"Exceptions are not exceptional - they are the norm"

Governance in a Networked World

And if exceptions are now the norm, then perhaps we need to re-think what enterprise software really means. I got this quote from a recent Deloitte publication on Social Software for Business Performance. Based on recent experiences in dealing with various service organisations I had started to think that maybe I really did have peculiar requirements, though to me virtually none of them was exceptional. As we know nowadays if you fall outside the 6 sigma band you are nowhere!

"She brought Norm" - #NACD

Endless Knots

"She brought Norm ," said the speaker, introducing the recipient of the NACD Lifetime Achievement Award tonight. Norm Augustine (long list of major positions in companies, non-profits, government, and academia) then clarified, saying that in fact his granddaughter was asked to bring "a really old thing." " You never know who's going to bring down the house but Norm really did. Bring Norm, virtually speaking.

Naming & Shaming Channel 7 on Facebook

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

These dark moments will continue to be made public as transparency becomes the norm. Corporate Karma is immediate & irrevocable. Transparency & accountability arent just nice to haves they are part of every day reality. I will let this poor mother speak for herself.

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E2.0 Santa Clara: Architecting the Building Blocks of Enterprise Social Networking

Collaborative Thinking

We can then design "social infrastructure" (such as Social Network Sites) with more effective affordances to support those norms and behaviors. Slideshare did not handle the builds and colors correctly but you should be able to decipher most of how the presentation flows.

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TakeTen: Elite Sports Performance techniques for all

The Bumble Bee

Elite sportsmen and women use advanced breathing and focalising techniques to get themselves "into the zone" where exceptional performance becomes the norm.

Pedagogy First gets going again

Jenny Connected

There were a number of great blog posts this week, but Norm Wright’s introduction to a 3D rotating image cube caught my attention. Pedagogy First is a Programme for Online Teaching Certificate Class run by Lisa Lane and her colleagues at Miracosta College.

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Pedagogy First gets going again

Jenny Connected

There were a number of great blog posts this week, but Norm Wright’s introduction to a 3D rotating image cube caught my attention. Pedagogy First is a Programme for Online Teaching Certificate Class run by Lisa Lane and her colleagues at Miracosta College.

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All posts in The "Rules": Democracies Online Exchange: Democracies Online


In our social media workshop we are talking about rules, norms and agreements. Tags: guidelines TOS rules agreements online_community online_facilitation cgsocialmedia norms This is an example.

Cooperation is Never Perfect

Alchemy of Change

Rather than thinking about how to lock in coordination as the organizational norm, we need to think about how to prolong periods of cooperative stability and how to quickly and efficiently rebuilt collaboration once it is inevitably disrupted.

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The Case of Gemba v. Semmelweis

Evolving Web

This is a professional (and general psychological) reflex to reject new evidence that in some way threatens established norms or firmly held beliefs. The Gemba is where it all happens. It’s the factory floor, the crime scene, ground zero.

2011 74

Getting People to Change

Hildy Gottlieb

We share that we are building a movement for making visionary community results the norm in social change work, rather than the exception. So if we want to change norms, change culture, change habits, the recipe is simple: Meet people where they are, with what they think they need.

The Soft Skills of Collaboration and The Social Enterprise


They have just been told that collaboration, specially in today’s virtual, distributed corporate world, is just the norm. Here you have got them listed, so that you can get an idea: “Use evocative images to spur a detailed discussion of cultural norms and expectations.

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Complexity and movements change culture

Chris Corrigan

There are no movement structures, but instead a movement is a mass migration of people, organizations, businesses and communities unified in common story, driving to shift culture, policy, behavior and norms.

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Lotusphere 2011 Notes: Work Trends 2021 Panel

Portals and KM

John Moore asked about how technology might help bridge different cultural norms.   Knowing cultural norms takes time and experience. With faster communication we may not have time to learn the norms. This is another in a series of my notes on Lotusphere 2011.

2011 46

How the Australian TV Code of Practice creates Media Trolls and #Socialmedia response #ACA9

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

If you suggest a dodgy political solution, promote it on your “current affair” channels, it becomes the norm. Shares On December 1st, 2015, the updated Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice (2015) came into play. And oh boy did it come into play.

2016 49

An Anti-Collaborative Pattern: Gossip

Michael Sampson - Currents

Trust disintegrates rapidly in a culture where gossip is the acceptable norm. What are you creating in your team as the acceptable norm? Pollyanna writes about the damaging effects of gossip on team performance : " Work place gossip (like gossip in any situation) undermines relationships. A successful team is built on solid healthy relationships which are built on trust.

Why Social Business Keeps Failing to Deliver


Shouldn’t we all be focusing on the long term strategy to become socially integrated enterprises where sustainable business growth becomes a norm , more than an exception?

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February 2015. Light and Shade.

Jenny Connected

Then that space which lies between the surface and the highest point becomes a sphere of play, or conflict, between opposites, representing the desire to break away and the inability to leave the norm.’. February arrived in light and went out in shade.

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Radical innovation is never acceptable

Chris Corrigan

In organizational life this means fundamentally violating the organization’s norms and policies, some of which are unwritten and my not even be visible until you start acting in ways that make them visible.

2016 35

Create Slides People Will Remember by Nancy Duarte


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Social Business Begins by Unleashing Your Business Talent


It’s no longer an exception, but more a norm. A norm that will start becoming contagious from business to business, from customer to customer and so forth.

2011 59

The Evolution of Cooperation

Jenny Connected

The human capacity to create rituals, norms, and institutions that channel our biological urges is one key capability that makes human civilizations different from other species. There is a complex relationship between unfairness cooperation and social norms. Week 2 of Howard Rheingold’s course – Towards a Literacy of Cooperation – focuses on the evolution of cooperation. Here are some notes from Howard’s presentation during the live session last week.

2013 66

You Can’t Tape-Delay Social Media; Web TV Convergence is Here

Portals and KM

Cory adds that ‘two-screen experiences are now the norm for many TV households.” As I wrote a few weeks back, TV Web Convergence is already occurring through multi-taskers. Now could the Grammy people not know that their show would attract a lot of social media people tweeting about the show, the winners, and the losers.  So why did they do a tape delay for the West Coast?

Weather Forecasts and Kindness

Hildy Gottlieb

Kindness is the norm. And in fact, in those rare places where UNkindness is the norm, life is, in fact, unlivable.). And yet we believe that exception is the norm. Summer is lingering far too long here in the Arizona desert.

Fair Process and Social Computing

Governance in a Networked World

I have also written about how compliance systems de-energise staff and force them into a position where they attempt to minimise their responsibilities and therefore the risk of non compliance penalties.the result being huge service gaps when anything falls any distance outside the norm.

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

Dave Pollards environmental philosophy, creative works, business papers and essays. In search of a better way to live and make a living, and a better understanding of how the world really works. Monday, January 19, 2009 Becoming Light BLOG Letting Go Photoby Kevin at the Bastish blog. F orthe past 40 years, Ive led something of a double life.

How to Use Employee Engagement to Boost Your Business


hehe), to the point where it is mentioned how in today’s working environment something that, for decades, was considered the norm, may no longer be the case: satisfaction , i.e. or, better said, being satisfied at work is no longer good enough.

OrchestratorMail - Bringing Structure and Clarity to Email Communication

Michael Sampson - Currents

Some firms create a more effective email culture by setting the norm of appending particular subject line abbreviations to the message. A lot of business is conducted via email.

2011 57

The Net Work of Change Agents

Patti Anklam

For nondivergent change, that “builds on rather than disrupts existing norms and practices,” a cohesive (bonding) network or strategy is best.

2013 27

The Social Engagement Journey

Community Guy

One-way communication with customers is the norm, and the various functional units in a company operate relatively independently. Customer listening is the norm, and multiple individuals within business units and functional groups are empowered to engage directly with customers and prospects.

How People Define Smart Organizations: The Biology of Great Organizations Part II

Alchemy of Change

The increasingly interconnected world we live today, with its revolutionary communications technologies and shifting business norms, is opening the organization in ways never imaginable just a few decades ago. We can learn a lot about organizations from biology.

2011 143

2013 – The Year of Social HR


2013 114

The influence of social media for learning - technology is more than just a means to a goal

Joitske Hulsebosch

Twenty years later, the use of the pill has become the norm A research in 1988 discovered a 16-year-old girl thought it was impossible to have sex without birth control pills, she did not know the pill prevents pregnancy.

2015 28

Future interactions design: tapping the wisdom of the crowd

Making CommunitySense

We added the political dimension, as we believe that such an informed, evolutionary, co-creative way of working & learning is not operating in a political vacuum, but should directly help shape the norms, values, and directions of the society of the future. Preparing for the future.

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How to Save the World

How to Save the World

Dave Pollards environmental philosophy, creative works, business papers and essays. In search of a better way to live and make a living, and a better understanding of how the world really works. October 3, 2007 Sketching the Future of Innovation L ast spring I wrote about Bill Buxton : Manyyears ago, when e-mail and Internet access were just becoming the normin business, I met a guy named Bill Buxton, who was then with AliasResearch.

Learning is everywhere


Chatting with the seller in the farm shop (communication norms, relationship building) and learning when it’s ok to eat inside a shop (cultural practices and exceptions from a rule). Yesterday I went to pick up a few things at Viermarken , a little farm close to our house.

2015 19

The community is the guru


Each individual community has its own norms and values, practices and sense. Last week, in a meeting with a customer, I was introduced as a "community guru" Although flattered, of course, the label didn't feel right to me at all.

Communities & Technologies finally meeting Community Informatics

Making CommunitySense

Community norms sometimes translate into goals, institutions. I’m currently in Siegen, Germany. attending the Communities & Technologies Vision workshop.

2014 34

You Arent The Boss of Me! Reactance and Rules

Evolving Web

It merely becomes a cultural norm that supports our preferred way of life. Do you like people to tell you what to do? Do you like your freedoms taken away by others? Do you really enjoy someone limiting your choices? My guess is probably not.

Scholarship Stone Soup

Hildy Gottlieb

Because that is actually the mission at Creating the Future – that visionary change become the norm for community benefit work, rather than the exception – we are in the process of creating a scholarship fund , so more people can learn how to embed that level of change into their work.

2011 23