My Pen, Our Pens: Engagement through Participatory Visualization Workshop

Full Circle Associates

From templates pioneered by leaders in the graphic practitioner fields to ones we create on the spot, from visual exercises designed to promote relationship, thinking and sensemaking, to collaborative and collective visual harvest practices designed both for sensemaking and knowledge sharing.


Graphic Facilitation Workshop ‘Rosviz’ 2015

Full Circle Associates

We will create mind maps, mandalas and a range of practical templates. I have a special interest in the NGO/NPO sector and the emerging practice of using communities and networks for work and learning. I incorporate visuals wherever I can particularly with the use of participatory graphics, templates, animation and reporting.


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New Blog: Forum One Field Notes


The blog uses the open source WordPress software with a free WordPress template. The organization is an NGO that provides heath care, education classes, eco-tourism training, and legal counseling to the underserved community. We're always haranguing our client organizations to set up blogs to collect "field notes.". For those organizations with staff in the field, it's a missed opportunity to not collect stories, photos, video, and audio.