Nasty SMS Spam – turn off Facebook Mobile Messages #australia #socialmedia

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

How to stop those annoying spammy messages on your mobile cellphone from Facebook Messenger Text service. SMS messages but no telephone number? I went to [link] and turned off Text Messages. I can’t stop text messaging. Do you get annoying messages?

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Message From Meetup/Community Thoughts

Nancy White

I thought this was worth sharing as I know many of you, dear readers, are as passionate about community as I am. Plus I’m preparing for a round of gatherings of communities that are very significant in my life in the coming weeks. In that spirit considers what triggers us to connect.

External Messaging in Yammer: Applause and Questions

Michael Sampson - Currents

I’m pleased to announce a new external messaging feature in Yammer, which enables you to add extended team members from outside your organization, such as partners, vendors and customers, to Yammer conversations. External messaging is an important step in that direction.

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Getting the Message Across: Five Levels of Change Communications

Partnering Resources

People misunderstand the message, ignore it, or even counter it. We don’t know if people understand the message, if they like it, or if they’ll commit to it. In small group meetings, breakout sessions, or Q&A periods, people explore the message.

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Information or messages

Viv Mcwaters

And importantly, the message is lost amongst all the information. Heard an interesting interview on the radio this morning about science communications and the need for more literary science writing. In another life, I was quite interested in science communications – even dabbling in the writing of.

10 messages in planning digital engagement with young people

Social Reporter

Below are 10 messages to consider in planning any project using digital technology to engage young people and address the key challenges they face. The messages have been summarised by Tim Davies from the event we ran last week with Nominet Trust as part of the exploration I reported here. With that as our context, we looked at the messages identified so far, which had been printed out as cards , and discussed them in groups to see how they might be relevant to the challenges.

10 messages in planning digital engagement with young people

Social Reporter

Below are 10 messages to consider in planning any project using digital technology to engage young people and address the key challenges they face. The messages have been summarised by Tim Davies from the event we ran last week with Nominet Trust as part of the exploration I reported here. With that as our context, we looked at the messages identified so far, which had been printed out as cards , and discussed them in groups to see how they might be relevant to the challenges.

From complex data to an understandable message

Viv Mcwaters

Hat tip to Nancy Duarte over at slide:ology where there’s more great examples of simplifying your message. How would you get your grandmother to understand and be moved by your message? Here’s a great example of explaining a complex concept simply.

Monday Video: Art, Creative Messages and Attention

Nancy White

Via a Tweet from John Hagel comes the Enormous forest xylophone plays Bach’s Cantata 147 (Wired UK). A phone handset advert? But in it beauty, art and music. In our communities and networks, can we use art and music as a way to focus attention, learn and share knowledge?

Overload: The Medium or the Message

Michael Sampson - Currents

Many people expressed frustration with email overload, a mixture of lots of messages (some relevant / some not), organizational overuse for trivial matters, and spam.

Turning Instant Messaging and Presence Upside-Down & Inside-Out

Collaborative Thinking

I've posted a lot recently regarding enterprise social messaging ("Twitter for the enterprise"): Twitter in the Workplace. Social Messaging & Socialtext Signals: Before We Get Too Excited. Right now, enterprise instant messaging is dominated by IBM and Microsoft. The door I believe is just about shut but there is a card worth playing - and that card could be enterprise social messaging.

Bowling Alone: The State Of Enterprise Instant Messaging

Collaborative Thinking

Instant messaging has not taken off in the enterprise as have other communication tools, such as e-mail. One of the older reasons I used to hear from clients years ago was the question of "need" - e-mail was already deployed, and e-mail messages arrived in "near time", so what was the extra value (i.e., Micro-blogging/social messaging tools do however fulfill a user need that enterprise IM/UC platform providers have chosen to ignore, or to support poorly.

Enterprise Social Messaging: Vendor Replies

Collaborative Thinking

Users have access to the entire history of available messages either via searching or by paging through the history of activity. Yammer, despite multiple requests, did not respond to my earlier post on the need for tools in this category to support policy, integration, security and other capabilities expected by enterprise decision-makers. Someone mentioned as another option which I had forgotten to mention (as well as Traction which did provide some information).

Messaging News (February 2010): Security and Collaboration Systems: Let's Not Forget the Simpler Actions

Michael Sampson - Currents

My article for the February 2010 edition of Messaging News is out: Security and Collaboration Systems: Let's Not Forget the Simpler Actions : " There is no end to the investment you can make in securing your organization’s collaboration systems. Tags: Messaging News Magazine

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Messaging News (February 2009): Lotusphere 2009 - IBM Comes Out Swinging

Michael Sampson - Currents

The February 2009 edition of Messaging News is now available. The messaging and collaboration year kicks off in January with the annual IBM love fest for Lotus customers. Tags: Enterprise Collaboration lotusphere2009 messaging news My article starts on page 24 of the PDF, providing a review of Lotusphere 2009. "

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Messaging News (April 2009): Security Threats in Collaboration Platforms

Michael Sampson - Currents

The April 2009 edition of Messaging News Magazine is out, with my article entitled Security Threats in Collaboration Platforms (starting on page 16): " Like beauty, you want security over collaboration platforms to be much more than skin deep. Tags: Messaging News Magazine

Notes on Ed Brill's IBM Messaging and Collaboration Roadmap

Michael Sampson - Currents

Ed is the Product Line Manager for messaging and collaboration. Yann Ribager, Messaging and Applications Lead, Bunge EMEA. Some notes on his session: 1. 2012 was a good year. high adoption of 8.5.X., over 10,000 XPages developers, and new features every year since 2007. Agreement in 2012 with Trust Factory, for analyzing a Domino deployment against norms and best practices. Product is now called "IBM Domino DoubleCheck.".

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Message to other consultants about BP disaster

Endless Knots

Dear colleagues, Many of us have worked with BP (we did one small project for its-then Organizational Engineering group in 1993, thanks to Lilly Evans). Many more of us have pointed to some great examples at BP, like its early start in knowledge management, communities of practice, and its unusual organization designs. Now BP is at the heart of a colossal safety failure that killed fifteen people, seriously injured many more, and which threatens the entire Gulf of Mexico.

Message to leaders: let the monkeys get on with it

Social Reporter

A while back … was it really last year? … I interviewed Jemima Gibbons about a book that she was researching on leadership, organisations, and the difference that social media is making. With talk of Web 2.0, and World 2.0, Leadership 2.0 seemed a good enough working title.

Notes on INV101 Strategy in Action: Messaging and Collaboration

Michael Sampson - Currents

Ed Brill, Director, Product Line Management at IBM Collaboration Solutions (Notes and Domino, IBM Docs, SmartCloud Notes, and more), is presenting the messaging and collaboration strategy session. There's a lot of people in this room - Ed has about 60% of the original space of the keynote session from this morning, and it looks about 50% full.

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Engineers without Fears

Moving on from automated to human textual analysis, I've been having a bit of a look at XSight & NVivo from QSR. Back when I was doing my Masters, I recall a product called NUD*IST getting a mention. Basically this tool allowed the coding of interviews to help academics with quantitative analysis. This has become XSight for market research types & NVivo for academics. XSight allows you to store your interview notes (ordered by research demographic) so you can annotate & tag them.

Implementing Enterprise Micro-messaging with Yammer at Océ

Portals and KM

A few weeks ago I spoke with Samuel Driessen, Information Architect at Océ , about their enterprise micro-messaging experiences. This excellent concept could be a separate blog post but the story today is about their micro-messaging experiences. He decided with micro-messaging that he would not try a pilot program but simply start and lead by example. After they saw the value from Yammer, they extended their micro-messaging to the Web with Twitter.

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Rise of Micro-messaging in Enterprise Collaboration Platforms

Portals and KM

One of the key elements is the addition of micro-blogging or micro-messaging. It seems like all the enterprise collaboration platforms are adding more features to become a suite. Th emor eI talk to the more they are developing a similar comprehensive suite. This is not a bad thing, It validates the market an these features. For example see some of my App Gap reviews: Yakabod Provides Robust Knowledge Management with a Social Side. BlogBridge Release 6.6

Social Messaging Socialtext Signals: Before We Get Too Excited.

Collaborative Thinking

Without this type of information (despite the well-deserved media coverage), I'm afraid the product will be virtually dead-on-arrival for most organizations that have these requirements for other messaging/communication systems - they apply to these tools, regardless of what we call them (i.e., Twitter-style Application Expands Socialtext's Enterprise Collaboration Platform with Secure Social Messaging Application -- Socialtext Desktop Public Beta, Powered By Adobe AIR.

The messages of front doors


I’ve been out helping to deliver leaflets this weekend, as the local elections are coming up, and been really surprised at the proportion of homes near me that send stern messages to anyone approaching. I reckon around 50 per cent of front doors near me carry a message about not wanting cold callers, pizza leaflets or free newspapers, or insisting on seeing verifiable identification if I were to be so impertinent as to knock or ring.

Microsoft Vine: Social Messaging Entry For Alerts & Status

Collaborative Thinking

Vine is a hyperlocal, personalized message and alert system. It also has buttons to send alerts or reports, which can be sent and received on the PC or as text messages on a cellphone. It lets you post alerts (short messages) and reports (longer posts).

A Short History of Micro-messaging from Marcia Conner

Portals and KM

What is new with Twitter messages “is how they help us do it (forcing compactness and distributing to portable devices) and who we share with (often previous strangers who share our passions).”. I think we are still discovering what micro-messaging can provide. The Fast Company blog recent posted, Twitterbursts: It’s Not About The Tools; It’s All About The Tools by Marcia Conner of Pistachio Consulting (aka @marciamarcia).

Messaging News (June 2009): Calendaring: Are We There Yet?

Michael Sampson - Currents

The June 2009 edition of Messaging News Magazine is out, and my article is entitled Calendaring: Are We There Yet? It's an update on the calendaring cover story I wrote two years ago: " Two years ago Messaging News ran a cover story on calendaring, asking “Why isn’t it just like email?” We weren’t referring to the penchant for spam and information overload in email, nor the inability to find anything (“Where did I file that message?”), but rather email’s ubiquity.

More on Enterprise Micro-messaging - Yammer and

Portals and KM

microblogging solution (see - Bringing Micro-messaging to Enterprise 2.0 - QikCom). Yesterday I wrote about QikCom , an enterprise 2.0 There are at least two other major players in this space, and Yammer. I have not had a chance to s speak to them but I hope to soon. In the meanwhile these two have been getting a lot of press from some of the top bloggers.    For example, TechCrunch wrote, Yammer Takes Top Prize At TechCrunch50.

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/Message: Everything Is Different

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

/Message « Enterprise 2.0

Green Chameleon » Message to Self: Must Learn to Let Things Go

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Message to Self: Must Learn to Let Things Go From the insanely sane Randall Munroe.

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Enterprise Micro-Messaging: Standalone or Integrated with Comprehensive Collaboration Platform? Or Both?

Portals and KM

Here is a post on the collaboration platforms that are integrating micro-messaging. First Commenter : “We’re really interested in using (micro-messaging tool) and have a few people on it already. Third Commenter: “There is a powerful analogy with Instant Messaging here. I am not trying to pick on the standalone micro-messaging vendors here, and there are quite a few now with excellent functionality. This is a question I see discussed more often.

Private Messages: Not Flashy, But a Must Have for Community Managers and Staff

Managing Communities

Please Update Your RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you. Developing Your Community Interacting with Members

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/Message: Clive Thompson On Streaming

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

One of the most popular new tools is Twitter, a Web site and messaging service that allows its two-million-plus users to broadcast to their friends haiku-length updates — limited to 140 characters, as brief as a mobile-phone text message — on what they’re doing.

A Few Thoughts from Enterprise 2.0 Conference Session on Future of Social Messaging in Enterprise

Portals and KM

conference session on Future of Social Messaging in Enterprise with David Marshak IBM Lotus, Fernando Egea Alcatel-Lucent, Joe Burton, Cisco, Marcia Conner, Pistachio Consulting, Mike Gotta, Burton group, Tim Young Socialcast, Dan York, Vixeo. There was an excellent Enterprise 2.0

The Metamovement’s Message: “We’re Not Buying It Any More”

How to Save the World

It is easier, and safer, to stay in denial, to listen to the messages that promise better times ahead with patience and some minor tinkering with the existing systems.

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Messaging meets "the Cloud"


At the same time, many groups that we work with are overwhelmed by too many emails, workspaces, group sites, social networks, and other sources of messages, discussions, and knowledge. There is a lot of excitement these days about "The Cloud" and how we can mash up web content in new and innovative ways.

/Message: Nature Or Nurture In Social Networking

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Quick Question: Ignore, Remove or Ban Spammers?

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Manage your Direct Messages (DM) in Twitter and Facebook Inbox. I found this piece in their upgrade information: Manage The Direct Messages Of All Your Accounts On One Page And Automatically Filter Out SPAM. Automating social media – but what about spam management?

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/Message: 9cays: Embracing The Email Beast For Lightweight Collaboration

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

/Message « Planes, Trains, And Laptops | Main | Snakes And Widgets » July 02, 2008 9cays: Embracing The Email Beast For Lightweight Collaboration by Stowe Boyd I am fond of quoting my dear friend, Doc Searls, who once said, "Email is where knowledge goes to die."