Language matters

Viv Mcwaters

The language we use reveals a lot. The language I use as a facilitator reveals a lot about me (so much so that Sascha Rixon did a whole PhD on facilitation language) and the language you use can be like an open door, welcoming me into your world, or like a barrier, holding me at a distance so as I don’t get too close. Many of us use language without giving it a second thought. Yes, it’s about language. Community Culture Language

Language, please!

Viv Mcwaters

I have no problem with bad language, swearing, cussing. As they say, be warned, strong language – and now go read it. I want to hear plain language. Language, please! The post Language, please! Related posts: Language matters It matters more than you think. The language we use. General Language It’s not what you’re thinking. F**k no.

Identity and the Language Poets

Jenny Connected

Week 8 focussed on an introduction to Language Poetry. The self is languaged – is formed by and in language – and is multiple across time (moments and eras) and thus from paratactic sentence to paratactic sentence. ModPo has been moving too fast for me again.

Let's improve our learning language as learning professionals

Joitske Hulsebosch

Improving our language- being more precise- would help advance the practice. Why this idea about sloppy language? Some observations about sloppy language (not from the MOOC but also in general) and please react if I''m wrong! elearning language social learning

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Kinetic type AND language AND Stephen Fry

Viv Mcwaters

Its topic is about another love of mine; language. Kinetic type AND language AND Stephen Fry is a post from: The post Kinetic type AND language AND Stephen Fry appeared first on The language we use. Creativity Language Typography

The Language of our Eyes

How to Save the World

I ’ve written about body language before. Other body language: Be alert for what you (and others) are conveying with your eyebrows, hands, mouth, posture, voice tone and other body language when you are looking at someone (see earlier body language article linked above). Bottom line is that almost no one is highly competent or well practiced at either sending or appreciating the signals our eyes and bodies convey in this ‘language older than words’.

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An Introduction to the Divided Brain – Part 2. Two types of Language

Jenny Connected

Two types of Language. A basic grounding in the hemisphere hypothesis, including its significance for understanding the nature of language, which is often thought to be a left hemisphere tool only. Language is not only in the LH, although language plays into the hands of the LH.

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Whistle language Silbo is disappearing because of technology

Joitske Hulsebosch

Javier explains that the shepherd on the isle of La Gomera have a whistle language called Silbo. It reminded me of the farmers in the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia who were also communicating from mountaintop to mountaintop by ordinary language. Anyway, Javier talks to the patron of this language and hears that with the advent of the telephone that language is dying.

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Papers on mobile assisted language learning (MALL)

e-Moderation Station

The International Research Foundation (TIRF) has recently published five papers on mobile assisted language learning (MALL), all freely available on the TIRF website. Re-skilling Language Learners for a Mobile World (Agnes Kukulska-Hulme). Photo by Milica Sekulic.

The Language of ManagementCollaberwocky Episode 2

Evolving Web

In this episode of Collaberwocky, Jabe Bloom, Corey Ladas and I discuss “The Language of Management.”. In this episode of Collaberwocky, Jabe Bloom, Corey Ladas and I discuss “The Language of Management.”

The Language of ManagementCollaberwocky Episode 2

Evolving Web

In this episode of Collaberwocky, Jabe Bloom, Corey Ladas and I discuss “The Language of Management.”. In this episode of Collaberwocky, Jabe Bloom, Corey Ladas and I discuss “The Language of Management.”

Bridging Across Language Online | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Because of this, and knowing how important it is to try and bridge across languages, I have been following the emergence of new sites to aid in translation on websites. The first is lingro: multilingual dictionary and language learning site.

The Power of Pattern Languages

How to Save the World

I was recently interviewed about Pattern Languages, and specifically about Group Works , the pattern language of collaborative, deliberative and participative processes that I was involved with (I’m a member of the coordinating team that produced the card deck based on the pattern language).

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Some thoughts about ‘Presence’ in Writing and Language

Jenny Connected

In the ModPo video discussion of Walt Whitman’s Poem – Song of Myself – the question of what presence means in writing and language was also briefly discussed. In Week 1 of the ModPoMOOC , we were asked to read Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson’s poems, which are new to me.

3 Articles: mLearning for language teachers

e-Moderation Station

The editors have kindly given me permission to share these articles, which are written with English language teachers in mind. wondering what it has to do with language teachers. I recently wrote three articles about mobile learning for the print publication Modern English Teacher.

Ken Carroll » Blog Archive » Language and social distance

Ken Carroll

Ken Carroll networks, languages, and learning 2.0 This practice remains very much the focus of language teaching in China. The structural approach contrasts with communicative language teaching (CLT). I’ve seen this time after time at my language schools here in Shanghai.]

Several Short Sentences About the Welsh Language

How to Save the World

The French language has evolved a similarly functioning expression — Ca va? The Welsh language does not support the possessive concepts of ownership or property, so there are no prepositional words equivalent to “my”, “your”, “their” etc.

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A Pattern Language for Effective Activism

How to Save the World

The article I chose — A Pattern Language for Effective Activism — is now up. Bonus teaser: Here’s what a “pattern language” for effective action might look like: Preparing for Civilization''s End

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Ken Carroll » Blog Archive » Skype, social networks and language learning

Ken Carroll

Ken Carroll networks, languages, and learning 2.0 You can usually spot this problem on the interface, but I also got to see it up-close when I recently visited a multi-million dollar start-up (language instruction again) and met their leadership team.

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Igloo Adds Real-Time Language Translation #collaboration #culture #socbiz

Michael Sampson - Currents

Igloo Software added real-time language translation to its cloud-offered social business suite: " Worldwide collaboration can only work in a multilingual network, and that's why Igloo now crosses international barriers with ease. Upon login, users can set their default language preference.

Exploring the language of facilitation

Joitske Hulsebosch

I bumped into a fascinating article about the 'language of facilitation'. is behavioural and incorporates elements of body language 3. an attitude style emerging in language 4. By coincidence, one of the authors works for Anecdote , a company with a great weblog. The researchers wanted to find out what it means to speak 'facilitatively', from the premise that it is through the act of talking and speaking that sense is made and action enacted ( Weick ).

Technology: wikipedia in local languages

Joitske Hulsebosch

Various people from Kasahorow , GINKS , wikimedia and IICD / HIVOS have started conversations around wikipedia in local languages for development. We are brainstorming on a pilot in Ghana for the wikipedia in Akan, Ewe and Hausa languages.

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Applying “A Pattern Language” To Online Community Design - Smashing Magazine


pattern_language online_community design

Ken Carroll » Blog Archive » Re-thinking language instruction

Ken Carroll

Ken Carroll networks, languages, and learning 2.0 Stunted » Re-thinking language instruction By the time we finished school, 90% of my generation hated the mandatory Irish lessons. Hundreds of thousands of kids (aka language learning machines) failed to master even rudimentary communication in the language we had studied for years. If the teachers had set out to kill the language, I’m not sure they could have done it more effectively.

70+ Online Language Communities and Resources


multilingual language community howto resources

The language of povertyism


It seems to me that some of the language of political discourse is getting more and more dangerously partial. There's more serious, nasty abuse of language going on though. Once again we are being offered persistently a language that constructs poverty as the fault of individuals, thereby implying that the state is absolved of the responsibility to provide opportunity or support for them.

The language of leaving: Passages in Caregiving

Endless Knots

A few days after posting about our current predicament , my friend Emily called with urgent news: she'd just heard Gail Sheehy on NPR and I had to read her new book. I picked up Passages in Caregiving a few weeks later.

Language and the Devil’s Advocate

Hildy Gottlieb

Language is a reflection of our culture, a culture handed down over the many millenia of humans being humans. And from that story comes our language. And that there is no reason that story can’t start by our using different language.

Where language comes too short…

Bas Rues

Not to mention the misunderstandings because some people are not native English speakers, assuming the text is written in that language. While these discussions are very fruitful, and we share insights that can make us think slightly different about these subjects than before, there is a fundamental problem that is hard to overcome: written language. Just some questions that illustrate the problems of written language.

Language versus Writing and User Generated Content on the Web - Part One

Portals and KM

Here is an interesting post, Language is not writing , from the Economist. The post points out that, “Humans began speaking many tens of thousands of years before the first writing… Every healthy adult and older child in the world speaks, in one of 6,000-7,000 languages.  A few hundred languages, at most, are written at all seriously. If language were only writing, it probably could never come into being.”

Hosting language revival

Chris Corrigan

He has always had a remarkable presence and a strong voice and a deep commitment to the thriving resiliance of Skwxwu7mesh culture and language. a language fluency game that builds skills using sign language and simple phrases. It’s a powerful learning game, and Dustin saw immediate applications for the Skwxwu7mesh language and he decided to host Evan and Willem and begin the process of waking up the native and ancient language of the territory in which I live.

Green Chameleon » They Are Stealing Our Language Now

Green Chameleon

How much damage does reinforcement of the language into common terminology by respectable and reputable knowledge managers actually do to a brand, as compared with a mean, nasty grasping little letter like this? And whose language is this anyway?

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Saving indigenous language through fluency

Chris Corrigan

Most of the indigensous languages of British Columbia are i n danger of disappearing. When I work in most places the only language you ordinarily hear is a prayer from and Elder or a conversation between to elderly speakers. To get people speaking his language, S kwxwu7mesh snichim , the language of the territory in which I live. What if languages were saved and reawakened through fun?

Read my blog in chinese and french language!

Joitske Hulsebosch

Since I couldn't read my own blog in China, I'm happy to discover that some people are reading my blog in Chinese language! I found the french and chinese translations of my blog when I looked through the referals to my blog. Both persons used google translations.

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Green Chameleon » Language and Assumptions

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Language and Assumptions It suddenly seemed odd to me that we are still using terms today for which there is no longer much relevance. Yet, they are expected to continue to use the language like it makes sense.

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Language versus Writing and User Generated Content on the Web - Part Three

Portals and KM

This is third part in a series prompted by interesting post, Language is not writing , from the Economist. We can move beyond writing to enable the richer aspects of language, along with visualizations. I started to look at the evolution of communication media yesterday. In my last post I brought us up to the printing press.

Language versus Writing and User Generated Content on the Web - Part Two

Portals and KM

An interesting post, Language is not writing , from the Economist prompted me to write a bit yesterday on the impact of Web on global conversations. The Web is a means to record both spoken language and writing. This dual capability is relatively new, especially in way the Web brings these forms to an increasing number of people on a global basis. Today I want to dip back to the history of communication media to see where we came from.

Making a rough and ready pattern language as a creativity tool

Chris Corrigan

As a way of grounding these projects in patterns that are useful for this context we spent this afternoon generating a Navajo pattern language for resiliency.

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Creative Commons Attribution

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Creative Commons This page is available in the following languages: Afrikaans ????????? Català Dansk Deutsch ????????

change management through language?

Social Abacus

What would it look like if you encouraged all constituents to "story" their relationship to an enterprise? If the words we use are 'literal' reflections of our social orientation, illustrating how we relate to ourselves, others, situations, objects, etc., then what types of words-- and variations would we see in the conversations of an organizations' constituents?

podcast preview - salty language

Engineers without Fears

Doug , Stewart & I discuss the finer points of swearing. Not mission critical but a lot of fun and only 2 mins long. Download the mp3. podcasts

Applying “A Pattern Language” To Online Community Design - Smashing Magazine

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Home Graphics Inspiration Coding Design Applying “A Pattern Language” To Online Community Design By Cameron Chapman March 18th, 2010 Design 33 Comments A Pattern Language is a book about architecture that was written in the 1970s, before the Web as we know it was even conceived.

Community Guy – Jake McKee » Blog Archive » Guest Post: A Pattern Language for Online (and Offline) Communities


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