Unschooling structures: shape and focus


Here I bump into the same thing that I encountered when Alexander was a few months old: a lot of our current practices are conceptual, technology-mediated and are difficult to observe for a child, also because “adults work” and “kids learn” are two different worlds. One of the things that is on my thinking radar now is what I call ‘unschooling structure’ – the things that help to shape and focus learning.

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Annotated Bibliography: Background For Literature Review Project

Collaborative Thinking

The work builds on research from boyd and Ellison regarding online social network sites (SNS) where the SNS plays the role of mediated public. The idea of a mediated public where people “perform” in serious or playful manners aligns with research from Pearson regarding the front-stage and back-stage nature of a SNS. Mediated Communication , 13 (1), 210-230. Mediated communication occurs in the context of broader cultural forces. better technology mediation).

Literature Review: Improving Work Practices in Times of Change

Collaborative Thinking

Coining the term “participatory surveillance”, Albrechtslund argues that since members of a SNS are knowingly participating in public, surveillance by peers evolves as a shared practice and set of norms that allow people to represent themselves in serious or playful manners.

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Digital Citizenship


The integration of mobile, gaming and web based technologies into everyday life means that new social norms are emerging and being argued over now.

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organizational responsiveness

Taming the spaces

Both types of organizations arise to bring the process of education under socially standardized set of institutional categories, norms and visions.

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Cetis 2013 Keynote - Digital Citizenship: Underpinning Open Education


From being in utero to dying, and even after death - our lives in all their varieties, shades and complexities are already mediated, shared, constructed and lived out online.

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Anonymity & the carnival of the fakesters


Mediation through avatar, text, and all the other internet props can obviously be misused, but it also enables a creative exploration of identity, representation, engagement.

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Sense-making in a World Cafe

Chris Corrigan

Working with data a fine level of granularity, and not mediating sense-making. Working with a fine level of granularity also means that the project team can look at outliers – ideas that seem to be outside the norms. I was back at St.

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From workplace courses to global conversations

Nancy White

From formal associations to communities and loose networks People flock together without the need for a mediating organisation. The networked world requires more openness and this can be both uncomfortable and different than past organizational norms and practice.

What pragmatists might want to know about blogging


However, since weblogs are public, it is useful to think about them as one’s front garden: it’s up to the owner to decide what should be in there, but general cultural norms do apply (e.g. However, new blogging authorities are only as good as posts on their homepages, networks constantly evolve and anyway the share of attention one gets is more and more mediated by search engines.

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"Collaboration and Community" by Scott London

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Will the project be more effective with a neutral, third-party mediator? The norms of consensus and joint decision-making sometimes require that the common good take precedence over the interests of a few. Putnam uses the term "social capital" to describe the networks and norms of trust and reciprocity that promote civic cooperation.

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Yes, Leadership Changes in a Web 2.0 World

Leading Virtually

These processes cover cognitive and emotional processes, attraction between individuals, the norms, values, and culture of collectives, and, finally, communication. world, our norms and expectations about effective leadership are changing.

Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication , 13 (1), article 11. This special theme section of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication brings together scholarship on these emergent phenomena. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 12 (3), article 1.

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Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: Updating my basic article on online facilitation

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Facilitators foster member interaction, provide stimulating material for conversations, keep the space cleaned up and help hold the members accountable to the stated community guidelines, rules or norms. These may also be needed online, but there are also differences due to the technologically mediate nature of the environment.

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Facilitation - Evaluation - Beyond the Edge - Viv McWaters

John Tropea - Delicious Faciliatation

November 23rd, 2008 How does facilitating vary from other meeting roles - such as chairing, mediating, moderating and emceeing? info@VivMcWaters.com.au

From courses to community: Josien Kapma and Nancy White | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

From formal associations to communities and loose networks People flock together without the need for a mediating organisation. The networked world requires more openness and this can be both uncomfortable and different than past organizational norms and practice.

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Networks and The Myth of Flattening Organizations

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

The big change happens in the arrangements within the ‘team’ These days, these arrangements are made possible by communication technology that allows people to share information more directly, without it being mediated by their boss or someone else’s boss.

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Tim on Etienne (Part I: Learning in Practice)

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Schatzki (2001, p.11) defines practice as “a materially mediated nexus of activity where understanding and intelligibility are ordered, a central phenomenon of human/nonhuman life”. This is also the case with practice, thus practice are not merely reifications of working arrangement or processes, but practices also play part in mediating to resolve conflicts, carrying communal memory, guiding newcomers, creating habitable atmospheres.

Community as Curriculum – vol 2. The Guild/Distributed Continuum


Its members need to experience what it can be like to learn in a community mediated environment and take that away with them so that they can continue to be contributing members to their knowledge rhizomes. From medieval guilds to open source software: Informal norms, appropriability institutions, and innovation. “Community as Curriculum“, in: D. Araya & M.A. Peters, Education in the Creative Economy: Knowledge and Learning in the Age of Innovation, New York: Peter Lang, 2010.

Social Networks And Group Formation - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

These researchers study the uses of social networks and the ways in which they are mediated in society and in the workplace through information communication technologies (ICTs) such as (but not limited to) the Internet. Journal of Computer Mediated Communication , 3 (1).

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Re-Place-ing Space: The Roles of Place and Space in Collaborative Systems

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

For example, the original design of theCruiser media space system [Root, 1988] used a metaphor of ``virtualhallways as an organising principle for interaction andparticipation in an AV-mediated communication system. Like new members of anyculture, new arrivals in our media spaces learn the cultural norms andmores of the media space environments, as part of their enculturationinto the workplaces and organisations where they are situated.

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