Funder NESTA tells community projects: cut the paperwork, blog your reports

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Alice Casey, who is managing the programme, explained: “Each of the areas has been set up with a WordPress blog to report on how things are going for their project.

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Home Tutorials Articles Freebies Videos About Subscribe By RSS | Email | Other Home Tutorials Other Build a Social Network Using… Categories HTML & CSS Javascript & AJAX Other PHP Ruby Site Builds Tools & Tips Wordpress Build a Social Network Using Joomla! Visit Site EventList This component has event creation, management, plugins, registration, and more. Because of the nature of our social network, our users will be doing a lot of the managing and setup too!

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Community Manager Tip: Reuse Your Work « Fast Wonder: Online Community Management

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Fast Wonder: Online Community Management Thoughts on online community strategy, community management, blogging, social media, Yahoo Pipes and open source. 0 Comments Tags: community management , documentation , recycle , reuse.

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John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration - Project management that allows you to assign tasks and then let people work in teams on them. - Mind mapping for everyone from students working together to project management. See also: ONLINE PRODUCTIVITY GOD: 400+ Resources To Make You Smarter, Faster & a Demon in the Sack 30+ AJAX-Powered WordPress Plugins 70+ Tools For Job Hunting 2.0 I'm beta tester of one new project management software, it is very good.

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This is a hands-on computer based course that takes you step by step through how to create, edit, tweak and promote a Wordpress Blog. We use Wordpress plugins and themes and create blog posts and pages by both teamwork and individual use of internet enabled PCs.

List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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Mzinga (Acquired Prospero, March 2008) “We enable organizations to easily, quickly, and cost-effectively develop branded, integrated communities and social networks comprised of message boards, blogs, ratings, and chats and to manage them using a single, intuitive platform.&#

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Microsoft Social Computing Overview

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find knowledge, share ideas, work in teams, feel valued, manage projects, build= a network and use content. maybe not as great as Wordpress or other tools but likely good enough for many situations. Enterprise Wiki surface is a publishing template so you can put web parts and other artifacts like video. Records management and social computing: can apply rules (disposition etc) to blogs, wikis, etc. Notes from Christian Finn, Director, Social Computing.


Social Networking More Popular Than Email

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HOW TO: Manage Multiple Social Media Profiles (72) 7.

What Enterprise Could Learn From AI Research History | Sonnez en cas d'absence

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To set up such micro-processes is a radical move from where we are and where the most daring organizations try to go, and would only be possible with intensive education, and a strong commitment from HR and management.

Is your Company Creating Zombies 2.0? | Sonnez en cas d'absence

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While this is a great move toward new modes of collaboration and new, tacit, knowledge capture, these communities are often heavily structured and managed, just to insure that they “work”. Based on original template by Web-Kreation and customized by Thierry de Baillon.

Full Circle Associates " Harvesting knowledge from text conversations

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KM4Dev is a global community of practice interested in knowledge management and knowledge sharing in international development. FAQ Template - the template use - which is now simpler than our earlier versions.

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They surveyed lurkers from 375 MSN bulletin board communities and they revealed five reasons not to participate: These findings are interesting for community managers, since some of them are actionable. Let users contribute by modifying existing templates rather than creating complete entities from scratch. Editing a template is more enticing and has a gentler learning curve than facing a blank page. Blog « Win a Cool Wikwikit Mug!


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iSocial is a free social networking Content Management System software, allowed to create your own social network like Friendster and Orkut. Admin management section, translations, groups, bookmarklets, Firefox extension, RSS feeds, and more! Collaboration for knowledge networking, program management, communities-of-practice, telework, Memephage is an automatic weblog.

We All Need a Shift | Sonnez en cas d'absence

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While sustainability, and the gain of new competitive advantages, are crucial for any business, risk avoidance is a management and delivery model which literally turns its back to the non-linear complex world we are living in, and are in fine unsustainable.

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This requires a completely different way of managing people. And it also requires a forward-thinking management and development team who are willing to approach every project with the idea that the end user is the customer and the goal is to solve their problem. P.S. In Notes (prior to 7.02) a blog-style database is as simple as File > Database > New (or just Ctrl+N) and then select the Discussion template.

innovation Creators " Email is critical to Enterprise 2.0 and Office 2.0

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For example, with the simple addition of a single template, employee People Pages can be rewritten in an XML format that be used as a feed for an HR system, or even as the source data for kind of replacement. Any reply/response or where someone can go to get a answer that would initially be helpful: A managers reply to a inquiry: I believe if you have the workgroup setup, and the outlook user profiles, most of what you want to do is done through the workgroup set of menu items under tools.