New York Times Visualization Lab

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Go and try the New York Times Visualization Lab , “where you can create visual representations of data and information using the " Many Eyes " technology from IBM Research.” This was a smart idea to put this proof of concept out through the New York Times. There are examples of visualizations that the New York Times created and examples done by people trying the tool. Many Eyes comes out of IBM’s Center for Social Software.

Blueprint for New York neighbourhoods


New York has many neighbourhoods and a great diversity across them all. There’s a mayoral election coming up which, along with the ongoing context of recession, sharpens the acoustics for debate about social policy.   Social policy

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The Human Behind Humans of New York

Leading Virtually

A little over a month ago, I had the opportunity to attend a talk at Cornell University by Brandon Stanton, the author of Humans of New York (HONY). A very eloquent speaker, Mr. Stanton kept his audience engaged with his stories of how he has interviewed thousands of people not only in New York City but across the world. Social media technology, because of the way it reaches and touches different people far and wide, has the tendency to bring out the truth.

Ken Carroll » Blog Archive » ChinesePod, the New York Times, and the future

Ken Carroll

Culture and TCFL » ChinesePod, the New York Times, and the future The subject of online language learning has been in the news, particularly since Live Mocha received funding some weeks ago. Ken Carroll networks, languages, and learning 2.0


Paywall for and Online Community Social Media

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A few nights ago, I went to the bloggers/Twitterers briefing for new digital subscriptons for news hosted by Chief Executive Officer – News Digital Media and The Australian Richard Freudenstein and The Australian’s editor Clive Mathieson. The New Fourth Estate is Social Media.

Making Business Sense of Social Media and Social Networking – Is Blogging Dead?


Have you moved all of your conversations to social networking sites? Where else are you going to host conversations of stuff that matters to you and your community where you would want to own it and facilitate it with your various social networks?

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My New Cheese – Lead Social Business Enabler for IBM’s w3 and www Connections


I know that some of you folks may be wondering about what happened back in January about who moved my cheese and why was I so relatively quiet on social networks for a good few weeks, right? I eventually decided to find my new cheese in an attempt to move further on in my professional career.

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Your online social workspace | Your collaboration software | FMYI

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Harness the power of your team with FMYI, a private social network collaboration site for getting things done. Read what the New York Times and others think about the FMYI ». a new day. Watch “A New Day” ». Brand video: "A New Day".

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Agency Flash Mobs vs Social Flash Mobs

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While traditional media spends most of their time dissing social media (it is a competitor after all), traditional agencies find social media a rich source for client campaigns. Time to create something new. Because, hey it’s about being social, not flogging stuff.

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Occupy Wall Street – The Revolution is Twittervised

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Why Governments Fear Social Media – the Demise of Representational Democracy. Social networks were widely used by gangs to co-ordinate the riots across the country. Cleveland and Washington DC are trying to ban these social media organised demonstrations too.

2011 133 Online Community Revenue

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It will outlive me and everyone working there.&# ( Rob Kalin, CEO Etsy on Bloomberg ) The New York company tallied $273.2 December 2010: Etsy, the eBay for arts and crafts, is set to see $400 million worth of business on its site this year, the New York Times reports.

7 Tips to Winning the Social Media Marathon

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Building a social media presence is much more a marathon than a sprint. The social media marathon requires commitment, persistence and lots of patience, the type of mental endurance needed to complete a 26.2 When I wrote Social Media One Bite at a Time back in March, I emphasized the importance of motivation and focus. How does all this translate into long-term social media success ? Social networking sites can be intimidating at first.

Growing Our Social Media Group

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I work at a watch company for which social media and web marketing are key tools for accelerating its business expansion. As Social Media Director , I flew with our team to Basel, Switzerland in March to attend Baselworld , the grandest and most important watch and jewelry event of the year.

Older Web Users are Catching up with Youth on Social Media Participation

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As reported in the New York Times , a new Pew Research study finds that some of the greatest gains in social media use are occurring in older generations. For example, the percentage of Web users between 55 and 64 using social tools increased from 9% in December 2008 to 43% in May 2010. At the same time period, those 74 and older who are online quadrupled their social networking presence from 4 to16 percent.

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Crowdsourced Funding: How to ask for $75K but get $1.5million

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Casey Hopkins asked people to fund his new project to make a better dock for the iPhone. Kickstarter is an online community where you put up your project that you need funding, in this case to make a new dock for the iPhone. Broadcast time is instant, Social media time is slower.

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Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship

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Social network sites: Definition, history, and scholarship. link] Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship danah m. To emphasize this articulated social network as a critical organizing feature of these sites, we label them "social network sites."

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Collaborative Thinking: Social Networking: For Better Or Worse?

Collaborative Thinking

Collaborative Thinking Perceptions on collaboration and social software by Mike Gotta « Burton Group Catalyst Speaker Submissions | Main | Blogging Without Permission » February 15, 2008 Social Networking: For Better Or Worse? So what’s the net effect of social networking?

Collaborative Thinking: Social Media & Pharmaceuticals

Collaborative Thinking

The New York pharmaceuticals maker will announce a partnership today with Sermo Inc., a social-networking site for licensed physicians.

Blog Journalism: The World As Editor

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Jeff Jarvis has responded to New York Times slamming bloggers as unethical and without standards by pointing out that blogging is “process of journalism&# whereas mainstream media is “product journalism&#. .

ATX: the world's social business hub

Social Abacus

This post was done in parallel to a group of social business thinkers and practitioners, synthesized and excerpted by Peter Kim here. This shocks people-- to have left New York City (said with a Texas accent like in the old El Paso commercials) for a funky little Texan town.

An Ant’s Eye Point-of-View: Niche Social Networks

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That’s the advice we often give to companies seeking to connect with customers on social media channels. Niche social networks can provide an option to companies wanting to connect with a highly targeted, focused group of individuals. “Fish where the fish are.”

Future of Newspapers

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Technorati Tags: charlie rose , future of newspapers , Mort Zuckerman , Robert Thomson , The New York Daily News , time , Wall Street Journal , Walter Isaacson. Tags: time charlie rose social media The New York Daily News Media future of newspapers Wall Street Journal Robert Thomson Mort Zuckerman press social media proprietors Walter Isaacson Charlie has this fascinating video.

SXSW Notes: Design for Social Innovation and Public Good

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This is the session on Design for Social Innovation and Public Good led by Barbara Brown Wilson Dir UT Austin Center for Sustainable Development, Jess Zimbabwe Exec Dir ULI Daniel Rose Center For Public Leadership in Land Use, John Peterson Founder & Pres, Public Architecture, John Bielenberg Dir Project M, and Suzi Sosa Exec Dir Dell Challenge. Suzi Soza, from the RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service’s Dell Social Innovation Competition, will moderate the panel.”.

Facebook: Iceland Constitution and Gov 2.0

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Iceland have turned to social media to ask the population to crowdsource writing Iceland’s new constitution. Compare to Australia’s Future of Melbourne wiki or New Zealand crowdsourcing their Police Act. iceland metagovernment online community social network

Is MySpace Good for Society? A Freakonomics Quorum - Freakonomics - Opinion - New York Times Blog

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Dubner Two little words — “social networking&# — have become a giant buzzphrase over the past couple of years, what with the worldwide march of Facebook and headline-ready stories about Web-assisted suicides. So what’s the net effect of social networking? Our survey included questions designed to assess students’ “social capital,” a concept that describes the benefits individuals receive from their relationships with others.

Ten Reasons Your Corporate Social Network Should be an Innovation Social Network

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Innovation Management Products Customers Partners News Center Blog About Us The Leader In On-Demand Innovation Management Categories Current Affairs Innovation Tips Archives April 2009 March 2009 December 2008 Subscribe to our RSS Feed Ten Reasons Your Corporate Social Network Should be an Innovation Social Network Posted by Matthew Greeley at 10:48 AM, March 24, 2009 1. If your social networking platform is generic, beware, you may be fighting with one hand tied behind your back.

Freemium Revenues: Social Media Business Podcast

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We look at Freemium revenue in social networks and online communities including asking that: if freemium is the business model of giving it all (or most) of the services away for free , how can you then charge for it? Monetizing social networks. Revenue: Events in Social Networks (2).

Social Media Helping Real Estate Agents Defy Commoditization

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I attended REMarTech in New York City this past week. If you’re in real estate, you ought to join the Green Pearl social network on Ning. How Social Media Helps Real Estate Agents. Please subscribe now to Online Social Networking and join my Facebook page.

Find Twitter followers by location 2011

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Doesn’t work if they say “new york, london, sydney&# or “on a yacht&#. Lists are on the right hand side (old version) or top (new version of Twitter) and they may already created a local Twitter list, a town list, a location list or similar.

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The New Socialism: Global Collectivist Society Is Coming Online

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Culture : Culture Reviews The New Socialism: Global Collectivist Society Is Coming Online By Kevin Kelly 05.22.09 Wikipedia, Flickr, and Twitter arent just revolutions in online social media. Were not talking about your grandfathers socialism.

Green Chameleon » The Need to Share: Find It, Exercise It

Green Chameleon

Your aim is to create sufficient, good, seed content that it becomes an attractor, and to nudge folks with potential to fall into a new mode of sharing. Cross, Andrew Parker, Rob Cross: The Hidden Power of Social Networks: Understanding How Work Really Gets Done in Organizations Theodore Zeldin: Conversation: How Talk Can Change Our Lives © 2006-2008 Straits Knowledge.

TV Industry Taps Social Media for Oscars and other Events

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Continuing its coverage of social media and TV, Brian Stelter reported in the New York Times on how TV Industry Taps Social Media, in this case for the Oscars.  During the Super Bowl this year, Twitter users set a new record by sending 4,064 messages each second, the highest number of messages per second recorded during any sporting event.

Your number of followers on Twitter doesn't matter but retweets and mentions do

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But now there is a whole bunch of twitter tools; I started testing some Twitter unfollowers tracking tools: Twittaquitta - will send you a mail with your new followers and unfollowers Twunfollow - will send you only the unfollowers Now I'm a little confused what I should do with this information.

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Wrap Up of 2nd Annual Community Manager Day: Voices Around the World #CMAD « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

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The folks at Fresh Networks discuss the Pros and Cons Sysomos does analysis on the event A community managers job never ends at 6pm by Social Media Club See Spain’s Community Manager Day website -Spanish More discussions spreading the globe and more here -Spanish What is a Community Manager?

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25 Common Social Media and Web Marketing Mistakes

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My hope is that this article and those articles and resources it links to will enable you to take a fresh look at your social media and web marketing program. Shama Hyder Kabani’s The Zen of Social Media Marketing provides an excellent overview of the planning process.

Announcing the Online Community Unconference 2013 – We’re Back!

Online Community Strategy

Tagged: CMAD , cmgr , community mamager , ocu , Online Community , Online Community Unconference , social business. File under: blog posts I never thought I would be writing – but excited that I am.

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How social networks work: the puzzle of exhaust data :: Grant McCracken

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Facebook sustains social knowledge and networksthat begin in conferences and then fade almost immediately until acouple of months later we have a hard time attaching a face to thatbusiness card still banging around in our briefcase. Brands, a new content supplier? Now, it's all new.

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My Favorite Tweets for April 15 - 30 2011

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RT @ socialmedia2day : Top 10 Reasons Twitter is On Top of Social Media Food Chain [link]. Is There Ethical Quandary to Corporate Social Networking + Crowdsourcing? RT @ outstart : by @ robpatrob Measuring Influence and so Attention – New York Times [link]. RT @ rossdawson : RT @ ariegoldshlager : WSJ: Best Practices for Engaging with Customers Thru Social Media: [link]. 40 Most Popular Social Networking Sites of the World [link].

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The Joy of Getting Disconnected

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There have been so many surveys about the addictive power of social media and the need to stay in touch with email.  For example a 2009 study found that It found that their sample used social media in the car (over 35 – 9%, under 35 – 40%), at work (over 35 – 29%, under 35  - 64%), on vacation (over 35 – 41%,  under 35 - 65%), on a date (over 35- 9%,  under 35 - 34%), and after sex (over 35 - 8%,  under 35 - 36%).  Happy Halloween.

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What’s New on the Anthill: Reflections from our Third Annual All Ants Meeting

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With the help of the Corporate Executive Board , I organized a roundtable event that gathered senior leaders from pioneering brands working on Communities and “Social Media.” Lastly, I’m excited to announce a new project underway focused on Practitioners.