Cheat Sheet: Entering Net-Map data

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I wrote this up for our IFPRI colleagues in Malawi, who are drawing Net-Maps with policy makers and others about fertilizer subsidies to understand how research can have a bigger effect on policy makers. Yesterday I prepared this one page guide to entering Net-Map data (236 KB) in an Excel file, so that it’s easy to import into VisuaLyzer or other social network analysis programs.

You know it (you just don’t know it)

Net-Map Toolbox

Let’s face it, who can be an expert on chickens in Ethiopia , job hunting networks in Saint Louis, fertilizer policy in Malawi and female rice par-boilers in Nigeria at the same time? It doesn’t stop to amaze me and for me that is the golden moment in any Net-Map intervention, the reason why I do this and keep being excited. You know about everything there is to know in your subject area. I know close to nothing about it.

Just because they can?!

Net-Map Toolbox

Why do policy makers push for certain decisions? Together with a group of IFPRI researchers I work at better understanding how agricultural policy making processes in Malawi (and other African countries work) and how research results can play a bigger role in it. This question, how to bridge the gap between research and the rest of the world, has been bothering me for a while now.

Ready to elevate?

Net-Map Toolbox

Understanding and increasing the impact of agricultural research on policy making in Malawi and Nigeria ( Aberman et al. fertilizer policy) this project aims at understanding the conditions when and how research can enter policy making processes and concretely finding out who the movers and shakers are. Follow-up Net-Map sessions in Malawi will also track how the position of research changes over time Do you have your elevator speach ready?

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Adding, dividing, averaging power?

Net-Map Toolbox

In our IFPRI project about “ research into policy making&# in Malawi we drew NetMaps with people who had very different levels of detail when describing the policy landscape. Some just talked about “the&# Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, while others divided the ministry in several divisions and even individual positions.

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The HBR List 2009 - How Social Networks Network Best

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Competitive advantage from better interactions

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