Rock balancing for mindfulness

Viv Mcwaters

Mongolia is a great place for rock balancing. My favourite form of mindfulness is rock balancing – introduced to me years ago by my friend Chris Corrigan. His advice about how to balance rocks still stands – you simply have to believe it’s possible.

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Back on the horse

Viv Mcwaters

During that time I was travelling through Mongolia. I’ve had a break from blogging. Time to restart. Mainly because I forget things, and spend too much time searching for that idea, quote, reference, or activity.

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There’s training, and then there’s Creative Facilitation training!

Viv Mcwaters

Games connect On our recent trip to Mongolia, in winter, I knew. There’s lots of things I can’t do well – way too many to list here – but I can cook a pretty good risotto and I can host facilitation training that’s memorable.

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Games connect

Viv Mcwaters

On our recent trip to Mongolia, in winter, I knew we’d be spending a lot of time indoors, with host families and with each other. It seemed like a good idea to take some table-top games to play. I chose games that did not require any understanding of English: Ghost Blitz and Skip-Bo.

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When Do You Use Twitter Search vs. Google Web Search?

Portals and KM

He adds that's perfectly okay if you're researching a new flat-screen TV, or the history of Mongolia. I recently came across an interesting article, Twitter and Local Search: A Status Update , by Michael Boland, Search Engine Watch. Michael conveyed the idea that Twitter search brings structure to all the noise on the Web with an index of real time conversations.

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Building on Traditional Ways of Knowledge Sharing

Portals and KM

My older daughter was recently in Mongolia in the US Peace Corps for two years. In the small Greek town I am living in this month, there is a central square, like many other such squares in many other villages in Greece and elsewhere. Here is where knowledge has been exchanged for some time and continues to be shared.  Some of this is obtained by simple observation as I see differences many days just passing through it.

The HBR List 2009 - How Social Networks Network Best

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

For Managers For Educators For Corporate Buyers Harvard Business Review Visit Harvard Business School Harvard Business Review Harvard Business Publishing Archive/Back Issues Customer Service HBR Email Newsletters Cart Store All Products All Articles Sign In or Subscribe Now How Social Networks Network Best by Alex Pentland The humble bee has much to teach us about the flow ofinformation in our own organizations.

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Collaboration - Mapping the value of employee collaboration - Organization - Strategic Organization - The McKinsey Quarterly

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

The McKinsey Quarterly Home McKinsey & Company McKinsey Global Institute Help [+] Log In Register close Register Member Center The McKinsey Quarterly is the business journal of McKinsey & Company. Register now for immediate access to hundreds of articles. First time here? Read our Quarterly Basics. Forgot Password?

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