Cisco WebEx Connect Questions

Collaborative Thinking

Exposing RSS/Atom feeds is one thing but will Cisco include a feed syndication platform within WebEx Connection (ala Attensa, NewsGator)? Integration. Will SharePoint integration include Web Parts (similar to what Awareness has done with its SaaS solution)? What about portlets for integrating WebEx Connect with other portal platforms? What about integration with Lotus Connections, Lotus Notes/Domino, Lotus Quickr?

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2009: Planning Considerations For Enterprise 2.0

Collaborative Thinking

SharePoint Next": Call, Raise Or Fold. Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) is a disappointing platform for social computing in my opinion. Still, many organizations are deploying SharePoint for many valid reasons unrelated to E2.0 NewsGator) to augment what SharePoint has in terms of E2.0 As I mentioned earlier, it's unfortunate Microsoft implemented RSS within SharePoint - many organizations will be stuck with RSS until this mistake is corrected.

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