Job #SocialMedia – Digital Marketing Co-ordinator- Sydney @p2pKirstie

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Digital Marketing Coordinator. Previous digital marketing experience? . Reporting into the Senior Brand Manager, you will be responsible for executing digital marketing tactics across a number of channels using various resources and tools.

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Best Upsell is Education #Dropbox #marketing

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Ok ok, back on topic: use your educational, FAQ, help, support whatevs files to do marketing. I don’t know, maybe product education and good marketing are two very different ideas. Marketing social media dropbox upsell

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Google+ Hints at a Social Media Marketing Revolution

Alchemy of Change

I just accidentally stumbled on something in Google+ that suggests some revolutionary ideas about the way organizations need to think about marketing. In a way, you could think of it as an evolution of permission marketing , a term popularized by Seth Godin a while back.

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Facebook for Marketing Research: Political Polls #auspol

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Trying to bring people to your Facebook Business Page that actively hate you is an option not often taken up by wussy marketers. Facebook Advertising as a Free Marketing Tool. How to do Facebook Marketing Research. Want to know how 11 million Australians will vote?

Agile Marketing Pioneers

Ant's Eyeview Blog

Last week, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel of Agile Marketing thought leaders at Social Media Club Seattle. We covered a range of topics related to Agile Marketing, and in particular both how and why these organizations chose to embark on the agile journey.

Social Marketing vs Traditional Marketing Mix

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

What is the marketing mix - online, offline, direct, TV, social - that is optimum for brands? Note for overseas readers: Tony Thomas runs a small agency The Population specializing in social media marketing). Tony then goes on to outline how important it is to get a marketing mix right. I don’t think anyone would disagree with him -certainly no social media marketer that I know.

The Secret Ingredient for Customer Lifecycle Marketing? Community Management.

Online Community Strategy

A recent benchmarking report from Demand Metric on Customer Lifecycle Marketing illustrates the impact of aligning marketing efforts around a customer journey model. The report also illustrates a number of blindspots that are derailing Customer Lifecycle Marketing efforts.

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Rethinking Marketing - Harvard Business Review

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Details Magazine Buy Reprint Idea in Brief > January–February 2010 Rethinking Marketing by Roland T. He identifies which broad market segments to target, sets prices and promotions, and plans mass media communications.

Real Story Group: Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Market in 2016

Michael Sampson - Currents

Real Story Group released its 2016 briefing on the state of the enterprise collaboration and social software marketplace, and a blog post with some highlights.

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Social Media Marketing book review

Community Guy

Shama reviewed Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business Engagement. Take a peek below, or on Shama’s site. Business Strategy

Internal Knowledge Markets: A Framework for Success

Portals and KM

Rather than use expertise locators and accessible content repositories, they offer knowledge markets. Early adopters like SAP have seen positive results with as SAP saved more than $6 million in technical support costs when they used a knowledge market to enable a peer-to-peer response system to support enterprise software developers both within and outside the company. They went on to build and test an internal knowledge market prototype.

Review of The Social Marketing Funnel

Portals and KM

I recently looked at a useful new book , The Social Marketing Funnel: Driving Business Value with Social Marketing. 500 companies use social media as part of their marketing mix1. A second study found that 72% of marketers reported closing more business as a result of social media efforts and 52% reported lead generation benefits with social media. This effort needs to be integrates with your traditional marketing and sales efforts and your CRM tool.

2012 Social Marketing and New Media Predictions eBook Now Available

Portals and KM

The 2012 Social Marketing and New Media Predictions eBoo k is now available. Thanks to Lora Kratchounova and her colleagues at Scratch Marketing + Media for putting it together. It “contains predictions, insights and advice from 34 marketing strategists, brand marketers, and leading marketing consultants. It aims to prepare business leaders and marketers alike for the changes about to impact brands of all sizes in the coming year.

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State of Social Media Marketing 2012

Portals and KM

McKinsey also projects huge opportunities for wealth creation through social media, many of them are marketing oriented.  recently released a report, The State Of Social Marketing Report: 7 Major Findings & In-Depth Analysis. To complete this effort they surveyed 469 marketers from wide varieties of industries, company sizes and levels of social marketing expertise. Tighter integration between social and rest of marketing and business overall.

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Arts Council of New Orleans Saturday Art Market February 2013

Portals and KM

I was pleased to be recently accepted as artist for the Arts Council of New Orleans  for their monthy art market. I am working on a some others from later carnival events and hope to have some ready for the art market.

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The Rise of Internal Knowledge Markets

Portals and KM

A new article in the Sloan Review by Hind Benbya and Marshall Van Alstyne, How to Find Answers Within Your Company , covered the rise of internal knowledge markets. They define these markets as “protected environments where users trade their knowledge via price mechanisms.” They note that “while these markets have existed in different forms for years, their use to facilitate knowledge transfer inside organizations is relatively new.”

7 Key Issues to Consider Networking and Marketing Your Business on Facebook

Online Social Networking

As an entrepreneur or small business owner promoting your business on Facebook , you face a number of difficult challenges and tough marketing decisions.

Networking or Marketing: How to Escape the Advertising Trap and Get Real

Partnering Resources

Networking or Marketing: How to Escape the Advertising Trap and Get Real is an original post from Maya Townsend , founder and lead consultant: Partnering Resources - Align. Walking the Line between Networking & Advertising. Image by Ian Sane (flickr).

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3 More Social Media and Web Marketing Strategies for 2011

Online Social Networking

3 Key Social Media and Web Marketing Strategies for 2011 discussed the decline of open networking on Facebook , the revival of Ning networks and the continued relevance of websites and SEO in building your web presence.

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Images of New Orleans 2011: French Market Area

Portals and KM

This post covers th e French Market area in the upper French Quarter and near the Marigny. Here is another in my series on New Orleans images 2011. It is a series of shops and stalls.

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The Average Director of Community Makes $113,000 and Isn’t in the Marketing Department

Managing Communities

Please Update Your RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you. Community Careers

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Forrester: Mobile Apps Will Change the IT Market and Drive Software Innovation

Portals and KM

It notes that while the explosion of app innovation started with the iPhone, the rise of the “App Internet” significantly impact the enterprise software and services market. billion/year market globally by 2015. billion/year market globally by 2015. As innovation continues and services vendors help IT pick up the slack, the app Internet will also accelerate the evolution of the enterprise desktop and business applications markets.

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25 Common Social Media and Web Marketing Mistakes

Online Social Networking

My hope is that this article and those articles and resources it links to will enable you to take a fresh look at your social media and web marketing program. It’s imperative that you define your objectives and devise marketing strategies to help you reach them effectively.

Contests and Giveaways are Marketing, Not Community Building

Managing Communities

photo credit: Ev0luti0nary Since the beginning of time (relatively speaking, of course), online forums and communities have held contests and giveaways in an effort to grow their member base. It gets them some attention. They notice an influx of new members. Then the contest ends. Shortly thereafter, most of the new members they noticed are [.]. Promoting Your Community

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3 Key Social Media and Web Marketing Strategies for 2011

Online Social Networking

The social media and web marketing space is evolving, and we must therefore continually revise our social media and web marketing strategies and techniques. Here are several cases in point that affect social media and web marketing practice, especially for small business.

Please Stop “Robo” Marketing from Coming to Social Media.

Portals and KM

Sameer Patel recently wrote a useful post, Marketing your Marketing , on the shallow nature of enticing people to like you on social media with coupons or other giveaways. Sameer makes the excellent point: “This looks like a knock off of trade show marketing where we are duped into believing that 1000 interested prospects came to our booth where in reality 700 just wanted to drop their business card in the till for a chance to win an iPad2.”.

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Traackr Provides Useful Web Influence Monitoring Tool for Marketing and PR Professionals

Portals and KM

Ability to cover specific topic/market based on relevance to your selected keywords. Since the Traackr tool is designed to help marketing and PR professionals in both agencies and within an enterprise there are other features to augment the A-List.

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Klout, Influence, and the Future of Business

Alchemy of Change

Despite its many problems, Klout not only symbolizes the growing importance of influence in marketing, but the increasingly permeable nature of the firm. Engagement & Collaboration Permeability & Networks business engagement influence Klout marketing networks permeability

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How to Write a Social Media Strategy in 9 Steps

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Who Are the Market Segment and Customer Avatars? Throughout the Strategy Document should be clear the call to actions and alignment with the different market segments, at different times of their lifecycle with you. Shares How to write a #socialmedia strategy for Gov, Organisations.

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Advanced Social Media Course – August Sydney 2015

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Course social media Social Media Australia Training analytics business campaign Education Facebook Marketing measurement social ads strategy Sydney Twitter workshopShares Looking for an advanced social media course in Sydney ?

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Capital Ideas: Selected Papers on Organizations & Markets - October 2009 - Neighbor Networks

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Introduction By Damon J. Phillips Neighbor Networks Research by Ronald S. Burt Forums vs. Fountains Research by Sean C. Safford Dominant Use Research by Steven J. Kahl Fitting In or Starting New? Research by Elizabeth G.

Gevril Group Launches Ambitious Social Media and Web Marketing Initiative

Online Social Networking

That’s changing, as I’ve been engaged as social media and web strategist by the Gevril Group in Valley Cottage, NY , manufacturer and distributor of luxury watches, a forward-thinking business with ambitious marketing goals. Gevril’s Social Media and Web Marketing Plan.

Arts Council of New Orleans March 30 Art Market

Portals and KM

I now an artist with the  Arts Council of New Orleans  and participate in their  monthy art market.  These markets occur generally on the last Saturday  at Palmer Park in New Orleans , at the corner of S.

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How Leadership Is Critical In Content Marketing

Ken Carroll

Leadership is critical in content marketing. Because there simply is no content marketing without the leadership to drive it. As content marketers, you and I must think and act from a leadership perspective if we are to impact on the world. Leadership for content marketers

The Rise of Trollmarketing and Trashtweeting on Business Social Media

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Using trolling as a marketing campaign on social media. social media brand wars campaign Marketing trolling trollmarketing Advertising used to be so polite. Well except when it wasn’t. When Apple ripped into IBM with the Superbowl 1984 Ad, it was a shocker to the world.

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Director of Community and Director of Marketing Should Make a Great Team

Managing Communities

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Four Types of Status Updates for Improving Social Media Engagement on Facebook and Twitter

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Facebook social media Social Media Business channels engagement improve Marketing social objects status updates tips Twitter Just because you’ve got a Facebook Page and Twitter Account doesn’t mean anyone is interested in what you have to say.

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10 Tips for Inviting to Facebook Events

Online Social Networking

The most common reaction of marketers is to raise the volume in one way or another. Marketers send more messages or create snazzier headlines. I like to use Green Wave Email Marketing , because they allow me to directly upload my contacts without requiring them to re-opt in.

8 ways to deal with negative comments in online communities

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

PS: Your marketing intern may not have that skill! But be warned, when Marketing are put in charge of social media, rather than customer service, people figure out very quickly that all they will get back is chatter, not fixes.

Social Media Marketing May Need to Adjust Measurement

Portals and KM

Adobe has released second Adobe® D i g i t a l I n dex report, which provides marketing, e-commerce and retail executives with digital marketing data. The research looked at how marketers measure the impact of website traffic from major social media sites. However, this may cause marketers to undervalue social media’s website impact by up to 94 percent.