennsylvania that they’d replaced in a kitchen remodeling there.

World Blogging Tour thanks to BlarneyCrone #WBT

Endless Knots

So apparently there's a movement of sorts, passing the blogging baton from poster to poster, under the rubric "World Blogging Tour."

The 7 things I would never tell my mother - NOT!

Nancy White

I remember my friends, when we moved to Pennsylvania, always thought your West Coast cooking was quite exotic! And yeah, I met her online.

Friends talking to Friends

TNT - The Network Thinker

Pennsylvania is the next test. Will Hillary borrow the local social networks of her friend and supporter, Pennsylvania's governor Ed Rendell?

Thinking about “Slow Community” (particularly online) | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

They can be found here as well as embedded below. This all came out of a blog post a few months back that generated some very interesting comments.

Collaborative Thinking: Blogging Shoulder To Shoulder

Collaborative Thinking

Penn Nursing - Working Shoulder to Shoulder This blog was created by nursing students at the University of Pennsylvania. Please try again.

World of Warcraft: Terrorists and Virtual Worlds

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

the “White Keep” becomes the White House and “Come in South East of the Zoram Strand” becomes an approach path along Pennsylvania Avenue. “.

General Shinseki, a wargame, and the networks of hierarchy

Endless Knots

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki is in the news and it's not the first time he's been center stage. Omar N. We decided to attend.

Note to self: cancel subscription, April, 2043 - no, sooner; no, don't

Endless Knots

Here I am interviewing Miss Pennsylvania and Miss Pottstown Sesquicentennial. I'm not sure when I fell in love with newspapers. With the tailgate down and my brother and I sitting on it, my father would drive slowly through our neighborhood and we would each jump off every couple of houses and drop the paper on the front steps.

The 7 things I would never tell my mother – NOT! | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

I remember my friends, when we moved to Pennsylvania, always thought your West Coast cooking was quite exotic! And yeah, I met her online.

Slow Community Video from Zaaz Event | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Connecting, (ironically) to Nancy White’s idea of slow communities (like slow food) and wondering some more about the process of network participation and how much [.] # Pennsylvania » Slowing Down on 26 Jul 2008 at 5:46 pm [.] Boy, I don’t hold still, do I? At parties the locals and the blow ins may separate. United States.

Two requests

John Tropea - Delicious Community

The Pennsylvania Railroad was universally recognized as the best run railroad of the 1800s - by far. All help appreciated. Cheers!

CoP 0

Cognitive Edge - cops and social computing

John Tropea - Delicious Community

The Pennsylvania Railroad was universally recognized as the best run railroad of the 1800s - by far. All help appreciated. Cheers!

Scientists examine how social networks influence behavior

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

At the University of Pennsylvania, Michael Kearns is using controlled voting experiments to show how a small minority view can win over an overwhelming majority. But now scientists studying networking are starting to realize that when it comes to much in life, its also who the people you know know, and perhaps also who those people know.

Groundhog Day: seeing shadows

Chris Corrigan

The day in which one solitary animal in Pennsylvania awakes from his winter hibernation, takes a look out of his burrow and gauges what he sees. And then just like that, you hop a plane from Johannesburg, stop after 8 hours in Dakar for refuelling. The air is cold and crisp and the city seems to be in a good mood. Clear eyed.

Verifying Virtual Value - Chief Learning Officer magazine

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

tools is anything but formal. Yet, when it comes to measuring its value, a structured approach should still apply. How can learning leaders assess whether the benefits live up to the hype? At this time, however, the enthusiasm for networked learning isn’t necessarily shared by everyone. Is a formal ROI necessary? All Rights Reserved.

'Flocking' behavior lands on social networking sites -

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

People are reorganizing their lives to expand their communication media, says Keith Hampton, an assistant professor of communication at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. SOCIAL NETWORKING Top social networking sites Total unique visitors in August (from home, work, college). But not everyone agrees. Each had an average of 10.4

'Not a Site, but a Concept': Tapping the Power of Social Networking - Knowledge@Wharton

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Traditional Chinese) | Español | Portuguêse All materials copyright of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Privacy Policy. And Del Monte Pet Foods uses a private online community to regularly "chat" with 400 pet lovers whose opinions help shape new products. Read More About. What Ills Can the Pfizer-Wyeth Merger Cure?