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Making the invisible visible with social network analysis

Joitske Hulsebosch

Together with Koen Faber , Josien Kapma and Niels Schuddeboom we have an informal dutch group who want to learn about social network analysis.

Illuminating the Invisible: Mapping Austin’s Adolescent Health System Using Value Network Analysis

Partnering Resources

Mapping Austin’s Adolescent Health System Using Value Network Analysis. Networks and Networking Nonprofits

Guest Post: Net-Map in cultural development in Germany

Net-Map Toolbox

First time-use of a Net-Map-procedure in a culture development process. Thuringia (central Germany). Patrick S. Föhl & Robert Peper.

Ethics in Social Network Analysis

Net-Map Toolbox

But if you use network tools in a background where facilitating change is one of the goals, the data is so much more powerful if you know who is who.

Patti Anklam - Untitled Article

Patti Anklam

It’s titled Network Analysis (SNA/ONA) Methods for Assessment & Measurement. That’s the new net work.

Who would you like to sit near at work?

Governance in a Networked World

Social Network Analysis (SNA) is a method of choice for analyzing and understanding informal collaboration patterns. Where to Next?

Social Network Travel Logging

Governance in a Networked World

The idea is that I intend to build the social network of people that we meet or connect with as we travel to new places over a 40 day period.

Missing the Power of a Point

21st Century Organization

If anyone ever wanted to use PP to visualize and make a point, the relationships in a network are it. Thanks to Nat Welch for the mention.

Introducing Social Networking Tools and Social Networking Analysis to Business: What To Do

How to Save the World

September 27, 2007 Introducing Social Networking Tools and Social Networking Analysis to Business: What To Do I attended a meeting yesterday of a self-managed KM group facilitated by the Conference Board of Canada. Mindmaps: Used by quite a few organizations, but not really as a social networking tool. Collaboration.

The evidence is here: Visual portfolio mapping delivers better decisions

Governance in a Networked World

The basic concept of mapping project interdepencies is quite simple. This is where social network mapping comes in.

2013 21

Green Chameleon » Maps Are Not Enough

Green Chameleon

Rob Cross makes the same point – a bit less pithily – in his excellent book with Andrew Parker, The Hidden Power of Social Networks.

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

Dave Pollards papers on business innovation & knowledge management September 26, 2008 CCK08 Week Three: Eight Important Questions About Learning and Connection W eek 3 of the CCK08 Connectivism MOOC is principally about network theory. Muchof this process is social, and it is conducted with members of mycommunities, my social networks.

Making KM Fun!

Chris Collison

Social Network Mapping with the UN in Ethiopia. . I still use these today with groups. Here are two happy memories from the past year: 1.

2014 30

Microsoft Excel: The Bumblebee's six most useful Excel add-ins

The Bumble Bee

In this article I introduce 6 excel add-ins which meet this criterion - NodeXL, Solver, Rainbow, Spreadsheet Converter, Crystal Ball and Fractal Maps.

2012 25

How SNA Combats the Tyranny of Top Down

Governance in a Networked World

We can see from our maps where the natural teams lie and therefore these can be leveraged immediately. The circles are people.

2013 11

RSA - Connected Communities - How social networks power and sustain the Big Society

John Tropea - Delicious Community

In this report we argue for a new approach to community regeneration, based on an understanding of the importance of social networks, such an approach has the potential to bring about significant improvements in efforts to combat isolation and to support the development of resilient and empowered communities.

CMS 13

Is Your Social Capital Helping or Hindering Your Leadership Aspirations?

Governance in a Networked World

Your social capital is described as the assets that accrue from the network of personal relationships you have. Here is my Linkedin network.

Beautiful Visualization

TNT - The Network Thinker

I have a chapter in this book on network visualization. I apply social network analysis to easily accessible data. eilly empire !

Map Reading

Portals and KM

I'm just getting Susan (our Tom-Tom) ready for a roadtrip to Wisconsin, clearing my desk, came back to notes from the excellent workshop on networks for social change I attended last week at IISC (Interaction Institute for Social Change). It was a great refresher and a reminder that I need to use these maps more often.

The beginning and. Roberto Cremonini's hopes for the day

Endless Knots

Marianne welcomed us, explained why we're here; Gibran Rivera laid out the agenda; Madeleine Taylor, who helped design program, introduced Bruce Hoppe, who interprets a social network map that shows how connected people in the room are--some on periphery, some central. Tags: Networks and Networking

Re-launch of

Governance in a Networked World

By answering a simple survey you can see how your profile fits with other readers on a dynamically changing social network map. Departments @ War” uses organisational network analysis to identify trust (and mistrust) networks across organisations and shows how value networks can be used to help build trust.

Corporate Communications: Talk or Tell?

Governance in a Networked World

The above episode was before the age of social media and social networking. The network map shows the peer connections.

It’s like magic! But what does it mean?

Net-Map Toolbox

Sure, you can add non-network questions to the survey to elaborate the background. How do they find out what the network structures mean?

"Socially Challenged" - Putting the WHO in Enterprise 2.0 at Frankfurt Workshop

21st Century Organization

Summit 2010 I'll be in Frankfurt, October 26, leading a workshop on " Social Networking Culture- Made Simple ". . What's going on?".

Social networks and XY

Net-Map Toolbox

That’s all about the question of how networks lead to something. And it get’s really mind boggling if you are able to link these results to specific structural issues of networks, such as centralization, flexibility over time, structural holes etc. But how am I going to do it? Drop me a line.

Social networks and XY

Net-Map Toolbox

That’s all about the question of how networks lead to something. And it get’s really mind boggling if you are able to link these results to specific structural issues of networks, such as centralization, flexibility over time, structural holes etc. But how am I going to do it? Drop me a line.

Visualizing Indictments

TNT - The Network Thinker

One of my researchers, Andrejs Van Nostran, and I took the three indictments and mined them for network data. More indictments are expected.

What's the "Network"?

TNT - The Network Thinker

Above is a typical social network map [social graph]. Maybe our social networks, er. Yet, is that everything? Maybe there is more?

Network of Social Network Scholars

TNT - The Network Thinker

Last week June and I attended the Sunbelt Social Network conference, sponsored by INSNA -- the network of social network analysts.

Update on Ageing Better Innovation – look to apps and connectors

Social Reporter

We hope to pilot some mapping of who knows who, using Drew Mackie’s expertise, in order to see how social network analysis could help.

Mapping at the Big Society Network Open Night

Social Reporter

We explained that the input data would be confidential, but that we would map the results as an illustration. Download pdf of map. Chaos?

Looking Forward - Emerging and Declining Networks for 2009

21st Century Organization

Yes, networks and complexity are an underlying theme. Now imagine a hypothetical network map of the global economic/financial ecosystem.

Online Community Unconference 2009 Wiki Open & Session Highlights

Online Community Report

Social CRM : Mapping Social ID's, Behavioral Targeting & Common Profiles. Social Network Analysis (in excel!). What's next?

Network Structure of Swine Flu Pandemic

TNT - The Network Thinker

We use the social network analysis software, InFlow , to illustrate the spread of the contagion. One person sick, no contacts infected.

It's the Network, Stupid

TNT - The Network Thinker

It is amazing how many of our current problems come down to the realization that it's the network, the connectivity, that matters.

Network of Interest

TNT - The Network Thinker

See the simple social network map below. This is everyone in your social network within 2 degrees of you. them all?

New Political Patterns

TNT - The Network Thinker

I have been doing a social network analysis of the purchase patterns of political books since 2003. What does the book data tell us?

Connected Customers

TNT - The Network Thinker

In terms of social network analysis: the hotel staff spans structural holes between the guests -- occupying the power position in the network.

Green Chameleon » Invisible Influence

Green Chameleon

It’s a nice thing to do, though the cynical might say they are showing off their network visibility and the insecure might say “hey I’d better comment, all these other people are&#. The fact that they are easier to track and map is tempting, however. When you start mapping a network, you change it.

leadernetwork wiki

John Tropea - Delicious Network

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