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Help! - the professional2.0 is coming.

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In addition, the basis of her works and passion is from a connection with her own personal experiences, which gives her the drive to excel. 21st century skills personal branding professional identity organisation2.0

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Sightedness: The Lesson

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All the cues and signals were in the room available to every person entering, but not all signals registered as important. Each person focused on what they had the training to see, and filtered out that which they didn’t. One person doesn’t have to see it all or know it all.

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(Intranet2011) "Evolving an Intranet Team as Intranet Evolves with SharePoint" - Hugh Coughlan, CBA

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The solution - deployed SharePoint 2007, and went for a fully decentralized operating model (for content authorship). - team spaces for collaboration, Yammer for groups and communities, video publishing, and more.

Solving collaboration issues with technology is a myth

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There is a difference between surface and deep culture (see Deep culture model of intercultural adjustment of Joseph Shaules). The new technologies make communication easier and cheaper for sure, you can work with Skype, webinars, email, Yammer, and other tools.

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Boston E20 Notes: Designing Social Applications

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  It brings in Yammer, Google apps and other tools. His tool allows you to understand a person’s work behavior and what they excel at, etc. One of the key things they recognized early on is the need for a real component model for the delivery of SaaS based apps. I am pleased to be back for my sixth Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston. Here is a link to a summary of last year’s notes. This is another of my notes for this year. There will be more to follow.

Social Architecture (a manifesto) | Management Innovation eXchange

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Yammer is a good example of that. Rather, it is the extent to which this person is able to recruit a network of people from the hierarchy and put them in a social fabric that fosters a community for co-creation. is this person a good contributor of that particular community?

Microsharing: It is All About the Tools. It is Not About the Tools - My Notes from Enterprise 2.0 Boston Conference

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Holston , CEO & President, NewsGator Technologies, Inc, Mike Gotta , Principal Analyst, Burton Group, Steve Apfelberg , Vice President of Marketing, Yammer.   She asked the panel how they explain their job to the person next to them on the plane. Organizations often overlook how they can be more a targeted when the implement microsharing because of the Twitter on the Web model.   One person asked about the big deal of microsharing.

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Communication, communities and collaboration

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They examined these factors about 50 years ago, and produced four models to describe communication structures: Star (aka Wheel) Y, and Line (aka Chain) Circle Bavelas [1] reported that some configurations were better than others. A mathematical model for group structures.

Remindo: Corporate Social Networking

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To-Do list items are similar to Milestones in their simplicity, allowing you to add a title, and assign a person responsible. Dan says: February 20th, 2009 12:08pm Rehan, What will be your business model? ′ model go under after we starting using it.

Twitter Compared to IM, Email and Forums

Collaborative Thinking

While IM is more of a real-time system, email implements a store-and-forward model. Because email messages can be so comprehensive, and included file attachments, they can be stored for extended periods of times within the personal e-mail inboxes of employees. In general, email is not viewable unless the person has been added to the address information or has been placed in a mail folder that has public access.

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CleverWorkarounds » The facets of collaboration Part 2–Enter the matrix!

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Finally I outlined a simple mental model that I developed that I have found to be quite a useful method to look at collaboration more holistically and help with the user engagement and information architecture aspects of SharePoint governance. Mental models are a little like that too.

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KMers – Let Go of Control: Encourage and Monitor


RT @stangarfield: @VMaryAbraham Usually KM managers used to controlling published content #kmers 4:16 pm stangarfield: Has anyone experienced having access blocked to external sites such as Yammer?

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Building Social Business: The Seven Types of Social Roles in Employee Communities

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A Learner is a person on the community who is interested - but often finds it over-whelming to navigate the conversatoins or to jump into conversations. The Connector is a person on the community who is a curator of information either through bookmarking or off-line knowledge gathering. The moderator can have some subtle recognition systems in their control to make people into role models - to trigger more desired behaviors.

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Do Companies Need Social Media Managers? " I'm Not Actually a Geek

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But I suspect there’s a big difference between a knowledge manager and a social media manager: The social media manager is a personality-driven role Getting people out of their shells to participate in social media will take more than a handbook and a set of best practices. The successful social media manager will be someone who can engage a wide variety of personality types. finns en hel del matnyttigt om vad en sådan person skall ha till uppgift samt varför de ev skall [.]

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