New Leadership Tools: Finding Direction through Network Maps: Mini Case #1

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Instead, people operate through networks: informal webs of relationships that people instinctively form in the workplace. Network maps provide new and helpful information about how people actually perform work, make decisions, and solve problems.

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Network Mapping for personal development – a retreat for women

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I have been exploring the power of Net-Map for personal development and happiness for a few years now. Because I am convinced: When it comes to living life fully, the network you are embedded in plays a great role, both supporting you and holding you back at times.

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New publication – CommunitySensor: towards a participatory community network mapping methodology

Making CommunitySense

CommunitySensor: Towards a Participatory Community Network Mapping Methodology. Participatory community network mapping can support collaborative sensemaking within and across communities and their surrounding stakeholder networks. de Moor (2017).

The News Story in Value Network Maps

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From John Maloney on the Value-Networks group this week, a link to a wonderful blog post, Value Network Maps at NewsTools2008 , from an unconference-style mashup of journalists, technologists, and entrepreneurs.

Session on “Applying Network Knowledge” at the Sunbelt XXXV

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Would you be interested in presenting your Net-Map work at the at the Sunbelt XXXV , Brighton, UK, June 23– June 28, 2015, the largest annual conference of Social Network Analysis, organized by the International Network for Social Network Analysis ( INSNA )? Thus, successful governance approaches rely on networks of actors who collaborate and on the quality of their collaboration.

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New Case Studies: How to Use Networks Strategically

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Network maps make the invisible world of organizational transactions, relationships, and knowledge flows visible. Each case study shows how one client used network knowledge to advance their strategy. Case Study #1: Using Network Mapping to Globalize an Organization.

Illuminating the Invisible: Mapping Austin’s Adolescent Health System Using Value Network Analysis

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“ Illuminating the Invisible: Mapping Austin’s Adolescent Health System Using Value Network Analysis ” provides a case study of how we used a specific technique to paint a holistic picture of how the system works from service provider and youth perspectives.

Making the invisible visible with social network analysis

Joitske Hulsebosch

Together with Koen Faber , Josien Kapma and Niels Schuddeboom we have an informal dutch group who want to learn about social network analysis. For instance I signed up for the MOOC about social network analysis which started 4 weeks ago and which is interesting but also very scientific.

Social Network Mapping!

Chris Collison

Came across this creative view of social networking on Flickr today. I wonder how the plate tectonics of social networking have changed the landscape since this was drawn a year ago? Design

Networks Eat Strategy for Breakfast.Everyday - Keyhubs

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Networks Eat Strategy for. Networks Eat Strategy for Breakfast…Everyday December 23, 2011. Each company’s ”networks” are different and unique. Following are network maps for two organizations we have worked with.

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Companies with ‘Networked’ Board Directors have 85% Higher Growth Rates!

Governance in a Networked World

The article has prompted us to release some of our most recent work on linking board interlocks with corporate performance: Companies with ‘Networked’ Board Directors have 85% Higher Growth Rates! The above map shows how our ‘networked elite’ is connected to each other.

Facebook and twitter aren’t the only networks that matter in Arab Spring

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The term “infectious idea&# gives us some guidance on how to think about this in network terms: The social mobilization spreads through the network like a (positive) infection. That is different from other things that flow through a network, such as money for example.

Social networks and informal support: the big shift for policy


It’s obvious that informal support and social networks can be critical to the way society looks after its members. When people can use their social networks to get support without going through formal agencies, there are social and economic benefits.

Weaving Networks in Melbourne – ISS Fellowship Day 2

Full Circle Associates

Instant network augmentation on the train. You see, with a great network, you can improve your research right off the bat by eating and conversing together. This is the second in a series of post of my ISS Fellowship. For context check out part 1.

Social Network Travel Logging

Governance in a Networked World

I thought it might be interesting to have a travel log (including an evolving network map) which starts with people we meet and then support this with the places that we meet, rather than the other way around. She immediately slapped down the map in front of me….she

Net-Map workshop in DC – May 1-2, 2015

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Come summer and it is that time of the year to immerse into mapping your complex networks. The two day Net-Map workshop teaches you basic understanding of the method, with emphasis on learning by drawing your network.

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Knowledge in the Network

Patti Anklam

The past few months I have been working on a few different projects for nonprofits, initially focused on network mapping or the development of a NetWorkShop, but slowly morphing into (or taking sideroads down) knowledge management. Connectivity Network. Alignment Network.

RSA - Connected Communities - How social networks power and sustain the Big Society

John Tropea - Delicious Community

In this report we argue for a new approach to community regeneration, based on an understanding of the importance of social networks, such an approach has the potential to bring about significant improvements in efforts to combat isolation and to support the development of resilient and empowered communities. We argue for a new approach to community regeneration, based on an understanding of the importance of social networks.

Net-Mapping the Water-Food-Energy Nexus in the Upper Blue Nile in Ethiopia

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Based on participatory, visual network mapping and focus group discussions, the paper illustrates three interdependent challenges of the water-energy-food nexus in the Upper Blue Nile in Ethiopia.

Green Chameleon » Shhhh… the IP Addresses Have Ears

Green Chameleon

Social network analysis in organisations has long been promoted as a way of spotting opportunities for improving collaboration and knowledge flows. Network mapping software pioneer Valdis Krebs has just celebrated his twentieth birthday in the business.

Green Chameleon » Maps Are Not Enough

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Maps Are Not Enough From Graham Durant-Law this pithy reminder that a social network map alone is not enough.

Masters of Networks: Policy and Network Science in the same room

Endless Knots

Last week's Masters of Networks conference in Venice, which I blogged about earlier this month, brought network science down to earth and policy making into the 21st century. News flash: typically policy makers meet with policy makers and network scientists meet with their own kind.

Guest Post: Net-Map in cultural development in Germany

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First time-use of a Net-Map-procedure in a culture development process. With the decision to perform a network analysis, the Institute for Cultural Policy entered new territory within the framework of cultural development processes.

Network till you drop?

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Today I talked with one of the participants of my Net-Map masterclass about the first Net-Map she is planning to do. While we were talking about how to use Net-Mapping strategically, we soon came to an important insight. It is not: “The more you network, the better.&#

Ethics in Social Network Analysis

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Network data is fundamentally different in that as a researcher you can only make sense of the data if your respondents identify specific other actors by name. I don’t even do any magic afterwards with the data (as you do when transforming survey answers into network diagrams).

Mapping the World: the INGENAES Global Symposium and Learning Exchange

Making CommunitySense

It all started with mapping the local: the Tilburg Urban Farming community. This January, however, I ended up mapping the global end of the agricultural spectrum: the INGENAES Global Symposium and Learning Exchange, held in Lusaka, Zambia. Mapping the Conference.

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The evidence is here: Visual portfolio mapping delivers better decisions

Governance in a Networked World

The basic concept of mapping project interdepencies is quite simple. This is where social network mapping comes in. We believed that the core visualisation techniques drawn from the field of social network analysis would provide the best "cognitive fit", i.e

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Social networks and XY

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That’s the really interesting stuff, combining the analysis of social networks with the analysis of something else (XY): What kinds of networks are linked to greater innovations in companies (you need to collect indicators of innovativeness in addition to the network analysis), higher welfare in African villages (add welfare indicators) or being more effective terrorists (count successful acts of terrorism).

Social networks and XY

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That’s the really interesting stuff, combining the analysis of social networks with the analysis of something else (XY): What kinds of networks are linked to greater innovations in companies (you need to collect indicators of innovativeness in addition to the network analysis), higher welfare in African villages (add welfare indicators) or being more effective terrorists (count successful acts of terrorism).

Philanthropy Networks

TNT - The Network Thinker

David Lazer points to an interesting article in the Boston Globe on how our personal networks influence our political behavior and our donating behavior to particular candidates. So, how do you use this lesson to motivate the non-givers in the social network map shown above?

How your landscape expands if you talk about conflict…

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So why have I started insisting that most of the groups that I draw network maps with, add a link of “conflict” to their picture? ” Even if they don’t mention a single conflict when we plan the Net-Map session.

Looking Forward - Emerging and Declining Networks for 2009

21st Century Organization

It is one thing to say we live in a networked, interconnected world but another to change our metaphors, language, economic models, and management practices. Yes, networks and complexity are an underlying theme. Post 2 will address Network Driven Business Models and Risk Mitigation.

Entrepreneurial Networks

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Entrepreneurs for Sustainability[E4S] is a NE Ohio network of entrepreneurs and change agents from business, government, academia and non-profit sectors who are implementing sustainability principles. The map above does not contain the names of the entrepreneurs, nor their businesses.]

Network of Social Network Scholars

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Last week June and I attended the Sunbelt Social Network conference, sponsored by INSNA -- the network of social network analysts. It was great conference focusing on all aspects of social network analysis.

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

Dave Pollards papers on business innovation & knowledge management September 26, 2008 CCK08 Week Three: Eight Important Questions About Learning and Connection W eek 3 of the CCK08 Connectivism MOOC is principally about network theory. Ive written a bit about this, notably about network analysis (Rob Cross) and network mapping (Valdis Krebs, who was this weeks virtual guest lecturer). How do we discover the people who should be in our networks, but currently arent?

Making KM Fun!

Chris Collison

Social Network Mapping with the UN in Ethiopia. . Syngenta have been a client for a number of years now, and have been looking for new ways to up-skill the core teams of their networks, especially in the early stages of growth.

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Mapping at the Big Society Network Open Night

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One experiment we tried at the recent Big Society Network Open Night was asking anyone who wanted to lead a discussion to step to the front, pitch, form a group, chat, report back. We explained that the input data would be confidential, but that we would map the results as an illustration.

Building a knowledge sharing network about Ageing Better from the ground up

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There I suggested a similar approach, with more emphasis on network mapping, plus some workshops: Identify some key people active online who are interested in the topic. From this it will be possible to draw a first map of the ecosystem. Outline the idea of building a social ecosystem – as a simpler version of this paper – including the different elements: mapping, resource gathering, ideas generation, workshops, online activity etc.

Networks, Patterns & Paintings

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I have shared the story of a client saying one of my network maps reminded him of a Jackson Pollock painting. I never do my network maps standing on one leg.] We as humans leave behind repeated patterns and motifs in our architecture, music, writing, and social networks.

What's the "Network"?

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Above is a typical social network map [social graph]. It shows the connections amongst various members of an on-line social network [OSN]. Are people interested in the network, but still lurking around the edges -- waiting for an intro/invite or opportunity to step forward?