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Absent presence in online interaction

Jenny Connected

What does it mean to be ‘present’ online? Is it possible to be noticed online if you are not visible and don’t speak? Source of image.

So You Want to Host a Web Meeting? A Resource

Full Circle Associates

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Facilitating the transition from online to face-to-face conversations and vice versa

Joitske Hulsebosch

Photo by sparkzy I participated in the online facilitation course by Nancy White (long ago!) The flow was gone.

Learning While Building eLearning: Part 3 – Facilitating Online

Full Circle Associates

I want to kick this off with a quote from the amazing Beck Tench talking about facilitating online learning : Learning and change are super complex.

What does “digital native” imply? Just sayin…

Full Circle Associates

Smash stereotypes and remember many roots of learning are social, even online! collaboration learning online interaction digital natives

A Webinar on Facilitating with Technology With 36 Co-Presenters

Full Circle Associates

They offer both online and offline professional development gatherings. Others are interested in the impact of technology on our interactions.

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The dark side of online interaction

Joitske Hulsebosch

When we talk about online facilitation of collaborative processes and online sharing of experiences, there are definitely dark sides.

Learning While Building eLearning: Part 2 – Learning Objectives & Assessment

Full Circle Associates

You started with all of your F2F material, then had to hone it down for online. There is less opportunity for that online.

Crosspost from NWWCoP: Twitter Chats and Tweetups

Nancy White

There are both technical and facilitation things to consider to effectively pull people into a coherent interaction on Twitter. and resources.

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Lessons from a Crazy MAFN Multi-Sensory Webinar

Full Circle Associates

The title was Fingerpainting Online: Experiments in Synchronous Multimodality. An eternity online. What does this look like online?

Twitter Thanks and Social Media and Public Health

Nancy White

Why Online? Why Online? Well, today was the day. Last week in preparation I realized I had to get my act together. Why me? via Why me?

Tips for online decision making

Joitske Hulsebosch

It is amazing to see the energy of the people who dive into the first online block. Use an online poll to collect opinions of the whole group.

Good Suggestions for “Fixing the Q&A” Session

Full Circle Associates

events facilitation knowledge sharing learning online interaction presentations BDSKM BDSLearning Ask for reactions, not just questions.

New ways of learning about the new Africa- an online interactive learning trajectory

Joitske Hulsebosch

The Learning and Development Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was this time convinced that online learning should be organised.

Faciliplay: Play as an Online Facilitation Technique

Full Circle Associates

Note: Faciliplay: Play as an Online Facilitation Technique was a post I wrote way back in the early life of this blog, before I moved to WordPress. This was written in the day when online interaction was centered on discussion forums, so the advice is framed in that context. The online manifestations for play are varied.

Liberating Structures Online

Full Circle Associates

I was bummed to miss the September Liberating Structures Seattle User Group meeting as it was about using LS online. (If Guys, ok? Ahhhhh.

How Tech Shapes Us and We Shape Tech

Nancy White

I’m reading Turkle’s new book ( Alone Together ) slowly and how she frames the negative consequences of this interaction.

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Relate and Liberate: Techniques for Online Learner Engagment

Full Circle Associates

So earlier this month we did an hour together online. learning online interaction engagement liberating structures

Technology: Snow White and the seven competences of online interaction

Joitske Hulsebosch

Last year I did Nancy White's online course on facilitating online interaction, which also touched upon the competences of online facilitators.

Designing an online and face-to-face learning trajectory

Joitske Hulsebosch

A huge advantage of the online process is that we have a secured continuous attention and more networking opportunities for the dairy specialists.

Reflecting on #socialartists and #change11

Nancy White

communities of practice community creativity facilitation knowledge sharing online interaction reflection change11 MOOCThat was enough!

Fish Bowling, Solo Galaxies and Free Writing in Holland

Nancy White

Note: I’m working a back log of “draft posts&# that have yet to see the light of day. The key word that keeps coming to me is fractal.

2011 11

Relationship Centric Teaching – Part 3 of ISS Fellowship

Full Circle Associates

In it Clay talks about the importance the access online learning has provided. Good teaching comes before any facility with online teaching.

Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: Blog Communities - En Espanol/Spanish


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Monday Videos, Technology Stewardship and Gina Schreck

Nancy White

Monday videos online interaction social media technology stewardshipSkype 10-Way Video Calling & Some Pink Duct Tape | Synapse3Di.

The 2011 State of Community Management

Nancy White

It is worth a read for anyone interested in online interaction from the good folks at the Community Roundtable ! community online facilitation online interaction social mediaThe 2011 State of Community Management. View more documents from The Community Roundtable.

Twitter Search #myonlineorigins

Nancy White

What are your online origins? Tags: community indicators online interaction Photo Credit: quapan.

Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: Updating my basic article on online facilitation

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Facilitating Online Interaction Originally from: [link]. In the early days of online interaction, facilitation most often was confined to asynchronous text based interactions, or synchronous chat. No longer are we interacting in bounded or closed groups, but in open and always shifting networks.

Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: Using Knowledge Sharing to Think About Knowledge Sharing

John Tropea - Delicious Community

It is hard to get to the hard core ROI numbers (as was ONCE AGAIN) reiterated at the Online Communities Unconference in Mountain View, CA last week. This came out of the call from a variety of corners for "knowledge sharing toolkits" and workshops. It is not just about the notes, but the music they create. More on that in a separate post.

Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: How Some Folks Have Tried to Describe Community - Update 2005

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Home About Full Circle Resources Contact Us Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Friday, April 01, 2005 How Some Folks Have Tried to Describe Community - Update 2005 In 1999 I wrote an article entitled How Some Folks Have Tried to Describe Community. I hope its useful. 1995]). 2000. "

Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: So What IS a Community Indicator? v1

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Home About Full Circle Resources Contact Us Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Wednesday, August 24, 2005 So What IS a Community Indicator? Im more specifically interested in distributed and online community indicators. v1 Warning. long blog post! I hedged. See 1 below.)

Heading Back Down Under: Part 1 Australia

Nancy White

Five years ago, the job title “online community manager” was rare. What does this mean for organizations’ online strategies? Format.

Backchannels during presentations

Joitske Hulsebosch

A backchannel is an online means of communication between the audience and between the audience and the speakers. I'm reading the backchannel.

My Old Online Facilitation Workshop Materials

Nancy White

In a way, they are a glimpse back into the early days of the practice of online facilitation.

New publication: The “Kids’ Knowledge Base”: Connecting Junior Science to Society

Making CommunitySense

The online “Kids’ Knowledge Base” is a key instrument for presenting showcases of various scientific fields to primary school children, thereby aiming to pique their curiosity. Just published: A. de Moor (2014), The “Kids’ Knowledge Base”: Connecting Junior Science to Society. In Proc. Abstract.

Online Community Still Crazy After All These Years

Nancy White

CommunityBuilders – Online Community Still Crazy After Years with Nancy White. Luis, do we have a chat transcript too? What a delight.

Digital Identity Workbook for NPO/NGO Folks

Nancy White

Tags: international development non profits/ngos online interaction social media technology stewardship identity

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References on Lurking

Nancy White

First, is an old discussion summary from the Online Facilitation list from 2003, compiled by Chris Lang which still has value to me.

In Memoriam — Peter Kollock

Nancy White

Tags: community online interaction

Exploring the place between boundaries in communities and networks

Nancy White

I think there are similar things we can describe around different online interaction tools and the practices associated with them.