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Isn’t it strange, how the internet changes our offline life? Do you have similar experiences, where online and offline enrich each other I’ve moved into my neighborhood (Capitol Hill in Washington DC – also called “parentville&# , because the baby-less are a small minority) a year and a half ago.

Online and Offline Tools for Weddings

Michelle Laurie

An offline visual. Anyone who has organized a wedding likely knows that it can come with its fair share of stress. As someone who often plans engaging events for others, the pressure is on for my own wedding! I have found two tools that are helping me organize over the next 5 months.

MindMeister - Mobile Device and Offline Access

Michael Sampson - Currents

The re-introduction of offline access to MindMeister maps. I really believe in the need for offline access / location independence - see Pillar 2 in the 7 Pillars - so kudos for adding this back in.

Offline Access for Gmail, Calendar, and Docs

Michael Sampson - Currents

Google announced the release of new offline capabilities for Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs : " Gmail offline will be available today, and offline for Google Calendar and Google Docs will be rolling out over the next week, starting today. Gmail Offline is a Chrome Web Store app that’s intended for situations when you need to read, respond to, organize and archive email without an internet connection.

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#e2conf 2011 Highlights – Offline Social Networking Still Rules!


conference event for yours truly: the offline social networking interactions! Indeed, if there was a single key highlight I would want to stress out from the event itself, is how, once again, the offline networking was absolutely fantastic!

2011 141

Listening Online and Offline

Ant's Eyeview Blog

The WOM moment was set in motion because Omni listened (offline at the Fort Worth site) really well about my interest in their Select Guest program. Two days ago I wrote a post, Personal Touch , about a WOM (Word of Mouth) moment during my stay at Omni Hotel, Fort Worth Texas. But then they also listened online by monitoring mentions of their brand – LOVE IT! Here is tweet exchange with my blog post and their two replies: Tags: AEV Blog Listening WOM WOMMA

Listening Online and Offline

Ant's Eyeview Blog

The WOM moment was set in motion because Omni listened (offline at the Fort Worth site) really well about my interest in their Select Guest program. Two days ago I wrote a post, Personal Touch , about a WOM (Word of Mouth) moment during my stay at Omni Hotel, Fort Worth Texas. But then they also listened online by monitoring mentions of their brand – LOVE IT! Here is tweet exchange with my blog post and their two replies: Tags: Listening WOM WOMMA

2 New FREE Business Networking Sites Featuring Offline and Training Elements

Online Social Networking

Both sites will feature strong offline-online and educational components. Sponsorship opportunities are available for site members, offline business networking groups and online business networking sites. Two free business networking sites are set to open this month.

Listening Online and Offline

Ant's Eyeview Blog

The WOM moment was set in motion because Omni listened (offline at the Fort Worth site) really well about my interest in their Select Guest program. Two days ago I wrote a post, Personal Touch , about a WOM (Word of Mouth) moment during my stay at Omni Hotel, Fort Worth Texas. But then they also listened online by monitoring mentions of their brand – LOVE IT! Here is tweet exchange with my blog post and their two replies: Tags: AEV Blog Listening WOM WOMMA

Law Enforcement Advice on How to Deal with Offline and Suicide Threads on Your Community

Managing Communities

Please Update Your RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you. Managing Staff Managing the Community

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The Power of Online (Taken Offline) Community on Display at Podcamp Topeka

Managing Communities

When I learned that I would be delivering my first keynote presentation at Podcamp Topeka earlier this month, I was excited. But, what got me more excited was how well the people behind the event were treating me. I really appreciated their faith and investment in me. I liked David Lee King’s vision for the [.]. Thinking

September Wrap-Up Community Builder Chat: Online, Offline, and Migration


Question 2 : asked how to build a loop between on and offline engagement. Most agreed that it is harder to move from online to offline, where engagement may be strong because of the access or timing that can’t be accomplished with the physical world. These monthly chats part of the #4Change network and are open to anyone interested in learning and sharing about building community, on and offline, with the use of social media or other technology tools.

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Getting More out of Online & Offline Events


We've been helping groups for many years with ways to have a little more influence and get a little more impact out of their online and offline events. If the event is offline, conduct follow-up online discussion using a simple listserve or a group collaboration tool to keep the lively discussions going. With users' increasing confidence in participating together online, there's never been a better time to take a leap and try a new tactic to engage a group.

Survey: Online Forum Contributors More Influential Online and Offline vs. Non-Contributors

Managing Communities

PostRelease, the forums-based advertising platform, and research company Synovate have released the results of a survey aimed at determining the influence of people who contribute to online forums, as opposed to those that do not. They polled 1,000 citizens aged 18 and older in the lower 48 United States from November 19 through 23. They found [.].

Community Guy – Jake McKee » Blog Archive » Guest Post: A Pattern Language for Online (and Offline) Communities


online_community pattern_language participationpatterns

How Social and Business Networking is Evolving

Online Social Networking

Tags: Networking and Marketing Strategy Offline Online Integration Social Media and Social Networking Sites business networking business networking sites mobile technology online social networking Ryze social networking social networking sites

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5 Web Strategies that Paid Off in 2011

Online Social Networking

Leveraging numerous online and offline sources, such as SEO , social networking sites , social bookmarking sites , email , print ads and word-of-mouth, to generate a flood of targeted traffic to the company’s web content. Best Practices Networking and Marketing Strategy Offline Online Integration Web Marketing Website Traffic content sharing email marketing Marketing Strategy online presence SEO Social Media Strategies websites

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Social Media Collaboration at Baselworld

Online Social Networking

Blogging Business Networking Networking and Marketing Strategy Offline Online Integration collaboration Social MediaI’m still fatigued from My Social Media Mission Abroad in Basel, Switzerland and bruised from my tumble in the Rolex booth but please, don’t get me wrong.

10 community principles to make your MOOC stronger

Joitske Hulsebosch

Connect online and offline. But the offline aspect also remains utterly important, arrange for meetups or facilitate that people who live together can look for each other. In January we had a lot of fun facilitating our knowmad MOOC.

2017 164

Cambridge Analytica vs Beacon – Facebook Australia Quantium

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

In 2007 Facebook got into trouble for Beacon – I wrote about it at the time – a service that reported on your behaviours online and offline for “personalisation” purposes. Ancient history? From Beacon to Cambridge Analytica, and Quantium.

2018 199

Huddle Updated its iPhone App

Michael Sampson - Currents

New features include: " * Support for offline commenting and document approvals (as well as tasks). Icons to show you which files are currently downloading, and downloaded - all these files are then available offline. Huddle released an update to its iPhone app , for working with colleagues and team members through the Huddle collaboration service. Comments now automatically notify all of the contributors to a document: Creator, Editors, and anyone who's already commented.

2012 114

Three different views on social learning

Joitske Hulsebosch

I am not the first to note that social learning is a confusion concept. Every Friday there is an interesting #ldinsight Twitter chat. I joined one Friday when the topic was about social learning. I struggled going from my tweetchat back to twitter and hootsuite trying to keep up with replies :).

2018 130

On a blog hiatus

Michelle Laurie

I am somewhat disappointed to have let it slide but I have been having so much fun offline… and this is helping to relieve the guilt. The last couple months have been keeping me busy and my blogging has suffered. I will return to blogging shortly!!

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Marble runs and music machines


And then we found that the machine is retired and came to the Speelklok Museum and the new project of the machine creator, Martin Molin, where he builds a revisited version of it with the team of offline and online support.

2017 116

Social networking applications and platforms – a socio-technical approach to community support


Slides from a presentation on online community support (and a bit of offline!).

It’s All About Work Life Integration; It’s All About You!


To the point where, while we may enjoy quite a bit our own online lives, we seem to keep neglecting the offline ones. for your own online and offline life; for your own work and personal life; in short, it all starts with you taking care of yourself.

My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #2


Blogo : On my MacBook Air, I don’t have a single doubt in terms of my favourite offline blogging app and for a good few years already. This is where Pocket excels in terms of providing one of the most enlightening user experiences for browsing the Web while offline , if I can say that.

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Evernote Premium for Action Support - Great Addition to the iPad

Michael Sampson - Currents

Offline access to synchronized Evernote notebooks on my iPad. BUT in order to access the material offline, you need to pay Evernote for a monthly ($5) or annual subscription ($45) - it's pretty cheap. and the Premium account offering gives the ability to cache for offline access.

Trusting People in This Social Age Is a Tough Job!


And time and time again it’s those very same actions the ones that confirm that who you thought you could trust, initially, based on those offline / online interactions, you find out you just can’t.

2016 151

Boundaries and Limits of Networked and Connected Learning

Jenny Connected

The second Networked Learning Conference Hotseat starts on Sunday 8 th November and will run until the 14 th.

2015 151

Holidays in Canada

Joitske Hulsebosch

You hear more often that people try to stay offline during the holidays, but I also found the internet super handy during the holidays, so no #offline for me! Canadian taking our picture I just returned from a vacation in West Canada.

Canada 141

Technology: blogging by mail

Joitske Hulsebosch

you can type offline and send all your mails at once, when you are connected). Hi, this is a test to blog by e-mail. If it works, it would be easier for people with low-bandwith problems. Test, test, test

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One Way to Fix SharePoint's Outlook Problem - The BrainYard #sharepoint #outlook

Michael Sampson - Currents

My latest post is up on The BrainYard, entitled One Way to Fix SharePoint's Outlook Problem : " For as long as I can remember, I have connected the idea of "SharePoint on the desktop" with Colligo Networks and its suite of products for taking SharePoint offline and embedding it inside Outlook.

2012 116

A world full of knowmads in 2020?

Joitske Hulsebosch

Online and offline knowmads Can you be knowmad without online skills? Tiffany Motton think about 25 to 45% of the professionals might be seen as knowmadic, but lack digital skills: they could be seen as offline Knowmads.

2020 195

OpenNTF – Bookmark Viewer for IBM Lotus Connections Dogear


One of those challenges has always been trying to accommodate the mobile workforce and provide something so relatively simple as offline capabilities from most of those social tools. Social Software applications out there that are starting to tap into the offline world.

Lotus 130

New publication: The “Kids’ Knowledge Base”: Connecting Junior Science to Society

Making CommunitySense

We show how it has been used since its launch in March 2013, and discuss how combining different modes of offline and online interaction helps to promote its overall usefulness and use. Just published: A. de Moor (2014), The “Kids’ Knowledge Base”: Connecting Junior Science to Society. In Proc. of Chi Sparks 2014, The Hague, the Netherlands. The Hague University of Applied Sciences , pp.108-111. Abstract.

2014 126

Feng Office - Team Collaboration Service

Michael Sampson - Currents

There are no offline capabilities, as far as I could tell, no was there any mention about access from mobile devices like iPad or iPhone. Team collaboration services on the Internet are many and varied - Feng Office is one I haven't heard of previously: My Comments.

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#openedMOOC Week 1: The value of ‘open’

Jenny Connected

And the assumption seems to be that we are talking about openness online as opposed to offline. Link to source of image. Why Does Open Matter? This is the key question for Week 1 of the Introduction to Open Education MOOC, being offered on edX by David Wiley and George Siemens.

2017 141

Social reporting made simple (thanks Carl)

Social Reporter

He has just posted the neatest explanation I’ve seen of how to use social reporting of offline events to promote wider engagement (OK, I’m a little biased by the kind mention of this blog). Carl explains: 1: The Offline Event.

2009 130

Real-World Marketing for the Social Web

Web Social Architecture

It's as real, in every meaningful sense, as the offline world. And the relationships, interactions, and experiences we have online are as real as their offline equivalents. The Web isn't an alternative to the offline world, it's a complementary dimension, and online relationships and interactions aren't a replacement for our offline relationships and interactions--digital and analog, rather, are parts of a whole.

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