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Alfresco Now Offers Cloud-based Open Source Document Management

Portals and KM

This is key today with the capabilities of open APIs. There are several significant aspects to this move. I would certainly agree.

Lovd By Less -- Open Source Social Network -- Who loves you, baby?

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

So we said we should just build an open source social network platform and give it away. LovdbyLess Open Source Social Network New social networks launch everyday, most start with the same basic features. Bloggers have wordpress, mephisto and other open source solutions. Why did we create LovdByLess? Enjoy!

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ShiftSpace | An Open Source layer above any webpage

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

ShiftSpace An open source layer above any webpage Install ShiftSpace easy 3 step installation | Version 0.14 | January 10, 2009 ShiftSpace (pronounced: § ) is an open source browser plugin for collaboratively annotating, editing and shifting the web. Overview Shift What? aka Ether-Ore) for its Turbulence web site.

Open source board game

Net-Map Toolbox

I’m still searching for a board game producer who can mass produce Net-Map boxes at the price and quality that makes sense. Today I found bluepanther , who look interesting and from their website I landed in a different universe that was unknown to me before: The world of Piecepack. “Flexible. Portable. Affordable. Public domain.

Open Sourced Bright Ideas and Micro Support | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Beyond possible sales of a DIY kit which any other manufacturer could also create) What values are being expressed – beyond valuing open source.

Which Conferences? And How?

Hildy Gottlieb

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2010 27

Fundraising True Confessions

Hildy Gottlieb

Building "Creating the Future" Capacity Building Fundraising Transparency / Open SourceThat is what this post will attempt to do. cash).

Scholarship Stone Soup

Hildy Gottlieb

Building "Creating the Future" Education Transparency / Open SourceI say it a lot in this space – and in every space I can.

2011 23

BuddyPress, an open source competitor to FaceBook

Collaborative Thinking

At Today’s WordPress Camp in San Francisco - covered in detail by ZD’s Andrew Mager here - Founder Matt Mullenweg discussed impressive growth for and Page views grew from 1.5 billion to 6.5 billion/month with 120-160 million unique visitors, including a third from heavyweight media sites.

3 Lessons in Changing the Way We See Things

Hildy Gottlieb

Transparency / Open SourceWhen we change the way we see things, things change. Last week we blogged that question again.

Does Email Fundraising Really Raise Money?

Hildy Gottlieb

So that’s our plan – to share every step of this campaign, to share openly what works and what doesn’t. Getting Started.

New Program – What do you think?

Hildy Gottlieb

Building "Creating the Future" Capacity Building Community Engagement Transparency / Open SourceOur Thinking. Frustration sets in.

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No 10 petition urges open sourcing council software

Social Reporter

If councils spend citizens’ money on developing systems to inform and engage citizens, shouldn’t they also share the software? A while back I wrote about my experience of sitting on a Government advisory board discussing plans to spend £2 million of public money on Citizen Engagement Tools. That attracted over 300 contributions.

Fully Transparent Fundraising – The Plan and the Budget

Hildy Gottlieb

The following therefore describes what Creating the Future needs to keep the doors open and at least pay the mortgages on our respective homes!

OSNA - Open Source Network Analysis

TNT - The Network Thinker

You specialize in OSNA -- open source network analysis ", he said. Occasionally we are unaware of what is obvious to everyone else.

What will our values look like in action?

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Leadership Pollyanna Principles Stuff I'm Thinking About Tools to Use Now Transparency / Open Source Words MatterHow can we end poverty?

Practicing Engagement Right Here Now

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Capacity Building Community Engagement Tools to Use Now Transparency / Open SourceSmaller as well as larger?

What Do You Wish Your Board Would Learn?

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Boards / Governance Building "Creating the Future" Capacity Building Transparency / Open SourceBoard education in digestible chunks.

Google: Already Putting SOPA into Action

Hildy Gottlieb

Transparency / Open SourceIf you use the internet at all today, you will notice something different. Wikipedia’s site is blacked out.

Why is Open Source Software a good option for developing countries?

I collaborate, e-collaborate, we collaborate

The ecollaboration meeting in Amsterdam had the title: Going Open! and focused on Open Source, Open Access, Open Content, etc.

Open source software in the courts

Making Sense With Facilitated Systems

I've written before about the merits I see in open source software and the problems I see with certain EULAs. Tonight I stumbled across a court case that seems to give strong support to the ideas of open source licensing. Thanks to Model railroad case settles Open Source licensing dispute for the lead.

Sueetie: The Future in.NET Open Source Online Community Development - Home Page


A suite of open source applications. Tags: open_source technology_stewardship online_community

Open Source Social Network Software List

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Spree - open source for building knowledge exchange network project, this software just for build real-time communication with chat and give qustion to other member real-time. Clonesumating is open-source version code that runs Dolphin is free open source for social networks.

Conflict of Interest & Transparency

Hildy Gottlieb

Boards / Governance Transparency / Open Source board of directors conflict of interest nonprofit boards nonprofit governance

Social Networking Goes Open Source With Insoshi

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Broadband Mechanics has always emphasized the openness of its PeopleAggregator platform, and even Ning , the most publicized DIY social networking company, will give you the underlying code if you request it. It’s not even the first Ruby on Rails project to go open source. reply Chris W. And we’re just at the start. Raises $1.1 Million And Goes Open Source - ReadWriteWeb

John Tropea - Delicious Community

has also announced that it is open sourcing a restricted version of its code under the Affero Public License. Raises $1.1

Lockheed Martin Launches Open-Source Social Networking Project - Application Development from eWeek

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Lockheed Martin, the nations largest defense contractor, has launched a new open-source project for enterprise social networking called Eureka Streams.

Activity Streams, Socialism, & the Future of Open Source

Online Community Strategy

I saw an earlier version of Chris Messina’s activity streams presentation at SxSWi. Activity as context for social content is pretty interesting. via Posted via web from Social Architect

Deciding Who Qualifies

Hildy Gottlieb

Building "Creating the Future" Gratitude Transparency / Open SourceWe did it! 4) Be transparent about the decision-making process.

Recruiting OUR Board!

Hildy Gottlieb

Must embrace open-source / transparently engaged decision-making. Yes, exciting. The fact that I love this stuff is no secret. Must Have.

Wikia Open Sources Social Networking - Focused Networking Now Open to All - ReadWriteWeb

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

The ability to set up an Open Source social network is now available to anyone who can put a Mediawiki install on their servers.

Wikia Open Sources Social Networking - Focused Networking Now Open to All

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

The ability to set up an Open Source social network is now available to anyone who can put a Mediawiki install on their servers.

Community Equity Project

Collaborative Thinking

of the Community Equity open source project. Tags: Collaboration Open_Source Social Networking & Collaboration released.

Ad-Supported Open-Source Community Blogging Becomes Reality: OpenServing Is Here - Robin Good's Latest News

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

While the Open-Source, democratic media ideal certainly gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside, however, it doesnt always pay the bills.

fOSSa2011, Coders and Sketchnotes

Nancy White

In Lyon, I really stepped into a new domain for me, Open Source Software (OSS) development. I’m home from another adventure! Sorry.

F2F 2

Opening Up And Speeding Up Feeds

Collaborative Thinking

A simple, open, server-to-server web-hook-based pubsub (publish/subscribe) protocol as an extension to Atom. pubsubhubbub - Google Code.

Google Friend Connect now available for Drupal and Joomla

Collaborative Thinking

Tags: Open_Source Social Networking & Collaboration


Collaborative Thinking

Tags: Open_Source Social Networking & Collaboration

Donations as Revenue: Social Media Business Podcast

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Currency has no inherent value itself – only what we, the community, say it’s worth. Caring But Not Committed. Pledgie ). Donations.

The Power of Pull + Social Business Edge + 140 Character Conference= ?

21st Century Organization

Engage customers and stakeholders to innovate and co-create in an open world. Change is in the Air and in Business It's spring in New York.