When Context Transcends Change Management


What if everything we have been told about Change Management over the course of the last few decades was all just … plain wrong? What if all of that literature around change management could be smashed with just a couple of tweets?

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How is learning organized in a self-managed organization?

Joitske Hulsebosch

Every month I read a management book. I am very curious about learning in self-managing organizations. Is self-management also self-directed learning? Does a knowmad want to work in a self-managing organization? Many are looking for space and opportunities to develop themselves and to deal with difficult job assignments, I read a funny blogpost about a manager of a law firm who googled how he wanted to reorganize his office.

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Knowledge Management & Climate Change Adaptation

Michelle Laurie

A few months ago, the KM4Dev Journal put a call out for contributions linking Knowledge Management and Climate Change Adaptation. I wrote a short story: Lessons on bridging knowledge management with climate change adaptation: a story from southeastern British Columbia, Canada. knowledge management climate change Visual Thinking Given these are two of my most passionate areas of work, I could not resist.

Introducing the Average Manager

Ken Carroll

The Average Manager. Someone tell this to the Average Manager. The Average Manager is everywhere – and I mean everywhere – but how obtuse do you have to be to think this approach works? The Average Manager average manager

Dispatch from the 2017 Association of Change Management Professionals Conference

Partnering Resources

The annual conference of the Association of Change Management Professionals was lively, friendly, and fun. What’s Hot: Using Neuroscience for Change Management. Change management professionals can minimize those threats with a little education and foresight.

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Blog>> Benefits and Pitfalls of Knowledge Management

Green Chameleon

Nick Milton and I have written a couple of blog posts on the Kogan Page website to introduce our new book The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook , due out in 3 weeks. Nick has written a post outlining four reasons why knowledge management can benefit organisations, and I have written a post describing some of the pitfalls you might encounter in implementing knowledge management and how to avoid them.

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OpDemand Simplifies Cloud Management

Portals and KM

They announced General Availability of their cloud infrastructure management platform in April, which allows software development teams to leverage raw cloud infrastructure without being overwhelmed by technical complexity.

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Managing Meetings in SharePoint 2013

Michael Sampson - Currents

In my book Collaboration Roadmap (2011) I talk about managing meetings as one of the “collaboration scenarios” that can be enhanced / improved through new tools.

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Managing communities

Community Guy

My friend Patrick O’Keefe is a genius when it comes to online forum management. A few weeks back, he posted a video of his BlogWorld Expo panel … and I’m just now getting around to sharing it.

How Will You Manage?


How are they managed? That’s also the incredibly provocative phenomenon that this YouTube video titled " How Will You Manage? " So you can imagine some scenarios sometimes…) will surely present new challenges for one specific part of the workforce: managers.

Managing sideways

Governance in a Networked World

Most of the themes in this blog are around ways for managing sideways. What I mean by this is how we manage to engage in peer to peer relationships without the benefit authority built into a senior position or a from a dominant organisation. I have been reflecting on who we might nominate as "world's best" sideways managers.

Social Business – Where Bosses and Managers Become Servant Leaders


In the past we have talked a couple of times about the undeniable impact that social networking (for business) is having in traditional management and thought leadership by helping reshape and redefine some of their various long time existing conceptions. Management is service, not control.

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Three Questions About Knowledge Management

Portals and KM

 The topic was knowledge management and I liked their questions. The results were posted on May 15 on the blog – see 3 Questions With Bill Ives About Knowledge Management. I was recently interviewed for the Simplicity 2.0

Gary Hamel, New Humanism, and management 2.0

Ken Carroll

Gary Hamel is the leading thinker on management 2.0 In fact, this video introduction to his excellent The Future of Management , is probably the best 90 seconds you will see on the topic anywhere. My own diagnosis of the problem is that management 1.0 Management 2.0

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Trend Questions: Community “management?”

Nancy White

What is different this time around is the credibility that is given to those talented individuals who help steward, facilitate, care, lead, host, cajole and even “manage&# online communities. What is happening with online community management where you work/play?

How Teachers can Manage Student Contact on Facebook

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Looking to see if Social Media Privacy can be managed? In this video I take you through setting up your Facebook Profile so you can manage privacy and student “friendship” with Facebook Lists. Are you concerned about Privacy and Facebook with students and teachers?

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theTeam – Knowledge Management Done Right


Have you seen “ Using Knowledge Management “? and Social Business are pretty close to some of the basic key principles behind traditional Knowledge Management, drafted back in the day, like I have blogged about, just recently, under the heading “ KM, Enterprise 2.0

Community Management Fundamentals – Where Do I Start?


Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Learning, Social Computing within the Enterprise, Productivity, Work Life Integration, etc. Well, how about some Community Management Fundamentals ? Community managers anyone? Community Management Fundamentals.

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#MeToo Why SILICON VALLEY Can’t Follow EDUCATION in Managing Abuse of Power

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

How can communities – Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood – manage harassment and abuse situations? Women do NOT get past mid-level management in any kind of numbers so aren’t even able to apply for senior roles.

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The Employees’ Wishlist: Three Things Employees Wish Managers Would Do

Partnering Resources

The post The Employees’ Wishlist: Three Things Employees Wish Managers Would Do appeared first on Partnering Resources. Image by Aitor Aguirregabiria on flickr. Your employees need you. But not in the way you think.

My next Management 2.0 Principle

Governance in a Networked World

Reciprocity and Trust Networks Published by Laurence Lock Lee on 18-DEC-2011 to Management 2.0 Its time for us to rediscover this principle in Management 2.0. Hackathon (HOME) In command and control structures reciprocity doesn't exist. Of course reciprocity isn't new."Do

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The 10 Key Principles of Change Management

The Bumble Bee

Over the last 6 months I have been designing, testing and piloting an exciting new Change Management Game for leaders and teams which lets them experience what it is like to lead a complete 9-month change management project over the course of a single day.

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What did Einstein know about Knowledge Management?

Chris Collison

But one unexpected Einstein quote escaped the infographic – which has nothing to do with knowledge management, demonstrates his humanity and humour and makes me smile… Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.

The Secret Ingredient for Customer Lifecycle Marketing? Community Management.

Online Community Strategy

Community Management. Almost 90% of the study participants indicate that marketing currently owns the understanding and management of the customer lifecycle. A modern definition also expands the concept of community management to include any form of relationship building and nurturing.

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An Open Letter to Project Managers, the New Rock Stars

Partnering Resources

First things first: Project managers rock. There is simply too much at risk for companies to let so much depend on the project managers. Stop resisting project management methodology. Request a meeting with the project management office to talk about the specific rule, how it gets in the way, and some alternatives. An Open Letter to Project Managers, the New Rock Stars is an original post from Maya Townsend , founder and lead consultant: Partnering Resources - Align.

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Houses, Trust and Knowledge Management

Michelle Laurie

The two key words I think about in learning about buying a house are Trust and Knowledge Management. Knowledge Management is very important in several ways. Tags: Kootenay Life Uncategorized knowledge management The potential house. I am buying my first house.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Your Community Managers


To train the entire organization on social media, internal social software, social business, social processes and workflows and community management. Only then would we be capable of seeing the job role of community managers survive for the next decades to come.

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The myth of managed culture change

Chris Corrigan

For a long time I have known that the idea that culture change can be managed is a myth. A culture is emergent and is the result of millions of interactions, behaviours, artifacts and stories that people build up over time. It is unpredictable and results in surprise.

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Good Management is Flexible

Evolving Web

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Radical Management – A Different Kind of CEO


You would have to watch the video clip itself to find out more about another example, in my opinion, of what radical management is all about and why it’s this new kind of leadership the one we need to get us out of the financial crisis we have been living through the last few years.

Knowledge Management’s Fried Egg moments…

Chris Collison

If you haven’t read it, and you work in the field of knowledge management, organizational learning, improvement or in any medium-large consultancy, then please do. Behaviours Knowledge Management Knowledge transfer Learning Lessons Learned Organizational learning Storytelling

Information Management and Knowledge Management by John Bordeaux


In fact, I am sure it is going to make you think twice about things, specially if you have got an Information Management or Knowledge Management backgrounds. Head over and read Back to First Principles for Knowledge Management … I told you, it would make you think!

The Paradox of Self-Management

How to Save the World

But I’ve managed to make the changes, again by making it relatively easy: a meal a day of varied raw veggies and salad stuff with a tasty low-fat dip takes little preparation or clean-up.

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Join the Management 2.0 Hackathon

Governance in a Networked World

Management 2.0 I'm in. Listen to Gary Hamel's promotion. Hackathon

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SpringCM Moves Beyond Content Management

Portals and KM

SpringCM Cloud provides an robust enterprise content management platform. It was founded in 2005 by some industry veterans who wanted to go beyond traditional on-premise content management. Spring CM refers to this capability as dynamic adaptive case management.

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Persona Management Software destroys internet authenticity

The Bumble Bee

The Guardian reports on the growth in "Persona Management Software" which individuals use to engage in web conversations using multiple identities on forums and social sites.

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Community Managers and the Art of Facilitating Communities Effectively


Of course, I am talking about the role of the Community Manager , or Community Facilitator , which has been my preferred term from the beginning. Who else out there nowadays doesn’t consider themselves a community manager, right? Project Manager.

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Ware & Grantham: Managing Remotely

Endless Knots

I'm about to give a series of workshops ("Managing a Remote Workforce") and to make sure I'm current on the best thinking, I naturally did my (re)search by googling that title. Up came this great white paper, Managing a Remote. 90% people, 10% technology Collaboration Telecommuting Virtual Teams

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Intuit Brainstorm Offers Innovation Management

Portals and KM

Okay, I know what you might be thinking, but innovation management is not actually an oxymoron. In reality, as Tad Milbourn , Product Manager for Intuit Brainstorm and I discussed, most creativity is a group process.

The Forest and the Trees: Managing in Business Ecosystems

Partnering Resources

The Forest and the Trees: Managing Business Ecosystems. In this complex world, management by objectives doesn’t cut it. The Forest and the Trees: Managing in Business Ecosystems is an original post from Maya Townsend , founder and lead consultant: Partnering Resources - Align.

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