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Networks, gender and race in job-searchers in rural America (Missouri)

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Harrison job search Missouri Networks policy recommendations race Research Paper rural unemployment St. than unemployed participants.

Blog>> Brains Respond to Stories as if They Are Real

Green Chameleon

Fascinating piece from the February 17 issue of the New Scientist on a whole raft of brain research suggesting that the human brain processes the information from stories in very similar ways to the way it processes information from perceived reality. To read the article you can register for free to the New Scientist to get ten days’ access.

Michigan Library Association – Communities of Practice « Missouri Library Association Task Force to Examine MLA's Structure, Governance & Organization


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Bracketology: My NCAA Tournament Picks

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I think Missouri and Xavier might prove me wrong re: getting to the Final Four. I'll be rooting for UConn all the way though.

Transparency In Government: Contracting Oversight Subcommittee

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Senator Claire McCaskill : Missouri. There are several well-known examples where the U.S. federal government leverages social media to create more open and transparent participation mechanisms for exchanging information and collaborating with the public. as well as related discussions at the Open House Project and Sunlightlabs Google Groups.

CoPs and retrospective coherence

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If one uses the Missouri slogan: Im from Missouri; show me the benefit and give folks an indication of whats in it for them, they might join a CoP.

Problem Solved, LOL: Scientific American

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Like many of his notions, Bourbaki existed only in the abstract: he was the pseudonym for a tight-knit group of young Parisian researchers.