Riding the Mississippi Blues Trail: Part Two B. B. King Museum

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An essential stop on the Mississippi blues trail is the B. You could trace a song's migration across generations. There King Museum  in Indianola, MS. On our way back to New Orleans we stopped for almost four hours at the museum in Indianola, MS.

10th Anniversary of the OnlineFacilitation Group

Nancy White

And that is what has driven my work here in Mississippi in the aftermath. More than 20,000 volunteers later, 536 homes, and working across Mississippi. They have reached out across a virtual world and made this volunteer engine work in Mississippi.

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Theo’s History of the 19th Century

How to Save the World

Parts of the Anishinabe story mural telling the story of the Anishinabe Nation, the migration of the Mississaugas to the Credit River, and the prophecies for the future, at an elementary school in Hagersville, Ontario.

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