Enterprise Microblogging Use Cases: Help Reduce Your Inbox Clutter!


Roll-up: Businesses Love Microblogging “, which is pretty close to another one shared by her the previous day under the title “? What’s Trending in Enterprise Microblogging? Yes, indeed, businesses love microblogging and, to be honest, I can’t blame them.

Making Business Sense of Social Media and Social Networking – Twitter For Business


Yesterday evening, my time, I attended a rather interesting webcast with Sandy Carter , IBM’s Worldwide Sales Vice President, IBM Social Business, Collaboration, and Lotus Sales and Evangelism, along with Jeremiah Owyang , Industry Analyst at Altimeter Group , on the topic of Why Be Social?

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Enterprise Social Networks Fail Without the Proper Approach—a Roadmap is Needed

Michael Sampson - Currents

The Altimeter Group has reached the same conclusion as I have: without the proper approach to enterprise social networking it will fail : " Enterprise social networking (ESN) software can improve communication and collaboration among employees, but most companies aren’t implementing and using these products properly, leading to unmet goals, according to a new study.

How social networks work: the puzzle of exhaust data :: Grant McCracken

John Tropea - Delicious Community

The network exists. The network is active. The network is flowing. A "newsflash"about my cat helps keep the network node called Grant McCracken fromblinking out. They will have never been restricted in their networks. Social Media.

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List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Social Networking goes mainstream I was recently asked by a buddy to name off some social networking platforms that could be branded or changed as needed (that’s where that term ‘white label’ has come from). You decide if the network is private or public.&#

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Yammer Extends Its Enterprise Microblogging Offering with Communities

Portals and KM

Yammer was one of the first enterprise microblogging tools, and it continues to add features to extend the original concept of Twitter into an enterprise business application. Steve said that Yammer allows for public or private groups within each Yammer network.

Enterprise Microblogging or Micromessaging or Microsharing Readling List

Portals and KM

While these consumer web tools can be used by business people for public social networking, they lack the features for business applications. Traction Team Page has also recently incorporated microblogging into their wiki-based platform. Pistachio Consulting’s site says that their “exclusive focus on microsharing means you get the best expertise available, whether your need is for branding and market engagement or internal employee networks.

Could This Be Your All-in-One Social Network?

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Long time innovator Marc Canter has made a proposal for a system to let users integrate all their social networks from around the web into one central dashboard. This is a very important part of the distributed social networking vision. Your "social graph" aggregated.

Beer, community and online social networks

Connectable Dots

Last year at the Online Community Unconference I was discussing Twitter with some social networking geeks and gurus who asked me why I was not using the now-famous microblogging site more.

How Narrating Your Work Helps You Become More Effective by Saving Precious Time


owork ) that have always been highlighted as perhaps some of the major key benefits from using social networking tools for business in a corporate environment. Well, now we have the perfect use case for addressing those pain points: using social technologies to keep narrating our work.

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Remindo: Corporate Social Networking

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

It’s called Remindo , and it provides you with a bare-bones company network for free. The company network is organized by email address. Apparently, you start by “Joining your company network&# , which may or may not yet exist. Close Social Web E-mail del.icio.us

The 10 basic online tools every trainer and online facilitator should know

Joitske Hulsebosch

Twitter - microblogging Twitter is good for networking with colleagues, use and follow hashtags like #lrnchat. Diigo - or any other social bookmarker Diigo is very important to keep track off your online sources. If you have your own Yammer network you can easily build an external network in which people with different email accounts can exchange. Ning is a social network, but it can also be a LMS (Learning Management System) such as Moodle.

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A World Without Email – Year 3, Weeks 11 to 18 (Social Networks Spur the Demise of Email in the Workplace)


by making use of these social tools! and, instead, communicate and collaborate through other means, whether face to face, through the telephone, or, of course, making use of a social networking tools (Microblogging in this case).

My Favorite Tweets for April 15 - 30 2011

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RT @ socialmedia2day : Top 10 Reasons Twitter is On Top of Social Media Food Chain [link]. LinkedIn’s Mario Sundar on getting the most out of your network [link]. Is There Ethical Quandary to Corporate Social Networking + Crowdsourcing? RT @ rossdawson : RT @ ariegoldshlager : WSJ: Best Practices for Engaging with Customers Thru Social Media: [link]. 40 Most Popular Social Networking Sites of the World [link]. or Social Business [link].

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ReTweet & other micro-conventions


Taiwanese twitterers showing us how to "retweet" in Angkor Wat Warning: If you haven't used Twitter or other microblogging services before, this post which focuses on citation issues will likely put you off completely. picture credit: kenworker ??????????????????Taiwanese

Good on Employees for Not Mingling

Michael Sampson - Currents

Just before heading off on vacation Juan Carlos Perez published Many employees won’t mingle with enterprise social software on PC World (with hat tip to Stuart McIntyre for the quick find). The promise of a successful ESN deployment is appealing to businesses: implement a Facebook- and Twitter-like system for your workplace, with employee profiles, activity streams, document sharing, groups, discussion forums and microblogging, and watch employee collaboration bloom.

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Prescient Releases the Social Intranet Study

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Prescient Digital Media will be officially releasing their report on the Social Intranet Study at the Intranet Global Forum conference in NYC, Nov 9-10. The study examines social media use on corporate intranets, and the magnitude, use and popularity of social media by employees and executives. The findings indicate that there is rapid adoption of social media on the corporate intranet in the past year.

Deconstructing the Business Social Network

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

ReadWriteWeb ReadWriteWeb ReadWriteTalk Enterprise Jobwire About Subscribe Contact Advertise RSS RWW Daily by Email RSS RWW Weekly Wrap-up Home Products Trends Best of RWW Archives Deconstructing the Business Social Network Written by Bernard Lunn / November 20, 2007 11:46 PM / 10 Comments « Prior Post Next Post » I am the wrong age for Facebook or MySpace. I am not looking for a social network. It is the only site that has my business network.

Carmun is Social Networking for Nerds

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They could benefit some from easier integration with some sharing tools, that would better allow information to be imported and exported to other resources and networks, as Carmun aims to be more than a bookmarking site.

Social networking services for enterprise use

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Social Business – Rethinking Innovation, Organization and Leadership


Well, here is one potential answer to them all: Social Business – Rethinking Innovation, Organization and Leadership. Innovation Knowledge Management Learning Life Social Computing

Email Photos to All of Your Social Networks with Pikchur

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Given the lack of photo importing for redistribution purposes, Pikchur really caters to mobile users that would like a quick and easy way to send out photos while on the go, so its updating capabilities sent out to microblogging platforms is appealing in its simplicity for this purpose.

Dotster Connect: All-In-One Social Networking Solution

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

The biggest differences between the two are the number of options presented for building out a social network, and the amount of customization available for the social networks. 4 business networking websites Says: June 19th, 2008 at 3:01 am [.] [.]

Twitter allegiance


Have social networking services taken the place of Baudrillard's Disneyland schema - are they imaginary communities serving to mask the absence of 'real' communities? Given that I work in Social Media myself, I'd have actually thought the number would be higher.

5 Reasons Why Activity Streams Will Save You From Information Overload


From the very first beginning that I got exposed to them over at Twitter, over 4 years ago , till today, where I am using a bunch of various different microblogging / microsharing services, both internal and external, I couldn’t work, nor get much done!, I heart Activity Streams.

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In The Next Version - Enterprise Collaboration Vendors I’m Currently Tracking

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

socialnetwork_km socia microblogging activitystream enterprise2.0 In The Next Version. Alan Lepofskys blog about technology, travel and the occasional golf post. About. Enterprise Collaboration Vendors I’m Currently Tracking. January 7 2012 01:30:27 PM. Add/Read Comments [5]. The following lists are sorted alphabetically, not by my ranking. Several could be placed in more than one column. Not all are publically available yet.

Enterprise 2.0 Report: Intranet Collaboration Features and Social Networking

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Social Software on Intranets A Report From the Front Lines of Enterprise Community, Collaboration, and Social Networking Projects 168 pages, PDF format Download Report (from eSellerate) $298 for a single report, $598 for the report and a site license to make copies within your organization and place on your own intranet. (No Case Studies Findings Its Not Just About Tools, But Tools Do Matter Gently Guiding Users, Integrating Social Features Content-is-King 2.0

My New Cheese – Lead Social Business Enabler for IBM’s w3 and www Connections


I know that some of you folks may be wondering about what happened back in January about who moved my cheese and why was I so relatively quiet on social networks for a good few weeks, right? Indeed, an openly Socially Integrated Enterprise. This is it! The moment of truth!

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The Business Value of Serendipity: Improving Your Presentation Skills


You gotta love serendipity, specially, when it is facilitated serendipity coming through to you, as if by magic, through your multiple daily interactions with your social networks, whether internal or external.

What Enterprise Social Networks Do Well: Produce Higher Quality Ideas " I'm Not Actually a Geek

John Tropea - Delicious Network

Where brokerage is social capital, there should be evidence of brokerage associated with good ideas, and vice versa. The sociogram below depicts a typical social network structure: There are essentially three nodes in this social network: A, B, C (+D).

Is Twitter Where Connections Go to Die? – The Unfollowing Experiment – The Follow-Up


It’s that it allows me to also be open to other people’s public lists and subscribe to them accordingly as another social gesture of gratitude for their time AND attention. . As an opportunity to use Twitter this way, that is, a learning and networking tool, it’s just brilliant! .

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Social Analytics: Another Front For Business Intelligence

Collaborative Thinking

While my core coverage is social computing (e.g., social media, social networking) - related domains that take up an increasing number of my research and client interaction cycles are: identity, analytics, and mobility. So I found this news release by Socialcast today interesting on many fronts - and yet I'm also left looking for more from the market in general when it comes to social analytics. Social Networking & Collaboration

NewsGator Enhances its Social Sites 2010 Platform for SharePoint

Portals and KM

NewsGator recently launched Social Sites 2010 2.0, the next version of their flagship enterprise social computing software. NewsGator has also announced a new video module for Social Sites that supports enterprise learning initiatives and multimedia sharing.

Twitter: Oprah, Ashton Kutcher and CNN

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

. Social Network Games and Twitter: MediaHunter very cleverly points out how fake the “Gosh, I’m almost as big as CNN&# video from Ashton Kutcher was. Tags: Online Communities Twitter social media social networks statistics

Reflections from 2011 – A World Without Email – The Documentary


into an incredibly powerful social messaging and notification system of content that’s stored elsewhere, i.e. social networking, collaborative and knowledge sharing tools eventually. Regardless of the huge, and rather disruptive, impact from corporate social networking.

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Nancy White and Suzy – An Intro to Twitter


Can you imagine your business having an Enterprise microblogging platform, whether internal or external, behaving in such way for days, if not months already? Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Computing

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Open Business – From Document-Centric to People-Centric Collaboration


Lately, I have been thinking quite a bit around the topic of Social / Open Business Transformation. that been sent around through either traditional tools like *cough* email *cough* or Instant Messaging or, even worse, through social file sharing services. .

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Social Learning at TELUS by Dan Pontefract


On a rather regular basis one keeps bumping into not only some rather interesting and engaging dialogue amongst your social network(s), but also precious little gems that are worth while sharing across beyond G+.

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Enterprise Twitter: Clarity Amid The Hype

Collaborative Thinking

A significant part of the value the people get from enterprise social software is finding the smart and plugged-in people in their organization. Microblogging helps discover the interesting people, and the links to rich work-context profiles reveal more about what the person does and what they know. Profile proliferation should be a top concern of enterprise architects and others involved in social software strategies. Social Networking & Collaboration Unified Communication

The Art of Collaborating Effectively in Virtual Teams


Specially, now that we have got social software tools available to us all to help improve, augment and develop further our own collaborative skills altogether. Build a social life (integrated with your enterprise collaboration approach).